Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Eighteenth Episode: Cheers

(Kuna)「Kuh, so frustrating desu」

Kuna was crying as she bangs the wooden steinBeer-mug against the desk. The following day after the entrance exam, after the three of us finished the procedure of enrollment and entering a dormitory we came to the tavern. All members ask for a honey winemead. Ale was less expensive but they said that it’s a celebration so we ordered mead instead.

(Kuna)「Onee-san, seconds desu!」

(Souji)「Ah, Onee-san, it’s Ale for the second helping」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Kuna likes her sweet wine」

Her cheeks were flushing while her eyes were watery, Kuna leaned on to me acting flirtatiously. Even her tone is different. I opened my mouth to catch some breath.


(Souji)「Onee-san, two additional Ale. And also a butter roasted mushrooms and sake steamed calms. Large serving for both」


I ignored Kuna and ordered some Ale, Onee-san understands that I was the one that holds the wallet, she took my order and quickly moved inside and disappeared.

(Kuna)「Ah, Souji-kun so stingy!」

(Souji)「Just who is the stingy person. It’s my treat today, so if there are complains then we’ll split the bill」

Kuna’s face then became pale. It’s my money so please be more considerate, because we’re ordering expensive dishes one after another so if we split the bills then she’ll go bankrupt.

(Anne)「Souji fuss over about the strangest things」

Little by little Anne was having her first cup of mead while she said that. The commemorative medal for becoming the first place in the examinee’s tournament hangs on her neck.

(Kuna)「Uuuu, isn’t it ok, please spoil us more. Because it’s a total shock that Anne-chan was able to defeat me desu kara」

(Anne)「But if we’re looking at the ability then you’ll be on top. The match up this time was just excellent」

(Souji)「Kuna, in the first place, you used too much power on the semi-finals. If you hold down on the consumption then you might have won. You’re wasteful when you used the boundary for personal reasons」

Originally if it’s many vs. one, then it will be the skill that will be assumed.

(Kuna)「A Firefox’s duel must have some entertainment desu」

(Souji)「What is this Entertainment?」

(Kuna)「Who knows, even I don’t understand it. Otou-san said that however desu, I sometimes uses it as it sounded good desu yone」

(Souji)「Don’t use words which you don’t understand well」

Anne won the match between Kuna and Anne in the finals. Kuna used up most of her mana during the semifinals but it resulted of her beating the crap out of the Rank 1 with her bare hands, she smashed her fist several times, but because it was treated by the divine protection each time, she lost most of her divine protection. In the early stage Kuna was overwhelming even with just using taijutsu, midway she’s receiving the sword with her blows, then her divine protection was under 30% and her movement became slower, afterwards she was cut one-sidedly and it ended. After all to challenge a first-class swordsman with just your bare hands in itself was nonsense. Further speaking, there was a sense of incongruity seen in Kuna’s movement. Kuna’s movement is not a movement of a hand to hand fighting technique. It was a movement of a swordsman. ……There might be some circumstances for the original style to be changed.

(Kuna)「Therefore please cheer me up. I’m depressed on being defeated by a girl of the same age. Please comfort this kawaii Kuna-chan[TN#1]. I’m gonna waste myself with liquor!!」

(Souji)「I’ll beat the hell out of the girl who’s drinking out of depression, don’t you think that it’s dangerous to see such person right!?」

(Kuna)「Hora, Kuna-chan is crying masu yo. Even if Souji-kun doesn’t say it, he is tired of seeing my crying face desu ka. That’s why, hora make her smile using a honey winemead

They seem to like honey wine very much. If you say it this much then I might order more. Just now, it’s because I want to see Kuna’s reaction when rejected. I was satisfied plenty enough. Every time she request something, she will sticks too closely. I received the compensation.

(Souji)「I understand. But is there a liquor that you don’t drink at all? Ah, there’s some Elucie wine. It is a rare thing which is rarely sold. Let’s buy it」

They seem to have Elucie wine in the tavern’s menu. That’s bittersweet simple liquor with cranberries and maple syrup. As the name suggest it’s an excellent liquor that was made from Elucie, Kuna’s home. Just a very small quantity was made and it’s quite popular so it is quickly sold out. It’s fortunate that we can drink it at this tavern. 30,000Val per bottle, it’s a fair price. This will be an excellent celebration.

(Anne)「Isn’t it good. When I was still a noble, my father really liked this and we often drank it together. I want to drink this after such a long time」

Unexpectedly Anne was the one who took it.

(Kuna)「The two of you please drink Elucie wine. The Ale is enough for me desu」

However Kuna seems to be not interested.

(Souji)「Elucie wine is even a sweet wine you know?」

(Kuna)「I know. Because I grew up drinking it. But it is unpleasant to run away then drink Yuki-ane’s liquor desu」

Yuki-ane’s liquor…… Is Kuna a daughter of the Elucie wine owner? A liquor brand of noble purveyor, if she is the owner’s daughter then I can see why Anne called her a princess. I heard that Elucie wine uses magic to perform temperature management. Therefore from child hood they might have been thoroughly taught magic, they probably also trained their bodies because in making liquor physical strength is needed. Now I understand it all.

……No wait, something’s not right. That’s ridiculous. There is no reason call a daughter of the liquor owner is a princess. Using common sense, if you mention the princess of Elucie…… right, I’m understand it now. That’s it, Kuna is the daughter of a sake brewery.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Souji-kun」

(Souji)「Ah, wh-what is it Kuna?」

(Kuna)「Suddenly your eyes lost focus, and became absent minded, do you have some strange sickness desu ka?」

(Souji)「No, it’s nothing. Seems I drunk a little too much」

(Kuna)「That’s unexpected. Although Souji seems to be able to hold its liquor」

(Souji)「I can usually hold it however. Hora, the dishes came」

The liquor steamed shellfish that was baked with buttery mushrooms that I asked to add and ale came.

(Souji)「Onee-san additional Elucie wine. And I’ll let Onee-san decide the compatible appetizer」

(Waitress)「Certainlyー It’s Elucie wine, and an assortment of Bell branded cheese as my recommendation」

(Souji)「Please do」

(Kuna)「Additional Ale for my share desu」

In a casual manner, Kuna ordered additional Ale. I have heard it in some rumors. Mostly of Firefoxes loves to drink liquor. The Ale came out right away, the Elucie wine seems takes a bit of time.

(Kuna)「Well, I’ll finish the food that just came. Souji-kun’s choices are good desu ne. All of them are my favorite」

(Souji)「That’s good then」

Baked buttered mushroom and the scent of liquor steamed shellfish also smells appetizing, I unintentionally becoming absorbed to it and reached with my chopstick. Washing it down with Ale, seems like all of today’s fatigue was blown away. Kuna who kept persisting that the honey sake was good also purrs with great relish.

(Souji)「Puwaー[TN#2] Delicious!」

(Anne)「……That kind of inappropriate drinking seems to be fun」

Because Kuna is drinking with great relish, Anne which was tasting the first serving of mead elegantly, throws the liquor steamed shellfish into her mouth and washed it down with mead.

(Anne)「Not bad. I also like this. *gepu*[TN#3]

Doing things that she is not accustomed to, Anne who burped seems to have gotten embarrassed and her cheeks gave off a shining blush.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, a maiden, there’s a maiden in a place such as this rundown tavern masu yo」

(Souji)「Kuna, stop putting salt on Anne’s wound. Also don’t call it rundown. The surrounding gazes hurts」

(Kuna)「Everyone gomennasai. I meant the rundown in a good way desu yoー. I meant to say that rundown, in a common meaning」

Kuna who’s bowing her head down while talking something which even I don’t understand. The other customers also do not know why is she apology, but they somehow let it slide because it’s cute. The present Kuna has an aura of making people have unconditional love.

(Souji)「Hora, the Elucie wine is here」

I pour the wine into the glass that came with the bottle. The transparent glass was filled with Elucie wine, one for Anne, one for myself and I hold out one to Kuna.

(Kuna「Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want it desu」

(Souji)「Do you hate how it taste?」

(Kuna)「I love it, but…」

(Souji)「Kuna, When I played a song from Elucie, didn’t Kuna cried because you missed it? I think that you have the feeling that really liked your hometown. I think there’s a good reason for Kuna to leave her hometown, but it not that you hate everything related to your hometown right? Then this liquor had not sin」

(Kuna)「Uuu, however desu」

(Souji)「Well if you’re not going to drink it then I’ll be drinking it. If you miss this chance the you may not be able to get any Elucie wine for several years」

(Kuna)「Souji. You’re so unfair. I’ll have Kuna’s share too」

Me and Anne signaled each other with our eyes to teases Kuna. Kuna growled after a while.

(Kuna)「I’ll also drink it after all masu. The liquor had not sinned」

(Souji)「Ok then, I’ll distribute the liquor. Now then, cheers!」

I raise my glass. Kuna and Anne followed as well.

(Souji)「Our 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission. We achieved all members becoming a scholarship student」

I made an interval. Kuna and Anne read the timing. And the three of us.

(All three of them)「「「Cheers!!!」」」

We made a toast with our voice aloud. From now on, we will enter the academy and dive into the dungeon. I finally arrived at the entrance, with us three I felt like I could go anywhere.

Translator’s note:
1.) Kuna’s narcissist mode activated.

2.) *phew* *sigh* *relief* ; A gasp of relief, satisfaction.

3.) *belched* *burp* *bloated* *full*

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