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Current Status (Re-posted from the App News)

(Originally Posted on Nov/20/2017 14:53)
Sorry for not releasing any translation for the past two weeks, as you have all know in where I’m from, Christmas is celebrated early and my workplace are preparing for the Christmas bazzar that was starting today. In these past days I only gotten a lil bit of free time and rest (even nepu’ing on other translations was late and were only able to do so on my break and before I sleep) so I wasn’t able to give way for doing any translation. This bazzar will keep on till January so translation will be slow for now. I can release skill taker chapters more frequenly as the chapters are short, for cheat majutsu, the rest of the chapters only need minor revision so I can quickly do some release for it. But for Munou to Yobareta and Jashin Kutta no Shoujo, it might have a very slow release until I get some free time so for the people who are following these novels, I apologize for the major delays. Also expect a web site version of our projects in works that will be best suited foe the pc users (This is also one of the reasons for delays as I’m doing the site from scratch)

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