Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Eight Episode: Rank Up

(Souji)「Beginning magic stone 【Purification】. I’m telling this now, this is not something flashy to show-off. In the first place, do you remember why a magic stone is purified?」

After we finish dining in the city, we all went back to the dorms and meet-up on my room. We didn’t drink because I want to perform 【Purification】 magic today.

(Kuna)「Hai, I remember it masu yo. You’ll die if you absorb a high leveled magic stone because you can’t bear the intake of miasma」

Expressing a Hai-hai, Kuna was raising her hand. Her fox ears was twitching cutely.

(Souji)「That’s right. For human, miasma is akin to poison. Moreover, the miasma and the magic stone’s growth interferes with each other, you can’t gasp the power of the other half and you’ll sustain damage when you absorb it. That is why the adventurers doesn’t use the magic stone of the underground labyrinth, and doesn’t use more than one for a day」

No matter what when using several magic stone miasma will pile up that the body can’t bare as it the body’s recovery wouldn’t catch up. Then the performance will be significantly lower. Therefore basically when using a magic stone, firstly an expert will analyzed the body if it can endure the magic stone, once per day is the safe margin. It’s unlikely that efficiency will be poor.

(Kuna)「So that’s why it is called purification desu ne. All we have to do is completely rid of the miasma, then we can efficiently double what is absorb, and because of that we can use it as many times as we want as we won’t be damaged by the miasma. Also, if we used it after getting it on the underground labyrinth, then we’ll be immediately stronger desu ne」

It helps that Kuna quickly understands it. She has a flexible thinking and is smart.

(Souji)「Exactly. We were delighted when we had discovered this. It was a revolution to be celebrated」
(Anne)「It’s certainly revolutionary. You can be a dozen times stronger, faster than ordinary adventurers」
(Kuna)「Souji-kun was also predicting the spawn location of the enemies, hunting is also dozen times more efficient than any person. The party will be really amazing just by having Souji-kun in it masu. Mou, Souji-kun is already indispensable to a party desu ne」

If there was a magician who can do the same methods I do in every party, then the hunting efficiency will rapidly rise and high ranked party will compete with each other.

「That kind of talk is worrying. Here’s the preface, 【Purification】」

I concentrate on my senses. As 【Purification】 has many steps, so the runtime will be long. To be exact, it would be 65 seconds. I’m cutting down the calculation speed in order to lessen the burden toward the brain. It’s number of simple steps exceeds that of 【Spatial Disruption】. I aim for a specific wavelength of mana, a rouge composition. I return the solid into a liquidly state. In that current state the magic circulate at high-speed, separating the mana and miasma. I gradually return it to it’s solidity state while changing the irradiation pattern of my Mana. Finally filtering it for the completion. This green magic stone that is originally being covered with a blackish mist, turned into a pure emerald green, and the lump of blackish specks here was the miasma.

(Souji)「Here, it’s done」

I verified the mana consumption. In the case of that deer monster, the consumption was massive because the magic stone was also powerful. For my 【status】 if it is above it then the mana consumption jumps up exponentially but if the magic stone is below it then the consumption is extremely low.

(Kuna) 「Your magic is amazing as ever desu. I can’t understand it because it fast and there are many processes desu, but it is amazing because you can understand such magic desu」
(Anne)「You’re are right. Even if I can remember the technique, there is no way to reproduce it. It is possible because it is Souji」

It is as these girls just said, this is impossible to do without the specs of a homunculus and the deep understanding of the magic.

(Kuna)「By the by, what is this blackish thing here desu ka?」
(Souji)「This is a lump of miasma」

I picked up the black bead that was besides next to the magic stone. And then I kept in inside a pochette, it sticks to the black bead that I got when I purified the deer monster’s magic stone, I activated a magic and fused it together. The black bead grew bigger than before.

(Kuna)「Th-that, what do you have such a thing desu ka!」
(Souji)「Even if this is poisonous to us humans, a poison is a poison and it can be used in some way. Besides, this has enough power to create a demonic beast. This can be of use. This is like an important trump card」

For example, a considerably effective tactic for this is to shoot a lump of this miasma into a human body. Let’s try this scenario when I fought with that Rank 2 Sempai[TN#1], I can win with only using that alone. But at that time, there were many witnesses. And I don’t have the intention on exposing this strategy. Furthermore there’s a use for this fascinating power called miasma. It has been thoroughly researched by many among the players about it. In my gaming days, I was one of the top runners in that field, I created magic that can be called a terminus ad quem. Magic is my genuine trump card.

(Souji)「Let’s place this miasma aside for now. For now try using a magic stone, Kuna you go first」
(Kuna)「We-well then, here goes Kuna itadakimasu」

The magic stone was awkwardly put near her forehead, then Kuna raised a voice with an Ei! Thereupon, green phosphorescent particles from the magic stone was absorb within Kuna’s body, the magic stone who gradually became smaller then disappeared.

(Kuna)「Amazing desu. I heard that when consuming a magic stone it feels revolting, but it isn’t true, not at all. It was extremely warm, fulfilling and comfortable desu」

Kuna was hugging her body with wonder. I can understand the feeling that Kuna was saying. The sense of one’s Rank goes up is a pleasant feeling. Ordinary explorers wouldn’t be able to experience this comfortable feeling because of the miasma.

(Kuna)「More desu. I want more desu. Souji-kun, more, give Kuna more please」

Kuna’s face was turning red and her eyes was a little moist. Her breathing was kinda rough. She was so erotic that I wanted to give her something else aside from the magic stone. Kuna seems to have a constitution that is particularly sensitive to magic stone.

(Souji)「Understood. But, the next one is for Anne. I will use all the magic stones I have, so wait for a short while」
(Kuna)「So mean desu. Kuna want it now noni」
(Anne)「Why does Kuna looks so strangely lewd. Does that really work safely?」
(Souji)「There’s no poison within it. You’ll get used to it soon. And I think that Kuna is just simply lewd」
(Anne)「You’re right. It’s Kuna after all」
(Kuna)「So rude! Just what am I to you?」
(Souji)「Don’t mind it at all. Just that Kuna was lewdly begging that’s why」
(Kuna)「Ee, I just shown you an unthinkable female fox」

While making fun of Kuna who just regained her sanity, I purified the magic stone one after another.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kuna)「M-mou, shtop resu.[TN#2] I can’t stand」
(Anne)「I’m not as good as Kuna but this is really hard」

Kuna and Anne who used six purified magic stone each was dead tired on my bed. They collapsed half way having a new kind of pleasant feeling. I too remember it. When I still wasn’t used to it, the unique pleasant feeling of my existence becoming stronger was truly dangerous. While it was being repeated it felt really good. It has reached to the extent that I pushed myself too hard on the first day.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun please let us stay here. I don’t think we can return desu」
(Anne)「That is right I’d rather sleep like this」

Both of them said that while crawling to my bed. There was a big vacant space in the middle. When three people slept out of habit, I put my reminiscing to an end.

(Souji)「I’m really glad, but is it really ok?」
(Kuna)「It is desu. It will be scary with just us two alone here and we can’t send Souji-kun out of the room now desu. And if Anne-chan is here I can rest assure masu」
(Anne)「I really can’t trust you!」
(Kuna)「Yuki Anee-sama often said that men are like wolves. It’s an information from Yuki Anee-sama who is late from getting married and doesn’t know any man desu」
(Souji)「I think Kuna should apologize to this Yuki person」

There was no reply from Kuna. It looks like she was already completely asleep I smiled and entered the space between the two of them. Then Kuna untidily hugged my arms while having a smile on her face. As usual, with their fragrant smell and softness I try out the limit of my reasoning. I should cautious with her mouth, Kuna’s defenses is always down. She may be deceived by a a bad guy.

(Anne)「Nee, shishou. I think of this from before but Shishou is very gentle to Kuna. As if you are looking at a lover. No, it is different. As if you take care of a younger sister, is there any reason for that?」
(Souji)「Didn’t I say this before? She looked like an acquaintance of mine」
(Anne)「Is that acquaintance of yours your lover?」
(Souji)「No. It is not like that. If we put it this way, then it’s a comrade of mine」
(Anne)「Is that so, a comrade. Sometimes I think that, you really don’t need neither me or Kuna, that it is possible that truth is you can do everything all alone」

I wasn’t able to see Anne’s expression because she has her back at me.

(Souji)「There is no such thing. There’s a limit on a person can do alone. At least, I know of a monster that I cannot win regardless of however I try」

In that game I was convinced, that Grand Magnus Cyril can exhibits preponderant capabilities. As the creator of the underground labyrinth, and the sole Rank 6 in the world.

(Anne)「I feel uneasy. It looks like there’s a possibility that we won’t catch up to you ever」
(Souji)「You don’t have to worry about that. I, I believe in my intuition on judging the ability of a person. And calling out to Kuna and Anne is a plus for me. If the possibility were different, then it was solely on my poor judgment. It will be my failure, not Kuna’ nor Anne’s failure」
(Anne)「Are you being kind, I don’t know if your answer is stern…… Ei」

Anne then embraced my arm that is opposite of the one Kuna was hugging.

(Anne)「I knew it, it’s too embarrassing. I cannot do it as natural as Kuna does it」
(Souji)「So suddenly, what happened?」
(Anne)「I was just thinking that I do not want to lose. Against Kuna, in various meanings」
(Souji)「Is that so. Good luck then」
(Anne)「Will you support me?」
(Souji)「I’m here to support the both of you」
(Anne)「Is that so, I’ll be going to sleep now then. Goodnight」
(Souji)「Goodnight then」

And then I fell asleep as I felt the temperature of these two girls.

Translator’s Notes:

01.) If no one can remember, that Rank 2 was Reyle, the older brother of Lyle and the one Souji has beaten not only once but twice. /// Those who still can’t remember him has to reread Eps.14-15 as translation was revised a little because I assumed that Reyle and Lyle was the same person back then and gave them both the name Lyle in the previous version of the translation.

02.) Kuna isn’t talking straight here, originally it’s 「Mo-mou, dame desu」 if corrected.

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