Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Fifth Episode: The Tavern

We earned enough money and entered the sealed city safely went into a tavern in order to have a meal.

(Kuna)「Now then, Let’s equally divide the money we earned a while ago. Amazing desu ne! As expected of the sealed city. There are plenty of rich people. We earned 250,000 Val with just the wrapped offerings desu yo♪」

Kuna was cheerfully dividing the rolled bills and coins into two. One is 25,000 Val, and the other one is 125,000 Val.

(Kuna)「This is Souji-kun’s part desu」

And 125,000 Val was handed to me. Perhaps, the 100,000 Val that was used in the entrance fee was deducted from Kuna’s share.

(Souji)「I refuse. I only helped a little bit, and in the first place all of these where earned by Kuna herself」

(Kuna)「That doesn’t matter. This is the money that two people earned so this should be equally divided desu」

(Souji)「Because I was listening to Kuna’s song on a special seat, with that alone was worth all this money. Right now, isn’t Kuna already dead broke? Therefore it’s important to have some spare changes」


(Souji)「I played the music just to hear Kuna’s song. And in addition, I was able to see the cute “Yo kora Fox” dance till the end. [TN#1] With that, I cannot accept that money」

(Kuna)「Are you sure about that desu ne?」

(Souji)「Un, Kuna’s song and dance was well worth it」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun is a really nice guy. Elucie…… I thought that all the people from outside the country where I was from were scary people, I’m glad that it was not so desu. Arigatou Souji-kun」

Kuna took my hand and conveyed her feeling of appreciation. She then suddenly separated her hand and distance herself more than necessary, did she became embarrassed that quickly?

(Kuna)「Apart from that, *hmph**hmph**hmph*, It’s been a while since I had a feast desu♪」

Her hand touches the dish that was piled like a mountain while humming. That quantity was like it used up all the money at hand just for today’s food.

(Souji)「Kuna that’s too luxurious」

(Kuna)「It is all right desu. Because this is a rare luxury. It’s been a month since I ran away from home, I’ve been eating only this kara ne」

Kuna brought out a seemingly hard dried meat from her bag.

(Souji)「I think that’s impossible, You’ve spend only the preserved food that you took from the house when you ran away from home?」

(Kuna)「No way it was as simple as that desu, I entered a mountain alone and hunted my own game, drained the blood out, I dried it by using fire magic and finished the process masu yo. After that, I ate it masu ne」

And it was being preserved with addition to the mountain greens. They are various mountain greens that can be eaten with no problem. It is raw and dried then mixed in various ways.

(Souji)「Even though Kuna is an Ojou-sama, your way of living is terrible」

(Kuna)「The Savaii Val system was though to us by Otou-sama. That person was so unreasonable desu yo! At the age of 9, I was carried to a snowy mountain while I was sleeping, When I woke up 『I’ll come to pick you up later. If what I taught you has been hammered to your body, then you should be able to survive』 he said!!! I was thrown out just like that desu yo! I was prepared to die a hundred times at that moment.」[TN#2]

(Souji)「…..No mercy at all. Kuna’s Otou-san」

She lean forward and shouts whenever Kuna gets angry at very thing at that time. But her voice somewhat sounded happy.

(Kuna)「Besides I have a much more terrible things to discuss desu yo. I was served poisoned meals everyday just to raise my resistance, cruelly trained on hand-to-hand combat, and my magic training was a total torture desu yo!」[TN#3]

She was only complaining, but strangely the feeling that her Otou-san’s loves was transmitted from Kuna and it was heartwarming. I heard stories of her Otou-san from Kuna while sometimes giving out responses.

(Kuna)「*haa*, *haa*, *haa*, isn’t that person terrible desu! Are? Souji-kun? A moment ago did you just called me an Ojou-sama yo ne. Did I said that I was in fact one?」[TN#4]

(Souji)「Yeah, before we came in the tavern」[TN#5]

Oh shit! I haven’t even heard the story from the current Kuna.

(Kuna)「Is that so? Then it’s ok desu. Even if I didn’t say it, my overflowing elegance will give it away」

(Souji)「Which ever is true, I think Kuna’s aura has a friendly atmosphere」

(Kuna)「Is that so? Then whichever is fine then desu」

While saying so, the elegant Ojou-sama did not take apart the skewered fish with a knife and fork but by bitting on both sides of the skewer.

(Souji)「Come to think of it, why are you hiding your ears?」

When Kuna parted from the merchant and before performing the song, she was wearing a hat to hide her ears and her tail was tucked inside her skirt.

(Kuna)「Because Firefox is profitable kara ne. I won’t survive for long if I don’t hide it when it’s not necessary to be show. Even in our death we are still profitable masu shi. Especially because in this city there are stories that there are extremely strong monsters that I think can’t win against, so I must be always careful」

(Souji)「Certainly, this is the city where the very best gathers.」

Seal City of Erin. It’s construction is quite abnormal. The castle wall was too solid. And it was made to be absolutely unopenable from the inside. The reason for it was to shut in demonic beast inside this city, that’s why.

Originally the purpose of this city is to gather the demonic beast that gush forth in this world and seal them in. It was made because of the underground labyrinth beneath the city, so when demonic beast leaks out of the labyrinth by chance, it will prevent them from going to the outside world.

(Souji)「I came here for the underground labyrinth. So what is Kuna’s purpose here?」

(Kuna)「It’s the same for me desu yo. My aim is the underground labyrinth too desu. It’s only at this place that you could make money peacefully by using your own might desu. I’m different from all my Anii-sama and Anee-sama. Aside from fighting I don’t have merits other than singing」

Kuna muttered absent-mindedly while she clenched her fist.

(Souji)「Does Kuna’s siblings spoiled you?」

(Kuna)「Yes, I am often mistaken for being the Nee-san but in fact that I’m the youngest child desu, even to us five siblings as well. Even though everyone was born at the same time, I’m the only one who was born a decade later, so I was terribly spoiled by my Anii’s and Anee’s desu」

(Souji)「You loved all your siblings?」

(Kuna)「Yes, I love my Anii-sama and my three Anee-sama desu. But, I hate Tou-sama」

(Souji)「If I was disciplined the same way then I will also dislike him」

(Kuna)「That’s ok desu. In my point-of-view, it was understandable that it was necessary, it is a path that all my siblings went through desu. But, what I can’t forgive was that a fiancé was selfishly selected without my permission desu. In addition to that its a person that was from another country. And they pushed through the marriage, so I said that I’m going to leave Elucie desu yo!」

(Souji)「As for Kuna’s Otou-san, he might be doing it for Kuna’s happiness I think?」

……Yes, Kuna’s Otou-san fully understands the crisis that was approaching to Kuna. However, it became a ridiculous thing because Kuna ran away from home. Only some questions of the tragedy which the former Kuna went through was cleared.

(Kuna)「It may be so desu. But I hated it desu. It seems like I was just considered as a tool. That’s why I really left when I wished to get out. I ran away from home and didn’t became Tou-sama’s tool. But just running away is not enough, even if Tou-sama begs me to come back, I decided to be an amazing person first desu」

(Souji)「That’s why you’re here. This is the only place in the world where you can have an opportunity to fight many demonic beast」

(Kuna)「Hai. I’m here to to defeat demonic beast and to acquire magic stones in order to get stronger desu!」

(Souji)「Generally speaking, it’s the same for me. But do you know the reason why only here in this city does the demonic beast spawn in the first place?」

(Kuna)「Of course I know masu. It’s thanks to the “Elna integrated device” that is placed in the underground labyrinth desu yo ne」

(Souji)「Right, it’s made by Grand Magnus Cyril that became the invention of the century.」[TN#6]

There is a reason why the existence of monsters was only at this place. There’s an underground labyrinth located in the center of this city. In the first place monster are being spawn in reaction to the magic of the Negative Energy …… known as Elna. It was given directivity by the human emotion “fear” and then materializes it.

If there is an Elna then there sure to be demonic beast. The fact is demonic beast spawns everywhere until 30 years ago. Back then it was possible for demonic beast to suddenly spawn inside houses. But 30 years ago the Elf, Grand Magnus Cyril made a certain invention. It’s a Magic Tool that can gather Elna in one place. By collecting the Elna that flooded all over the world, demons stopped spawning in other places other than the vicinity of the device.

……..But, there is also rare cases from which it couldn’t finish gathering all the Elma that transformed into demonic beasts in some place. There are eight location where the device are installed. The device in this city is the largest and the remaining seven are substitutes.

(Kuna)「Not really, Cyril isn’t that great of a person desu」

(Souji)「He is a great person. Isn’t that exact person the one who made the underground labyrinth?」[TN#7]

The device that’s gathering Elna, it continues to gather demonic beast in the outskirts with terrific force. And they’re powerful demonic beast to boot. That’s why the underground labyrinth was made in order to seal those in. It was also a living labyrinth. It’s a miraculous technique that allows the partial utilization of Elna that was said to be impossible. They consume Elna underground, and the underground floors increases while the labyrinth becomes complicated. The labyrinth will turn into something that demonic beast will live in, and with it’s complex structure, the demonic beast will find it hard to get out even if they try to.

(Kuna)「I know Cyril masu yo. Also the things about the Elna gathering device, and the things on the labyrinth. I know all of it as to the extent of getting tired of it」

(Souji)「Is that so. You’re well informed. Are you aware of it’s story? It seems like that the undermost floor of the underground labyrinth has reached to sixty floors」

And, as for the underground labyrinth that place is good, as you distance to the Elna gathering device shrinks the density of Elna increase, the demonic beast becomes stronger. Paradoxically speaking as the higher the floor the density of Elna decrease, and demonic beast tends to be weaker. The weak demonic beast becomes the most suitable game to acquire Magic Stones by adventurers, and the density of Elna decreases by hunting those fellows. The structure is like killing two birds with one stone.

(Kuna)「But there are the problematic points too arimasu yo. First, even if how long the people gathering in this seal city hunts the weak demonic beast on the upper floor with effort, the consumption is not catching up with increase in Elna at all, Elna will steadily accumulate if nobody defeats the strong demonic beast born on the lower floors desu ka」

(Souji)「You’re right. That’s why the country desperately gathers adventurers of capture of the underground labyrinth」

As Kuna said, it shows the saturation of the underground labyrinth now. The demonic beast who sneaks out the underground labyrinth and appears outside has increased too, and there is also an example where the strong demonic beast who should be on the lower floors appears in the upper floors. Instead of beating weak demonic beast on the upper floors, it’s necessary to beat the stronger demonic beast on the lower floors. So unless we do it, the underground labyrinth will get nearer to it’s limits.

(Kuna)「It is profitable desu. But even though I don’t feel like it, the world will be filled with demonic beast if we don’t defeat the demonic beast steadily ii masu kara. An excellent person like me must challenge the labyrinth. Therefore in this case the country is supporting it desu」

(Souji)「That’s right! But Kuna might not know, in order for you to enter into the underground labyrinth you need to have a license」

(Kuna)「NAN DESU TO!!」[TN#8]

Kuna surprised me by leaning her body forward. She’s really a regrettable child in various ways. She didn’t do enough preparation.

(Kuna)「How can I take the license desu ka?!」

(Souji)「If applying normally, because of the rush of applications now, if we’re lucky then by order we can take the test by waiting next year」

(Kuna)「No way. I can’t wait for a year desu」

Kuna dropped her shoulders disappointedly. I can’t see it with the hat on, but her fox ears must have fallen down with a *petan*.

(Souji)「It’s still too early to be depressed. I just said awhile ago that “if we did it normally”」

(Kuna)「Is there some other way desu ka!」

(Souji)「Of course, however three day later there is a chance for any 16 years old or younger at less than Rank 1 who is applicable to the condition to be given」

(Kuna)「I’m all OK desu. By all means, please teach me!」

(Souji)「Un, we came here for that reason. three days from now there will be an entrance examination for the school in this city, the Velgrande knight school. It is a school with the aim to raise a strong knight, students will get a qualification to enter the underground labyrinth. However until recently only nobles can apply, now the general framework is being prepared」

(Kuna)「That’s great desu! But, I don’t have enough money for school desu…..」

(Souji)「You don’t have to worry about that. This city in order to defeat the demonic beast supports any talented young people. The teaching materials are free of charge and are provided with entrance fee to the school, three meals for dormitory are charged on, the total amount of tuition is free by being a scholarship student among the three top rankers of the new students of the general course」

(Kuna)「What’s that desu, super VIP treatment!」

(Souji)「It’s still early to be surprised. Upon graduating anyone who reached Rank 3 will have the possibility to be bestowed with a title of honorary noble」

Yes, was my goal. The status of nobility is very convenient at all time. It’s not necessarily required to rule a territory and there are less responsibility cause it’s just a honorary noble. But graduating at Rank 3, the hurdle is too high. I heard that only one student was able to achieved this system in the past five years.

(Kuna)「Amazing! I’ll get it masu. I’ll get it by all means masu!」

(Souji)「It’s good to take it, but there’s the lecture part other than a practical skill, is it all right?」


(Souji)「Plenty of enthusiastic problem will be given. Kuna doesn’t understand the national standard of education here so if we don’t do a self-study then it’s impossible to pass」

Yet again Kuna crumbles down. But stood up after several seconds. I poked my hand inside my wallet and grabbed all the money my hands could grasp.

(Souji)「Kuna, my share from the performance, I refuse to received it」

(Kuna)「No, this is yours desu. With my own money, for three days, I’ll hire you as my private tutor onegai shi masu」

(Souji)「What can you do in just three days?」

(Kuna)「For me three days is sufficient desu」
Kuna immediately responded. This girl will surely do it. If she’s who I’ve know very well, then three days will be enough.

(Souji)「I understand, I accept it. I’ll accept this money」

(Kuna)「Hai! Onegai shi masu!」[TN#9]
I shook hands with Kuna.

(Souji)「By the way, Kuna」

(Kuna)「Hai, Nan deshou?」[TN#10]

(Souji)「When we entered the tavern, you said to split the bill right. But if Kuna paid for her share, you’ll be broke in an instant」

(Kuna)「Eto… Sono…. If you could lend me some money, that would be nice…. just joking」

(Souji)「It’s my treat. This one I’ll lend it to Kuna. Be prepared, because I’ll have you return it with interest」[TN#11]
At that moment Kuna’s face reddens with her mouth open, hugs her own body, and drew some distance.

(Kuna)「Co-could it possibly be that you want me to pay with my body desu ka!? Anii-sama, Haha-sama, the outside world is scary after all. Please permit Kuna to be violated by such brute……」

(Souji)「Who the hell said that I’m gonna do that!」

(Kuna)「Eh? You won’t desu ka?」

(Souji)「I wont’! Can a possible future classmate do such things! I get lodging in an inn first. Because we will have an all-nighter until taking the exam, single room for two is fine」

(Kuna)「I hope for a different room for the young maiden shi masu」

(Souji)「Kuna. You’re broke… Because we’re out of time for the remaining three days, there is no extra time to earn money. I’ll handle you’re booking fee, Do you wish for another agreement for an expensive room?」

(Kuna)「……Gomennasai. I would like to have a single room for two onegai shi masu. But let me say this once. Even if you take my body, you couldn’t take my heart.」

(Souji)「If you tease me too much, I might seriously take it」

I smile wryly. Kuna noticed that I wasn’t really serious and was just kidding. And with this, I can behave with Kuna for a while. With this we can advance without a problem. After entering into the school, I can probably build our relationship of the extent that we can challenge to the labyrinth together.

Translator’s Notes:

1). This was the embarrassing dance Kuna did at Eps.4

2). Cyril WTF is wrong with you?! I know your intention was good but still WTF?!

3). Cyril you shithead! You made little Kuna cry!!!

4). Lol Souji made a fatal mistake

5). Souji guilty of lying!

6). WTF Grand Magnus Cyril?! Raising The Dead Translation, I’ll be waiting for your revival of the translation for Elf Tensei with more anticipation! I wanna know what the hell Cyril did.

7). Cyril again WTF?! You never cease to amaze me

8). Literally “WHAT!”

9). Literally “Yes, please”

10). Literally “Yes, What is it?”

11). Souji you sounded like a villain

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