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It was true that I received an intense blow from my head.

But even so, I didn’t had any concussion but I just felt a tiny pain.

Even though I got lightly hit back then earlier that felt really painful.

I can only conclude one reason on to why such unusual thing happened.

「Is this my unique skill’s ability?」

It may be the effect of the mysterious unique skill 【RPG】.

During a battle, my level became 2.

When I was struck on the shoulder with a club I was still at level 1.

But after becoming level 2, even when attacked, I was still feeling comfortable.

Even if my strikes was a little shallow, I was still able to kill a goblin.

「If with this……!」

I kicked the goblin in my view with all my might.


The goblin was blown away like an arrow.

It died when it hit a tree about 10 meters away.

「I knew it, I was right.」

If my level is higher then the enemy, a correction is applied on both offence and defense.

My attack was more intense than it normally was, and my defense was at a whole new dimension.

「What is it, what is it!?」

「Kurt, you’re so amazing!」

「it looks like a hit for the unique skill after all!」

I smiled with agreement at the voices that was celebrating.

I cannot see the whole picture as of yet but it seems like I have received a pretty good skill.

『Please use a Skill Point, to learn a Normal Skill』

And yet again, the voice echoed within my mind.

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  1.  ◇ ◇ ◇

    The goblin raids does not happen continuously.
    It will be safe for several weeks, at that time it is necessary to restore our forces.
    I then came back to my house and then lay on my bed.
    I was looking at the ceiling while thinking.

    『Use a Skill Point――』

    And yet again a voice sounds through my mind.
    This is the fifth time it happened.
    Seems like it wouldn’t stop until I learn a Normal Skill.
    But, how do I get it?
    And in the first place, what is a Skill Point?


    And while I was thinking about the skills, a translucent screen appeared in my view.
    There was a list of a huge numbers of Normal Skill and their descriptions.
    And all has a “Not Acquired” next to the skill names.
    Also on the upper left of the screen, a “Skill Point: 1” was displayed.
    By instinct, I can understand that this is something to be used to get a skill.

    「I see, so if I think about the skill again will the screen closed?」

    And this time the screen had disappeared.

    「I won’t get any rest if this voice keeps pestering me, I’ll just get something then」

    I open the Skill Screen.
    It looks like this covers all the Normal Skill.
    Countless skills are listed.
    With this, I can learn all the Normal Skill I desire.
    I was then excited.

    「What skills are compatible with adventurers」

    I’m gonna leave the village so I’ll take advantage of getting a good skill.
    And then, I’ll live as an adventurer who subjugates monsters for a living.
    Let’s get the skills needed for it this time.

    「It is somewhat worrying but…… this should be fine I guess」

    I then chose 【Taming】.
    It is a skill that turns a monster into pets.
    The number of tame monster I can have is two.
    I’ll use this to increase my fighting force.
    In a battle, having a big number is just basic.
    And pet skills also exist.
    Example, there’s a skill that let’s you combine pets.

    「I can use it like that it seems.」

    And at the moment I got a new skill, something strange happened.
    It had reached to a point that I can understand the skill by instinct.
    With his I can use 【Taming】 anytime.

    「For the time being, I’ll be taming one tomorrow」

    I then went to sleep with my increasing anticipation.

     ◇ ◇ ◇

    On the next day, I decided to take my time.
    I went to a nearby forest and looked for a monster.
    Immediately I found a goblin.
    Its level is just 1.

    「Let’s do this」

    At the moment we saw eye to eye, 【Taming】 then activated.
    A small heart appeared above the goblin’s head, then its body begins to tremble.
    If the trembling hen stops that means that the taming was a success.
    However, the trembling didn’t stop and the heart then broke into pieces.
    It was a failure.

    「I knew it, it is no use after all」

    It is also written in the skill description.
    For 【Taming】 to be a success, you must weaken the opponent.
    Long story short, to weaken it is to beat it all up.


    I had kicked the goblin like a rubber ball.
    Seeing the irregular reflection of the tree, the goblin was in tatters,
    I again used 【Taming】 once again.
    This time, it was successful.
    If it was successful then the wounds that the goblin receives will be healed.
    It is now fully recovered and had became a pet.


    The goblin ran over and then hugged me.
    There was a heart above its head that indicates that it became a pet.
    This heart can be seen by other people.

    『Level Up!』

    When 【Taming】 was successful my level had increased.
    looks like it is treated similarly to defeating a monster.
    This now makes my level 3.

    「Which reminds me, if you defeat an enemy, will you also level up?」


    Goblin looks at me with its fingers in its mouth.
    It was a very stupid face.

    「Should we try it?」


    I looked around the forest and discovered another goblin, now let us make it fight.
    While I support it in order for it not to lose, it had defeated 5 enemies.
    However, its level didn’t increase.

    「Looks like your level is fixed to level 1」


    The goblin was regretful.
    I too was disappointed.
    it would be better if the pet can also level up.
    Well, it is a Normal Skill after all, so excessive expectation is useless.

    「Now then, what should I get next?」

    I took a look at the skills.
    I acquired the valuable 【Taming】.
    Let’s get a skill that can be used with it.
    There are various skills that are related to pets.

    「Well are there even such skills?」

    I then found an interesting skill.
    【Monster Communication】 and it is a passive skill.
    And since it is a passive skill once I get it, it will start to take effect.
    By the way, 【Taming】 is an active skill.
    The description say that the pet can converse with human language.
    If I get this skill then I can talk with my goblin.
    Normally it will only say 「gobugobu」.

    「This looks interesting」

    While saying that, I got 【Monster Fusion】 that looks to be highly practical.
    With this skill, I can fuse a pet with another pet.
    Using this the goblin will become stronger.

    「In this case, I need one more pet…… Ah there there!」

    Coincidentally I found another goblin.
    I successfully used 【Taming】 and made it into my pet.

    「Is it fine to fuse a goblin with a goblin?」

    While I was looking forward to what kind of result it will yield, I used 【Monster_Fusion】.
    The two goblins turned into a sphere of light and fused together.
    And then a new pet had emerged.

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    1. So the thieves’s scraping bot could only copy the one in the page body, those bots were not scripted to copy the comments. So do comment on every release so I’ll also know if I should continue a novel or not.

  3. Hello
    – Thanks for translating the chapters
    – GM_Rusaku-han, do you think the author will continue to write anything of it? Is there actually more chapters than are available on alphapolis?

    1. Unfortunately there are a total of nine chapters written by the author; however the last one was published 14/12/2018 so it’s not looking too likely that this will continue.

      I really found the concept interesting so it’s rather saddening.

  4. looks like you did somehing wrong to the post…
    why i read half of the chapter on the post, but hal the chapter on your comment on the post? did the limit number of character of the post limit your novel translation?

  5. Do please continue your novels. I really missed that skill taker but I’ve read it all and after I find this one. It’s good. With the innocence of it having a leveling system is good.

    Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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