Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Seventh Episode: Fallen Noble

(Kuna)「Breakfast ♪ Breakfast ♪」

Kuna and I, two people stroll around the market in the morning. The plan is that after buying breakfast at a food stall, we’ll apply for the examination that will be held two day from now and we plan to return to our room after. There are few open stores in the morning, but a street food stall is inexpensive and has a complete set of good food.

(Souji)「Still, that was a terrible result. Though most of the mathematics is perfect, the history and magic result are terrible」

(Kuna)「Boo, because I don’t know the history of other countries, and the magic problem is the one in the wrong desu. The problem with the example was their useless method. It’s construction is weird, who made that problem in the first place? They wrote a magic equation without understanding it’s meaning masu yo!」

(Souji)「Un, Actually that was right. Basically, the magic research here doesn’t completely understand the order of basic order of the equation. Though the researcher understood their field of research, they do it in secret without sharing it to the world. That’s why the current magic isn’t understood that well. When the construction is like this, then they can only do it on such levels」

Still, the common recognition of the effect will have similarities to some degree. There is also the negative effects of the first which is again useless without being shared.

(Kuna)「Aah, I want to rewrite those. Because it irritates me desu yo. When I see a useless method」

(Souji)「Seriously who in the world is Kuna’s Otou-san to be able to teach a magic equation?」[TN#1]

(Kuna)「Just my ordinary stubborn Oyaji desu yo. One that is a great flirter」

(Souji)「A great flirter?」

(Kuna)「Yes! He has three wives masu[TN#2] I have five siblings, of the previous mention two of them are my half-sisters from a different mother desu mon」

(Souji)「That’s troublesome. Then, is Kuna’s Kaa-san unhappy with that?」

(Kuna)「……They look extremely happy desu. They flirt and sweet talk each other unbecoming for one’s age masu. However, there are times when I can’t meet Tou-sama that makes me lonely, when he is with the other women I have a regrettable face desu. Though they’re happy, there are times when I think that the bride is Kaa-sama alone」

If you look at Kuna, Kuna’s mother must have been an extremely beautiful person. That man is the worst if he took two more wives, while having such wife.

(Kuna)「Therefore I’ve decide desu. If I’ll get married in the future, I’ll marry someone who will only love me」[TN#3]

(Souji)「Un, that’s good. Kuna should be together with a person who loves you the most」[TN#4]

I think so from the bottom of my heart. However I also understand the feeling of Kuna’s dad. A man would like to make a lot of cute girl service him.[TN#5] ……It’ll depend on one’s own feeling after all.

(Kuna)「Quickly Wall[TN#6]…..*gohon*[TN#7] Souji-kun that food stall’s soup over there looks delicious desu yo.[TN#8] There soup contains meat and the vegetables looks also nice」

(Souji)「Kuna…. Just now…. Did you just called me Wallet?」[TN#9]

(Kuna)「Fu au, The-there’s no way I’ll do that desu yo! Quick now, hurry hurry!」

Kuna pulled me by my hand, I was taken to a soup stall.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, I bought two large serving of the soup and one was handed to Kuna. In the soup was left over vegetables and sliced meat, there was chunks of wheat on the soup like a springy wanton. The soup is a salt base. The soup stock is out of the meat and vegetables are quite delicious.

(Kuna)「Good desu yo ne. Because those which normally thrown away are gathered in, it’s very cheap and delicious food」

(Souji)「But actually the street stall around here normally opens shop at noon. Therefore those food ingredients that was to be thrown where provide in this way. The stall side can use their spare time and the throw away ingredients costs a lot cheaper. The adventurers explore the underground labyrinth early in the morning, they can take nourishment with inexpensive yet good food, and it’s the acceptable size」

I presented a trivia while drinking the soup. I know it very well because I lived in this world longer than in Japan.

(Kuna)「Good desu ne. If we passed in the Knight school, we’ll depart first thing in the morning and eat soup here then go to underground labyrinth desu. As for this, does it feels like a genuine adventurer desu ka?」

(Souji)「Un, Shall we go together if we pass it? After this」

I hand over to Kuna 10,000 Val.[TN#10]

(Kuna)「What’s this desu ka?」

(Souji)「As expected, it’s inconvenient if you don’t have money right? The it’s better for you to have these」

(Kuna)「I can’t, It’s to much masen yo!」

(Souji)「Who told you to?」


(Souji)「I only lending it to you. For every interval of ten days, 10% interest is added to the loan, do be careful」

(Kuna)「You terrible rif-off! That, that’s not a great thing at first but in two months the loan will double the price desu ka!」

(Souji)「If you don’t like it, then pass to be a scholarship student, quickly explore the underground labyrinth so you can pay for it」

(Kuna)「I will absolutely pass it. ……if the debt stays as it is, I’ll shake my tail to you」

(Souji)「It’s extremely healthy」[TN#11]

(Kuna)「Where are you looking at!? It’s the tail desu yo! FOXTAIL-CHAN DESU YO!?」

While we did such silly talks, we arrived in front of a knight school. Up to now they seem to be still receiving applications for the entrance examination.

(Kuna)「Uwaa, What an amazing number of person desu ne Souji-kun」

In the application area, an exclusive seat is prepared in the courtyard, 50 people was already lined up.

(Souji)「Every year they received about five hundred people」

(Kuna)「It’s only limited to 16 years old and below desu ka? That’s surprising desu. In my hometown there are only thirty children that’s the same age」

(Souji)「They came from various countries in order for their dreams to come true. Something like that」

(Kuna)「By the way there are only three slots for the student scholarship desu, but how many slots are there for the normal enrollees desu ka?」

(Souji)「If I am not mistaken, the slots for nobles are in the hundred, and fifty for the general enrollees」

(Kuna)「There’s more slots for nobles desu ne. Although are much less on the general enrollees」

(Souji)「In the case of the nobles they already received some degree of training when they were still little, they do buy magic stones with their money so they can easily raise their power. There are many talented people among the nobles, and they’re also well disciplined and educated. It’s normal for the general public to gets a license and explore without entering the knight school. Most of the time they can’t use magic because they don’t know the basics. To make money in this shallow hierarchy they often over-strain themselves, went to deep and died a dog’s death」

(Kuna)「This is social inequality…..」

It is good enough that the lecture class expect the effects to drop-off. The history, magic and arithmetic of this country. If they’re not born from a wealthy home then they are incapable of receiving the culture’s prosperity. In addition intelligence and knowledge are required to an explorer. If a muscle brain became a explorer then the number of corpses will just increases. If only the current practical skill have about three times the applicant. While we begun preparation, the two people ahead already finished with the receptionist and already returned, then whispering voice was heard.

(Random Applicant A)「Hey look at that!」

(Random Applicant B)「Aah, the one from the fallen house?」

(Random Applicant A)「There are rumors here that I’ve heard, so she really came」

(Random Applicant C)「Despite that she’s originally noble, isn’t she embarrassed to apply for the general examination?」

During such talks, the alone girl walks. It’s origin is probably an enormously good clothes, but it’s the appearance have become dirty with mud, and was frayed here and there, and it looks disgraceful. The suppose-to-be beautiful silver hair lost it’s brilliance when no nourishment was taken. Just a single long sword that hangs on her waist shines.

However phosphorus and haggard the girl looks, that girl elegantly walks. Such a beautiful girl. This, I thought so. Kuna was also a beauty, while she lean on the side of having an aura of being cute, that child has the expression of being beautiful. The exam applicants who was waiting in line naturally make way.

(Annelotte)「I am going to apply for the general examination itadaku wa. My name is Annelotte Auclaire」

The receptionist’s hand trembles. Auclaire……. I know that name. Called the Kingdom’s right-hand, the grand noble who gain fame as the sword instructor for the royal families. …..However, it was in the past. A certain incident happened, now it was the greatest stain in the Kingdom’s history, their house was dissolved and the family head was executed. But, I know it well. The truth was that it was a false accusation, why was it necessary to entrap Auclaire house?

(Annelotte)「Arigatou. Do your best on your work」


When Annelotte, the girl who gave her name thank the receptionist, she then began gallantly returned back into the road. The face of the receptionist was red. The dignity and charisma of the girl made the receptionist do that. Annelotte which came next to us suddenly stopped. And she stare at Kuna’s face.

(Anne)「Princess of Elucie. Why are you in such a place?」

(Kuna)「Yoーyou got the wrong person desu yo. A princess? Me? No way, I’m just a commoner It’s normal for a Firefox to be beautiful desu. Which I think you have been mistaken with my overflowing dignity masu」

(Anne)「No, I’m can’t be mistaken. I clearly remember the encounter in the royal palace party aru mono」

(Kuna)「You got the wrong person desu yo. I don’t know any Anne desu」

(Anne)「There are only few allowed to call me Anne」

(Kuna)「…..I correct myself masu. Please ignore my situation here. I am here as just Kuna masu. Please understand my reason」
Kuna with a rare serious face said it with a voice which has dreadfulness.

(Anne)「You also have your own circumstances aru no ne」

(Kuna)「For such as Anne, why is Anne a grand noble in the general application? It’s easier to apply on the slots for noble desu yo」

(Anne)「……I am not a noble anymore. Our house was dissolved because of a false accusation. We tried to appeal for our innocence but those people don’t lend an ears to hear the story of a fallen noble. So I’m here to acquire the title of an Honorary Noble to regain the honor of the Auclaire House」

In short, it’s to revive their fallen house. If she can’t get a noble status in some way then any talks will not start. Upon graduation a title of Honorary Noble will be received if one has reached Rank 3. This girl came here for that purpose.

(Kuna)「Anne. I’m giving you an advise as your friend masu. It’s absurd to be bound by your house desu yo. Forget about your house, think only of one’s own happiness is worthwhile.」

Kuna told something like a self-mockery.[TN#12]

(Anne)「Certainly, what you had said is correct. But I won’t give up. Because Auclaire is me itself」

She was exhausted, still she shown a smile that was full of pride. I honestly thought that was beautiful.

(Kuna)「So Anne too aims for the scholarship student slot desu ka?」

(Anne)「That is correct. At present I am broke, which is only that. But even if I lose both money and status, I still have this sword with me!」

The long sword that was hanging on her lower back was suddenly unsheathed. The blade of the long sword was dyed with a snow-white color. Mana also slightly leaks from it, I can tell that the long sword was a Demon Sword ………It felt nostalgic. There was a time when I carried a sword I cherished with me. It was a wonderful sword. But that sword wasn’t just wonderful. She pulled the sword and entered a stance. I could perceive her ability with just those movements. Her manner of speaking doesn’t hint her ability with the sword. Many years of training piles up to be able to manage such skills. For her who lost everything, this is the only support that she have left.

(Souji)「I’m aiming for the student scholarship too masu. This is a match desu. Anne」

(Anne)「I will not be defeated. But both of us can enter because the slot for the student scholarship is limited for three persons」


Leaving me out alone, the two started a sport competition. Anne turned her back at us while waving her hands. That kind of gesture every single time looks appropriate. We looked at her back as she pass us by. And as if the strings holding her together snapped she suddenly collapsed.


Kuna’s voice that was worried for her friend resounded through the field.

Translator’s Notes:

1). A reincarnator with 30+ past reincarnation that he can utelized to fight lol.

2). WTF?! THREE WIVES?! There is Lucie, Kuu, and… who is the other one!!!!!! Some one hasten the translation of Elf Tensei!!!!

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5). His true color appeared.

6). She was saying wallet but she cut it off.

7). Coughing sound.

8). Did Kuna just now mistakenly called Souji a Wallet?

9). Yes she just did.

10). Originally the Rui-sensei typed Kune instead of Kuna, they made a typo there.

11). I agree her ass is wholesome.

12). Again the Rui-sensei made a typo and type Kune instead of Kuna so I’ve changed it.

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