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Sixth Episode: Cramming for Examination

(Souji)「Well then, shall we start studying? Because I’m receiving payment as a tutor then well do this seriously. If it’s a test on mathematics, Kuna cam make the cut by using your intuition and fundamental knowledge. It can’t be help, well study history of magic」

To the referral from the tavern, I’m giving lessons to Kuna in the inn we rented. She was sitting on a chair and her hand on the desk. Because the two of us was alone she was freely and carelessly exposing her fox ears and tail. Because Kuna already received a rather high-leveled education, we’ll focus on her weak-points in order to manage by.

(Kuna)「My magic good desu yo!」

(Souji)「I know that. I already saw it first hand when you blew the slave trader’s talisman in the carriage. When comparing other Firefox to Kuna who can use magic beautifully, I don’t know anyone who can do the same. There’s no waste in the magic equation, Because of your understanding on the formula’s technique, you can use magic to a degree of perfection」

(Kuna)「Fufun, I’m great, right desu」

She put up a self-satisfied look with her fox ears standing up. Surely, the strict father have hammered it in her thoroughly.

(Souji)「But what is in demand here in this city, magic is probably the correct answer. I’ll be frank, the magic in this city is unpolished is obsolete…… It’s really a mistake. But to this city that’s the correct thing. Kuna I’ll make you memorize all things that are wrong here. Anyway the instructor won’t know the correct answer, even if they try to correct it they won’t have an idea who can understand it. Be sure to practice the lecture and surely you’ll get all the answers in “X”」[TN#1]

(Kuna)「…….How unreasonable. If we can become nobles upon graduating we can have everything from clothes, a duty and a house, then we have to be patient desu」

Kuna expressed her dissatisfaction with her pouting face. I know how it feels. Even for a magician like me it’s annoying to be matched with a low level companion.

(Souji)「It’s natural to get it, graduating at Rank 3. I tell you an interesting story. There are approximately 10,000 labyrinth explorers in this town. But when we break them down, 9,000 people are Rank 1, 700 people are Rank 2, and Rank 3 has only around 300 people. It is this result, including the people who have done it for dozens of years. We must become Rank 3 in three years until graduation. Attaining Rank 3 in three years, less than 0.5 can take those spot」

The inside where the Rank 1 occupies ninety percent of whole and the one that are Rank 3 are fearful and unreachable. Blessed with talent, blessed with an excellent companion and luck will usually take a decade. Because I can do it with one-third of the usual time, it may be said that it is impossible to achieved with a straight-forward method. The point breaks on counting for Rank 4. As for the apex of Rank 6 only one person was able to obtain it.

(Kuna)「What? There’s only 0.5 desu ka Too easy desu yo. If there are 200 people, you should only overtake the other 199 people desu」

(Souji)「Confidence is Kuna’s strong point」

Actually, she is a genius, and there are the accumulated training from her home. But we still cannot reach Rank 3 in one year. Rank 3 is a high hurdle. But then, the story will be different because of the fact that I’m here. There is a special trick.

(Souji)「Therefore shall we start studying. Because we only have 3 days, I’ll prepare the past exams. That will probably reaches the point where you can solve it with ease」

(Kuna)「Past exams?」

(Souji)「Un, this is the problems that was given on the exam last year」

(Kuna)「Wow amazing!!」

(Souji)「It’s so. You will solve all of this and also explain it. After solving all of them we’ll narrow it down to the things that you’ve made mistakes on, and those you didn’t understand and those I will teach you」

Kuna’s great, she’s amazingly in high spirit. In fact, the past exams was a lie. Actually it is the test for this year from the database that various players took.[TN#1] Many players uploaded it as all of them has the same content.

If Kami-sama’s estimation is not a lie then this will probably be right on the money. We can actually do the test’s margin, but there might be something after the admission. To make Kuna take this seriously I didn’t say the truth.

(Souji)「To do this perfectly first is do not fall behind my lectures. In the examination system, the test for the lecture with a score 60% and below is considered disqualified. If you passed that then next is the practical test. With the overall result of the lecture and practical test they will select a candidate. As for the evaluation, the practical skill is regarded as important. But don’t be hasty because the result from your lecture test affects the selection of the scholarship students」

(Kuna)「I understand. Ano, Souji-kun. I beseech you please teach me. What if, I passed the test, but I wasn’t to reach the slot for the scholarship student?」

(Souji)「Then their only choice is to pay the money from their own pocket. The entrance fee is only just 500,000 Val. As for the tuition for a half year is 300,000 Val. Then there is 240,000 Val for dormitory charge and the food expenses for a half year to teaching materials that costs 100,000 Val. All in all the total amount is 1,140,000 Val」

Even this is a considerably an upright pricing in the school. Because there was the support from the country, that’s why the price is like that..

(Kuna)「1,140,000 Val!? Such money, absolutely impossible desu. I must absolutely become a scholarship student!」
Kuna clenched her fist tightly.

(Souji)「Well, I think Kuna will somehow manage it. If you borrow money」

(Kuna)「Will you lend it to a young girl like me desu ka?」

(Souji)「Un, I can afford up to two million Val. If the payment is delayed, you’ll become my slave….. In other words, the debt will make you as collateral, so generously serve me.」

The beautiful Firefox trembled in fear. 50 million Val is trivial if they send it to the slave market by an legal route even if they just estimate it. Even if the debt has low interest, the margin is 2 million, if the high interest rate debt is enough, she may borrow as much as 10 times the value.

(Kuna)「Me as collateral for the debt….. But I won’t have any problem if I can return it, if I were to not pass it, it may be better than than waiting for a year to get my license…… I’m troubled masu」

Kuna is considering the debt seriously. The knight school has reasonably large benefits. If she can enter the underground labyrinth, it’s enough to possibly pay for it on monthly basis.

(Souji)「If then, Kuna will likely delay paying the debt, then I’ll pay for it in advance. Therefore even if you failed to pass the scholarship, just get a loan without worries and enroll in it」

(Kuna)「……The gentleness is adversely scary. Tou-sama said, Because Kuna is cute, all men that approaches seem to be the bad wolves that will try to eat Kuna」

(Souji)「Alright, alright. Because I’m a gentleman, should I reach out to your hand to become my lover, then I’ll take over the debt and liabilities in accordance to ownership rights」

(Kuna)「That is not alright at all!! Absolutely… I’ll absolutely pass the scholarship test! Quickly give me the past exams kudasai!!」

(Souji)「Understood. I understand it. I got a large amount of money, too. So work properly」

I close my eyes and concentrate on it I looked into my mind. I choose something in line with a purpose from the magic that hundreds of thousands of players developed. Furthermore, I took out the wooden board from the bag which I bought on the way to the inn.

(Souji)「【Print Creation】」

I shouted the magic name which is the trigger and executed the magic. Innumerable magic equation streams down my mind, then operated it to override the physical phenomenon and interfere with the world. The supersonic wave that I brought about is flung against the cortex, and digs the character string of the past exam to appear like a video in the mind. A minute passed while proceeding with that work. A spectacular print of the questionnaire of the last exam was made possible and was spread. Ink is applied there, stamping it on with a *petan* on the paper, the past test questionnaire is completed instantly.

(Souji)「Here, Kuna. Once you’re done just tell me. Because you’ll have another five tests to deal with」

I took out the next wooden board, I immediately prepared the second one.

(Kuna)「Amazing, how complex, a magic with multiple process, just that makes that magic amazing, it’s also looks simple. Such terrible waste. But I don’t know any other magician other than Tou-sama who can do such great things」

Kuna was astonished when she saw my magic. It is no wonder, my magic was developed by tens of thousands of players who shared it on open source that made the method to several hundred of years more advance. In the first place the body of homunculus is very advantageous when using magic. Without making a mistake, the character string of the magic language memorized word by word pops into my as the magic made it’s completion. It’s easy to utter with my mouth but the hurdle is strangely high. For a Japanese, the lyrics of the Swahili language’s tune on my mind was a state not to know the meaning and how to read the word.

(Souji)「Hey, you don’t have the time to mind me. We only have three days left」

Kuna faced the desk and begins to solve the past test questionnaire as soon as I told her to.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kuna)「Tou-sama… Kuna will do her best….. I will do my very best…. that’s why…..」

I overheard some of Kuna’s sleep talking while she sleeps on the side. Having the fatigue from her long journey and pile it more with her fatigue with studying, She was lying down next to me in a deep sleep. While watching her mouth I became cautious… Because this child was brought up in such a gentle environment… She should learn that a good-natured person is sometimes the most dangerous one.

When I first meet her in the game period, she was a unauthorized illegal labyrinth explorer. With eyes which have gone wild that seemed to hate everything in the world. A good-natured girl that keeps getting deceived, and have many distorted wounds. We’ve meet in various ways trying to befriend Kuna. It took me over a year after becoming friends with Kuna to show me her genuine girly side similar to the present Kuna that is right next to me. Hopefully, the current Kuna……. I want the Kuna that was not just Kami-sama’s simulation to find happiness. Yes, I’ll make you happy.

(Souji)「Now then, let’s do our best tomorrow. At least, If we pass the knight school, I’ll push Kuna towards the Happy route」

It seems painful even now. I patted the head of Kuna who murmured “Tou-sama”, and then I also fell asleep.

Translator’s Notes:

1). In Japan all correct answers are marked as “X” while mistakes are marked with “O”.

2). LoL he’s also a cheat to the exams.

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