I realize that Yuuto has confirmed the effect of “Return Manastone” by the demon.
Apparently this item seems to be able to return to the former world to one person.
In other words,if it comes back to the original world with this magic stone,you have to leave their friends in the tri – wide.
“By the way is there only one inventory of this magic stone?”
There was a consciousness that I heard the bloody things,”but this is the position that Mamon’s subordinates were aimed at.
A little about bash will not hit the bee.
Ah, that’s no doubt, that manastone is a scarce item from the mine owned by me.The 20 years have been involved in the management of the mine, but only one there is out there That’s it. ”
“Is that so……”
Yuuto thinks.
Perhaps Mammon’s words are facts.
There is a high possibility that the item “Return Manastone is low in utility value for Mamon.
Because otherwise it can not be given as Asseli to this extent -.
Then if you lie”,”you will not have to be reluctant to return the manastone of return”.
“I understood that the requirement from me is over, it was bad hindrance”
“You … … Are you really just asking for a requirement, did not you come to my life?
Mamon who has built up his present position by letting money to say something many enemies regardless of human beings and demons.
For Mamon”,”Yuuto’s words and words trying to overlook the perfect opportunity to kill himself were uninteresting.
Oh .. Originally, I’m not interested in something like a fight between a demon and a human, I do not feel like having either shoulder at all.
It is a so-called “absolute neutralism” If you do not feel like fighting over there, you will not hurt you from me. ”
(Apparently it does not seem to tell a lie … Boy … … apparently my bad luck has not run out)
Although it is Mamon who has the strongest military power and financial strength among the demons”,his fighting ability is not particularly high.
For Mamon,more than anything but the mind,it was something that had never been better avoided,”such as one-on-one direct battle.
Mammon, I have something to ask you ….”
“Well … you are …?”
“My name is Sylphia Rugenberg, a knight born to the proud Ruggenberg’s house!
Mammon”,who saw the appearance of Sylphia,frown.
(What is this small fish …?
It seems to be training the body for human beings,but it does not seem to have any special power.
From the eyes of Mamon Sylphia ‘s ability was obviously outraged,”too.
Er … This guy is my friend, but it seems to want to ask Mammon, if it’s okay would you please give me some time?”
“…… Geez … It can not be helped … It’s a ship I’ve leaned from. I am busy, so I’d like to briefly ask for it.
Momon inspired by Yuuto stands over and sits on the chair.
(After all”,it is strong this … … This boy … …)
Mamon,who possesses over 10,000 subordinates,”had something unlikely to be overlooked in the skill of seeking opponent’s combat capabilities.
I can not help breaking the grater demon.
It would be difficult to win at the place where I fought it is not a fighting faction.
Yuuto ‘s combat ability as seen from Mamon’ s eyes was comparable to that of four beasts”.
“Do you remember the country called Rumel?”
“… … Rumel. Hat … I wonder if there was such a country”
“Do not fall in love! I am witnessing you and the king of the Rumel … … the place where Mr. Gallius contacted!”
“Gallius … … Oh, I remembered that name when I heard that name, Rumel … yes, that’s about that bad smelling countryside.”
“Cool …”
Silfia who was insulted by his own country grasps the lips and lips.
“The thirteenth king’s Galius …… What I did not lose my life if following the instructions of me …. It was a foolish man at all.”
“You … what do you mean …?”
“A foreign person with a strong intrinsic ability is a necessary person for modern warfare so I am leading a business to sell” summoned manastone “to the royal family of each country.
However, a man with mold growing on his head did not respond to my deal …… I rushed back my men from the country rudely. ”
“Naturally! Who would like to deal with demons anyway?”
“Hahahah, so I kicked the royalty of Rhododand and destroyed every country.
No, it was really funny. The expression of Galius when my daughter was fucked by the soldiers of Oak in front of me … …!
Even though I was adultly listening to what I was saying, I could have been bothered by the boss of Saruyama. ”
“~~~~ っ!”
Rumel’s princess Ulrika was the one who could be called as one of my best friends of Sylphia on a young age.
Sirphia who heard the last moment of beloved friend at unexpected timing was stunned by the shock.
“So you said that Sylphia-kun …. What do you want to know about a country that was destroyed?”
(If you feel like this … did you not know such as the truth?)
I can not suppress my tears when I think regretfully about my beloved friend.
I know.
Well what you should do is to pull out the sword right now to clear up the humiliation that your best friend received.
Syrup ‘s body wondered and the energy did not rise.
The feelings that germinated in her was not anger”,but sorrow was stronger.
“How do you suddenly start crying? Because this is why I do not like creatures like humans … The country where such a foolish king rules is ruined … of course … Guhu!”
Suddenly Yuuto ‘s fist snatched into the cheek of Mammon.
Mamon ‘s body dances in the air and hits the wall of the room made of gold.
“Gobo …… Gobo Goo Goo”
The broken ribs probably stuck to the internal organs.
From Mamon ‘s mouth,blood is overflowing like a fountain.
(… It hurts … It hurts,it hurts … What is it,why should I see this!
Mamon who was not accustomed to battle had been standing on the golden floor while enduring the intense pain that seemed to be conscious now.
“… Kudzu … I will not forgive you for the road like you!”
When Mammon raised his line of sight,there was Yuuto ‘s appearance with the shape of anger.
“You say … … I said earlier … … where did the belief of” absolute neutrality “…?!”
There was something I wanted to do with various things,but it was such a question that first came out of Mamon’s mouth.
“Relationship! For men … … There is something that you have to achieve even if you bend your beliefs!”
Mammon was puzzled.
I confirmed it with skill,but Yuuto’s words did not lie.
There is no lie in the word “absolute neutralism” earlier,but the word “there is something we have to accomplish even if we bend our beliefs” is true though.
(It is impossible to understand! Here,how is this thought circuit?)
It was Mammon who puts Tsukkom in my mind,but now it is not the case when I am analyzing the thinking of my opponent.
Mamon who was grabbed by Kunikura at Yuuto was in a pinch of desperate situation.
“Teje … … did you often cry for my sylphia?”
In this situation,”I could not afford to shake big sticks of funky stuff.
It is not a situation where you can choose a means to be saved.
… Wow, I understood, I do not want money, I wonder how much it is, how much do you want or what item? There are all kinds of treasures in this world in my safe! Since I will do one, will not you hand it quietly here? ”
Yuuto was silent.
It was because he was angry at being hurt by his friends who seemed to think that he could not solve anything with money without having the power himself.
“If you like money so much please sink in gold!
Therefore”,”Yuuto beats the head of Mammon on the floor made of gold.
Immediately after that.
The golden floor crumbles and the body of Mammon falls on the lower floor and falls.
(Stupid ……! I reign at the apex of a demon … … Such a guy …!!)
I do not know that the momentum of the fall will stay.
49F …… 48F … … and then the body of Mamon finally disappeared from Yuuto’s sight by sticking out the floor one after another.
Mamon whose skull was crushed by Yuuto’s blow gradually disappears consciousness.
“Sirphia, everyone’s waiting
Yuuto”,who realized that he had battle for a battle,”extended his hand to Sylphia who was crying.
… Sorry … Master, please be sure to borrow this
Even though I left it to anger”,I could not beat Mamon with my own power.
Sylphia swears further loyalty against Yuuto who took away his enemy instead of himself.

2 thoughts on “Episode 153: VS Demonlord of Greed II”

  1. Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
    Edited by: GM_Rusaku

    Episode 153: VS Demonlord of Greed II

    Yuuto noticed something when he confirmed the effect of 《Magic Stone of Return》 with his Demon Eyes. It seems like this item can only return one person to its original world. Then that means that if he wants to go back to his original world, he has to leave his companions behind at Trywide.

    「By the way, there is only one stock of this magic stone rignt?」

    Mammon was aware that he was hearing something shameless, he should be aiming for Mammon’s subordinate’s life in this situation.[TN#1] Even if he come at strongly, there is no assurance that it would hit.

    「Yes. You are not mistaken there. That magic stone is a rare item that came from a mine I own. In the 20 years that I ‘ve been involved with the mine’s operation, only one has been found」

    「Is that so……」

    Yuuto then thinks. Mammon’s words were probably the truth. It has a possibility that the item 《Magic Stone of Return》 has a low value for Mammon. Otherwise, he won’t easily hand it over to such an extent. That is why if he was really lying, he would be reluctant on giving up the 《Magic Stone of Return》.

    「Understood. My important business is over. Sorry on disturbing you」

    「Bastard…… is that really the only business you got? Weren’t the reason you came for was to aim for my life?」

    Mammon has build up his current position by the power of money, that’s why he has many enemies regardless id they’re human or demon. For Mammon, Yuuto’s behavior of overlooking the perfect opportunity to kill him was uninteresting.

    「Ah. I’m not really interested with the demon and human conflict at all. I don’t have the intention to support either of the two. It’s generally known as 『Absolute Neutralism』. There’s no need to harm you if you don’t have the will to fight me」


    (Apparently, he doesn’t seem like lying. Yare yare…… Looks like my devil’s luck hasn’t ran out just yet)

    Even if Mammon has the highest military might and financial power among the demons, his own fighting prowess is not that great. For Mammon, a one-on-one battle is something he has to avoid at all cause.

    「Mammon. I have something to ask you……」

    「Err… And you are……?」

    「My name is Sylphia Rougenberg. A knight born from the proud house of the Rougenberg!」

    Mammon who saw Sylphia’s face frowned.

    (Wh-what? Who’s this smallfry……?)

    Seems like this human is training her body as its seems that she doesn’t poses any special power. To Mammon’s eyes, Sylphia’s abilities was clearly outrageous.

    「Well. She’s my friend but she seems to want to hear something from you Mammon. If you don’t mind can you spare her some of your time?」

    「……Yare yare. It can’t be help. We are already at it so make it short as I’m quite busy」

    Mammon urged Yuuto to take a sit.

    (As expected, this boy have an outstanding might……)

    To Mammon who has 10,000 subordinates, he has a skill to see through the fighting abilities of his opponent . He can only bow to the one who destroyed Greater Demon. As he’s not a fighter, it will be difficult for him to win. In Mammon’s eyes, Yuuto’s fighting abilities is comparable to the 《Four Beast》.

    「Do you bastard remember a country named Luhmer?」

    「……Luhmer. Let me see. Was there such a country?」

    「Don’t play dumb! I saw you bastard with Luhmer’s King…… Gallius-sama clashing!」

    「Gallius…… Ah.」 I remembered the name after hearing it. Luhmer. Yes yes. So it’s about that stinking country」


    Sylphia bites her lips as her motherland was insulted.

    「The 13th king Gallius…… He wouldn’t have died if he only obeyed my order…… He was a complete foolish man」

    「Bastard…… What do you mean……?」

    「A person from another world with a unique ability is indispensable in the present-day war. That’s why I’m doing my business on selling 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 to the royalties of each nation. But, man with a moldy head did not accept my deal…… Thus my subordinates impolitely rushed toward that country」

    「Obviously! Who would make a deal with the demon race!」

    「Hahaha. That’s why I instigated Rodhan’s royalty and made them destroy every nations. Iya~, that was really funny. That expression of Gallius when his daughter was violated by the Orcs in front of him……! If he just obediently do as he was told, that boss of the mountain apes」


    Ulrika, Lulmer’s princess was the one who Sylphia can call her bestfriend on her younger days. Sylphia who heard her beloved friend’s last moments by that unexpected timing was stunned by the shock.

    「That is why Sylphia-kun…… with that said. What do you want to know about that fallen country?」


    (If you’re feeling that way…… Should you have not known the truth)

    Sylphia cannot control her tears while regretfully thinking of her beloved friend. She knows. What she should do is to unsheathe her sword right now and clear away the disgrace her friend had received. However strangely, the willpower did not rise in Sylphia’s body. The feelings beginning to grow in her is not of anger, it was a strong sadness.

    「What is it? Aren’t you going to burst in tears? This is the reason why I don’t fancy the creatures called humans. That country that the foolish king ruled has fallen so it’s natural that…… Guhaa!」

    Yuuto’s fist suddenly sank into Mammon’s cheeks. Mammon’s body dances in the air then hit the golden room’s wall.

    「goobo…… gobo. gobooo」

    The broken ribs pierced the internal organs. Blood flows from inside Mammon’s mouth like a fountain.

    (……it hurts! It hurts. ITHURTSITHURTS! Wh-what was that. Why did I have to experienced such a thing!)

    Seemed to be conscious now, Mammon who was not accustomed to battle was standing on the golden floor while enduring the intense pain.

    「……you trash. I will not forgive the likes of you!」

    When Mammon looked up, what he saw was the figure of an angry Yuuto.

    「Bastard…… You said it a short while ago…… Where did the 『Absolute Neutralism』 of yours go……!?」

    There was so many things he want to tsukkomi to, but this is the question that first came out from Mammon’s mouth.

    「It doesn’t matter! As a man……there are things that I have to do even if I have to bend my beliefs!」


    Mammon was confused. He verified it with his skill but there were no lies on Yuuto’s words. Although there was no lies on his words of 『absolute neutralism』, the words 『There are things that he have to do even if he has to bend his beliefs』 were also true.

    (It doesn’t compute! Thi-this guy, what just happened to his train of thoughts)

    Mammon just tsukkomi’ed in his mind, when he analyzed his opponent’s mind just now. Mammon was grabbed by Yuuto by his collars, in this desperate situation he was already in a pinch.

    「You…… Did you think it was a good move to make Sylphia cry?」


    In this situation, there is no room for a bigshot like Mammon to tremble. This in not a situation that he can choosy by the means to be saved.

    「……I-I undestand! Money right? You want lots of money? How much? How much do you want? Or is it items? There are various treasures from this world in my vault! How is that? Because the other fellow is done, so we gently have a deal? 」


    Yuuto remains silent. He does not have power himself, he was angry because his comrade’s emotion was being hurt buy a guy who thinks he can solve anything with money.

    「If you like money that much then go drown in it!」

    Yuuto then beats Mammon’s head down to the golden floor.


    Immediately after that. The golden floor breaks then Mammon’s body begins to fall toward the lower floor.

    (no way……! I who reigns at the top of the demon race…… To such a guy……!)

    They didn’t know when the momentum of the fall will stop. 49F…… 48F…… Digging from one floor to another, Mammon’s body finally disappear from Yuuto’s site. Mammon whose skull was crushed by Yuuto’s blow gradually looses his consciousness.

    「I’m going back. Sylphia. Everybody’s waiting」

    Yuuto who realized that the battle had ended reaches out to Sylphia who was crying.

    「……my apology. Master. I will forever remember this debt」

    Even though I entrusted it to my anger, I couldn’t beat Mammon with my own power. Sylphia swears further loyalty toward Yuuto who took on the enemy in her place.

    Translator’s Notes:
    1). RAW TEXT: 厚かましいことを聞いている自覚はあったが、こちらはMammonの部下に命を狙われた立場である。

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