Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 164: Lets use Support Magic

When Yuuto returned to the mansion, he decided to immediately check the new magic acquired.

High Heal

(An intermediate magic of the holy attribute. I greatly increases the target’s self-recovery)


(An intermediate magic of the holy attribute. Increases target defense power)[TN#1]

Seems like when the Holy Magic reached LV6, the two magic above became available. Presuming from the skill name, it’s just natural to think that the magic High Heal is an enhanced version of the magic Heal that I’m been using before. However, that bothers me is the magic Drake.

If it increases the defensive strength like what the Demon Eyes had said, then it surely a promising skill butーー I wonder if things will go as expected.

(Yoshi. Well then first is…… Let’s try using High Heal then)

Let’s try using it on other creatures, when push comes to shove I’ll just use my body then to test it. Yuuto thinks of it, then he decided to wound both his arms with his own sword.

(High Heal)

He cast the spell with his mind. Now, how is it. From Yuuto’s palm, a healing light was released and the wound was sealed within a second. Comparing in using Heal to seal the wound, it would required four times of casting.

(……I see. Even though it’s simple, this will be certainly be helpful)

Yuuto learned the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu’s 《Destruction Fist》 and 《Ogre Fist》 that are techniques that has a very heavy physical recoil. If he enhance his recovery power with High Heal, the opportunities of him being able to use high-risk techniques will also increase

(Now then. How about this then)

The next magic Yuuto used was Drake. He lightly applied it on his body as a test, but there weren’t any visible change in his physical condition,

(Then how about this!)

Coming this far, it was faster to actually move the body rather than expecting something. After Yuuto thought so, He tried hitting a huge rock in the garden.

(……That’s strange. There’s no effect at all)

Was this skill a defective one? Yuuto succeeded in destroying the rock but he couldn’t feel any increase in his power in particular.

「Hnn? Yuuto. What are you doing?」

3 thoughts on “Episode 164: Lets use Support Magic”

  1. Appearing in front of the troubled Yuuto was the Cait Sith girlーー Ririna Foresty. The Cait Sith Sisters Ririna and Sanya who became Yuuto’s slaves were the ones in-charges of the mansion’s security and housework.

    「Oh! Ririna! You came at the right time! I was doing some magic testing. Would you help me on this if you don’t mind?」

    「……I don’t mind but, it’s not some shameless magic isn’t it?」

    Ririna who felt danger was covering her body and distanced a step away from Yuuto. In the past with the 『Magic Testing』 as an excuseーー Ririna was targeted with a rude magic that heightens ones sexual sensitivity. At that time, showing the shameful sight to her imouto Sanya became a trauma that was still within Ririna.

    「Be at ease. It’s not something ero this time」

    While Yuuto was giving his words, he cast the Drake magic on Ririna. How about now. Ririna’s body began to shine brightly.

    「Wh-what is this feeling……!? Some power is flowing into the depth of my body……!」

    Ririna was bearing the feeling of confusion of having a new power residing in her body.

    「Amazing! It’s amazing Yuuto! There’s a big difference from my body’s strength from before! I can now crush a stone with my palm!」


    Ririna who just gotten a extreme power up begun to crush the garden stones one after another while increasing her tension.

    (Maybe this magic…… Don’t really affect those who has already have high physical power)

    Judging from the result, Yuuto’s conclusion was spot on. The magic Drake has the effect of increasing the target’s body strength to a certain level. It have some demerits of being ineffective to humans who have strengthened their body every day. After those testingーー Yuuto tried to test the Drake magic to all the girls in the mansion one after another, it successfully had the same effect.

    (In one use the effect seems to wear off after two hours)

    With this, Yuuto can improve the safety of their adventures, he has now decided to use Drake at any time to the girls that will accompany him.

    Translator’s Notes:
    1). The skill info said it raises the defensive power but reading on what it really increase was the overall physical strength and defense.

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