Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty First Episode: Weakness

The white light then cease. Coming into the view was a trace of destruction that gouged the ground that is a deep as 5m. The big tree behind those guys who surrounded me got burned down from the root and collapsed while making a roaring sound. Behind my field of vision are two Rank 2, including sempai who had his right shoulder burned. Blue light flows out with frightening momentum. The two Rank who lost their divine protection falls down to their knees. I’m glad. I was able to skillfully control it. It can be said that it was lucky that they weren’t killed. Although I can kill them. With that resolve I unleashed this magic.

「What will you say now sempai? I was going easy at that time. It will be boring for the gallery if I was able to easily won. Watching that is no fun at all」

A grinning smile floated from my face. Indeed, I seem to have quite a bad personality.

「Hora, The sempai over there, are you still doing ok? Actually this magic is still in testing, so I can’t use it skillfully yet. Did you know? If more than 50% of the body disappears all at once, divine protection will not kick in? Now, what do you think will happened if my magic accidentally hits you directly?」

I gently point my hands towards the remaining three high tiered Rank 1. I’m implying that I can activate my magic at any time.

「Hih hiiiiii」

「ThaーThat’s not a magic a Rank 1 can use!」

「Ruーrun for your lives!」

Three uninjured people disappeared leaving behind the wounded Rank 2.


I’m looking forward to see if sempai who fought with me at the entrance examinations had finally recovered as much as we could talk. The other Rank 2 was recovering faster than sempai, but they already run away. It seems that they’re strong enough to figure out how dangerous today’s magic is and how big is the gap between us.

「I thought sempai was lenient」

I kick him up on his chin. Sempai was down on his knees because I kicked up his chin, his head was beaten to the ground with a frustrating and stupid posture.[TN#2] When being treated by the divine protection, the affected part will have the most consumption. Just losing his right shoulders brings his divine protection down by 20%. In the entrance exam, Sempai who’s divine protection was reduced to almost all of it should have recovered only around 30% at most. Sempai who’s divine protection should have a little of 10% remaining cannot properly move. I grabbed Senpai ‘s collar, I bring his face closer and threaten him.

「In the case of ambushing me, you shouldn’t done it today.[TN#3] You should have aimed at it immediately after our match while my mana and divine protection are not recovering. But I’m not as stupid as to just wait for myself to recover」

I grasp his hair and forcibly turn the front, and then I trust a manufactured knife purchased in the city instead of the mithril one. Anyway, a single 【Spatial Disruption】tooked all my mana. So there’s no mana left to use 【Magic Silver Refining】.

「Therefore let’s gouge out your eyes this way」

Put the knife on the retina’s surface. It is a sufficient threat to sempai who is currently has his abilities fallen to that of an ordinary people.

「Ah, hii, sto-, stop!」

Sempai made some stains on his pants[TN#4] while raising a miserable voice when the trauma of being penetrated by a spear is being recalled.

「It’s just a joke. But let me just warn you. There will be no next time. I’ll really gouge them out next time. Did you know? The wounds received with divine protection in a certain state will be cured if the divine protection recovers, but if it in a state where the divine protection runs out, it won’t ever be healed again even if the divine protection recovers」

It is because it makes your brain think that the state where some body parts is missing was a normal thing. That is why adventurers will never dive in with their divine protection exhausted.

「Hii, no, no!」

「Don’t get involve with us anymore. Is that clear!」

「Wah, yes! I got it, no, I understand it so please forgive me!」

I nodded without loosing my expression, I let go of the hand holding the collar and thrust sempai away.

「Hora, you can run away now. Sempai」


As I said that, sempai ran away as they seemed to fall over and over, kept crawling on all four. I motivated myself to walk in order not to stagger while acting like it was nothing. Somehow, after reaching the building’s shadow.


Unable to stand, I sat down while leaning to the wall.

「Ha ha, in my current body this is the limit of my magic, I can’t just laugh about it」

【Spatial Disruption】 was the last magic I made in the original world. Crushing space itself, overwhelming destruction due to its stability. The mana consumption in regards to its attack power is outstanding. However, there’s a lot of processes for its magic equation, and it’s difficult to control. Decreasing the area of effective. Reduction of processing by fixation of coordinate specification, simplification of control by reducing the aggregation rate of mana. I made it lighter with a variety of endeavor, but it was still tough.

「My head is like being crack open」

It’s impossible for mid-tiered Rank 1 to have this computing capacity. Actually, it took seventy-eight seconds to activate the magic equation from computation toward execution. Without a time-stalling conversation, it would have been suspended until the invocation ended.

Naturally, in the entrance examination match, I could never have made any leeway to use it. Today I was just fortunate that the five people were careless.

「It’s cold」

My mana is completely drained. Even efficient magic is far beyond the current me. It was necessary to release 90% of all my mana at once. I removed the limiter on my brain to be able to temporarily release the maximum amount of mana, but the backlash really hurts.

Since a little while ago, blue particles are rising from my body. …… It’s the proof of the divine protection treating me. I abandoned the process of lightening the backlash of the magic calculation even a little bit. During the entrance exam, on my match with sempai my divine protection has not fully recovered from the damage that was enough to corner me.

「……Seriously, I want to get stronger quickly. I’m too weak as of now. I won’t be able to protect anything」

This body has the best aptitude. And my knowledge also has a lot of sophisticated magic archived which is 300 years advance at this world standard.

Even then, I’m still simply just a Rank 1. As for the various magic, It is impossible to use it because my mana capacity and computation ability cannot match it.

At least, if I reach Rank 2 then more magic that can be use will increase. Thanks to that, I need to bluff on that opponent just to use it. If I was going to fight seriously, I would have killed one of the Rank 2 with 【Spatial Disruption】, then the other four people will be killed by being beaten up.

「I need to hurry and dive into the underground labyrinth for the magic stones」

The number of enemies will keep increasing. I need the power to remove them. Otherwise, there is no point for me on coming here. Especially if I’m seriously saving them, I have to quickly get stronger even if by one second. Weakness is a sin in this world.

「The sky is far ahead」

I look up at the far sky. My overused brain was screaming and would not let me rest. I gave myself to fatigue and closed my eyes. With this degree of damage, I’ll be all healed up if I take a nap for about 15 minutes. At the moment I closed my eyes, a figure of a girl overlooking me comes to my view. A girl who had an appearance of a brown Bobcat, and the distinctive eyes of gleaming jade color.[TN#5]

Translator’s Note
1.) Literally meaning “You” similar to how Kisama is used.

2.) RAW TEXT: 先輩が膝をついたままで、顎を蹴り上げたので、おそろしく間抜けな姿勢で頭を地面に叩き付けられる。

3.) THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!! RAW TEXT: 「俺をやるなら、今じゃない。]

4.) He finally pissed himself! LOL!

5.) Incoming heroine kitta!
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