Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Forth Episode: Underground Labyrinth

「Hora[TN#1], everyone. Today is the practical exploration on the underground labyrinth. This is the first and last thing you’ll learn while in training, so be careful. Because the knowledge and experience you’ll gain in today’s training will separate you from life to death situations」

Strangely the youthful Instructor Nakita who was the assistant professor of our class raised-up her voice. Today there are fifty people from the commoner class in the corner of the underground labyrinth management building. In the underground labyrinth, in order not to allow monsters to come out, within the city the thickest walled buildings are built around the entrance, and knights that are Rank 3 or higher are always present.

In fact, there are some monsters coming out from the underground labyrinth to the surface in some cases in each year, And the stationed knights always defeats them here. The existence of those jobs has a big meaning to the city which keeps monsters and Elna[TN#2] away from the other lands.

「Ta-dah. This is the permit to explore the underground labyrinth. Be careful as not to lose it. Also, avoid exposing it too much when we’re in town, because being robbed is a daily occurrence」

Instructor Nakita distributes the permit that can be hanged on the neck to the students. Finally. My chest swells with expectation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I only entered this school to get one. Normally, it takes years to get a exploration permit.

「What if we lose it?」

I asked just in case. There is a risk of losing it in a dangerous place like in the underground labyrinth even if you we’re too careful, there is also the danger of it being destroyed. Even if you’re aware of the robbers, you can’t do anything if the opponent is fully equipped.

「Re-issue is possible but 900,00 Val will be collected from you. By the way, the price is three times the ordinary price when traded in the black market grounds. And there are idiotic children who sold it cheaper than that」

「Thank you very much」

I was strangely convinced hearing that there was somewhere you can sell this to.

「It cost a lot to make this. And complicated mana flows out from it. And when a specialized magic is used, the rescuers will know your location even if it’s 500 meters away. by the way, the magic is a secret so no one can abuse it」

I’ll examine the permit. I figured out its structure in 30 seconds. Indeed, it emits a ultra mana wavelength that can not be perceived by any ordinary humans. In this case, you won’t be able to detect it without knowing what it is. But I know it. By utilizing this, opportunities to receive ambushes from humans are reduced.

「Yes, then shall we dive into the underground labyrinth? Had you secured your luggage properly? Do everyone have water and portable foods? You’ll die without these」

Everyone silently nods. This training is my first, but since I entered the school I’ve acquired various knowledge from our studies till today.

「Well, being the sealed city’s largest importance. The guide toward the underground labyrinth」[TN#3]

Then we started our first step onto the underground labyrinth.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Nan desu ka[TN#4], it’s bright here underground, the plants are overgrown, it is absolutely strange desu」

「I agree, it feels so wrong. I thought that the underground labyrinth is more gloomy looking」


We stepped into the 1F basement. Kuna and Anne made an amazed voice. From there, the ceiling is as high as 5m and sunlight overflows though there isn’t any sun, the trees grow lively and the streams flow. There are no walls, as if we’re inside a forest. Everyone is dumbfounded no matter how many times you look at the scenery in the underground labyrinth.

「The underground labyrinth grows up using the Elna that creates the monsters. These landscape seems to reflect the monster and human’s mental scenery」

「Such nonsensical!」(Kuna)

「But this is much easier than diving into a dark and gloomy cave」(Anne)

In addition, labyrinths alter their nature on a regular basis. For example, until the 9F underground, in the current level it has the aspect of a forest, but from the 10F underground it shows the appearance similar to a volcano.

「Ha~i, attention, everyone may I have your attention. Looking at this aspect, with a serious assessment, there are quite a lot of you people thinking that it is not necessary to bring water and food. That’s because of the flowing stream, and delicious fruits of the fruit bearing trees」

Instructor Nakita looked around the student’s faces and some of them nods.

「But never ever drink or eat anything from inside here. As a test, you, that’s right you」

「Eh! M-me!?」

A timid boy was called. More or less, because he passed the examination here, he should be a capable person.

「Just a little, you can drink this water. With this amount then it should be ok」

Instructor Nakita pours the water to about one-third of a cup and them gives it to him.

「Drink it」

「Eh, wah, Yes」

The boy drinks the cup of water.

「It hurts, my stomach hurts」

And with the face that was deep blue vomits, he was struggling with stomach ache and was suffering. Blue light particles leaks out of his abdomen. It was the evidence being treated by the divine protection.

「If you drink or eat something from here, then you’;; end up like this. That’s why we brought our own food and water」

「Huh, Sensei is heartless desu」

Somehow, the student who recovered with the power of the divine protection complained.

「Ahaha, sorry sorry, you won’t learn from it without seeing it first hand. In the first place, what is in the underground labyrinth, Elna…… it’s made with something similar to power that can spawn monsters. Elna once materialized, although it is not different from ordinary substances, has a lot of miasma, is is poisonous except for monsters. It is the most cause of death in the underground labyrinth. Since water and food runs out faster than monsters do, it seems that many people tried to eat what is found in the underground labyrinth and dies, so be sure to be really careful」

That would probably be so. I want to dive even a little while in order to increase our income. However, water and food that can be carried in are limited. It is only human nature to want to locally procure. Even though I know it is dangerous, I will start the fight.

「But to be frank, when you exceed beyond Rank 3 it is possible to be tolerant against it, it seems like there’s a wall when eating and drinking things calmly in a labyrinth.[TN#5] If we reach there it’s possible to have a local supply, and the efficiency jumps at a stretch」

I smiled wryly. Because we are only Rank 1, our physical condition will be destroyed by the miasma, but as our rank is raised the standard will be pushed aside. If so, then our labyrinth staying time will increase.

……I can do it while still on Rank 1 because I have magic of 【Purification】.
In the game era, it was a pain to bring food and it was about eating the cleaned meat of monsters.

「It’s time to show your miscellaneous knowledge after going out. Almost all of you are concern fighting with the monsters」

Saying so, Instructor Nakita laughed. With a nasty smile, there is no doubt that something is being plotted.

Translator’s Notes:

01.) look!; look out!; hey!

02.) If you forgotten, Elna is the negative energy where monsters dwels. The more Elna is in one place, the more likely monsters will spawn.

03.) RAW TEXT: 「では、この封印都市最大の存在意義。地下迷宮にご案内」

04.) Literally “What is this” but I like leaving things like this in romaji when Kuna is the one speaking

05.) RAW TEXT: 「でも、ぶっちゃけRank3を超えたあたりからは、耐性もできてきて、平然と迷宮のものを食べたり飲んだりするらしいからそこが一つの壁ね。

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