Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twentieth Episode: Oath

(Female instructor)「Almost at the very last-minute. You VIP sure are different」

The young female instructor greeted me. It was the person who had taken care of me during the examination.

(Souji)「That’s not it, it’s because my stomach hurts when waiting for a long time, And I was distracted by talking with my friends until the very last minute」

(Female instructor)「Is that so, you then, between the fox eared kid and the silver haired kid, which of the two does your heart desire?」

The female instructor was listening with relish.

(Souji)「It’s a secret. But, even if they can’t become my lovers they can still be my friends, I want to make two of them happy 」

(Female instructor)「KYYYAAAAAAAA! It’s so nice to be young. That unfounded confidence, the misunderstanding that you can do anything. Sensei love such kids. Un, I though you were a bad kid when you fought with unnecessary cruelty but you look okay」

(Souji)「Well, thank you」

She seems like a good person. I think it’s fascinating if such person is the teacher in charge.

(???)「Instructor Nakita [TN#1], Stop that and release Souji. His first task is to listen and to understand the philosophy from the top of this organization. He is not your plaything」

The tall man who was the proctor for the lecture exam spoke with a solemn voice which corresponds with his appearance.

(Instructor Nakita)「Hai Hai, I understand. Instructor Sugouto [TN#2]. Seriously, such a strange feeling It’s no good to make her wait forever」 [TN#3]

(Instructor Sugouto)「Instructor Nakita. I don’t have any intention to have a deep relation with anyone」

Instructor Sugouto seems to be not upset on Instructor Nakita’s words at all and remains quiet.

(Instructor Nakita)「Nee nee, you shouldn’t become an adult like that. When he was still a student here there was a sempai that he seriously had a crush on, he has given his full devotion to that person for a while but that person already got married. tte, ouchouchouchouchouch, waiー, time out, it hurts! it hurts!」

Instructor Sugouto grasps Instructor Nakita’s head only by grip strength and lifts her up.

(Instructor Sugouto)「Instructor Nakita, are you making me angry in front of him?」

(Instructor Nakita)「Gomenasai. It’s a joke, it’s just a joke desu yo. *Wahaahaa* [TN#4] I thought I was going to die.」

Instructor Nakita was freed from those iron claw, she then raises her head and moans.


(Instructor Sugouto)「You mustn’t become such an adult. People who don’t understand human pain are the lowest. She, on the other hand, is excellent as a teacher, so observe her well and work hard at school life」


I can only return pleasant reply. Thereupon, Instructor Nakita closed our gap by point-blank with slim motion then she whispers to my ears.

(Instructor Nakita)「Although he says that I don’t know a person’s pain, he is hurting himself because he can’t confront the feeling of the girl he likes who is bound by a deceased man」

Saying that was a secret while putting her index finger on her lips, Instructor Nakita left.

(Souji)「……What, this personal relationship are a burden for the school」

I complained unintentionally.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Head Master)「Ladies and gentlemen of the students, let me say this first. Although this school has been called by the name of knight school, we are not seeking something of elegant quality」

The man who is a little less than 180cm with a moderate muscles on the first half of 40 units makes an impassioned speech moderately. [TN#5] He was the school’s headmaster, and at the same time he is an active explorer of the underground labyrinth.

(Head Master)「Of course, I will teach you the general way of etiquette. However it will be at a minimum to the level that is open to public. I will not teach any more than that」

Non of the noble displayed any unrest in their face. Everyone understand such a thing before knocking at the gates of this school.

(Head Master)「Ladies and gentlemen, I ask for your strength. It’s that strength that will make you survive in the underground labyrinth and on the battlefield. I don’t need it’s beauty. You can be unfair but also have strength, you can be a coward everything is fine. But I strongly demand it! Be accustomed in living dirtily, have a deep attachment in life. If you cannot do that then you’ll lose your life just like an insect」

He vigorously hit the desk from above.

(Head Master)「I repeat. Be strong, prepare all that you need for that sake. it is up to your perseverance afterwards」

The very straightforward speech has ended. To sum it all up, you can use any means to get stronger. It’s such a easy-to-understand ideology isn’t it? From there, the introduction of each instructor begins. A hundred nobles and fifty commoners. Three classes was made that contained fifty students for each class. The noble student and the common students doesn’t seems to be mixed in the same class. Our instructor was decided to be the childish female instructor, Instructor Nakita. And finally my turn comes up…… The greeting of the freshman representative begins. In one step I fired myself up and proceed to step forward.

◇ ◇ ◇

When I go up to the stage noise starts to leak out.

(Student A)「That guy…… The Rank 1 that defeated a Rank 2」

(Student B)「An instructor seems to have said that. He also seems to be skillful with spearmanship too」

(Student C)「He summoned his weapon out of nowhere」

(Student D)「Isn’t it dangerous, I heard you cannot use summoning magic unless you’re Rank 4」

(Student E)「There’s also a rumors that he can eat any kind of magic stones」

(Student D)「Crap, isn’t that like cheating?」

There were some favorable voices, negative voices, and various things mixed in it, but there is no doubt that they are interested in me. Originally there should only be freshmen in this place, but this time I have come to peep into the second and third graders who are interested in me. I looked over the faces of the student from one end to the other. Then, I slowly opened my mouth.

(Souji)「To more than half the people here, nice to meet you. I am Souji, greeting you as the freshman’s representative」

I wait for my voice to reverberate.

(Souji)「Upon entering this school, most of the people attained Rank 3 before their graduation. And should be aiming to become a honorary noble」

As most of the noble students who entered are the second or third child who can’t succeed their houses.It was their minimum goal to be proficient here. At best, they want the status to be an honorary noble and thus they knocked at the school’s gate.

(Souji)「Of course that is also my aim. No, it’s not that I’m aiming for it. I’ll surely obtain it. It’s not only me, also my party members will be a Rank 3. That’s the minimum task」

I’m amazed with my boastful speech, I need something the various students to remember and yearn for. However, I daringly continue.

(Souji)「Aside from our minimum task, our aim is to reach Rank 6. As of now, there is only one person who attained Rank 6, in these following three years that will be our designated goal」

After the creation of the underground labyrinth, for decades there is only one person who attained Rank 6. That would be just a pipe dream. As expected, it makes them feel uneasy. No, there were only two people who are watching me with hopeful eyes. It was Kuna and Anne.

(Souji)「If there’s someone who wants to follow me, speak. Let’s both aim toward Rank 6 together. Hopefully, we can have a variety of companion and rivals」

Completely glancing from the top, they think of me as somebody. [TN#6] Still, I wanted to say that.

(Souji)「That will be all, with this I end my greetings」

I get off the stage. There were no applause heard. No, when Kuna and Anne started clapping, several people began to clap their hands as well. And a big applause echoes, it’s the school headmaster. I have the smile that can only be describe as a grin. Beside him was Instructor Sugouto and Instructor Nakita giving a small applause. This alone is sufficient enough, I don’t think that they wish everyone will understand.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the speech we received an overall explanation in each classroom. First of all, at this school, there are only classes on the first three days out of seven. However, if you cannot clear the mountain of coursework that’s been issued, then you’ll be held back for a year. And when held back for the third time, you’ll be forced to withdraw from school. If you were held even once then getting the honorary noble title is out of the question.

The other four days will be either to dive into the underground labyrinth or clean up the coursework that were issued. You can depend onto your instructor at any time if you have any questions about the subject. That’s the rule. As today is just the first day, we received only the whole explanation and class ended.

◇ ◇ ◇

I was walking on the road to the dormitory by myself. Since the size of Kuna and Anne’s ready-made uniform and practical clothes didn’t fit them, they were measured for their size and seem to have prepared semi-custom-made clothes. It was said that the general students should just endure it, but the treatment for the special students was different. Besides, free supply includes two reserved spares. It seems that the school’s basic policy is to say that the reward is only good for those who are strong.

(Souji)「With that, sempai. You’ve been following me for a while, what kind of important matter is it?」

After leaving the school, I was followed by several people. Because they were unskillful at tailing someone, I immediately understood it.

(Reyle)「Hou, as expected from you to become aware of us to this extent」

Many sempai appeared one after another. Looking at their strength. There were two Rank 2 and three Rank 1. A total of five people had surrounded me.

(Souji)「Aa, is this a revenge for your first defeat?」

One of the Rank 2 was the opponent that I defeated on the exam. His divine protection may not be fully recovered so he called for some reinforcements.

(Reyle)「That’s right! It’s because of you that I am shamed for life as the Rank 2 that was defeated by a mere Rank 1! That’s why I have to give my full gratitude toward you!」

(Souji)「Are you going to kill me?」

(Reyle)「I won’t do such a thing, for now we’ll just reduce your divine protection down to zero. With that in mind, I’ll break off both your hands and legs. Then I will send you to the hospital. And while you can’t return for a while, we will gang rape your women in the meantime. If you like, I’ll do them in front of you」

(Souji)「Is that so? So sempai is saying that you’ll lay your filthy hands on them. Understood」

I threw away the option of being gentle to them at this moment. [TN#7]

(Reyle)「Don’t think that it will end with just that! You bastard will surely become a weak No-Rank when you return. And when you leave the hospital, I’ll do the same thing again」

Indeed, if the divine protection has been used up, it takes at least a week to recover the divine protection again. Although from there, you’ll only recover 30% of the divine protection in a week. For two weeks until to be able to move the body properly, if you’re in a caterpillar state, the muscular strength will drop and your sensation will become dull.

(Souji)「I now understood what I want to do. But to sempai who was defeated by me and is now accompanied by small fries, do you seriously think that you can do something about me?」

I laugh as I can afford to.

(Reyle)「Heーhere」 [TN#8]

(Souji)「I understand. With sempai are two Rank 2, and three high tier Rank 1」

They are an opponent who you can not win against if you fight them directly. Sempai seemed to have felt fear from my attitude that did not break my composure, he held down his left eye that was pierced by my spear and glare at me.

(Reyle)「Yoーyour just bluffing!」

Then let’s take advantage of that fear.

(Souji)「Senpai, you haven’t noticed that after all. Even if that match, I was going easy on you」

(Reyle)「Nah, After that stupid fight, I heard you collapsed」

Yoshi, he took the bait. I’ll stall for time for a while. I’m compiling a magic equation in my head while hiding it so sempai and the other wouldn’t notice it. It’s a magic that takes too much time in calculation processing so I can not use it right away. I did not have the time to spare in the match, but if you are going to talk that way, I can earn some time.

(Souji)「That’s was all staged. Didn’t the audience gotten more excited like that? Not to mention it’s before the king himself? It’s a waste just to win. With vigorous efforts, a weak person overthrew the strong one. You can enjoy it and it leaves a big impression」

(Reyle)「No way! There is no such foolish thing like that! I am going to peel off that mask of yours! Let’s go Frenz [TN#9]!! You’re surrounded with an army of skilled swordsmen, it’s the end for you!」

(Souji)「Certainly, it will surely be hard if surrounded by many swordsmen」

Thanks to the conversation, I was able to stall as much as eight hundred seconds. It’s enough time. It is no longer necessary to conceal the magic processing. Cancelling concealment. All that remains is to unleash my magic.

(Reyle)「Whaーwhat the! that enormous magic equation, nーno way, is that a magic a human can handle!? Kisama, are you even a swordsman!?」

(Souji)「Sempai. I’m not a swordsman, I’m a 【magician】. Let me show you my power who returned to my main job class」

Sempai opens his eyes wide in surprise. Just besides that, while in between another Rank 2, processing arithmetically in parallel with the conversation then activating the magic. To me who is currently a Rank 1, magic that requires computation time is useless in actual battles. As for that ……

(Souji)「【Spatial Disruption】」

A magic that distorts space and delivers overwhelming destruction caused by its stable power. White light filled the area.

Translator’s Note
1.) Nakita is read as NaKiーTa(ナキータ)

2.) Sugouto is read as SuGoーTo(スゴート)

3.) Ok, Im super not sure what I translated here… RAW TEXT: まったく、そんながっちがちだからいつまでたっても彼女できないんだよ」

4.) panting sfx

5.) RAW TEXT: 適度に筋肉が付いた四十台前半の180cm近い男が熱弁をふるっている。

6.) RAW TEXT: 完全に上から目線、何様だと自分でも思う。

7.) Shit will happen I tell you, shit will happen!!

8.) RAW TEXT: 「こっ、こっちには」

9.) フレンツ (Furentsu); If anyone can give a more sounding one do tell me.
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