Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 163: The Magician and the Sage

「Ah~. I remember you…… We met at the dungeon that time!」

Yuuto then tries to dig his memory about that guy from the depth of his mind. Yuuto had a battle encounter with Michael who one-sidedly attacked the highschool girl demon lord Beelzebub using a sneaky trap.

「Konoe, Yuuto…… What are you doing here!? Aren’t you an adventurer from Expein!」

「Why…… I’m just doing a subjugation quest as an serious adventurer」

While listening to Michael’s words, Yuuto had retrieved the halo on the angel’s head.

「Wait just a darn minute! Hey you! The hell are you doing!」


「That monster should have been taken down by me! Don’t steal other people’s gameー!」

「No no. Accusing someone falsely is not good. This monster was knocked down by the mass ice that I threw, I’m 100% sure」

Although the timing is by a hair’s breath, I can confidently say it’s my win. Yuuto checked his status screen.

My Holy Magic was up by one point upon defeating that angel.

(U~n. I did knocked it down after all……)

It’s foolish to insist on my legitimacy just by basing it on my Skill Taker skill here. Talking about my skill here just to earn the reward on the angel subjugation is not worth it by my calculation.

「Michael! What are you doing!」

Black Treasure Earrings

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(It will negate the effect of the 《Demon Eyes》 skill possessed by the others)

When I turned my eyes toward the direction of the voice, There was a girl wearing a habit. It’s a girl with a charming silver hair and almond shaped eyes, even from a distant view one can see that she was well-proportioned.

「Michael. This person is……?」

「Ah. I already told Sophie about him. It’s the guy I talked about before, Konoe, Yuuto」


The silver-haired girl upon hearing Michael’s words had her eyes wide in surprise.

「I’m late in introducing myself. My name is Sophia Brandal. It’s easier for people to say that I’m the 『Sage』 of Legend Blood」

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  1. 「Thanks for the courteousness. I’m an adventurer from Expein, Konoe, Yuuto」

    「Wha. Sophie! What are you saying there! That there is a thief…… He stole the monster that I took down……

    Before Michael can insist on his own legitimacy.


    Sophia who had veins on her forehead, Drive her fist vigorously onto Michael’s stomach.


    Are the 『Sage』 in this world excelled at close quarter combat too? Even for Yuuto’s eyes who had mastered various martial arts, Sophia’s punch was perfect

    「This junk ramen! Why are you making a large racket nodesu!? We are in the middle of a mission nanodesu yo!?」


    There was no reply. It seems that it’s simply just a corpse. Michael who had received Sophia’s serious fist, was seriously injured and parts of his internal organs stopped functioning.

    「Yuuto-san. This time, this idiot one was impolite」

    「No no. Errm…… Well is that person…… still fine?」

    From Michael’s body was blood gushing out and the flower garden was being dyed with red. In Yuuto’s eyes, Michael’s damage was on a level that is unrecoverable.

    「Hai. I’m the Legand Blood’s 『Sage』 desuka. even if he dies, if the soul haven’t left yet then it will be easy to revive him」

    Sophia explains while puffing out her petanko chest. It doesn’t seems like she never considered that what she said was like showing off. Apparently she seems to be able to really revive the dead.

    (Oi oi! These people in this world…… As expected they seriously surpasses the realm of unworldly)

    It is impossible to imagine in my previous world such as bringing the dead back to life. Yuuto who received Sophia’s remarks sustained a shock.

    「Apart from that, I’m personally interested in you. If you don’t mind, do accept this」

    「This is……?」

    「Hai. What is written there is the address to my house in Mcbert masu. So If Yuuto by chance arrived at Mcbert, do come by all means please. I’m going to treat you to a meal as a sign of apology for this」

    「Thank you very much. If I have the opportunity, I’ll come by all means」

    Although Yuuto was calm in the surface, he was suppressing his excitement in his inner mind.

    (Alright! I got the address of a cute girl!)

    Whether her personality was intense or her chest was small, he had no problem with it. If her appearance was a bishoujo, Yuuto has habit of being tolerant and will accept all her shortcomings.

    「……As expected of goshujinsama desu. This pattern is frequently used and I don’t even have the energy to do a tsukkomi」

    「……I’m surprised. To have some lust to the human’s strongest 『Sage』…… Just what is master trying to be?」

    Spica & Sylphia who just witnessed the appearance of Yuuto who was being deredere towards a girl in their first meeting, they send a white glance at their master.

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