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Episode 161: The Mass Subjugation

When we saw the army of fairies, they were unleashing their blood-lust.

「This is bad! Incoming arrows!」

Even though they are using small bows, the power is nothing to laugh about with this numbers. Yuuto then immediately tried to use his new defensive magic.

「Master! Please leave this to me!」

Sylphia who made it before the fairy army was standing in front of Yuuto. At that moment, many arrow were unleashed in numbers by the fairy army.

「Wind Shield!」

When Sylphia casted the spell, a gust of wind begins to cover Yuuto all around. The arrows released by the fairy army were totally neutralized by Sylphia’s wind magic.

(Nice! Sylphia!)

Even though my companions are doing their best, Yuuto can’t afford to move himself. Yuuto then decided to to use the new skill he acquired.

Mana Compression

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that compresses mana inside the body)

It’s the skill that was acquired from Mammon’s subordinate the Greater Demon, it has the effect that dramatically increases ones magic power. The downside of that was the horrible fuel efficiency, it’s a bottleneck that can’t be used in successionーー. I don’t have the luxury to think of anything now.

Yuuto then compressed the mana to it’s limits then releases the magic from the palm of his hands.


3 thoughts on “Episode 161: The Mass Subjugation”

  1. Yuuto name that magic like that because of the ice bullets were shot after compressing the mana to its limits More than 100 ice bullets made with that magic as accelerating towards the army of fairies. Its power was enormous that it has nearly ten times the power compared with the usual water magic.


    The fairies who have received countless ice bullets released their agonizing cries. Those who received the ice bullets in their bodies immediately dies, some lost their wings and rolled over the ground. The fairies who realized their disadvantage that moment avoided Yuuto and the other’s presence in a blink of an eye.

    「Fu…… We made it somehow……」

    Yuuto then checked his status there.

    Konoe, Yuuto

    Unique Ability:

    Skill Taker

    Slave Contract
    Magic Eyes
    Growth Promotion
    Magic Power Refinement
    Soul Creation

    Mana Compression


    Fire Magic Lv4(12/40)
    Water Magic Lv6(10/60)
    Wind Magic Lv5(4/50)
    Holy Magic Lv5(28/30)
    Curse Magic Lv6(3/60)


    Fire Resistance Lv3(19/30)
    Water Resistance Lv3(0/30)
    Wind Resistance Lv4(6/40)

    This was probably because he was able to subdue almost 30 fairies with the previous attack. The status on Holy Magic was rising remarkably.

    「It was amazing desu! The faries all ran away with just one attack!」

    「I’m surprised! Master’s magic already far surpassed the level of a court magician!」

    Thinking about it, it was the first time for Yuuto to be able to successfully eliminate the monsters efficiently with the use of magic. Because I have a full set of skills, in the following future, it might be a good idea to changing martial arts for magic on anti-monster subjugation. Yuuto, who felt a reaction of his steady growth , resumed their search.

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