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「Although it’s a bit early but, Happy Birthday!」

「We hope you acquire a good skill!」

In a small village in the nook of the world, I was about to have my 18th birthday.

The elders in the village came all together to celebrate it.

「It’s been 18yrs now since I picked up the crying Kurt inside the forest」

「Time pass too fast don’t you think so」

I was surrounded by my Jii-sans and Baa-sans.

For me who was abandoned by my real parents at birth, these guys are who I consider my parents now.

「You’ll be an excellent adventurer.

Please Kami-sama! I therefore pray for a good skill!」

Everyone receives a skill upon reaching the age of 18.

So until that time, no one knows what skill you’ll receive.

Also, the number of received skill differs from person to person.

「I wish that it would be a unique skill」

One of my Jii-san said.

There are two kind of skills that exist: Normal and Unique.

Normal is a category for common skills.

This includes classics such as 【Taming】 that turns monsters into pets.

There are other users aside from one user.

However, a Unique skill are exclusive personal skills.

No one can get the same skill.

「It is too much to expect such as a unique skill.

There are some unique skills that was total garbage in one way or another.

If I get around 5 normal skills that’s useful for battles then I’ll be fine with that」

「Kurt is so modest ja no!」

Time had passed while we were all chatting.

And as I celebrate my 18th birthday.

「It’s here! It’s the skill letter!」

A golden envelop appeared in front of me.

It was shining sublimely out of nowhere.

This is called a skill letter.

Inside of this, the information pertaining to the skill received were written.

「Look at it quickly ja!」

「I know!」

I then opened it with my trembling hands.

Inside of it was a sheet of paper.

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  1.  =====Skill Letter=====

    You acquired a Unique Skill 〈RPG〉 desu.
    This skill is invoked automatically and the effects last till eternity.
    With this skill, your growth will adapt to a level system.

    Surprisingly, that was the only thing written on the paper.

    「Eh, that’s all!?」

    In spite of checking the back side.
    There was nothing written elsewhere.
    What’s a Level System?
    It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    「I don’t understand what effect it does」

    The elders are also confused.

    「But, it’s a unique skill ja! Besides that it’s a passive skill!」

    There are two types of sub-skills: Active and Passive.
    Active Skill are skills that can be voluntarily activate with timing.
    While Passive Skill on the other hand, will have a continues effect being triggered.

    「Is there any visible effects?」

    A Jii-san asked.

    「There isn’t any changes, but……」

    There was no changes like having fire spawn on my hands or able to see well in the dark.
    It feels like that I haven’t even gotten any skills at all.

    「There’s no change in your appearance either」

    「Nothing did change, you know」

    One of my Jii-san handed me a mirror.
    I took it and immediately checked my face.
    Black hair and black eyes, what reflected was my face that didn’t changed at all.


    But, I noticed something unusual.

    「What is this number here?」

    A number was floating above me.
    A semitransparent number “1” was written.

    「A number?」

    「What are you talking about ja?」

    A Jii-san tilted his head.

    「It’s right here, over here」

    I pointed my hand onto the floating number.
    However, I cannot even touched it.
    Even when I try to touch it, it just slips pass through.

    「I don’t see anything」

    「It might be the effect of his unique skill」

    I am in the same opinion.
    However, I don’t feel any physical changes.
    Normally, if you gain some skills then one can feel some kind of change.
    You body will immediately understand how to use it.
    I have none of those.

    「Perhaps it’s a miss skill?」

    Gaining a unique skill is a hit or miss one.
    I may unfortunately gotten a disappointing one.
    Such thoughts have filled my heart.


    At such a time, monsters have attacked our village.
    It’s a type of monster that has green complexion and is at a size of a 5yrs old’s body.
    It has the characteristics of having sharp fangs and pointed nose and ears.
    They attacked from all directions and they numbers up to about a hundred.
    A number 1 was displayed above their heads, similar to me.

    「It’s a goblin!」

    One of my Jii-sans have called it by it’s monster name.

    「Everyone, grab your weapons!」

    「Use your skills to push them back!」


    This village is often attacked by monsters.
    This kind of happenings is a daily norm.
    including everyone grabs a weapon as practiced.
    My choice of weapon was a standard sized one-handed sword.


    I swing my sword and slashed at the goblin.
    We cannot look down on them because the enemy has clubs as their weapons.


    The club struck my shoulders.
    A dull pain coursed to my shoulder.
    But since it wasn’t a fatal injury, then there was no problem at all.
    The battle then continued.
    After that, I continuously defeats those goblins.

    「Hey goblins, something’s wrong!」[TN#1]

    My Jii-sans were doing just fine.
    All of them were welding either a sword, spear, or a hoe.
    A jii-san who attacked with his skill spew flames from his mouth.
    Everyone, and that also includes me were doing just fine.
    When I defeated several goblins, something unusual then happened.

    『LEVEL UP!』

    A woman’s voice suddenly echoed in my mind.

    「Level up?」

    By any chance, did the number on my head changed?
    I took out a mirror and confirmed it.
    The number 1 from before changed to 2.
    Somehow, the number in my head seems to be the thing called level.

    「So what happens when it rises up?」

    Without knowing it fully well, I continued fighting on.
    I somehow felt that the flow of my sword became sharper.
    Unlike before, my cuts were more skillful.

    「Is that all of them?」

    I cleaned up the nearby goblins.
    ――or so we thought, but.


    「He-help meー!」

    One had still remained.
    It was located at a slightly further place.
    it was about to attack one of my Baa-san who tripped herself.

    「Watch out!」

    My body moved instantly.
    Risking my life, i got in between Baa-san and the goblin.


    Everyone’s voice reverberated.
    And at the same time, the goblin’s club hit the back of my head.
    The unavoidable fatal damage was received…… or should have been.



    The goblin and me were simultaneously surprised.


    The villagers failed behind on being surprised.

    「It doesn’t hurt……!?」

    The goblin’s attack was somewhat ineffective at all.

    Translator’s Note: 1.) If you didn’t understood it by context, they’re taunting the goblins

  2. Ohh nice, thanks for the chapter.
    I didnt know you translated novels again, haven’t been around since your old website, how is it going 🙂 ?

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