Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty Second Episode: 【Flame Spear】

(Souji)「Where am I?」

I was in an unfamiliar bed when I noticed it.
And I’m still wearing my uniform.

(???)「Ya~hoー. Feeling ok?」

When I tried to raise my body, I saw the eyes of a girl looking into my face.
It was a girl with eyes akin to a small animal whose has brown hair with a height of around 150cm. Blue eyes are lovely.
She was the only sempai this dormitory who talked to us properly.
Blue? Something strange is out of place. It wasn’t blue, that girls eyes was……

(???)「Are~e, can’t you reply? Are you really feeling ok?」

(Souji)「There’s no problem. Was Yuuri-sempai the one that brought me here?」

Oh crap, I was absent-minded and made her feel unnecessarily worried.
I should behave in a more calm manner.

(Yuuri)「That’s right. Iyaー, I followed you after seeing kohai-kun who got into a fight with the scary sempai. Then I was surprised to see that Kun fell down after you sent those sempai away」
「You could have helped me if you saw it happend」

While smiling I felt something chilly.
That all that time, I didn’t noticed her following me. It is nothing but an abnormality.[TN#1] I am not conceited, I’m always keep vigilant and I am sensitive to the presence of people.
She’s maybe a considerable master. I’m now more afraid to make an enemy out of her that those Rank 2 sempai. In other words, she is a reassuring ally if I become friends with her.

(Yuuri)「Uwaー. You’re saying that to a weak girl? That’s surprising. That’s impossible for me, in that kind of situation」

(Souji)「There were two Rank 2 and three Rank 1. I don’t think Yuuri-sempai can possibly do something about it」

(Yuuri)「Deshou deshou」[TN#2]

She was laughing while nodding with an *un’un* sound.
Whatever she is hiding. There is no doubt that she is at least a Rank 1.

(Souji)「Thank you for taking care of me Yuuri-sempai」

(Yuuri)「For taking care of you? You don’t have to worry about that as it will be a bad idea to just abandon you there」

(Souji)「Is this Yuuri-sempai’s room?」

I look around the surroundings. Because only special student are able to get a single room, the owner’s hobby was fairly visible. The pink overall was priceless, and cute small accessories are set up in several places.

(Yuuri)「Yes. How is it, girlish isn’t it? Everything is orderly isn’t it? Are you falling for me now?」

I looked at sempai who put her hearts in saying so, I was speechless. I then lied down on the pillow, then sniffed it’s fragrance with a *kunkun* sound.
A pillow of a bishoujo. PRICELESS![TN#3]

(Yuuri)「Kyaaaaa, stoooooooppp! Don’t sniff it!」

Grasping my body, Yuuri-senpai swung me tremblingly.

(Souji)「I-it’s just a joke. Please don’t take it seriously」

(Yuuri)「Fuu[TN#4], Just a joke……That’s a relief-eh? You are actually sniffing it just now!」

(Souji)「Now now it didn’t even diminish that much」[TN#5]

(Yuuri)「Something precious to a maiden did diminished!」

(Souji)「Then, that something precious to a maiden that was taken away and Yuuri-sempai’s important things too, can I have them?」

(Yuuri)「I can’t give you that opportunity!?」[TN#6]

She gave a tsukkomi with great timing as a response.
It doesn’t give a feeling that me and sempai just met for the first time.
I wonder why we never met in the game.

(Souji)「It’s just a joke. This time for sure」

(Yuuri)「Well, I was about to break up being a maiden who was going to do a noritsukkomi[TN#7]. Fuu[TN#8], really. I’m your sempai. Mou, I’m going to get angry you know. As for that, you have no other choice but to help me with my task」


(Yuuri)「That’s right. Actually, My magic task it for me to make a new magic, and I am using various magic techniques to make it easy to use. You’re good at these kind of stuff right?」

Yuuri-senpai asked me while letting her eyes shine with expectation.

(Souji)「That’s my forte. I don’t think anyone in this world is more familiar with magic than me」

(Yuuri)「You’re more of a Big Mouth[TN#9] than I expected! Then, can you try looking at this! This is an anti-demon single unit attack magic which has circulated the world, 【Flame Sphere】! The best-selling technique that many geniuses have repeatedly improved. It’s not an easy task to improve this」

That said, it is on page one of the magical book of magic equation and was written carefully.
Magic is activated by memorizing this completely and remembering it mentally without making a mistake one word at a time. I knew the magic equation that is written there.

(Souji)「Ano, it is a useless magic」

When I said so, Yuuri-sempai face stiffens.
【Flame Sphere】 in this world, the number of the processes of magic equation is small, and can be handled easily. There is also has reasonable power, it is popular, but actually it’s a lump of wastefulness. The maker does not understand its meaning but then adds extra magic equation and the flow of processing was distorted. There are also many duplicate descriptions.

In the game era, I will issue 【Flame Sphere】 as a bad example, and I will fix bad parts as practice.

(Yuuri)「Very confident aren’t you. I was also surprised when I got that far」

(Souji)「You can actually do it. Any thing is ok so please lend me a paper and pen」

(Yuuri)「Haihai, a paper and pen. And using honorifics is now forbidden because it’s making me embarrassed」

Yuuri-sempai brought me a paper and a pen, she even brought me a replacement wooden board on the bed so I could easily write the letters.

(Souji)「Ok, I’ll stop with the honorifics. I’d like to finish it quickly, but what do you want to do? Should I improve the performance without changing its properties? Or should I extend its range?」

The most important thing in customizing is to clearly decide what kind of magic you want to make. I can not make things complicated unless our goal is fixed.

(Yuuri)「No, because I only want a single unit, I want to lighten the process and I want it to be fast-motioned, possibly upgrading range and power, only if possible.」

(Souji)「It’s a specific and good instruction. Understood. Let’s go try it」

I close my eyes and searches the database inside my brain.
I selected some appropriate methods.
I put some coating on it.

Considering how Yuuri-sempai will use it, I’m narrowing it down to the shortest number of processes.
First, change the Mana bullet to a streamlined style and make the mass on last. Inside, mana chunks were made to have the same properties as combustible gas.

After injecting the mana bullets, it will be accelerated by the combustion of the internal combustion gas.
The mana bullet will be ruptured by the impact at the time of landing. At that time an explosion with directivity explodes on the front and will burn the target with intense heat.

If this is the case, the number of processes are few according to the needs, both the range and power can be raised.

(Yuuri)「Nee, you were closing your eyes back then, could you possibly construct magic in your head?」

(Souji)「That’s right. ……just a little more, un, it’s done」

I moved my hand and wrote the current magic equation on the paper.
Although the number of the process is about half, the power and fuel economy were improved enough to say that they are totally different things.
I improvised, but it was a good idea. Let’s make this the main magic for a while.
It lacks the pure long-distance attack but it would be convenient to be use until reaching Rank 2.

(Souji)「Hora[TN#10] sempai. This is a completely new 【Flame Sphere】」

I handed out the newly created magic 【Flame Sphere】.
Yuuri-sempai who received it reads the magic equation that I’ve wrote with amazing momentum.

(Yuuri)「What is this! I have never seen such a magic formula with this arrangement. I don’t even understand their meaning at all. ……But, oh well, I’ll just try using it at the training ground tomorrow. I think that it can be activated by just looking at this. I’m looking forward to it」

(Souji)「Sempai, You’ll use it on the training grounds? Isn’t it a test?」

(Yuuri)「That’s right」

(Souji)「I don’t understand. Isn’t it insane to just trust a magic equation a mere kohai wrote?」

Anyhow, in this school our life is hanging on each exams. Failing a unit means that the way to the honorary noble title will becomes further away form our reach.
「No, I believe in you. I judged it with you’re ability, the white light that defeated those sempai from before. Or you rather want me to doubt you? Did you deceived me?」

(Souji)「It’s a genuine and splendid improved magic. But Yuuri-sempai, you sure have a strange personality」

(Yuuri)「Yeah, I get that a lot. That’s why I nursed you. You helped me with my task. And now that you had helped me, your debt was reset to zero」

(Souji)「That is true」

(Yuuri)「You should return home if you’re already feeling better. Since everyone else will be soon coming back, I will be in a bit of trouble if you don’t leave now. It’ll makes life hard to be told if you are aware that you are kind of being hated here as you’ve crush the hope of our dormitory[TN#11]

Sempai then gently pushes my back.

(Souji)「Yuuri-sempai, thank you. For the time being, as an after-sales service I will explain that magic, please call me out if you have any concerns」

(Yuuri)「Oh, how generous of you」

(Souji)「……Because my intuition tells me that it is better to take good care my relationship toward Yuuri-sempai」

Exploring the underground labyrinth.
A party members of four is the most preferable here. I have the expectation that she could be the fourth person.

(Yuuri)「I will ask you if your condition becomes well. Ah, that’s right. Please give a name of the new 【Flame Sphere】. I think you should give one as this is a totally different form before」

Suddenly Yuuri-sempai’s words confused me for a moment.
But I quickly snapped out of it. If I have to name this magic……

(Souji)「【Flame Spear】 maybe. I made it with an image that penetrates like a spear instead of a sphere」

(Yuuri)「Un, that’s a good name. That sounds very much like you」

I then left her room while being sent off by Yuuri-sempai.
When I left at that time she leaked out an audible voice absent-mindedly.

(Souji)「I see. As expected his kind of habit appears」

Perhaps she may know something about me.
While thinking such a thing, I left the place.

Translator’s Notes:

1). RAW TEXT: それは異常以外の何者でもない。

2). Can be translated into 「Right, right」 but kept them in romaji as it fits more in Yuuri’s personality.

3). Souji said this in English… Damn pervert… Lemme have a sniff too!

4). (1) *pant* *haa* *ha*; (2) *sigh*; (3) *blow* *breath* (SFX for blowing a breath of air, lightly. )

5). Souji is saying here that the smell didn’t even decreased much

6). RAW TEXT:「ついでであげられないよ!?」

7). Going along with a joke, etc. at the beginning then pointing out its ridiculousness

8). (1) *pant* *haa* *ha*; (2) *sigh*; (3) *blow* *breath* (SFX for blowing a breath of air, lightly. )

9). (ビックマウス) was said in English, Thanks to Drakuro for the correction

10). look!; look out!; hey!

11). The Rank 2 Sempai named Rayle was the hope of their dormitory until Souji crushed that hope, so technically the second years hate him, maybe except for Yuuri-sempai

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