Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

First Episode: Hero

My presence is gradually getting farther and farther away. My soul feels like it escaped out of me. Although I’m not using the VR machine, I’m feeling this usual sensation of using it. I slowly come to my senses and gently woke up. Seeing the snow-white room around me makes me feel quite unpleasant. This is the sixth time that I’ve been here. The starting point in IRURANDE. I was put on a huge transparent cylinder type container. A lukewarm liquid fills the container making my skin transmit a slimy sensation.

(Kami-sama)「How do you do, drifting soul. I am Kami-sama!」[TN#1]

A girl with the characteristics of having pink hair and a genderless face, a familiar face I’ve always saw within the game’s starting-point.

(Kami-sama)「Do you understand what I’m saying? Just in case, I’ll bestow you the language and common sense of this world. Come, let me hear your voice, your first cry in this world.」

The self-proclaimed God was looking very happy from deep within her heart. I began to speak. The liquid started to flow inside my mouth but strangely I was still able to breathe.


It was my unbreakable rule to always say this in the beginning. I waited for her reply with anticipation. As always Kami-sama will reply back to the new life that blessings will come.

(Kami-sama)「You’re always like that, right? sometimes it’s good to change and try something different」

However, outside from what he expected, Kami-sama replied with a totally different line unlike from the game.

(Kami-sama)「Fufufu, surprised? It was just a game up until now. But, from this point onward it’s different. Well it’s time for you to wake up and see reality. The new life that you yourself have chosen」

The container started to cracked then it broke, and I was thrown out together with the liquid filling it.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kami-sama)「Etto, should I call you Souji? Or is calling you by your in-game name Cland that you usually use be better?」

Souji is my real name. And Cland was my in-game character name.

(Souji)「Souji is fine for me. But, I want to severe the uses of anything related from my former real life.」

(Kami-sama)「O〜K! I understand」

Kami-sama writes my name on the parchment with a quill pen while saying 「Memo~♪ Memo~♪」.

(Kami-sama)「Now, do you want to ask something from me?」

(Souji)「First of all, I want to know if it’s true that this is not a game anymore as you just said」

(Kami-sama)「Uun, it’s true. It’s not just a game anymore. If I’m gonna put it in you own words then it’s a different world perhaps?」

(Souji)「I see」

(Kami-sama)「You’re quick to understand ne」

(Souji)「After all, you’ve sent into this world without the use of any VR machine. Besides, I also want to believe that it’s true.」

Besides, I don’t have problems with it, cause in this way I was able to come to IRURANDE.

(Kami-sama)「Hmm… Is that so. Anything else? There is only four minutes and thirty seconds left, I’ll answer all of them within this time」

(Souji)「What? There’s a time limit?」

(Kami-sama)「There are limitations on how Gods can meddle on human lives and how much power we can use. I actually used a lot of my power just to bring you here. Four minutes and ten seconds left… And because I’ve used up all my power I have to be dormant for now」

As if that was nothing at all, Kami-sama was laughing cheerfully. We don’t have much time, so I’ll narrow down my questions.

(Souji)「First of all, Kami-sama said earlier that this was reality. Then if so, what was the IRURANDE that I was logging-in so far?」

(Kami-sama)「That was just a game. However, it was a simulation of this world that I created using my power. All of you personally experienced the future of this world in that game. Because I am the Goddess of Future and Fate. I’m quite good at this kind of things if I say so myself」

Strangely, I was quite convinced with that. IRURANDE was obviously overspec.

(Souji)「For what reasons, did you made that game?」

(Kami-sama)「Because a hero was necessary to save this world」

(Souji)「I don’t get what you meant by that」

(Kami-sama)「Maa, maa, calm yourself. Should I talk in order?」

Kami-sama was looking lukewarm eyes directed at me, as if to say that it can’t be helped.

(Kami-sama)「There is a rule which states that Gods cannot meddle with the world. Thus I cannot make a hero myself. That is why, first I made a body that has potential to be a hero. That was the soulless homunculus. Because it’s a breach on the rules to create a soul, I first made the flesh. I use all my power to its limit to make the best homunculus and incubated it for six good old years. It’s so nostalgic」

Kami-sama seems to like it very much that she patted the Homunculus=Me with a “Peta~♪Peta~♪Peta~♪”.

(Souji)「This is strange. I already know this because I already use this in the game, but this homunculus was never strong to begin with. If this doesn’t grow as planned I will be defeated by the hoodlums in here」

(Kami-sama)「Unn, that’s correct. Because originally I cannot make something that would deviate from being a human being. But if it’s only a human being that is a strong vessel, that I can make. But, there will be no meaning in doing that. That’s why, I disregard absolute strength and focused on the qualities to its limit. With that, the chance of becoming a hero rises」

(Souji)「Certainly, this homunculus is overflowing with talent」

(Kami-sama)「Right?~♪? But I didn’t expect the next problem to arise. Unless this child grows well, it can’t utilized the power within itself. Talents are just talents and no more than that. The soul that will be inserted into this child. I was troubled as what to do with it」

That I understand. When IRURANDE was still just a game there was almost 200,000 players playing, even using the homunculus to its limit there where no one who was able to succeed.

(Souji)「So that is why, the game is like that」

I have just a single hypotheses on this.

(Kami-sama)「Perhaps, it might be like what you think it is. I made all of you use it as a practice, thinking that the best soul can be found. In your world this might have been just a game, undertaking selective test of hundred of thousands of players without a sense of incongruity. I disguised this to be just like your fantasy game and let you experience a simulation of this world. And among those people, it was only you who could use the homunculus to it’s fullest. That’s why I called out to you」

Such a magnificent speech. After disguising itself as a game to create a homunculus with the best quality and to look for an appropriate soul, then letting you experience that’s world’s future and finally selecting the best soul from hundred of thousands of players and pulls it toward their world.

(Kami-sama)「That was an interesting by-product. The magic you created. It’s took three hundred years in order to rise up to the same rank as the standard on this world. It will surely be a help to you. When it was still a game, I listened to the advice of a great magician from this world and the information exchange created the structure of the magic development. My choice was spot on.」[TN#3]

(Souji)「Magic huh, but I can’t access the database anymore」

If it was the usual I’ll open the menu and access the database to download those magic but I can’t do that anymore. The Virtual Development Enviroment for the magic creation manifest inside my mind, but I can’t gather any data. At this rate the innumerable magic that was created and compiled by different players won’t be available.

(Kami-sama)「Don’t worry about that, all the exchanged information and registered magic in the database are all inside you」

Kami-sama was tapping my head with a “Ton~♪Ton~♪To~♪”.

(Kami-sama)「Try to recall them, you should know it」

(Souji)「Ah, Aaaah!」

One after another, information flooded into my head. The magic that all the players from the game developed and the Hints-and-Tips accumulated. And all the information from the real world and information registered in the game rushed to my head.

(Kami-sama)「Your body will organize the information for a while, then it will index it」

Kami-sama sipped her tea thoughtlessly while ignoring the me who was suffering with information intoxication. I forced down the information with all my power. And there are things I need her to listen to.

(Souji)「This is my experience in the game, am I right?」

(Kami-sama)「Well you can say that is correct, and at the same time it’s also wrong. This is the calculated result of taking all the information of this world expanding to its last bit. Naturally, things may be slightly off」

(Souji)「Lastly Why is a hero necessity? What actions should I take?」

(Kami-sama)「The end is coming, thus the need for a hero. I can’t say how the destruction it gonna happened. Interfering is off-limits to us Gods. In the game all of you had experienced, the destruction was not simulated. So I can’t say what you have or should do. This also limits a Gods meddling. I really want you to be stronger than anyone else. That’s the only way」

Kami-sama stood up when she was finished talking.

(Kami-sama)「It’s about time. I’m going to take a rest. I hope that you may find happiness in this world. It’s because you’re my son various ways. And also, the money is on the usual place. Good night」

And she kissed my cheek, and with a smile…. she disappeared.

(Souji)「Saying such selfish thing and in the end she just disappears」

I stroke my cheek. The sensation of her lips still remains. I became motivated. In the body with the best talent, crystallization of the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of people from the real world was inside. Surely, even when the destruction arrives, I’ll be able to survive.

Translator’s Notes:
1). She’s a Boku Girl

2). He said this in English; this is also a computer program that outputs or displays “Hello, World!” to a user. Being a very simple program in most programming languages, it is often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language for a working program.

3). I wonder who is this great magician? Was he an elf? Does he have 3 wives and is an reicarnator?

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