Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Fifth Episode: Baptism of the Underground Labyrinth

The moment Instructor Nakita said to fight monsters, I felt that the temperature of the place had risen. That’s just natural. Majority of the people here will hunt monsters while studying to obtain magic stones in order to increase their Ranks for the purpose of reaching Rank 3 before graduating so they could become a honorary noble. And there are guy who are more interested in defeating monsters than others.

「Doesn’t everybody need see this floor before you can notice it?」

Instructor Nakita asked, I then raised my hand.

「Oh, The-hope-of-the-scholarship-student-kun, what’s on your mind?」

「There are too many people, more that the monsters here」

「Correct. That’s right, there are too many people on the starting floors. That’s because even a low ranked magic stone will get then enough money. The people who specially explores the lower floors are few」

Magic stone which is too strong selects the person. A weaker magic stone that anyone can use is more on demand. There are many people outside the city who hasn’t raised their Rank at all. No matter how much there are low ranked magic stones, it isn’t enough.

「If you are in the starting floors then you can quickly return to the surface, the monsters are weak, it’s safe, and you’ll earn easy money. There’s no point for a normal person to dive in the deeper floors」

Then why are there people who dive deeper? That is because they want to get stronger. Even though a magic stone of low value is truly insignificant, our strength will continues to rise. Saying that, the efficiency is too low, so we need a stronger magic stone.

「Once in a while this city’s situation is also improving, instead of putting a lot of tax when taking a low tiered magic stones outside the city, they are buying the high tiered magic stones from the explorers at a high price. As a state, if they don’t defeat the monsters then Elna will gather and someday it might spawn a monster they couldn’t handle」

As she had said, the innermost device inside the underground labyrinth continues to gather Elna continuously. The deed of hunting monsters causes Elna to diffuse, the starting floors only has weaklings and will only be a small drop on a bucket. Someday all will fail if we don’t hunt strong monster by steadily diving deeper.

「After that is, hora[TN#1], look at that」

In the place she was pointing at, a 1m sized snail monster had been born. It was literally born. A black haze gathered in a place without anything on it and it shaped into the monster. A three man party who already had changed their expression charged at where the snail was.

A man who was at the nearest position brandished his sword. At that moment, the a member of another party released an arrow, the arrow struck the snail before the sword did. After the man who was at the nearest position clicked his tongue, he then look back, stopped attacking then opens his hands widely as if presenting his body before the snail. The snail stretches its tentacles and then attacks the man. The man grinned then swung down his sword and gave the decisive blow on the snail. The party of the man with the sword and the archer arrived, because of the fierce competition it eventually developed into a fist fight.

「Amazing isn’t it. You guys are fortunate to be able to watch such advanced strategies」

I wryly smiled because of what Instructor Nakita just said.

There are many explorers that has no need to raise their rank for the first three floors below, as they compete for the monsters here.[TN#2]

And by looking at the odds, humans outnumbers the monsters here. In order to obtain magic stones, it’s inevitable to compete over the .

「In the current explanation, there’s also the rule that the party who had the first hit has the right to secure the game. Therefore releasing the arrow before the sword struck it down makes the archer’s party the one who gets the right for the game. But even when there’s a rule about the rights, you cannot afford to fight back when you are attacked. That’s why the swordsman purposely provoked the monster to attacked him」

The students remained speechless in place.

「That was quite frank isn’t it. Well in this case if two party participated in the battle the one who gave the decisive blow get’s the magic stone. Although the swordsman got ownership of magic stone, the archer who released the arrow can also be said to have the right, now the swordsman is finding fault at the violation of etiquette when the archer attack with the bow knowing the swordsman was going to attack and both starts to quarrel. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?」

No one said anything. The students here are more or less have admiration toward the explorers. All was turned into mere disillusionment.

「As an instructor, I play that all of you won’t join at such situation. I like you all to raise your Rank quickly and I hope you all do your best in the lower floors. And also be careful」

The instructor puts up a finger.

「And lastly, the distance from the Elna gathering device, because the concentration of Elna is thin that’s why it’s difficult for strong monster to spawn. Also there are some monster climbing up from the lower floors, and there’s are strong monsters similar to a mutation that spawns using little Elna on a thin density. If you encounter such situations, run away by all means」

Actually I died from a situation like that.[TN#3] A monster that doesn’t match their level. This is one of the greatest cause of an adventurer’s death.

「And while escaping, try to go toward the entrance where there are people wearing a silver armband are located. On the 5th underground floor, gatekeepers of Rank 2~3 will be on watch so that strong ones won’t climb the upper floor. They can handle it even when strong monsters suddenly appears」

Anyways, even if a monster that’s equivalent to a Rank 2 appears in this place, the parties who hunts smallfries for income will surely be annihilated. So in order not to become a weight for the low level, gatekeepers wearing silver armbands are deployed.[TN#4]

「Well then, Sensei’s explanation is now finished. Well then, everyone do your best. Today, I’ll be looking after you guys. Be at ease because I’ll save you if you’re not instantly killed. Ah, I forgot to say one thing. In this floor, are humans much scarier than monsters? Then have a good day」

After the instructor’s signal, the student’s broke-up.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Now then, Kuna, Anne. Today’s quota is 10 magic stones」

「It’s impossible for any people to get that much desu」

「Is that so. As expected, it seems impossible」

The underground 1F spans for about 20km for both the length and width from end to end. Currently there are more than 500 people here. With this amount of Elna density, it will take ten minutes for five monsters to emerge. The length of our stay here is approximately 4hrs, trying to outwit the other 500 people as there will 120 spawns and we need 10 of them, according to my calculation we can secure almost 10 of them.[TN#5] The monsters that’s hidden are not included in my calculation. Those one are naturally attracted to mana, and because they will attack adventurers by instinct they will instantly be discovered when spawned.

「I can use a magic that can detect where they will come out before being spawn, so we can do a frontal attack right?」

「……Souji-kun mou, your very existence is a cheat itself desu yo ne」

「As expected of Souji. My one and only Shishio」

Because Elna gathers when a monster spawns, with that I can predict where from the Elna’s patterns. There is regularity on the Erna’s shade and flow. I kept more than millions of cases of statistics and analyzed it, then it is finally possible to find its regularity. This magic was the crystalation of many player’s blood and tears when IRURANDE was still a game. I can see the monster roughly five minutes before the monster appears.

「But if there is such a magic that can sense monsters then why isn’t it widely spread?」

「Although there are already people who tried it, because it’s a very delicate and difficult magic, it wasn’t able to be reach completion. Besides, even if I can use it there’s no reason to spread it. Because I can outwit others as only I can use it」

「Uuu, such an ugly human, a human scum desu」

「Even Kuna used the past questionnaire when you took the exam, isn’t that cheating? 」

「Ojii-san, please promise to keep quiet about it desu」

「Just who is the Ojii-san!」

After tsukkomi’ing to Kuna, I raised my concentration.

「【Elna Composition】」

With that magic, the distribution of Elna vividly floats. Monsters won’t appear here within five minutes based on the the movement of Elna.

「Kuna, Anne, monsters won’t appear here within five minutes. Let’s run. It will be inefficient if we don’t run as the detection range is only 500m」

「Such simple inconvenience desu ne」

「Won’t the effect spread out about a hundred times if you shout?」

「Can you do that!?」

As expected, doing that will exceed the limit of my computing capacity. In fact, even 500m is considerably my limit. I kept running while ignoring the silly talk of those two. While moving at high speed, i estimate the place where a monster will spawn within 5 minutes. Thus after running for about ten minutes, I finally caught the first point.

「Yoshi, over there. A monster will spawn after 2 minutes and 20 seconds」

「Mou, Souji-kun something like that convenient skill can make the 500 commoners searching it with bloodshot eyes do the dogeza[TN#6] desu ne」

「Say whatever you want. 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I changed the mithril into a spear beforehand and assume a stance. The Elna’s movement became active. Elna then flowed from the spatial rift. The Elna became so dense that it can be seen by the naked eyes and the miasma gathered, the monster them materialized.


At that moment, my spear was thrust through, it had pierced deeply onto the soft part of the snail monster.


The spear made of highly conductive mithril spreads the falling thunderbolt that was produced from the palm of my hands, the snail monster was roasted from the inside. This is the usual way to defeat monsters easily. No monster has their insides tempered. If you pierced the rigid skin with a spear and sends electricity through it, most monster will drive to their death.

「Yes, one-shot kill」

Including the time we traveled, it took only 15 minutes and 20 seconds. Good, this is excellent. I tear off the snail’s roasted husk and gouged out the magic stone from it’s heart quickly.

「Well, next, let’s go for the next」

「Souji-kun, is this really your first time on the underground labyrinth desu ka? From the looks of it, your too used to it desu ga」

「If it’s Shishou then this much is reasonable. If you push the sword to it’s limits then you can do anything」

「「That’s impossible」」

Me and Kuna tsukkomi’ed at the sword idiot.

「I’ve studied in advance more or less. Next time, we’ll let Kuna knock it down. The next is Anne. Because this search magic consumes mana, I’ll leave the subjugation to both you」

「Roger desu. With Kuna-chan’s magnificent flame, I’ll turn them to ashes masu yo」

「Don’t go breaking the magic stone」

「I’ll make a positive effort」

「That phrase makes me uneasy」

「I will do with all my best effort. I can’t show any unsightliness in front of Shishou」

And like that, we who fully used magic to estimate the place of their appearance, was able to hunt twelve monster beyond the planned number during this four hours. If I purify this and improved it’s efficient use, Kuna and Anne can probably raised their rank to Mid-tier Rank 1. As our party has this overwhelming search ability, I’m rushing up the super-efficient Rank increase by purification.[TN#8] I’m glad that I could get it confidently today.

Translator’s Notes:

01.) look!; look out!; hey

02.) RAW TEXT: 「地下3階まではRankを上げる気がない低級探索者がすっごく多くて、あんなmonstersの取り合いばっかりなんだ」

03.) From the game of course

04.) RAW TEXT: そうならないように浅い階層にはおもりとして、銀色の腕章をつけた門番が用意されている。

05.) Here’s the breakdown, 4hrs = 240min and monster spawns at a set of 5 in 10 minutes. 240min = 24X10min making it a total of 120 monster spawn in 4hrs. And Souji wanted to secure 10 of those

06.) Is an element of Japanese manners by kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself as touching one’s head to the floor

07.) Destroy all monster card on your opponent’s side of the field

08.) RAW TEXT: 俺たちのPartyはこの圧倒的な索敵能力と、浄化による超効率Rank上昇で一気にかけあがっていく。

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