The time goes back to about ten minutes before Mamon blows out wine from the mouth.
Yuuto,trying to step in the tower,will hear the alarm sound of a large volume that has never been experienced.
Warning bell @ rare degree ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
(A skill that sounds only in the skill holder when the life crisis approaches,”the volume of the sound rises according to the degree of danger)
What’s wrong, are not you going inside?”
“Ah. Sylphia. Let’s stop entering from the entrance after all”
Apparently there seems to be a lot easier in the tower to kill intruders.
Otherwise the alarm bell ‘s skill will not sound so loud.
“But the lord, in order not to enter from this door to go to see Mammon … there is no other way.”
“No, there is only one way … …!”
As suddenly Yuuto hugs her arms like a princess hug.
“What are you doing …?
“Take care of your mouth so as not to bite your tongue.”
Yuuto only activates the “flying magic” that synthesized and synthesized curse magic and wind magic, and approaches Gunggun and the top floor.
There were several traps prepared to eliminate foreign enemies from the sky in the four beast towers.
The attack did not reach Yuuto who had been raising the flight speed with the effect of “magical compression”.
With this circumstance -.
Yuuto succeeded in arriving at the top floor “between the golden gates” before 2 minutes.
Race: fallen angel
Occupation: seven deadly sins
Unique ability: Reading slave contract
Reading @ Rare degree ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Skills that make it possible to visually grasp the target state of mind)
Slavery contract @ rare degree ☆ ☆ ☆
(The ability to make a target “slave” by dropping blood on the back of the hand.A slave person can not resist the command of his master. It is impossible for people who have signed contracts to grasp each other’s position It becomes possible)
A demon named Mammon who grew up the corner of the sheep from the head was wearing glasses that I could not see much in this world.
To express its appearance in a word, the word “intelligent yakuza” is suitable.
Although the number of the inherent ability possessed seems to be only two, it should not be taken care of.
With the ability of the Evil eye it is impossible to see through the skill of the rare “Unknown Details”.
“You … how the hell are you …?”
Ah”,when I entered from the entrance,it seemed to be hard to get to the upper floor,I let him invade from the sky”
“… … … …!”
The miscalculation for Mamon was nothing other than because Yuuto had a “magic flight” although it was a human being.
“So what is it for me at the moment?” Was there something in the way that you visited this tower all the way to the far way? ”
It is a lie if you say that you are not upset.
Mamon reigning at the apex of the demonic group was evening up calm even before the unexpected situation.
In Mammon there was a firm belief that “those standing on a person should not show shaking downwards”.
“I came from a different world from this world … … I’m looking for a way to return to the original world. Please tell me if I have something to know.”
(Apparently … … You do not seem to tell a lie)
Mammon has the skill of “reading” to grasp the state of others’ mind.
If you lie,you can see the color of disorder not a few in your heart,”but the boy in front of you can not see it.
Well, I understand the requirement, wait there and I will end up as soon as your business is done.”
Mammon thinks.
The item “return manastone to return the man who was summoned from the other world to its original place was discovered by chance from the owning mine.
In terms of rare value”,it does not descend hundreds of times of “summoning manastone”,but it is rare to have it even if you possess it just because it is unusual.
If so,you should bet on the possibility that you will hand over “return manastone” obediently and get out as an adult.
“This item will be what you were looking for”
When Momon takes out the target item from the safe,it throws it to Yuuto.
Return manastone @ rare degree unknown
(An item that returns a human summoned from a different world to the original world.The doors of dimension are opened by putting magical power.This item can only return one person to the former world)
So Yuuto saw it in the “way to return to the former world” that it has been searching since it was summoned to trie wide.

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  1. Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
    Edited by: GM_Rusaku

    Episode 152: VS Demonlord of Greed I

    Let’s return 10 minutes before Mammon spits the wine out of his mouth.

    When Yuuto tried to step into the tower, he heard an alarm with the loudest volume that he had never experienced before.


    Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆

    (A skill that creates a beeping sound that only the skill holder can hear when they are in life threatening crisis. The volume of the sound rises according to the degree of the risk)

    「What’s the matter Master? Aren’t we going in?」

    「Ah. Sylphia. As expected, lets not enter through the front door」

    Seems like there are many traps that can kill an intruder inside the tower.

    Otherwise my Warning’s skill will not alarm this loudly.

    「But Master. We have to enter through here to reach Mammon… There’s no other way」

    「That’s incorrect. There’s another way……!」

    Yuuto then suddenly carries her off with a princess carry.

    「Wha- wha-wha-wha!? Master……What are you trying to do!?」

    「Don’t mind it. Just keep your mouth close so you won’t accidentally bite your tongue」


    Yuuto then activated 《Flight Magic》 that was a combination of Curse Magic and Wind Magic, they then steadily approached the top floor.

    On the Tower of the Four Beast’s sky, there were several laid traps in order to eliminate outside invaders .
    But by increasing the flight speed with 《Mana Compression》’s effect, there were no attack that could reach them.

    With this circumstance――
    Yuuto successfully arrived in the top floor’s 《Golden Room》 within two minutes.




    Fallen Angel


    Seven Deadly Sins

    Unique Ability:

    Mind Reader
    Slave Contract

    Mind Reader

    Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

    (A skill that makes it possible to view the target’s state of mind)

    Slave Contract

    Rarity ☆☆☆

    (The Ability to turn the target into a slave by dropping the user’s blood to the back of the target’s hand. Once someone had became a slave, they cannot defy their master’s order. The individuals who are bounded by this contract can sense the position of each other.)

    The demon named Mammon has sheep horns growing from his head, he was also wearing glasses that’s not commonly seen in this world. If you could express his appearance in a few words, 『Intellectual Yakuza』 comes to mind. Although the number of his Unique Skills is only two, I still shouldn’t be careless here. It’s impossible to see what really is the 《Detail Unknown》 even with the Demon Eye’s ability.

    「Wha- Bastard, just how……?」

    「Ah. It was difficult to reach the upper floors through the entrance, so I went through via the sky instead」


    It was Mammon’s miscalculation, even though Yuuto was human, he possessed 《Flight Magic》 that no one can.

    「So, what business do you want from me? You might have some reason to journey far away just visit this tower?」

    He’ll be lying if he said that he isn’t agitated. However even in the face of an unexpected situation, Mammon who reigns over the summit of the demon race was keeping his calm. To Mammon, he has a firm principle that says 『The one who leads shouldn’t show any agitation to the commoners』.

    「I came from a world that’s different from this one…… And I’m looking for a way to return to my former world. If you have knowledge of any way possible then do tell me」


    (Seems like…… He isn’t lying at all)

    Mammon has the skill 《Mind Reader》 that can view the target’s state of mind.
    If there is a hint of lie, the hearts color will be distorted. However he cannot see that from the boy in front of him.

    「Is that so. I now understood the importance of this matter. Do wait for a bit. I will immediately end your business here」

    Mammon was thinking. There’s an item called 《Magic Stone of Return》 that can return a summoned person from a different world back to their location. It was an accidental discovery from the mine he owns. In terms of rarity, it’s a hundred time more than of the 《Magic Stone of Summoning》, even he’s holding it because it’s rare was more than enough reason. Then should he bet the possibility that if he obediently hand over the 《Magic Stone of Return》 Yuuto will just quietly leave here.

    「It seems like this is the item you are looking for」

    Mammon took out the item of interest out of the save then throws it over to Yuuto.

    Magic Stone of Return

    Details Unknown

    (An item that returns a summoned person from a different world back to their original world. The Dimensional doorway will open by filling it with mana. Up to only 1 person can return to the original world using this item)

    So what Yuuto saw was the『Method to Return to the Original World』 that he has been searching for since he was summoned to Trywide.

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