Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Nineteen Episode: New Life

My body is heavy. It’s not that I’m physically sick or physically heavy. When I woke up there was a bishoujo in both my arms. One is a bishoujo with slender silver hair. And the other was a blond with a fox ears and tail on her body. Both of them are arousing in their underwear.[TN#1] For starters let’s try to rub both of their breast. Kuna’s chest sinks but then pushes back, Anne’s chest is slightly stiff but it makes you feel like caressing rather than massaging, the tenderness is properly felt.



Both has a wrapped facial expression. It is almost getting dangerous so I rise up, and got out of the bed. Little by little, my memory slowly comes back. Well, yesterday after having a grand racket at the tavern, we came back to the dorm, we three slept on a single bed in the same sense as in the inn.[TN#2] I thought about changing my clothes and I realized that the floor was drenched when I got up.

(Souji)「Aah, so that’s what it is, I ‘m the one who did this yesterday」

Before going to bed, while complaining that it was hot Kuna grandly took off her clothes, and being tempted by that Anne also took off her clothes, I also took mine off. After that Kuna was making a racket about the sweaty scent, a liquor’s scent, for some reason such a thing was amusing, everyone smelled of sweat, smiling with a smell of liquor and making a racket…… I suggested having a bath, after drawing water from the well and heating it up with Kuna’s magic, all of us without any hesitation pour the hot water over us. After that, Kuna skillfully dried her hair and underwear.

(Souji)「……Liquors are scary」

The celebration for the scholarship students had passed. Thus mind was completely relaxed. If we made just one mistake, I may have made passes at them by the influence of liquor. It feel glad to be out, I would like to avoid the Party’s trust to collapse in an instant. The bell rang twice. If I remember it correctly, from the explanation received yesterday, twice is the signal to get up and trice is the signal for breakfast. There is about an hour between the bells. But considering such as changing my clothes, It would be bad if I don’t wake them up soon.[TN#3]

(Souji)「Kuna, Anne, time to wake up」

I shook the two girls that was sleeping on my bed. I want them to get up soon. Even if I poke their cheeks, they won’t wake up.

(Souji)「Yoshi, I’ll kiss the both of you if you don’t wake up」

(Kuna)「Uーn, I slept well. Ah, Ohayou gozai masu. Souji-kun」

Kuna[TN#4] rise up and greeted me refreshingly. As she woke up her fox ears is standing up, and her tail was waving. Coincidentally, the tail tip tickled Anne’s nose.

(Anne)「Eh, *Achoo* Are? Ohayou. Kuna. Souji」

Anne also got up.

(Anne)「My head hurts」

She hold her head.[TN#5] It seems that the hangover came with a headache.

(Souji)「Kuna are you doing that on purpose??」

(Kuna)「Hai, is that unusual?」

Kuna who tilts her head on one side with a vague face. ……That’s right. Kuna can’t be such a sophisticated person.[TN#6] She is a natural girl who naturally teases people from birth.

(Souji)「No, thanks」

(Anne)「Nevertheless, why are both Souji and Kuna are so composed. As I remember yesterday, both of you were also quite drunk」

(Souji)「Aa, that is… When I’m conscious of alcoholic effects are a poison then my divine protection make it’s move」

(Kuna)「That’s a common sense for drinkers desu ne. With that you can enjoy drinking alcoholic drinks with ease」

Divine protection unconsciously treats the likes of scars, those of the likes of drugs and alcohol that acts as poison will only be treated only after recognizing them as poison.

(Anne)「I will try it also」

It seems that Anne is experimenting with various things. And after three minutes she got the knack of it, blue particles started to appear from her body.

(Anne)「Fuu, it has became much more comfortable. To enjoyable liquor like that, I didn’t know because it’s my first time to drink so I received a hangover」

As expected of an Ojou-sama[TN#7]. I would like to let another person drink a decoct of nail dirt.[TN#8]

(Kuna)「Naーnan desu ka! A first person view on such a poor person!」

(Souji)「No, it’s nothing. Better go back to your rooms and change quickly」

Our room is prepared in a separate building from the general dormitory. It is a special dorm only for the scholarship students. Our rooms are lined up in three rows, my room is in the middle of Kuna and Anne’s room. It seems that it’s a scholarship student privilege to be given their own room. All other dormitory residents has a three-person room. Moreover, the extent treatment does not change.

(Kuna)「Ah, I’ve slept with Souji-kun out of habit」

(Anne)「……I too was careless. If the dormitory found out that we shared a bed, then we might have been kick out」

Both are at their wits end. However, that was an unnecessary worry.

(Souji)「You don’t have to worry. Apart from this dormitory, they do not mind things like that」

(Kuna)「Eh? Why desu ka?」

(Souji)「Because this is a knight school, they only care about our achievements on the underground labyrinth」

(Anne)「What are you trying to say here?」

(Souji)「I talked about this before, but when it is the underground labyrinth they don’t divide the tent for male and female to reduce the luggage, so it will be just a pain to have an opposition to each and every one saying about male and female being together. And because it will be a long-term expedition, so dealing with gender problems will be a big problem」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun’s being indirect desu」

Kuna puffs her cheek and complains.

(Souji)「In this school, love affair is recommended. In addition to entertainment, if you dive in the underground labyrinth for a long period of time, the heart usually suffers from tension. Diving with a lover and having sex often displayed a healthy mentally. That’s why they don’t have separate dormitories for male and female. Just do it in the dormitories, no body cares」[TN#9]

Both of them made the deep red face to my excessive straight expression.

(Kuna)「SoーSouji-kun, filthy!」

(Anne)「Such a thing is prohibited before getting married!」

They seem to be unconvinced of my words.

(Souji)「In my case, I would be happy if I could have such a lover, even if we’re alone, well I will somehow manage. Both of you should consider thinking about it. Because really, the long-term stay in the underground labyrinth is terrible」

Only experienced people know the mental burden of exploring the labyrinths. It is more frightening than being devastated by a dimonic beast.

(Souji)「Most parties are like the present Kuna and will say they are different, but in the end they wouldn’t be able to bare with their stress. [TN#10] In that case they would have prepared any contraceptives and that will be seriously a problem, maybe even worse. And if you notice there are daily occurrence of homosexual when males dive in with each others」[TN#11]

This is the negative aspect of the underground labyrinth. The more extreme it’s state is, the more human beings will be faithful to their desires.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, I understand it now」

(Souji)「Do you understand it now Kuna?」

(Kuna)「When we dive into the underground labyrinth we should be on full guard against Souji-kun」

Kuna takes a distance with a smiling face that sticks. Now that they are in their underwear, they are embarrassingly hiding their breast with both their hands.

(Souji)「It’s terrible to accuse a man that is harmless such as myself. Two drunken bishoujo in their underwear sleeping in the same bed with a man and noting happened right!?」

(Anne)「Souji. I did evaluate it without saying, however」

(Kuna)「You ruined all of them ne」

With those final words, the two of them had gone back to their own rooms. While sighing, I opened the closet installed in my room and wrapped myself in the uniform I had prepared. As for those of the scholarship student, a small embroidered design has been attached to the collar. I felt slightly proud of it.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the breakfast, we went to the huge hall. Today the entrance ceremony will be held there.

(Anne)「The breakfast was delicious isn’t it ne」

(Souji)「Yeah, it was so tasty that I ate too much」

(Kuna)「It’s like a buffet desu yo. Taking whatever you like as much as you want. It’s such an amazing luxury desu. I’m glad I became a scholarship student desu」

After changing to our uniform, we joined in the dormitory’s dining room. Including us, there were only eight people. In scholarship student dormitory there were only nine people, three for each grade, one of the second year student, the Rank 2 sempai that I defeated seem to be not here. Thanks to that, my greetings were ignored and the gaze of hostility was painful. However, only a single cute second year loli sempai who have a brown Bobcat waved her hands smiling. To be honest, I feel somewhat uncomfortable. From that person mana’s flow without stagnation, the movement of the center of gravity were all above the rank of Rank 2, I could not believe she was a Rank 1. ……Even if you’re strong, if you didn’t earn any magic stones it is understood that one can not raise its Rank……

(Souji)「I have prepared your lunch」

In our hands, there is a bento wrapped in a wrapping cloth. This wraps the buffet left-over in this way. This was more than enough, there’s a school cafeteria but you have to pay for it so this service was very helpful in a way. Especially since Kuna and Anne are in debt to me, I will save a little as possible to survive.

(Souji)「Both of you, your uniform suits you very well」

Seems in the knight school although the uniform has a skirt, under it has something similar to spats was worn. The material used for it’s fiber is strong against slash attacks and also has mana resistance. I’m disappointed with the spats under the skirt, but it will be strange if it’s not there.[TN#12] Run and jump. Although that is just natural, it will be worrisome if the skirt flips over while in battle.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Your praise is from an ulterior motives isn’t it desu? Being praised and getting carried away then before we notice I’m already impregnated desu ne」[TN#13]

(Souji)「No, isn’t that kind of quick!」

(Kuna)「I’m just kidding desu. Fufufu, hora, you should admire more the kawaii Kuna-chan desu」

Kuna quickly spins on the spot. Mou, her fox ears and tail are on full-throttle. Because you exposed them on the semi-finals there’s no need to hide them now.


And there is also the self-interest of her appearance too. This knight school is managed by the government. It will pick quarrels to other countries that puts their hand on its members for profit. That’s why she can safely behave as a Firefox.

(Kuna)「Hora, let’s do it together Anne」

(Anne)「It’s embarrassing. You’re attracting everyone’s attention」

Kuna and Anne are different types of girls, but both are extraordinarily beautiful girls. And also Kuna herself is a Firefox, while Anne has her father’s ill repute. ……Besides, I’m also famous as the Rank 1 who defeated the second year’s hope, of course it will attract attention if this three people gather together.

(Kuna)「Uuu, it’s unexpected to attract all attention here」[TN#14]

Kuna’s fox ears collapsed with a *petan*[TN#15].

(Souji)「It’s all right. What is Kuna who exposed her figure wearing something that looks like underwear, and fought is embarrassed for?」

(Kuna)「Hii, that’s the thing people are trying to forget!」

Kuna trembled with a *purupuru*[TN#16] while having a blushing face.

(???)「My princess. Kuna-you[TN#17]. You loyal retainer has arrived」

While I was enjoying the skit with Kuna, the forth placer that Kuna had fought with on the entrance examination came over.

(Kuna)「Ah, the fourth place person. Did you came back for revenge desu ka?」

At the moment Kuna said that to the fourth placer, the fourth placer’s face stiffens. Kuna do remember what his name is. Because he was the opponent you have fought on the semi-finals. If I’m not mistaken his name should be Lyner[TN#18].

(Lyner?)「That’s wrong, my princess. I have come to pledge my loyalty. That beautiful red rose flames, those golden hair and tail flickering in the flames. The cute fox ears that adds accent to your beauty. I was mesmerized by you. Please let me be your manservant.[TN#19] I’ll be always be close to you, I am your sword and I am your shield」

For some reason his teeth was sparkling. That was unexpected. Usually it is likely that Kuna will become a trauma for him. Kuna begins to talk after nodding with a *uh-huh*.

(Kuna)「Is that so desu ka, then I’ll bear your faithfulness in mind. Please do not talk to me. Please don’t be concerned to me. If possible please don’t enter my field of vision. I dislike you desu」[TN#20]

Those are words of a clear rejection. In response to it, the fourth placer was panting roughly while for some reason suppressing his crotch in between his thighs. [TN#21]

(Lyner?)「Ku-Kuna-you, I-if I break your order, what will become of me?」

(Kuna)「I’ll kick you masu」

(Lyle)「……Kuna-you, please forgive this one. I-if you say such thing, this Lyle with patience, will endure it with patience!!」

The fourth placer then jumps toward Kuna. So his name was Lyle…… I was off by one character.[TN#22] I was almost but not quite. Kuna silently high kicked him. At pinpoint the toe penetrated the chin. As merciless as ever. The forth placer who has not yet recovered his lost divine protection, took Kuna’s kick with his body, that moment he lost consciousness he fainted out. He looked awfully happy for some reason. I forget his existence in itself when I glanced at Kuna, I had a smile at my face without saying anything.

(Kuna)「By the way, Souji-kun is the representative for the freshman’s greeting desu yone」

(Souji)「Yeah, I have to go」

(Anne)「Souji looks cool in the spot, I will keep looking at you from the student seat」

(Kuna)「I am also looking forward to it masu」

The two puts him under pressure. The scholarship student of the noble slot and the general slot will carry out the freshmen greetings alternately every year. Last year was the noble slot student, and this year seems to be the general slot student’s turn.

(Anne)「I wonder what will you say?」

(Souji)「Un, I think I’ll say what my goal is」

And with that I left two and headed to the designated place in advance.

Translator’s note:

2.) RAW TEXT: そうか、昨日はTavernで盛大に騒いだ後、寮に戻ってきて、宿屋と一緒の感覚で一つのベッドで三人で眠った。

3.) RAW TEXT: だが、着替えなどを考えると、そろそろ起きないとまずいだろ。

4.) Again Author mistyped Kuna as Kune, so I fixed it.

5.) RAW TEXT: そして頭を抱える。

6.) RAW TEXT: Kunaにそんな高度なおちょくり方はできない。

7.) Daughter of a High-Class Family or Nobel.

8.) RAW TEXT: もう一人にも爪の垢でも煎じて飲ませたい。

9.) Translation might extremely slows down for now on as I’m going to enroll in this Knight School, Any cute girls want to be my party members?

10.) RAW TEXT: だいたい今のKunaたちみたいな連中が、僕たちは違うんですって言って、結局ストレスで我慢できずにやるんだ。

11.) The fujoushi over there, please restrain yourselves.

12.) RAW TEXT: スカートの下のスパッツは残念だが、ないほうがおかしいものだろう。

13.) RAW TEXT: 褒められて舞いあがっているうちに気が付いたら妊娠させられているわけですね

14.) RAW TEXT: 「ううう、ここまで注目を集めるのは予想外ですぅ」

15.) (1) *smooth* *flat*; *flop*; *slump* *slide*(2) Flop down on the floor;(3) Motion of falling to the floor, i.e. in shock or disbelief.

16.) (1) *shake shake* *quiver*; (2) SFX for trembling from fear, embarrassment, anger, or some other emotion;

17.) Mr.; Mrs.; Miss; Ms.; Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), after a person’s name (or position, etc.)

18.) In Eps.12th, this guy was called Lyle (ライル) and it will be explained in the note below.

19.) I wanted to put Servant here, but…. That will degrade all the Servant in name to his level (specially those Servants from fate series)

20.) Ouch, Kuna’s a harsh one

21.) Attention! We got an M here!

22.) Souji here is saying that in ライル(RAIRU) he mistaken ル(RU) to ナ(NA) so it became ライナ(Lyner) in the previous text

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