Site Update and New Chapter Releases!

Status Update: Sorry for the three month long of no release, I didn't have any PC to use at that time because I kinda melted my motherboard and processor because of carelessly overclocking it without prior knowledge and I have to work for the money to replace those parts, it was just lucky that my SSD didn't broke.

And you might notice the site makeover, I tried fixing the long loading time on the pages and I found out the two reason why it loads so slow and why it uses much CPU power while loading...
The previous theme has a hidden miner embedded to it that makes the CPU power to max out when loading, the second was when the page loads all the chapters at the same time. So I decided to changes a few things.

1.) All chapters are still on one page, just that all are separated by the Page Break function.
2.) I'll stop the operation of the mobile app so you can all uninstall it from your mobile phones.
3.) No one can post this on Novel Updates, if I do decide to post a chapter, I'll be using my Nepustation site and will do the same format from what I did in Skill Taker 155 release that was seen on NU.

Well then it's been long and I know you want to read the new chapters already, so thanks for sticking with me on my long speech.

New chapters are released for the following novels!

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