Translated by: Futaba(Navi) (20%) & GM_Rusaku (80%)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 160:The Kingdom of Fairies

When Yuuto left the capital, the place they were heading was the holy grounds of fairy monsters, Richard’s Flower Garden. This area is 100km away from Expein where Yuuto and the others are from. This place is originally where adventurers from Expein are not actively going, but for Yuuto who possess an aerobike coming there was easy.

「It’s here……!」

Yuuto who had reached their destination stops the Aerobike.

「Amazing desu! It’s really beautiful as the rumors says desu ne」

「Umu. If monsters won’t appear then it’s a place where I would like to have a tea party……」

Colorful flowers are in full bloom as far as the eyes could see, and if one listens carefully the murmuring of the brook can be heard. The female camp also nods in agreement. Richard’s Flower Garden was such a magnificent view that Yuuto had never seen before.


Threat LV 7

「Ah. We found one of them immediately!」

Yuuto halts at the flowers and there he finds a fairy that was collecting honey. The monster called Fairy was a monster that is about 30cm in length and looks as if the human face was added to the bee’s body.

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  1. (I think their Threat Lv had gone up compared to the fairies from before )

    The fairies Yuuto saw in Trywide when he was first summoned was at Treat Lv 3. Even though it was very quick, being a rear guard and using recovery magic gives an impression that it’s not really a dangerous monster.

    「Goshujin-sama! Please be careful! The fairies in this are seems to be ferocious desu kara! It looks like it will aggressively attack adventurers with weapons coated with poison desu!」

    「I see. So it was something like that」

    If looked at closely, the fairy that was discovered was holding a small spear. Aside from fairies, no other monsters inhabit Richard’s Flower Garden, so the fairy itself will serve as the vanguard.

    「Well then. Would you like to be the first one to go!」

    After that, Yuuto had used water magic. Yuuto, who made a baseball size ice block materialized in his palm, starts to do a windup motion. If there’s a sports that is useful not only in martial arts but in a live battle, It’s the absorbed familiarity of Yuuto in 《Baseball Pitching Technique》.

    Yuuto is capable of throwing nearly 150 kilometers at a straight at all times with a focused control akin to passing a thread through the needle hole, then in a form of a three-quarter the ice block was thrown at high speed. The ice block that proceeds with a beautiful straight line had penetrated the fairy’s body thus spilling it’s internal fluids.

    「Amazing desu! I didn’t really see what happened because it was too fast!」

    「I’m really amazed! As always, the way master fights is really amazing!」

    The two who witnessed Yuuto’s unorthodox battle were being praised with feverish looks.

    (Well, more or less their threat level were really raised…… But they’re still not an opponent we can’t handle)

    It was at than moment when Yuuto went closer to the fairy to strip of the subjugation proof. *Buon buon* A sound of flying bugs echoes. Immediately after that. A *piー* like electronic sound reverberates in Yuuto’s head.


     Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆

    (A skill that creates a beeping sound that only the skill holder can hear when they are in life threatening crisis. The volume of the sound rises according to the degree of the risk)


    Threat LV 7


    Threat LV 18

    「Oi oi. What the hell is this……?」

    Isn’t their numbers reaching to about a hundred? Immediately appearing in front of Yuuto was an army of fairies and pixies who was mad for their slain comrade.

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