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Episode 166: Demon’s Conference

In Expein, there’s a place called the 《Slums》 that has a very bad public order. Street children were so thin that they’re practically skin and bones. Middle-aged men were lying on the ground with an expression of somewhat going senile because of the opium’s effect. Dirty prostitutes were wearing tattered clothes. And so on. In the slums slave merchants are ignored and it was overflowing with intoxicated people. And in such a slum was a mansion located in the center, and that mansion seems to be own by a noble.

He’s a member of the Seven Deadly Sinsーー. It was the mansion of the Demon Lord of Sloth, Belphegor.

「…….Geez. Lucifer no Danna is really terrible ze. It’s totally not fine to choose my home as the meeting place!」

「My bad. Belphegor. In assembling all the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s more convenient to gather in the slum’s environment」

At this moment, within the strongest group in the Demon raceーー The Seven Deadly Sins, only six of this demons had gathered.

Demon Lord of Pride, Lucifer.
Demon Lord of Wrath, Satan.
Demon Lord of Envy, Leviathan.
Demon Lord of Sloth, Belphegor.
Demon Lord of Gluttony, Beelzebub.
Demon Lord of Lust, Asmodeus.

It was only at this time that the individualist of the Seven Deadly Sins gathered all at once, the last time was 500 years ago from the battle against the Legend Blood.

「Why that! Hey! Lucifer! What happened to that Mammon asshole!? That smug guy……. In just what time will he show up!」

Satan became impatient when Mammon hasn’t shown his face no matter how long time had passed. Satan’s appearance was someone with a hairstyle adorned by feathers and silver accessories, There was no great difference from the thugs that wonders the slums. But one should not be fooled by his appearance. As one from the Demon race, Satan didn’t miss any of his daily training, he was known as one who was fighting for the second place among the Seven Deadly Sins, that is how he was known as.

「Mammon is already dead. Just the other day, his corpse was found at the tower of the four beast. That’s not just the reason why I’ve gathered you all. I was intending to talk about how to deal with this afterwards」

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  1. 「「「「「…………!?」」」」」

    The other five demons was surprised by Lucifer’s report about the death of their comrade, they were so surprised that they were unable to even speak any words.

    「Wait Lucifer! What’s the meaning of this!? Certainly that guy’s fighting capability is the most inferior among us…… But he can’t be easily killed! That information of yours…… Isn’t it incorrect!?」

    The first one to protest against the report was Leviathan who has the position of being Lucifer’s right hand woman. In the Seven Deadly Sins一 Leviathan was known as its most beautiful woman, She has this bewitching look that only women who had gone through years can have.

    「……I agree with Levia. In the first place, he’s guarded by the 『Four Beast』. They won’t fall behind even if a Legend Blood class appears」

    Asmodeus, the oldest among the members raised his voice to agree with Leviathan. Asmodeus was known as a silent warrior by name, only at this instance was his voice mixed with the color of unrest.

    「I also think that it was just a misinformation when I first heard of it. However, I was actually able to confirm it with my own eyes. Unfortunately Mammon’s death was an undeniable fact……」


    Satan raised an angry voice to interrupt Lucifer’s report.

    「You’re saying that Mammon is dead……!? How can you easily believe such a thing! I won’t believe it! Until I can confirm it with my own eyes…… I absolutelyー wouldn’t believe it!」

    Satan who gave on to his emotions left such words and the silently exited the room.

    「Wait! Satan! You…… Just where do you thing you’re going!?」

    「Just leave me alone for now」


    「This was something I’ve already understood from the beginning. That guy won’t be persuaded by just mere words」

    This situation was already within Lucifer’s assumption. Satan who well respected the group’s members was furious, it will take some time for him to accept Mammon’s death.

    「Well then. Let us decide our course of action. First of all is the identity the one who killed Mammon…… I would like to leave this duty to Leviathan and Belphegor. With Levia’s ability, it will be easy to figure out the culprit’s abilities」

    「Roger that」

    「……Tsk. Why me of all people」

    If Lucifer’s assumptions are spot on, the culprit who killed Mammon is a formidable adversary that surpassed any opponents they had encountered in the past. Thinking about the ability compatibility sending leviathan was just reasonable, if ever some unforeseen situation occurred then the most powerful of the Seven Deadly Sins that seconds only to Lucifer was Belphegor can’t be left out.

    「Asmodeus and Beelzebub go track down Mammon’s missing subordinate」

    According to a report received from Lucifer’s subordinate, as the result of Mammon’s death, there seems to have been a demon who was carrying treasures that have escaped from the tower of the four beast. This will be a straightforward task, using the connections of old Asmodeus then we’ll be able to figure out its whereabouts. And Beelzebub the youngest member has already experienced working with Asmodeus even without depending to the works content.

    (This is bad〜 Perhaps Yuuto-sama was the one who killed Mammon? But I still yet to have any information about Mammon)

    In this room, only Beelzebub know the information that Yuuto was tracking down Mammon in the demon race. Beelzebub did promised Yuuto to report to him if she ever found out about Mammon’s whereabouts.

    Just in case for argument’s sakeー There’s a big possibility that if Yuuto and Mammon had encountered each other then those two will break into a fight no doubt.

    (A〜ah. Why do I have such a boring job…… I want to soon see Yuuto-sama)

    Even if I try listening to the work’s content, it doesn’t even compute into my head. Beelzebub who had a passionate love toward Yuuto sighed deeply.

  2. I thought you were past chapter 178 before so just wondering why you removed some of the old posts and are re-posting from 158. I really like the story and appreciate that you are translating it so please don’t take this for a complaint I am just trying to satisfy my curiosity on this mater

    1. I temp remove it cuz I’m fixing the pages for it. Before all of them are in pagination style on a single page but now I’m dividing them into seperate pages of their own. And also this is to give way for those who hasn’t been following the site since the non NU releases.

  3. Lost the link for the old website which was listed in the comments section( I forget) when windows decided to update and kill chrome. Does that website still exist or work? Do I need to worry about finding it again or will all releases from now on happen on this website? I seem to recall being a lot further ahead in the story.

  4. just wondering if you are still around since there has not been any updates since this ch went up. including the posting of old chapters

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