Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Forth Episode: Kuna’s Song

(Kuna)「Now then, is it “nice to meet you” desu ka? I’m Kuna. As you can see I’m a sixteen years old Firefox. I ran away from home so I came to this City」

Said the girl with the blond fox ears and tail.

(Souji)「”Nice to meet you” wasn’t wrong. I’m Souji. Like you I’m also sixteen years old , I came to this city for money and power…… And to find a friend that can be beside me for the rest of my life」

In this world with the exception for nobles, no body uses a surname. That’s why neither I nor Kuna with the exception of a name to be called gave nothing else.

(Kuna)「Money!? Power!? To say such clear honesty of your desires!? Well I don’t hate that kind of people desu yo. ……I’m kind of curious, about what you said to Trader-san being ask by an acquaintance a while ago desu ne.

(Kuna)By any chance that you’re here to take me back desu ka!? Did Otou-sama asked you to do that!? If that’s the case, I’ll fight to resist. With all my might! I will absolutely not return home」

Kuna then posed into a lovely fighting pose. I’m surprised with the difference from the Kuna that I’ve known. As I remembered her, she was like some gloomy doll. ……That’s why, I liked the smile that she rarely shows.

(Souji)「I was lying back then. I made up that excuse in order to rescue you」

Hearing my answer, Kuna brings her face close to mine and gazed into my eyes.

(Kuna)「It seems like being ask by Otou-san is really a lie desu. But I wont be deceived masu」

Kuna doesn’t seem to be convinced while groaning with an “un un” sound.

(Kuna)「Because, when Souji-kun was looking at my face, your face had a look of a very nostalgic frown. You like me desu yo ne?」

Kuna’s behavior of tilting one’s head to the side with a puzzled look on her face was extremely cute to see.

(Souji)「I-it’s not that I like you or anything.」[TN#1]

Unintentionally, I talked in a suspicious way. Even if I repeated my life and understand it, my mental age is proportional to the bodies age. In a sense I’m interested. That’s why, even if I spend my life for a hundred years, the outcome of my reaction will still be the same.

(Kuna)「Ah, Gomennasai. The like I’m referring to is the like to a friend, not the like to a lover desu. Such courtesy, is not for me」

Kuna was shaking her hands weirdly with a redden face. It seem that she was embarrassed by the words she herself had said. When I saw her reacted like that, I myself had calmed down.

(Souji)「Un, I like you. How to say this, you resembled a friend who I’ve liked very much. I simply can’t help to not see you as a stranger」

And the sense of guilt that I let her die in the simulation was in fact real.

(Kuna)「As I look at your face, all that you have said is the truth desu ne. It would seem that the woman who look just like me was beautiful」

Kuna folds her arms and nods with a self-satisfied look while making a “un un” sound.

(Souji)「Un, a real beauty. Kuna is the same」

(Kuna)「Uuu, such a smooth talker. But I was serious to what I just said. This person….」

I liked teasing Kuna, but I’m weak when I’m at the receiving end. I immediately blushed.

(Kuna)「*Gohon* Souji-kun doesn’t seem to be a bad person desu ne. I have a favor to ask ari masu. In apology for ruining my plan to enter the city, will you help me earn money? My remaining money is only just 30,000 Val, I’m in a pinch desu」

(Souji)「Kuna can earn some by signing. A song from a Firefox will be profitable enough」

When Firefox sings mana flows within the song. It echoes through the soul, and sways one’s heart. Kuna’s voice itself is already attractive the song is also good. If it’s her, she’ll earn enough money even without relying to the Firefox’s mana. On the gaming days, she will sometimes sing when I beg her.

(Kuna)「I understand. Then I’ll just have earn money by signing de ki masu. ……kuh」

Kuna bites her lips. I just felt something troublesome is coming.

(Kuna)「For starters, let’s rehearse desu. Please let me hear your impression. …..Tou-sama, Kaa-sama, Please permit Kuna to show her shameless form in exchange for money」

After relaxing her body, Kuna suddenly opens her eyes wide. Then she wore a bright smile and stared singing.


(Kuna)「Yo kora fuokusu konkonkon ♪The fox goes konkonkon♪

With all her might, Kuna sings prettily with a light voice. Stretching out both hands below the waist, and violently shaking it up and down while swaying from right to left. [TN#2] Also those large breast of hers was incidentally shaking.

(Kuna)「Shippo wo furi furi konkonkon ♪My tail flutters konkonkon ♪

She lively turns to her back, hands on her hips, then shakes her hips while wagging her tail. Shaking those golden fluffy tail and her well-build ass, I felt like grabbing them.

(Kuna)「Mimi no saki dake kuroizo ♪The tip of my ears are black

She squat down, then she hold her fox ears from its edge while looking with her upturned eyes.

(Souji)「Shippo no saki wa shiroizo ♪The tip of my tail is white

She lift the end of her tail by hand that is as long as half her body to show it off.

(Kuna)「Yo kora fuokusu konkonkon ♪The fox goes konkonkon♪

It was the same steps like in the beginning of the song.

(Kuna)「Mofumofu fukafuka konkonkon♪Fluffy-fluff softy-soft konkonkon♪

She turns back and again swing those hips and tail.


Finally she jumps with all her might, she ended like she was shouting from the bottom of her heart. That… how can I express this.. That was so damn cute. That was so cute that my reason just flew out the window. After Kuna finished singing, she was so embarrassed that she began to talk while her face was bright red and her eyes were teary.

(Kuna)「How is that Souji-kun! Can I earn the money now?」

(Souji)「Un, you’ll earn much more wrapped offerings[TN#3]. Without a doubt. Because it’s erotic」

(Kuna)「De-desu yo ne. I want to shake my tail that way, isn’t it amazing desu mon ne. Ahhhh, You think that I’m such a shameless girl in the end masu」[TN#4]

(Souji)「No, that’s only for Firefox. Normally the breast and ass are the erotic part. And that was super cute」


She then sits down and hides her chest with a bitter face.

(Souji)「With that, Kuna. While surely you can earn money with that, can you sing that shameful song and dance in front of more than a hundred people?」

(Kuna)「I-impossible desu. Kuna… Will just return home…」
I teased her too much that she regress into a child.

(Souji)「I suggest that you return home」

(Kuna)「Uuuuu, You meanie! I absolutely won’t return home desu!」

As expected, she’s stubborn, she pulled herself up immediately and rejected it. From me who knows her future, I can rest assured while not being inside Seal City. Although Kami-sama said that it was just a result of the calculation and the fact that the future might change….. nevertheless, I believe so that I known her from the gaming days.

(Souji)「If the song from before is that embarrassing, isn’t there a song that wont embarrass you?」

(Kuna)「A lot de arimasu, but if I’m not accompanied by others then it’s no good desu. I’m not good at musical instrument desu shi」

(Souji)「Then I’ll play that part」

While it felt nostalgic, I have a magic that I only made just for her.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Extra・Flute Play】」

Not assigning a number to it and making it just an extra is because it was only made for Kuna. The Mithril changed into a form similar to an ocarina. Kuna’s hometown. The traditional musical instrument that came from Elucie[TN#5], the country abundant of greenery where Elf and Firefox coexist and live.

(Kuna)「That instrument, isn’t it from Elucie?」

(Souji)「Un, I already been there once and learned how to play from that time. I can also play some music from Elucie. For example……..」

I remember the song Kuna told me once[TN#6]. Even without a music score, it’s the music that I’ve learned form Kuna when I hear her humming it. The music that I’ve learned, over and over she got angry when I make a mistake.

Hearing the melody, various emotions gushes out from my chest. The song title was, “Asahi no Kuu”Kuu of the Morning Sun[TN#7]. This is the song Kuna’s ChichioyaFather presented to her HahaoyaMother. It’s was a gentle tune. It conveyed the warmth feeling that was included in it.

(Kuna)「Are? This? Is Tou-sama’s music. How nostalgic」

Kuna shed tears over her eyes[TN#8]. This reminds me, when I preformed this perfectly for the first time, was she crying at that time? Before long the music ended. But seems like Kuna still want to hear the music so I looped it one more time, I played it until the performance is completed.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kuna)「Seriously, just tell me what is it! Didn’t you want me to return home desu ka!」

(Souji)「Just go home, go home」

(Kuna)「I won’t go home!」
Kuna said so while wiping her eyes that was still reddish.

(Kuna)「……..Not yet, I still can’t return just yet」

(Souji)「That so, well I won’t force you then. Kuna, if it’s this music can you sing it?」

Kuna nods, I suddenly held my right hand out and put a thumbs up.

(Kuna)「I’m ready desu. I’ll make all the audience here water down!!」
And then I widely smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

There were several street stalls around the castle wall. In the left line for the entrance, there are people arranged to enjoy a meal in order to kill time. We line up into the section with two people. I did not attract customers. At any rate, everyone will be drawn when the song starts. We opened a satchel, I did it so that we can receive “wrapped offering”[TN#3]. There is the culture called the wrapped offering in this world.

I began playing the flute. Nobody paid any heed at this stage. There were many minstrel and street performer around. My flute is at a decent level. There is not even one person intending to stop and listen to it. Kuna’s song then starts there.
One by one people stopped on their tracks. People were gathering from far away.

Kuna’s song was overwhelming. When Kuna’s voice carried the sorrowful melody, with only that anyone will remember their hometowns. Happy memories and the gentleness which should have been lost. Just like that everything breaks out.

A Firefox’s song has ability to transmit one’s feelings around. As for this nostalgic feelings of tenderness came from Kuna. I was the happiest as I was the nearest listener of Kuna’s song. And I gain some sense of superiority.

Like in the gaming days, I should be able to spend time together with Kuna. While I was thinking of such things, I noticed the song had ended. Lots of applause came from the audience. Coins and wrapped offering were thrown into the satchel I’ve left open.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun! It’s a big success desu ne 」

This was the proof that the audience recognized the value of Kuna’s song. Kuna was being bashful. I then returned it with a smile.

(Souji)「Un, It was a good song Kuna」

I decided to squeeze out all the words from the heart. Always, I want to listen to this song.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Kitta!!! Tsundere MC wa kitta!!!!

2). If anyone can word this much better than mine then do tell me T^T “両手を前に伸ばし腰を落として上下に激しくシェイクしながら右に左に体を揺らす。”

3). Small gift of money enclosed in a piece of twisted paper.

4). In the prequel “Elf Tensei” story, Kuu told Cyril that a Firefox’s tail was their most erotic part, hence why Kuna said that that was shameless de arimasu.

5). I’ll follow HelloMojo’s translation of Erushie here.

6). Souji is referring to the Kuna of the game here.

7). Kuu is the name of one of Cyril’s childhood friend/wife who was a Firefox in Elf Tensei.

8). Rui-sensei made an typo here, but originally it’s Kuu’s name that was written here instead of Kuna so I had changed it.

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