Another Site Update and New Chapter Releases!

Status Update: Some might have noticed that when they click a link in this site it will lead them to a tmearn adlink, well I made the site have them on all the links. But wait before you complain, it is only set to have one Tmearn link per visitor per day. So if you passed the captcha then it won;t bother you again for the entire day, promise.

And the release today was translated with the help of a friend of mine who is learning how to translate, he might keep doing it not not it will depend on him.

Also FGO Singularity 6, Camelot has been released! I'll post an extra chapter if I ever get Nitocris. I love this choco bunny so much!

New chapters are released for the following novels!

2 thoughts on “Another Site Update and New Chapter Releases!”

  1. It is really hard to follow this WN translation. Site, another site (which loaded slow as hell), android app, changed site, etc. I usually use NU to keep track of things, but the message on the homepage clearly says to not submit anything to NU since you’ll do it manually. It looks like you never submit the chapters there though?

    The last chapter on NU is 155 (with chapters 146-154) missing. Is there any reason you don’t want the new chapters being posted on NU?

    1. I don’t want the bots of those thieves that uses NU to steal these translation that’s why I don’t post the updates there, that’s my reason. I also edited the previous chapter we translated so they’ll know where to find the newer chapters after 155. And I just check and 146-151 is there on NU, 152-154 was translated by some other guy but when he was informed that I’m way ahead of the translation just not posted in NU he deleted the whole site itself so NU took it out.

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