Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Second Episode: 【Magic Silver Refining】

I left the room after Kami-sama disappeared. I then entered the bedroom and look for some change of clothes on the shelf. It’s not suitable to be naked forever.

In the game period the homunculus was made by an alchemist who was a self-proclaimed God. As soon as I wake up, I was given the status of being the alchemist’s disciple and some money, then was told to go on a journey.

I lived without any sense of incongruity, under the alchemist’s reason that I was human. It was a great achievement to create a human being with man’s own hands not to mention that it was accomplished for the first time and was a huge success.

I know where the alchemist placed the gold because I’ve repeated this many times already.

(Souji)「Yoshi, there’s the safe」

I removed the armload huge safe from the shelf. Then I touched it and strike a wavelength of my mana. The lock on this safe is a mana perception type. An Alchemist will always unlock it by hit it with his/her own wavelength. I memorized the wavelength for this occasion. With a normal human body they cannot convert mana into a wavelength, but a homunculus can convert it within their body.A hard click sounds and unlocking was done.

(Souji)「Yoshi yoshi, as expected there’s a large sum of money similar to a bank, it will be enough with only this though」

There was bundles of banknotes in the safe. The paper currency system was introduced on this world several years ago. Although having gold coins is better for the ambiance, but the heavy weight will be unbearable. The amount of money that was inside was 300,000 Val. Because one bread cost 200 Val, there was not much difference in the monetary value compared to with Japanese Yen. About a month’s worth of money is enough to live. And, one more. I guess this will probably become a steady catalysts. Mithril…… Approximately 10 kg of magic silver was stored away.

(Souji)「How lucky. To keep such a thing like this」

I started searching for a method on how to process Mithril from my memory.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Ring】」

The brain runs the Magic Equation, and the magic executes it. The Mithril turns into a liquid state from it’s solid state, and it coiled around both my upper arms to my hands and from my thigh to my legs. Furthermore it formed into rings before turning back into its solid state. When the specific wavelength is inserted, the magic silver can be changed into different forms while in its liquid state.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

And again it executes the magic. The ring in both hands changed into a liquid state and gathered into my palm, it formed a 1m50cm length spear with a double-edged knife at its end. I did a light demonstration with the spear. Because for decades my main weapon was a spear, so I was versed in using it. But the reaction and movement is somewhat dull, and my present body has a sense of incongruity.

As I was satisfied on briefly moving my body, I returned the magic silver to it’s original ring form. It will not be much of a help if it’s always on its spear form, it will just be a hindrance. In addition, I can bring it to areas which has restrictions on carrying weapons, a secondary effect is comfortability as the load is equally distributed on both my hands and legs. My main armament usually possessed this form.

(Souji)「Now, what’s next.」

I have three options. There are several cities in this country called Colline[TN#1] that I am currently on. It’s important to set my destination. If I aim to be successful as a merchant, then I should head towards a port on south of the town blooming in economy.

If I want to have a secured and stable life, I should aim at the highly guarded place The Fort City of the Imperial Capital where the King resides.
And lastly……

(Souji)「If I want seek strength more that anyone else. Seal City of Erin. There won’t be any place better than that」

The City is full of vigor, more like a City of dreams compared to others, also it’s more chaotic and compared to the other Cities death overflows here. I decided my destination to be that place, I found a sturdy bag for traveling in the house. Then I left the house after packing extra change of clothes, and three days worth of food and water. If it’s still the same like in the game, there will be a convenient event waiting for me at the Seal City three days from now. …..Most of all Kuna should be there.

◇ ◇ ◇

I ran at full speed while boosting my physical ability with magic. The animal trail was unmaintained. That’s because the alchemist’s house was secluded in a remote place, naturally no one will be maintaining it. It’s quite difficult to run on it, but I coped by applying the Mithril thinly in hand to the sole of my shoes. By doing that, I can ignore the small pieces twigs and stones. My current speed had reached approximately 40km/ph. This is my current limit. I’ll arrive in approximately five hours if I run aiming for the Seal City.

It’s necessary to squeeze an hour break after two hours of running when considering the mana reduction. I’ve arrived eight hours later. Fortunately I don’t need to camp out as it was morning when I was summoned into this world.

(Souji)「This road didn’t changed a bit from my memory」

I aimed for the Seal City thrice in my life. Thanks to that I remember the way pretty well. Even if I somewhat forgot the way, I got a map that was mapped by many players in my mind so no worries there. I put strength onto my legs.

◇ ◇ ◇

Once again I set off after having a break. Thanks to the city being close, the road condition was well maintained and my speed rose up as it was easier to run.

The bushes in the forest shook. I quickly halted my pace and hid behind the tree.
Approximately 2m from here, a huge deer came out of the bushes. However it stood with it’s two hind legs and its hands was holding a club.

(Souji)「I’m lucky that demonic beast are seen on outside the Seal City」

In IRURANDE demonic beast exists. But with the exception of the Seal City, it rarely appear. Simply put, it’s thanks to the Seal City that this happens.

I climbed up the tree. For now if I’m found out by that deer monster I’ll be instantly killed. That guy has abilities that was placed on top of a Rank 1 monster. In some of the game elements on IRURANDE there are things called Ranks. Ranks are largely divided into six tiers, difference in ranks will also mean difference in overall strength. If there’s a difference in ranks then I can’t win unless some miracle happens. Even if on the same rank, it depends on how things will go.

(Demonic Beast)「Nbou」[TN#2]

It raised a foolish voice, the dear monster who walks with it’s two hind legs where shaking it’s neck from site to side. It seems that it’s searching for game.[TN#3]

There’s a difference between animals and demonic beast, this guys don’t need food to live. But preying on creatures containing mana will make them stronger. Possibly this guy caught a scent of my mana and came out of those bushes. Unfortunately for him I erased the presence of my mana, causing it to lose sight of me.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Third Mode・Penetrator Bow】」

I executed the magic. I poured mana to the Mithril on hand, eliminating any leaks, an advance technique that executes the magic while erasing the presence of mana. The ring attached to my right arm changed into a bow, and the arrow was formed from the left arm. Following the etiquette of western-style archery, I ready the bow and posed myself.

(Souji)「【Auto Aim Shot】」

I executed a new magic. It was a magic that formed the body and it doesn’t leaks outside. Visual info and the bow info, and with this information I felt the wind on my skin. I operated them and estimated the trajectory of the shot. When automatic, it will move the body based on the estimation and when the bow is fired, it will make an accurate shot towards the threat. My gaze is concentrated on the eye of that guy. By doing so my targeted aim was decided. The distance with the deer monster was roughly 10m. It’s in my line of fire. I release the silver arrow.

The arrow penetrated through that guy’s eye. To any ordinary animal this should be an instant death. Despite that, this guy was howling with anger and rampaging around.

(Souji)「【Auto Aim Shot】」

The second arrow was released. Because my line of fire won’t reach the eyes, I aimed at the neck’s soft muscle this time. Hit confirmed. However, the arrow simply damaged the skin and it made a hard sound then fell right into the ground.

Aiming for the soft vital spot, but this happens…… With a neck muscle like this, other than the eyes, aiming at the other parts might result to the same outcome.
Moreover, the status of this guy is different.

(Demonic Beast)「NGOOOOOOOOO!!!」

It had found where I am at. The deer monster charged with full strength at the tree that I was in. It crashed on to the tree without decreasing it’s momentum, with a diameter of 1m the large tree snapped. I jumped off at the last minute right before the deer monster hit the tree. The broken tree flung against the ground, a thunderous roar sounds and clouds of dust rolls up. Meanwhile the deer monster plunged in.

(Souji)「You’re pretty persistent! 【Magic Silver Training: Forth Mode・Roaring Hammer】」

The mithril on my arms alone is not enough so the silver rings on my thigh was also used. I refined a huge hammer. Originally if the weapon was swung in a huge arc, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will hit the demon. But this guy with such fatal injury has a blunt movement and is slowed down by it’s rage. Well it is only thinking of smashing me with its club.

(Demonic Beast)「NGYAAAO!!」

I halted my movement. The enemy is coming from the other side. I don’t need to move. Then the deer monster and I intersect. With a side step I dodge the club that was swung down with a hair’s breadth, at the same time I raised the hammer using the force of diagonally twisting my body from the bottom, I hammered the arrowhead that was stuck on this guys eyes.

The arrow penetrated it’s brain, the monster collapsed and breathes it’s last. I didn’t go unscratched though. The club this guy swung down had crushed a rock and the small fragments pierced me. But no bleeding occurred. From the wounds a shining blue particles was leaking.

(Souji)「So it’s like this 」

I’m very satisfied to take down a monster equivalent to a Rank 1 at such an early stage. I started dismantling the deer monster after confirming that my wounds are all healed. In this world, there are two elements similar to the game.

One is Divine Protection. In gaming terms it’s similar to HP. When I suffered an injury the wound was wrapped by a blue light and the wound is cured as long as there are HP left. However Divine Protection will decrease every time a wound is healed, when it is completely decreased to zero it will lose it’s effect and when new injuries are sustained the wounds will now bleed.

Divine Protection will recover as time pass. As for items that restores Divine Protection when consumed, such convenient magic does not exist. The other are Ranks. In gaming terms it’s the level.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Fifth Form・Avarice Dagger】」

The knife for dismantling was stabbed to the location of the deer monster’s heart. The blade sliced well onto the dead demonic beast. It’s not like this guy was physically hard, what made it hard was because of the miasma strengthening it’s body. It will lose all miasma when it dies.

I took out a blue fist-sized crystal in the heart. This is the core of this guy. A magic stone. It can make the power rank up by consuming it by force. By doing so, its rank increase. As the magic stone was eaten, it will become stronger, particularly there is the point where perspective of strength changes, that is called a Rank.

As for the highest confirmed rank in this world, the highest was Rank 6. There is only one that has this rank in the world. I was the second one who became Rank 6 in the game, but I haven’t heard any rumors of other players attaining Rank 6.

(Souji)「I want to eat this at once to get stronger, but if I eat this right now I’ll die.」

There was the biggest trap set up in this magic stone. As you consume the power, you’ll also consume the miasma. In other words, if a magic stone is not compatible to the capacity of the body who eats it, before becoming stronger, you will die by the miasma of the magic stone.

With the strength of this magic stone, in my current state it will be an instant death. It will be more productive to eat this after I consume weak magic stones and improve my abilities.

….However, there’s a loophole here. Players have found a method to deal with it in this world in approximately two years of time. But for my current physical state, it’s impossible. After I recover my stamina, I’ll deplete it again.

(Souji)「Well, let get to it」

In the end I put the deer monster’s magic stone in my bag and decided to leave.
I’ll challenge the magic stone slowly after arriving to the Seal City.

Translator’s Notes:

1). “コリーネ” any other ideas?

2). That’s really what was on the raw “「んぼぅ」” and I resisted changing this to 「NEPU!」lol

3). Game as in a prey not a literal game

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