Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Seven Episode: The Magic Stone’s Price

「Finally, we came back to the surface. Well then, you’re all dismissed for today. And go back straight to your dorms after playing around the city. See you all again at school!」

With Instructor Nakita’s signal, today’s training had ended. The students had break up after leaving the building above the underground labyrinth. Most of the students went strait towards the dorms as their fatigue had piled up.

「Uun, being outside is good as expected desu」

「Yeah, even though the underground labyrinth was bright, the light was unnatural and it had worn me out」

Their first time at the underground labyrinth exploration however both of them was dead tired. Well the training will be different. I was relieved for a little bit. I thought that we will be staying overnight on that floor. This condition seems to be all right.

「Kuna, Anne. What are you going to do next? Do you want to sell the magic stones? If you feel like it, there’s a convenient shop inside the facility. Or would you like to use them to rank up? Because we divided it at four pieces per person you can decide on how you would use them」

Kuna and Anne are unsure about that question. I understand the feeling. Anyhow, there’s a feeling that you want to become stronger, and the time for the interest rate on your debt to me will be arriving soon.[TN#1] Their debt will increase if they don’t exchanged it for money.

This is a dilemma that will haunt you even if you became a veteran adventurer. It’s either money or power. If I’m from a noble house then I’ll choose power hands down, but I can’t do that and I need to sell it in order to live.

「By the way, how much will the magic stone’s selling price be?」

「Dunno? Because the rate changes frequently then shall we look at the current rates first? Even if we don’t sold then, it will be a learning experience to know the selling price」

「That’s a good idea. We can’t go deciding without knowing it’s value」[TN#2]

「I also want to see it desu!」

「Well then, let’s go. I want to study about their various meanings」[TN#3]

The three of us then headed towards the shop facility.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hee, so there is such a thing as a rate table desu」

「They don’t only buy magic stones right?」

「Un, it depends on the monster parts as the raw materials. For example, mithril is created from a specific body parts of a monster」

When we arrived at the shop, many different prices were posted on a huge bulletin board. The price for every ranks of magic stones and also for various parts of monsters were written there.

「We should be careful, they will buy as much magic stones as they can but they’ll only buy monster parts if there’s someone who requests for it. If we visit the bulletin board, hunt for monsters then comes back, even if you gathered the required quantity there are some things that you can’t sell」[TN#4]

「That’s quite hard desu ne」

「Nevertheless it’s just natural if you think about it. As those are not used often」

「It depends on the situation, as there will always be some demands」

For example, the threads from a Magdala Spider.When a certain treatment is used it’s stickiness will disappear, having the strongest elasticity it will turn into an ideal thread with a toughness that won’t let any blade pass through it. The clothes knitted with it are lighter and fits to the body, it’s effect is higher than a poorly made armor.

Another example, Magic Metal[TN#5]It’s a mineral that can be obtained from a monster who’s staple food are stones, it has tenacity and the hardness that is above iron and is slightly superior in processing.The offer for it is coming from everywhere and it’s been ordered to be processed for a high price. The materials from the Snail from the underground 1F has no good use for it and it is hardly sold at all. It is necessary to properly remember what is profitable. And it has to be compact as much as possible. In that way I can earn money even if I don’t sell any of my magic stones.

「And then, what’s the prices for the magic stones? Etto, seeing that Snail-san is the bottom most on the Rank 1, etto, t’s that, isn’t it? 20,000Val! And because I have four of then then its 80,000Val. Souji-kun I can now return almost all the money I borrowed from you desu」

「It’s higher than I expected. In only four hours we got 80,000Val」

The two of them seems to be surprised but they are misunderstanding something.

「That was because of my magic. An ordinary explorer will have a four-man-party and will linger all day long, two or three are their limit. Even if they can get three of those, it will only be 60,000Val. And if you divide it for four people then it will be 15,000Val per person. It isn’t that good considering that they’re fighting monsters for a living」

Reality was harsh. The base of an adventurer’s income is just a little better than the earnings of a day-to-day employment. That’s why they are desperately competing for their game.

「Souji-kun, it’s confirmed desu. If we use four magic stones, can we dive as low as the 3F underground masu? If we go there, the competition for the game sill be much better and our hunting will be more efficient」

「I am of the same impression. Normally when we absorb the magic stones we cant go to that extent, If I use 【Purification】 it will be hard four magic stones…… or for six. If I divide my part into two I can become a Mid-tiered Rank 1. Then we can go to the underground 3F with some peace of mind and the competition will decrease while our efficiency will greatly rise」

「Then there is no necessary worries, Kuna」

「Hai, this isn’t a case of watering heated stones desu.[TN#6] Being stronger is the quickest way possible. There’s no choice than to increase out income desu!」

It’s an eagerness decision. Even if I suffer some losses, I was thinking of investing on myself to gain a larger profit later on.

「Understood. I’ll cooperate with you. I give two of my shared magic stone for 40,000Val as a reward. And I’ll use 【Purification】 for a friendly price it will be 10,000Val each so 60,000Val for all six of them and And a total of 100,000Val will be added to your debt. When I included your previous debt…… And I had cut off the fraction as it’s a pain to calculate. It’s 250,000Val. And if the next interest is added then it becomes 275,000Val」

「Hiiiiiii, You’re a demon desu! Oni! Devil! Cheapskate!」

「What are you talking about Kuna? With only 10,000Val you will be doubling your absorption efficiency making the burden to your body to zero. Normally you can only use one magic stone a day, but because you’ll received no damage from the miasma you can use them all at once. I think costumers will rush for it even at 100,000Val. Rather I want you to revered me as a merciful person」

I’m proudly affirming that there’s no other man that is as fair as me.

「It’s much more cooler if Souji isn’t the one who is saying it. I want to ask you. If we can stay together, let’s assume that I have triple of the dept, is it disappointing?」[TN#7]

「Uuu, the debt is rapidly increasing masu! Eventually I have to loan my tail for the debt, my tail will be harvested masu」

Anne and Kuna each reacted to their debts.

「Kuna, I was worried from the start. Only your spouse can hold your tail, although I think in this case it’s OK if your friends are just stroking and touching it.[TN#8] So what’s the difference?」

「That’s right desu. But, it’s disgusting letting the opposite sex touch my tail and kiss my cheeks desu」

「Kuna’s unexpectedly stubborn on her virtue」

「Fufufuf, I’m not boasting of it desu but I have never let any man besides Chichi-sama[TN#9] and Nii-sama to touch my tail desu yo」

「So in other words, I’ll be the third one」

「Y-O-U-W-I-L-L-N-O-T! A capricious man is no good desu. Souji-kun who made a move on Anne is a No Thank You[TN#10] desu. My tail will someday be for my prince who will only look at me, and then steaming receive and squeeze it desu. Kyaa, I’m so shameful!」

Kuna’s tail was waging a little while holding her reddened cheeks with both hands. Her golden bushy tail was tempting me.
I made up my mind, I’ll certainly have that tail someday.

「Souji let’s change the topic, can I watch beside you while you’re using 【Purification】?」

「Ah, I want to see it too desu. I’m very curious about it」

「I’m not particularly against it. The let us return to our room after dinner. It’s been a long time since we last ate out meal outside so it will be my treat. I think I’ll use the luxurious money I got from you two for a bit」

「Sounds good desu ne. Let’s go! Let’s eat out lavishly already」

「……Do hold yourself a little. It will be included in your debt if you’ve gone off the limit as I’ve haven’t got the money on my hands yet」

Gradually the 300,000 Val will soon ran out. I have to quickly earn some money .

「I’m looking forward to it desu ne. Gokurakuchou, Hikarigenushi, Yahaneshirouri, delicious dishes are waiting masu」[TN#11]

「You’re restlessly asking for high-class ingredients on the shelves!」

I will not act rashly because while saying it with a mouth like that Kuna is the type to care about it in various ways. ……I’ll make sure limit my aim at my tolerance line.

「Then, Let’s Go[TN#12]

Anne and I followed after Kuna’s childish manner while smiling wryly.

Translator’s Notes:

01.) LOL Souji haven’t forgotten about their debts and the interest rates

02.) Seems like Anne learned from her past mistake lol

03.) RAW TEXT: 色んな意味で勉強になると思うよ」

04.) RAW TEXT: 「気をつけないといけないのが、Magic_Stoneはあるだけ買ってくれるけど、monstersの部位はほしい人がいる場合だけだから、朝掲示板を見てmonstersを狩りにいっても帰ってきたら、必要数が集まって売れないってこともたくさんあるんだ」

05.) Mithril is written as “ミスリル” while Magic Metal is written as “魔鉄鋼” so I don’t know it it’s the same thing. If anyone can clarify this for me then do tell me.

06.) if anyone can explain what “焼石に水を撒いている” really means then please do so.

07.) RAW TEXT: 一緒に居られるのなら、その三倍の借金を背負っても惜しくないもの」

08.) RAW TEXT: Firefoxって尻尾を握っていいのが伴侶ってだけで撫でたり触ったりは友達ならオッケーって感じだと思っているのだけれど。

09.) Father

10.) No Thank You here was said in English…. Cyril must have taught her that word as Kuna doesn’t even understand the English word ‘Hawk’ Souji said in the past chapter

11.) Gokurakuchou(極楽鳥), Hikarigenushi(光厳牛), Yahaneshirouri(ヤハネシロウリ) I think these names are foods but I couldn’t find any on google if anyone know please help.

12.) Kuna said in Engrish

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