Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Sixth Episode: Announcement of the Result

When the time limit was over, the students all came back on the meeting place. Every one was dead exhausted excluding a certain groups. Minority of the group stayed until the time limit, and majority of the group had just returned back. And each party’s results were announced. Generally, because everyone had improvised parties, their cooperation wasn’t that great. Besides, many of them was hunting for the first time, there were many who got zero and the highest was two. Then out turn came.

「I hunted with Kuna and Anne as a party. With the three of us, our result was twelve magic stones」

The moment I said that, the surrounding became noisy. The difference from the previous groups was beyond words and unbelievable. Getting 12 in just 4hrs makes it seem like they’re not students, what makes it surprising was that it was a feat even veterans can’t achieved. The reason was 500 or so people was fighting over 5 spawned monsters that’s why.

「Twelve! Such amount, even a first-class party with full members with such timeー」

「You’re kidding…」

「What kind of cheat did you use?」

The noise didn’t easily calmed down. Seeing Instructor Nakita cough, the student’s regained their calmness.

「As expected of TokutaisenScholarship Student-kun. You definitely have what it takes」

Instructor Nakita slaps my shoulder.

「Thank you very much」

「No, not at all. While you arrived half-way because of your great pace, you understand right. You discovered the point where the monster will spawn」

「That’s a trade secret. Instructor Nakita, I can’t just show my hands to just anyone right?」

「Well, is that so. It’s a breach of etiquette to forcefully inquire of one’s magic. Now then, as for the rest of the groups, strive and follow Souji’s party as an example」

Instructor Nakita said it cheerfully, but the student’s expression didn’t cleared up. The difference between their abilities were too far and they can’t accept that. Since they had passed this school, they were treated as a prodigy at their own hometowns. Beside our party, they were immediately overwhelmed under this floor’s baptism. At any rate, experience is a veteran’s preferred long time partner. Some groups will interfere with another just to steal their game. If you don’t want that to happen then you have to defeat it quickly before someone interferes.

「Oh, even though all of you are inferior compared to Souji-kun, all of you are already great to the extent」

When listening while the other group’s result was announced, Nakita instructor gave a surprising comment. As for the other students, I stared at the student with surprise and respect on their eyes different from my turn.[TN#1]

「It just natural.. It will be just like that if this Lyle was serious. I didn’t create my own party. Because there’s only one person on this party and that person is this me!」[TN#2]

That student was the forth placer…… It was Lyle. He was highly displaying two magic stone. Although the number itself is small, it was amazing enough to get two all alone. Being alone, searching for the enemy to the extent. The subjugation rate will also sharply decline, and the risk was also high.

In such a situation, it is worthy to praise him defeating two while veterans swarms at this floor. Judging from the manner of raising a Rank, I was an active explorer before entering this school. We listened to the reports of several more party until break time arrived. While we’re here, we’ll be sharing information then leave the labyrinth to finish the day.

「My princess, beloved Kuna-sama, I dedicate these magic stones for you」

Lyle came to Kuna as soon as our break starts, He was knelling while giving the magic stones.

「No, thanks desu. Otou-samaFather taught me to never accept presents from strangers」

Kuna turns her neck away. Making a fool and being hostile with Anne from the start, Kuna has considerably a very bad impression on Lyle.

「……Shoo, go away stranger」

Lyle was seriously depressed. If a girl you like gave you that attitude, then it will naturally be hurt. But I don’t sympathize with him. Rather, I’m feeling some urge to kill him. The nerve of him to seduce Kuna in front of me.[TN#3]

「We-well then, let’s get along with each other from now on. Then first of all, make a party with me」

「Don’t want to desu. I love my current party very much desu」

As she said that, Kuna hides behind me while grasping my sleeves and only her face was peeking out.

「N-no way」

Lyle was crushed. But he hasn’t given up

「In that case, Souji. You’re the Party Leader right?」

「That’s right, so what?」

「The let me join. If you do so, you’ll have four members. It will become an ideal number of members.. In addition, I’mー」

Lyle then pulls out his sword.


He swings his sword downward while having a triumphant look on his face.


He points his palm toward the sky and released a 【Flame Sphere】 magic.


For some reason, he took a comb from his breast pocket then combed his hair.

「How’s that. There won’t be any reason to refuse me on joining your party!」

Now I understand, he was trying to appeal to me. He wants to demonstrate that he has knowledge on swordsmanship and magic.

「Err, well… Your swordsmanship somewhat cuts toward a passing mark but your magic is a failure. Being handsome isn’t necessary. Rejected」

I calmly gave my judgment. No matter how much he excels, I still intend to fail him and reject him if this is done normally. My conscience wasn’t affected.

「What did you say!」

「Besides, to begin with I have no intention of adding any male into my party」


「It will seriously be bad if some bad bugs approaches Kuna and Anne right? I both like these girls, and it will be bad for my mental health if some men flirts with these lovely girls. That’s why I’ll weed out those possibilities!!」

Yes, I’ll never add any man in my party. Only me alone is allowed to sleep on a tent wit Kuna and Anne. While i was thinking about that, I was hit at the back of my head with a *Pashin*

「Hey, that hurts」

「Souji-kun, this morning, I already told you that if you would get it if you flirt in front of my eyes, you can’t object this time desu ka」

「Shishou, I’ll do anything if it’s for Shishou, but… I have some complicated feelings on that remark」

「I’m sorry. I’ll let a man in the party if he has corresponding capabilities」

I didn’t voiced this out but, I’m still going to set a very harsh conditions to it.

「Then, you should take me in! You would not get another lucky find like this!」

「Ano, Souji-kun, that guy is psychologically impossible…… *Gohon[TN#4], there’s a big problem with his humanity, shall we decide that this interview is a NG[TN#5]?」


「No, it looks quite pitiful. Let’s do a proper test, something easy to do. I you can win against me, then I’ll let you join」

「It’s simplicity is fine. Don’t think of me to be as easy as my <rubyAniBig Brother. I’ll show you my love power toward Kuna-sama」

I constructed a spear with 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】 while laughing with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

I beaten the hell out of that forth placer. If he’s equal to a Mid-tier Rank 1, then there’s no way I’ll lose. Our indentureship are different. I first started using a spear a hundred years ago.[TN#6] In the first place, I don’t have any intention to lose to my opponent’s swordmanship. In a fight with a spear and a sword, the spear has an overwhelming advantage.

「Umm, Souji-kun, that trick, please teach me that trick」

「Don’t steal a march on me. I also want to know. It’s frustrating for our prey to be snatched by those veterans, we can’t stand it」

After beating the hell out of that forth placer, I now have plenty of room to relax then the other students gathered around me. It seems that they were greatly felt frustrated today. So they begged me to teach them with zeal. To be frank, because this is the lower floor so the monsters confronted here are not that strong. On the other hand, dealing with other humans is what’s more important. And that’s the thing that isn’t taught at schools. It can’t be helped then, I then decided to teach them.

「We’ll be concentrating then on how to find and defeat them faster than anyone, in order to do that we have to widen our field of vision. You may happen to see superficial things, but it’s much more earnest to be more aware. After that is indirect outlook, for example, when the bush begins to shake but you can’t see what’s behind it, so you have to recognize that something is in there」

I respond carefully. There might be some possible talents among them that will bloom and some of those talents might be useful for me.

Besides, I beaten the hell out of an upper-classmen[TN#7], so it will be useless if I don’t gather the popularity from the lower-classmen.
While I was thinking of such things, I gave a lecture to the students entitled【Lower Floor Secret 〜Trapping the Veteran Explorers〜】

Translator’s Notes:

01.) RAW TEXT: 他の生徒も、俺の時ほどではないがそれなりに驚きと尊敬の目でその生徒を見つめる

02.) Lyle keep using This Me/ Kono Boku

03.) Jealousy meter rising!

04.) Cough

05.) No Good

06.) Just to remind you that those time he spend on learning the spear all his game-time on the gaming time on IRURANDE(Game Ver.)

07.) Upper-Classman here was written as 上級生(Joukyuusei) and not as 先輩(Sempai)

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