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Eighth Episode: Nursing


Kuna runs toward her.

(Kuna)「What should I… Souji-kun! Anne is!」

(Souji)「Calm down! I’ll examine her first」

(Kuna)「Can you do such a thing desu ka?」

(Souji)「I can. I’m more skilled than any doctor around here」

I squat besides Anne who collapsed, I check her wrist for pulse, opened her eyelid to check for eye movements, opened her mouth to confirm the state of her throat and tongue, and I placed my ears on her chest to confirm her heartbeat. The result soon came out.

(Souji)「She is suffering for malnutrition and over exhaustion. She’ll wake up after half a day’s rest, her recovery will improve overnight with proper rest and healthy food」

(Kuna)「Really! I’m so glad desu」

To hear that her friend who collapsed was not sick, Kuna breaths a sigh of relief.

(Souji)「This situation is not good at all. Well then, what should we do with this girl?」

Frankly speaking, the public order inside the seal city is poorly enforced. The city is basically like “what you do is you own responsibility”.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, What happens if we leaved her here alone?」[TN#1]

(Souji)「If her luck is good, the long sword and necklace that seems to be expensive will be stolen and will leave her here unattended. If her luck is bad, all of that plus herself going straight to the slave market」

(Kuna)「Won’t she be protected by the school?」

(Souji)「Impossible. Because this school runs off the city’s tax, they will receive harsh criticism if the people’s money is used to things other than the students. She will be refused of their protection」

Basically the world is ruthless and an indifferent place for other people. Excessive reliance from the kindness of others will lead to one’s fall. Kuna with a serious expression looked straight into my eyes.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun please ari masu. Can you please pay for one more person’s accommodation in the inn. And also provide a nutritious meal. All of those, please put all charges in my debt. Because Souji-kun has medical knowledge you may also add a medical fee if you nursed her. I’ll return my debt twice the price shi masu. If I cannot return it, you can then do anything you like with me desu. Therefore please. Please help Anne」[TN#2]

Kuna bows down her head.[TN#3] Her fox ears which was covered with her hat pops out. It shook with a “piku piku”[TN#4] whether she was uneasy.

(Souji)「Why would Kuna go this far for that person? I think this girl may become a strong rival.[TN#5] Her ability with the sword is good and her mana flow is smooth. She is talented and there are some proof of her own effort. Isn’t letting her be more convenient for you?」

(Kuna)「It surely is as you just said desu. But Anne is my friend desu. I do not want to be a scholarship student if I have to be astray from being the person that I am. Probably I’ll regret it all my life if I forsaken her here shi masu」

…..Even if Kuna didn’t actually begged me, I intended to help Annelotte. It’s just my selfishness. I understood from her movement a while ago, her ability in the sword. I incidentally confirmed the magic quality when I examined her for symptoms, her magic circuit cycle, its performance is top notch. It’s worth getting her in-debt to me.[TN#6]

After being admitted in the school and exploring the underground labyrinth, it’s more efficient to party with students who are always available and has similar abilities. For that reason, it’s necessary to scout talented examinees from here on.

(Souji)「Understood. I accept your proposal. But as for the increase of rivals, I’m in the same boat. The seーveーreー increase of rival is because of Kuna」

(Kuna)「Uu, Bu-but somehow desu, doesn’t Souji-kun have a huge gap of margin desu ka? It’s different for me and Anne who are the remaining ones competing desu」

Certainly that’s true. I have the accumulated knowledge and innumerable polished magic in my brain, I may even pass the student scholarship in first place.

(Souji)「Kuna, this is your second debt. Now then, What shall I ask for you to do?」

(Kuna)「Uu~, Scary… Scary desu… Those eye resembles a hungry wild beast desu」

Kuna suppresses her trembling fox ears. After generally teasing Kuna, I carried the collapsed Anne on my shoulders and left the place.

…..But I was thinking while laughing. Something seems wrong here. In the game era there wasn’t any fateful encounters as convenient like this. An encounter like with Kuna and Anne was too much. The timing was too good. It was somewhat irritating because there’s a sense of incongruity on IRURANDE’s game quality. As if I’m being guided to these forced events. I suddenly felt a gaze and turned my attention toward that direction.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, something the matter desu ka?」

(Souji)「No, nothing to be concern off」

While saying so with my own mouth, I heighten my wariness. When we left, I felt a presence from the shadow of the building. I picked up some traces of mana and searched for someone with similar mana but there was nothing. ……This is the sole reason that something very wrong here. Even if I said from the shadows of the building, there where too many pedestrian in the area. But there are some traces that absolutely remained. To say that somebody purposely erased their presence, the probability isn’t zero.

(Souji)『Why are we currently being watched?』
The gaze that I felt and ability to erase its presence are top notch. But erasing it perfectly just made it more convincing that someone was watching. The conclusion I derived therefore, they are capable but lack experience. We have to be careful coming in contact with them in the future.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Anne)「Where am I?」

Anne woke up in the inn’s bed.

(Souji)「It’s in the inn we’re staying. We carried you here because you suddenly collapsed」

(Anne)「Is that so, you have my gratitude. That was helpful. I became careless because I’ve met a friend for the first time after so long」

Annelotte mutters in a low voice. At the next moment, after looking at me her eyes widen, she suddenly hugged her body while blushing. We did change her clothes without her permission. She was wearing a type of body tight typed clothes and we concluded that it might be hard to sleep with those on. And she imagined that i had seen her naked body.

(Souji)「Be at ease, Kuna was the one who changed your clothes and wiped your body. Because I was sent out of the room, therefore I’ve seen nothing」

(Anne)「……Do you speak of the truth?」

(Kuna)「It’s the truth desu yo. I’m the one who did it. You don’t need to worry because I kicked Souji-kun out desu」

Without turning toward us, Kuna voiced it out while studying on her desk. She was desperately regaining her lost studying time from nursing Annelotte. She must master the lecture from square one in a span of three days.

Kuna was wearing a house-dress so her fox ears and tail were exposed. Because Kuna tends to wag her tail when she is concentrating, I kept watching her with a pleasant feeling.

(Anne)「Is that so, I seemed to gave you some troublesome work. I give you my undying gratitude. Kuna, and….」

Annelotte is at loss for words when she was going to say my name. Well that’s reasonable. I haven’t told her my name yet. The timing was good to introduce myself.

(Souji)「First of all, nice to meet you. I am Souji. Like you, I’m also an examinee for the knight school and a tutor for Kuna」

(Anne)「The way you speak is very polite. My name is Annelotte Auclaire. My pleasure to meet you. ……You’re a strange person, to work as a tutor to Kuna, even though she is one of your rival competitors」

(Souji)「I think there is some merits for me for the time being. And here, take this」

(Anne)「And this is?」

(Souji)「It’s rice porridge. Eat this first because your stomach is still weak, getting your nourishment is our priority one for now」

Rice, milk, liver, and the aroma is from the mix of sage herbs that were bought from the market. The liver contains lots of vitamins and is good for the body. After draining all blood from the liver, soak it on milk to remove the smell. Then I fried it, and then drained all excess oil to make it gentle for the stomach, then pound it into bits. I mixed it with the sage herbs and made dumplings out of them.[TN#7] While the sage herb has a good aroma, it also has an effect to help in digestion. I put the liver dumplings in the porridge which has rice and milk and balanced the taste with salt for the completion.[TN#8]

(Anne)「Delicious! It’s been a while since I ate something delicious, it’s such a gentle taste. Not only my body, it also permeates through my heart. I give my utmost gratitude」

Annelotte’s tears dropped like a rain.

(Souji)「Eat it slowly or your stomach might be surprised, you’ll vomit all the food if you eat it all at once because your stomach is still weak. At least chew it twenty times before swallowing」

(Anne)「I understand. You are a strange person after all, being like a nanny」
The way the young lady Annelotte indicated, I was more of a nanny instead of being stereotyped as a mother. Twenty minutes has passed until Annelotte finished eating.

(Anne)「Un, my stomach seems to be fine now. May I have another serving?」


Annelotte shyly held out her plate. If she eat two servings of rice milk porridge with full of nourishment, she’ll improved the next morning.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Kuna what kind of a friend are you to think of leaving her here all alone with a pack of wolves.

2). My bad, Kuna is a true friend indeed.

3). Again Author mistype Kuna’s name (クーナ) as Kune (クーネ).

4). twitching sfx.

5). Yeah a strong love rival lol.

6). Did I already said that you sound like a villain.

7). Did this novel just turned into Death March?!.

8). Go away Satou! This is not your novel! Go back to Desumachi where Aze-chan is waiting.

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