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Episode 159: Rank-Up

「Congratulations. As for today, Yuuto-san has been promoted to Silver rank」

When I arrived at the adventurer’s guild, The receptionist Emilia greeted me.

Emilia Garnett




Guild Staff

Unique Ability:

Disruption Magic Breaker

Disruption Magic Breaker

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(The ability to cancel all magic with just a touch)

For Yuuto, Emilia was a person of many mysteries. At first glance she’s a dignified lovely woman, but her inherent ability was quite dangerous.

「Here is the newly issued card」

「Thank you very much」

Yuuto then checked the contents of the administered silver coated card.

「Are? Looks like the QR is not written here……」

「Yes. The QR system is not implemented for silver ranked adventurers. For Yuuto-san to be promoted to a Gold Rank, you have to pile up achievements and received recommendations from three or more guild executives」

「Why use such a system?」

「When it comes to the Gold Rank, they can received direct quest from the government, that is why trust is a requirement. The reason is because even if we can measure one’s achievement of through the traditional QR system, it cannot see the adventurer’s personality」

「I see. There were such a thing」

No matter how many helping hands they have, they cannot assign a person with personality failure for a government’s task. It looks like one can only rise up to silver rank with abilities alone.

「Ah! Of course I don’t doubt Yuuto-san’s personality! I would like to let this talk stay here, but at the right time we would like to recommend Yuuto-san for Gold Rank in this guild」

「I see. It’s reliving to hear that」

From here on Emilia omits the explanation――. To boost Yuuto to a Gold Rank, was the intention of Ozwan―― Expein ‘s Adventurer’s Guild Chief Director. Ozwan felt oblige to Yuuto for saving his daughter’s life when she was kidnapped by demons.

(Well, that’s just natural guess. For better or for worst, having a mediocre personality has it’s advantages and disadvantages)

After Yuuto finished with his self- analysis, he then leaves the adventurer’s guild.

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  1.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Yuuto who came out from the guild decided to consult Spica and Sylphia who’s accompanying him about this circumstance.

    「Indeed. So from here on we can receive quest freely without being restricted by the difficulty level nodesu ne」

    「So it’s been decided like that」

    So far, in order to raise our rank, we accept high leveled difficulty quest――. But from today on, it was no longer necessary. Fortunately from Yuuto’s pocket, a large amount of money about 20mil rea has remained untouched. It won’t be necessary to receive dangerous quest for the rewards.

    「……What kind or quest will master be receiving from here on?」

    「That’s right. From today on, I intended to do a 『Fairy Hunt』」

    Yuuto then checks his status screen.

    Konoe, Yuuto

    Unique Ability:

    Skill Taker

    Slave Contract
    Magic Eyes
    Growth Promotion
    Magic Power Refinement
    Soul Creation

    Mana Compression


    Fire Magic Lv4(12/40)
    Water Magic Lv6(10/60)
    Wind Magic Lv5(4/50)
    Holy Magic Lv3(12/30)
    Curse Magic Lv6(3/60)


    Fire Resistance Lv3(19/30)
    Water Resistance Lv3(0/30)
    Wind Resistance Lv4(6/40)

    There is only one reason for 『Fairy Hunting』. For now on we can choose any quest without being restricted by the difficulty, with this it’s only rational to prioritize quest that can acquire us 『skills』.

    With my current status I would like to prioritized raising my levels especially the holy magic that can be obtained from defeating monsters like Fairies and Pixies. It will be reassuring to have a powerful recovery magic when suffering from heavy damage and the likes.

    「A fairy hunting…… It may be a little bit farther but I think Richard’s Flower Garden will be suitable」

    「Hnn? Is that a popular place?」

    「Yeah. Richard’s Flower Garden is an area that was also called the holy ground for fairy monsters. The talks about breathtaking scenery of various flowers and many more stories on Trywide seems to originated there」

    「Goshujin-sama, Let’s go to the Richard’s Flower Garden of by all means! I want to once again go there desu!」


    Spica and Sylphia who was looking forward to Richard’s Flower Garden has there eyes brilliantly shining. Yuuto didn’t care of the area as long as he can raise the level of his holy magic. So Yuuto who made their objective clear left the city of Expein.

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