Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Third Episode: 【Divine Sword】

I woke up even before the bell rang. Three days had passed since I’ve entered this school. Thanks to that, my divine protection and mana somehow replenished to a safe margin. Whether the threat worked or not to sempai and the others, they started to flee whenever I approached. Recently I wake up or sleep alone since I entered the school, I was made to remember loneliness because I was always with Kuna and Anne before. I want to quickly explore the underground labyrinth. If I do, I can legitimately sleep together in a narrow tent to enjoy their warmth and scent. I was thinking about such things while quickly getting out of bed.

「Ah, Souji-kun. You’re late desu yo」

As I went outside the dormitory, Kuna who has changed her clothes to a work-out clothes provided by the school, cried out.

「Sorry my bad, you should have gone ahead」

「It’s boring to jog by myself desu ka」

Kuna cutely puffs her cheeks. I instinctively want to embrace her.

「Kuna, you just want to say such thing just for revenge right?」[TN#1]

「Exactly masu」

Anne who was preparing her work-out clothes a little while ago also came over. We three had a customs to train ourselves from everyday, so we do some light training before breakfast. No matter how much you absorb a magic stone, while your rank will rise and become stronger, but your physical ability will only be amplified with the benefits of the divine protection, so if you don’t train you can’t become stronger.

「Well then, shall we start jogging now?」

While saying that, I posed with a crouching start using my full power.

「Fufufuf, today I’ll show you the nature of us Firefoxes」

Kuna took a unique position, trusting her center of gravity while sinking down her body deeply.

「Both of you, because we are just jogging, both of you must understand that you mustn’t run with all your power」

Anne said with an amazed voice. Me and Kuna executes all our power in running that was called jogging. The outskirts of the school is paved, is easy to run on, and the distance is just 12 km so it is perfect for doing a race.

「There is no helping it. I’ll join with you. Get set……Start!!」

We ran at full power with Anne’s signal.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Haa, haa, haa it’s my win desu…… V![TN#2]

Kuna who was out of breath with a proud face was expressing a “V” sign. Her gym wear was stuck with sweat, her cheeks were flushed, her breasts swinging with each beat, these various things are already erotic.

「Kuna, shall we go to the shade for a little bit?」


Kuna had a blank look. I don’t think she understood the meaning.

「No, it’s nothing. Even so, Kuna looks like a mess」

Although I was a mid-tiered Rank 1, I lost to Kuna who had not yet raised her rank.

「Fufufu, don’t make light of us Golden Firefox!」

Whether she was feeling good or not, her tail was swaying with a “patapata”[TN#3].

「Actually, I think that it’s a great thing」

While also looking at her innate soft springs and instantaneous power, she does little footsteps when she runs. She is running in a splendid unwasteful form. In addition, at the corner she thrust with unreasonable speed, instead of using her long tail as a stabilizer, she forcibly bend off her center of gravity when moving, she has mastered her body.

「But next time, I won’t lose」

「I’ll turn the tables on you masu yo」

Sparks came flying on the air between me and Kuna. While doing so, Anne who was running at her own pace arrived.

「Anne will also compete with us」

「Don’t say something unreasonable. If I join with you two, I’ll collapse even before I reach the lecture classes. Besides… for me this is the crucial moment. I would like to ask for it again today please, Shishou」

With a calm breath, Anne lowered her head towards me.

◇ ◇ ◇

Anne started to call me shishou from the day after the entrance ceremony. I remember our exchange on that day.

「Nee, Souji. I fell in love with your spear.[TN#4] That last issen[TN#5] on that match. That was stuck onto my head and it doesn’t go away. I would like to try that Shingi[TN#6] with my own hand. I wonder if you could become my Shishou?」

At that moment, my feeling got betrayed.[TN#7] Because Anne had a serious face.

「It’s ok but what will I gain of it?」

I didn’t really mind teaching her. However, I wanted to hear her resolution.

「I will give you everything. Whatever it is you desire. I will regret nothing if you even reach for that place」[TN#8]

「Yoshi, then lets do something ecchi」[TN#9]

「Yeah, I wouldn’t mind it at all」

「He-hey, that was just a joke. Anne, you should take more value of yourself」

「Yeah. I’m planning to take care of myself. I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t Souji」

On the contrary, I’m afraid. It is my special favorite to make fun of bashful girls, but it makes me want to run away when they say it’s fine.

「Un, ok then. Shall we train? Ah, I just want to say that I don’t really need any compensation……no, 【Demon Sword Tail】. This is a condition that we will devote for our party」

「As if there are no conditions at all. It’s that what I myself wish for」

I didn’t say it, but because of that I decided to train Anne seriously.

◇ ◇ ◇

「【Magic Silver Refining: Second Mode・Decapitation Sword】」

The magic equation floats on my mind, it starts computing the process, rewrites the rules of the world and activates the magic. The mithril ring wrapped around my arms transformed into a one-handed sword with a length of 60cm. I devised it that way so that it can be used with both hands by lengthening its handle.

「Anne, We’ll start the sword training. Nonetheless, there is not much to be taught to Anne」

As expected, she was the only a single daughter of a house who is assigned with the role of being the sword instructor for the royal family, Anne’s competence is quite high.

「I will now teach you how to increase the accuracy of each slash. Anne told my 【Divine Spear】 was beautiful. It was beautiful because it had reached the point of having rid of all wasteful movements. I will polish Anne’s swordsmanship thoroughly one by one and bring it closer to the beauty of 【Divine Spear】 」

「That is delightful. I’m going to know the way how to use the sword. I want to raise the quality of my swordsmanship itself.」

「Yoshi, Let’s go with that. Basically, there are only 9 types of slash attack. If you probe in mastering the sword, it means that to master the nine types of slashes」

In other words, there are many other factors such as footwork, receiving, sword coordination, but that is the basic.

「I have the same opinion. If you can master the nine types of slashes, you’ll be unrivaled…… But I have some doubts, you should have used the spear. Can you teach me swordsmanship? Certainly not the sword techniques, but I was thinking that you would teach the general part」

Is that the reason when she saw the sword in my hand since a little while ago?

「I can use a sword you know. The reason I use a spear often because in many cases it’s much more useful. As I’m able to control the distance well personally. Against a demon, you can concentrate the kinetic energy in one place on a hard part of the opponent and pierce through it」

A suitable timing, handling quality and an aggressive reach. And a collection of kinetic energy. Spears are a very outstanding weapon. When fighting a spear with a sword, it was said that you are required to have trice the average ability with the sword to win against a spear. Although there is no merit to the sword, when considering the overall performance the spear is superior. I have some circumstances, and the reason why I say so is because there was a time I was using Anne’s demon sword in my first first few decades.[TN#10][TN#11]

「Even if you tell me that you can use a sword, I have some doubt your ability. I want to see your slashes to judge your competence. First is 【Touchiku】[TN#12]

I stood in front of Anne. Then I raise the sword and shake it down from the top toward the bottom. It’s was implemented by magic. A perfect slash with no waste. ……However unlike 【Divine Spear】, it is just a normal slash without releasing the limiter or strengthening with Mana. With an open gap of about 1mm, the sword passes before Anne.

「Next 【Kesa】[TN#13]

An oblique slash that was aimed at the right side from the left shoulder.

「After that is 【Gyaku Kesa】[TN#14]

An oblique slash that was aimed at the left side from the right shoulder.

「【Migi Nagi】[TN#15]

A horizontal sword handling from right to left.

「【Hidari Nagi】[TN#16]

A horizontal sword handling from left to right.

「【Hidari Kiriage】[TN#17], 【Migi Kiriage】[TN#18]

I show the reverse of the surplice and the reverse surplice successively.


A round-up straight from the crotch toward the top.

「And now, 【Tsutsuki】[TN#20]

Peaking trust as the name suggests. I suddenly trust the sword point toward the throat.

「How’s that Anne. Is my ability worthy to teach you swordsmanship?」

I begun to smile at her.

「Such a clear sword muscle. Each of your sword muscle was beautiful. Souji, if you please. I want to make this swordsmanship as my own」

Getting excited and amazed many times, Anne repeated being amazed.[TN#21] Somehow, I feel guilty.

Anyway, this is not my ability but by the use of magic that implement the theoretical highest movement which examines the composition of the human body and calculates it back from it. When it was sill a game, there is the basic model exists as magic approximately on all the weapons.

Its purpose was to train rather than to be use in an actual battle. By using magic, practicing the perfect model many times, you will let you engrain it into your body and learn how to handle weapons. In addition to the basic model, various collaboration techniques were being developed.

In fact, if I were a spear-user I could use all models except 【Divine Spear】 without magic, I can handle even a sword with the exception of it being not a cooperative skill.

「I’m glad that you like it. Today is the first day so I will specially show you my special sword」

And magic weapons developed by players. The apex of those magic, the word 【Kami】[TN#22] was permitted to be called with. 【Divine Spear】、【Divine Sword】、【Divine Bow】、【Divine Hammer】. For the IRURANDE players of the game era, it was a kind of status to have a Divine as the first name to their magic. I also continued my development with the goal of giving it the first name of 【Divine】, but I only succeeded with the most familiar spear. That is why I have some considerable attachment with spears.

「What I’ll show from now is a polar slashing that mixed the connection technique of the nine kinds of slashing, 【Divine Sword】. Don’t move, even if just a step. If you do, you’ll die」

I execute the magic. It is the nine basic slashing. A continuous technique that is releases at such a rate that it can only be seen at the same time.[TN#23]

The developer says that he got the inspiration from an old-fashioned shonen manga.[TN#24]

It connects all nine kinds of slashes with an efficient route. It is said that it will takes two seconds in reality if it is done by a superior first-class master. However, 【Divine Sword】 combines kinetic energy manipulation with sword fighting, while removing both the body’s limiter and Mana’s limiter that enhances physical ability. It accelerates each time the sword returns. After all if you strike your opponent’s body, normally you will lose momentum, even the repulsive force when you hit the opponent’s body will be used for acceleration with kinetic energy control. Virtually, the demon sword will keep accelerating as long as the sword does not break. It makes it possible to precisely control with the magic equation, which can completely control the sword speed that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Not limited to swords,【Divine Sword】 was said to be the best artwork among all magic. In fact, even I couldn’t make any improvement plan. It’s already a completed magic.

As a result……, the time required to finish doing the nine kinds of slash is 0.12 seconds. It’s not continuous anymore, it can already be said that it’s a simultaneous impact.

Even though I should have stopped it, her sweat was cut off with the sword pressure alone. The last stroke, the sword struck her throat at the speed of light.

「This is what is Anne aiming for. No, this is a domain that you have to overcome」

「Nee, Souji」

「What is it Anne?」

「Embrace me. Mou, I already want to be embraced by this sword」

Anne crawls with a dangerous look that seems to be able to see valuable things in various ways.

「Aa-Anne, you can’t desu. That’s shameful desu」

「It’s particularly good. This excitement, why can not Kuna understand it?」

「Being deep in emotion and being a pervert is different desu! Come back to your senses Anne」

「I am completely sane. Souji, you’re the best!」

「This sword idiot! Uuu, Souji-kun is a magic idiot…… In this party only I have some common sense」[TN#25]

「No, I think Kuna is the one who has no common sense the most」

This is the girl who was convinced that becoming a slave merchant’s baggage will earn her a free pass to enter the city.

「It is hard to catch Kuna who is pass beyond common sense to be even called abnormal」[TN#26]

「Do you notice that the remark in itself is not a thing a person with common sense anymore?”」

「Anyway, please get away Anne」

「Kuna, why are you so desperate? By any chance that you hate Souji being stolen?」

「That’s wrong! Because a couple and me alone are unable to stay on a three man party, I don’t like that. I can not bear sleeping on a tent in the underground labyrinth with such a combination. When I was a child, I caught my parents who was sleeping beside me, that gave me a trauma as I have good ears so I woke up」[TN#27]

She was so embarrassed that it was refreshing and there a gesture to hide it. Kuna is not jealous of me and Anne sticking close together.

「Kuna, it’s so simple. Kuna should join too. Look, I have two arms. It’s alright for two people」

「No way desu. I am seriously hate it from the bottom of heart. I’ll make Chichi-you[TN#28] see, I decided to marry a person who only loves me」

Kuna turned away with a *Pui* Even her tail tuned away like her neck.

「I’m just kidding. Anne will get away soon. It’s time for you to head back to the dormitory」

I pulled Anne off me. I feel like hugging her just little logger, but Kuna is getting exponentially moody. I think I am on good terms with Anne more than before. But, I don’t want to be disliked by Kuna.

「Unexpectedly, Souji-kun is a good-for-nothing desu」

「That’s right. He always say erotic things on a regular basis, but escapes in the end. It was disappointing」

Kuna and Anne looked at each other then laugh. These two really are on good terms.

「 Say what you want. Someday, I’ll let you know that I’m a wild beast」

「Souji-kun, did you know?」

Kuna laughs grinningly.

「The fox is a predator for carnivorous beasts desu. This Kuna-chan don’t think you can suit yourself.」

When I snorted, Kuna already begun to walk toward the dormitory.
But Kuna does not know. To say, the fox in the natural world is a predator and also a prey, especially a naive kit[TN#29] is a good feed for a hawk in particular.

「Souji-kun, so slow. All good dishes is already being eaten by all our sempai」

「Aa, Hawk[TN#30] is now going」


「No, don’t mind it. Shall we go too Anne?」

For a moment, mental state became of a hawk that aimed at a child.

「Yeah, Where ever Shishou go, I’ll follow」

Then three of us went side by side towards the dining room.

Translator’s Notes:

01.) RAW TEXT: 「Kuna、そんなこと言って、たんにリベンジをしたいだけよね」

02.) In the V here, just imagine Kuna doing a V sign

03.) (1) *flap flap* *flutter*; (2) *tap tap tap* *flap flap*

04.) What spear are we talking about here?

05.) Means “Flash” or “Brandish” but I left it on romaji cuz it sounds much cooler

06.) Means “Divine or Supernatural Skill” but I also left it as romaji cuz it also sound much cooler

07.) LOL, you thought it was a love confession wasn’t it! You damn Riajuu!

08.) Hey! Are you sure of that! You’re talking with an opportunist here!

09.) I knew it! (I’ll also ask the same reward if I was Souji)

10.) Just to refresh you memories, when IRURANDE was still a game, one of Souji’s most used weapon was the demon sword “Aiken”, and that sword was now Anne’s current sword.

11.) Souji got it from somewhere and he didn’t meet Anne in the game meaning either she sold the sword, it was stolen from her, she died and some merchant found the sword, or she was captured as a slave and the slave merchant sold her sword.

12.) Chinese bamboo

13.) Surplice

14.) Reversed Surplice

15.) Right Mow

16.) Left Mow

17.) Left Round-up

18.) Right Round-up

19.) Adverse Wind

20.) Peaking

21.) RAW TEXT: 興奮して何度もすごい、すごいとAnneは繰り返す。

22.) I left it as Kami as this Kanji can be describe as divine, god, deity, or spirit. And when attached to the magic name I will use “Divine” instead.

23.) Just imagine that it’s similar to Himura Kenshin’s Hiten-Misurugi Ryu; Kuzu Ryu Sen(Nine-Headed Dragon Flash)

24.) That’s why I told you to imagine it like Himura Kenshin’s Hiten-Misurugi Ryu; Kuzu Ryu Sen(Nine-Headed Dragon Flash). As it was based from it.

25.) Common Sense-chan, we meet again! So are you ready to be rape? Oh wait… this isn’t Death March

26.) RAW TEXT: 「しっけいな、この常識的すぎて異常とまで呼ばれているKunaちゃんを捕まえてなんて暴言を」

27.) Cyril… The hell are you doing besides the young Kuna…..

28.) For those who can’t remember this, Chichi is Father and -You is a suffix that is more polite.

29.) A baby fox

30.) Souji said Hawk in English

31.) Left it here as romaji as Kuna didn’t know the word’s meaning.

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