Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Seventeenth Episode: Dance of the Firefox

~Kuna’s POV~

(Lyle)「What happened, You begun to take your clothes off? Are you planning to seduce me!」

The man in front of me had a red face, he was stuttering while shouting.

(Kuna)「Seducing you? Why would I do that desu ka?」

(Lyle)「I am a high-tier Rank 1. But you didn’t even used a magic stone at all. So we would know how this match will turn out」

That man continues to stare at my chest for a while now.

(Kuna)「You’re saying such ridiculous things ne. With such a small gap of difference between us, however you will be buried by my true ability」

Before reaching the semi-finals, I already quite understood this man’s ability. The extreme degree of training he received in some level. At least, no one in my hometown is weaker than him.

(Lyle)「Wh-what did you say!?」

(Kuna)「Will we just be chitchatting here? Hora[TN#1], the referee is being troubled masu shi, and the audience will soon run out of patience masu yo」

Why? The referee is being careful right? Is this person’s house special or something I wonder? But he doesn’t seems to be a noble, since he’s taking the general examination.

(Lyle)「Hey you, If I fell like it, I might go easy on you. Thus not hurting you, in exchange……」

He was lustfully glaring with his eyes. People who sometimes comes to my hometown Elucie, looks us Firefoxes and Elves with such eyes. Disgusting. They make me sick. Besides, in the first place……

(Kuna)「Because they might misunderstand it, do tell us masu. I’m strong desu. By “You” to be hurt[TN#2], I chose not to. ……And you who disrespected my friend.」

I showed a fearless smile, small quantities of mana was discharged. Raising the Rank, the mana was increased if the amount of divine protection was increased. However, it only extremely increases the abilities’ foundation. It didn’t produced any overwhelming difference in physical ability. I’m a Golden (highest tier) Firefox, It’s impossible to be inferior to a normal high tier Rank 1 at most.

(Kuna)「Do you think I will let that pass masu ka?」

(Lyle)「Hii, what the, hell is this?」

(Kuna)「Saa, shall we start? Referee, on your signal」

(Referee)「Eh, Ah, Yes」

(Kuna)「One more advice desu. Once the match begins, please get outside the ring immediately. Because you might be reduced to ashes desu kara」

The high tiered Rank 1 was forced by Kuna’s strangeness……. The fourth placer that should be overwhelmingly superior retreated.

(Referee)「We-well then, the second semi-final match…… Start!」

Simultaneously when the match started, I refined my magic. It’s been a while since I seriously released my power.

◇ ◇ ◇

~Souji and Anne’s POV~[TN#3]


(Anne)「Seeing Kuna being so serious, it is also the first for me too. 」

Just when the match started, the whole ring turned into a sea of flames. A red pillar of fire rises, the top of the growing flame breaks, it fell on the ground swirling, and then again ascended up to the heavens. The ring itself became the boundary of the looping flame. The flame was rotating not letting them escape, she can maintain the heat boundary to that extent.

(Souji)「Is that spirit magic?」

A Firefox’s mana capacity was larger compared to a normal person but to be able to simply continue such magic was too severe. What made it possible was by using Spirit magic.

Among the atmosphere, holds the attribute of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, it was overflowing with mana. That mana was used by the Spirit magic. Her own magical energy was luring the gathering mana, She borrowed their power to unleashed this magic. By doing that magic that is beyond the users limit can be unleashed.

(Souji)「No matter how a human struggled, it will be impossible in this area」


But humans can’t conveniently use Spirit magic easily. Mana has a taste for magical energy as a lure. Mana likes the magical energy humans made in some degree. That’s why I can use all the property of the attribute magic. I can use 1 magical energy, where 1.2 of mana is returned, furthermore when the outer magical energy was used when casting magic, a loss occurs. If it was a common magician, the conversion efficiency is approximately 70, using 1 magical energy originally, only 80% of the Spirit magic can be used.

In addition, the part around the process that gathers mana, activation of the magic slows down and becomes unstable. There are no merits for humans on using Spirit magic. When I’m at my best, almost all conversion lost is brought closed to zero, after all it does not correspond to one’s effort.[TN#4]

(Souji)「The Golden Firefox are regarded as monsters[TN#5] when using flames right?」

(Anne)「Perhaps, there isn’t a race in this world that was loved by the flames to a extend similar to them.」

There are few suitable territories for a Firefox, wind and water have bad compatibility that destroys mana. On the other hand, territories with fire are by far the best. Normally when 1 magical energy is used, 8 mana is gathered. But in Kuna’s case, among the Firefoxes the Golden Firefox is the most prominent, when regarding 1 magical energy, 12 mana gathers. Furthermore her skill is amazing, when constructing a magic there almost zero lost in conversion.[TN#6] To be honest, I fell jealous. Using a magic that is twelve times the magical energy that was used is cheating.

(Souji)「Kuna’s technique to control it, how did she learned it?」

It isn’t a domain a girl like Kuna can normally reached at lease.[TN#7] Even for players with a homunculus bodies, it takes ten years with the best of their abilities to reach that domain. And Kuna’s flame magic equation is so refined that it’s unusual.[TN#8] There’s no difference compared to a Player-made magic. Kuna said that her otou-san taught her, then does that mean that her otou-san was the one who made that magic equation? I like to meat him once for a chat.[TN#9]

(Anne)「I think that it’s unusual. Including the process to gather magical energy, moreover taking a battle conduct. She’s a genius」

If an normal person played around with mana they will destroy themselves. But she finished completely controlling it.

(Souji)「The real battle has just started」

At the arena ring that was painted over with red, I think that for a moment Kuna’s tail just shined with a golden color. I blocked off my visual information, I followed the movements of figures inside the ring with magical energy. Kuna dashed toward the fourth placer. On the stomach, jaw and temple, three consecutive blows were released from the blind spot. She quickly retreated after delivering the combo attack. The fourth placer swung his sword in a place without anyone there.

(Lyle)「You dirty-」

His honest expression leaked out. Judging from the fourth placer, that field is like hell. There’s nowhere to escape because the whole ring was surrounded by flames. While being roasted whole, the divine protection’s blue phosphorescence consistently leaks out.

Our view was smashed by a red shroud, I can’t see Kuna’s figure anywhere. Even if one’s body is healed with divine protection, the heat and lack of air will continue to reduce the physical and spiritual strength.

(Lyle)「Damn it, damn it!」

My enhanced hearing picked-up the fourth placer’s voice. The voice started to break into frustration, despair, and resignation. The forth placer mana started to circulate. He’s probably aiming to break the boundary of flames. But……


Kuna’s fist that crept from the blind-spot for the second time breaks the fourth placer’s solar plexus, and the magic was interrupted. Normally simply moving with the heat and lack of air is difficult, And because Kuna mercilessly hit him, he can’t prepare for the magic that will break the boundary of flames. Even if he was a high-tier Rank 1, they were still both Rank 1. In a place where the flame continuously reduce the defense, if a fist that is enhanced by magical energy hits an unprotected vital spot then pain will run through. ……While his entire body is being roasted, at the time when he was almost finished his vitals received a blow and felt pain, it was a big advantage.[TN#10]

(Souji)「Kuna’s so beautiful」

Kuna didn’t made a sound at all. It’s the proof that there’s no wasted movement. With such flexible movement, just like swimming in the flames and I think that it’s beautiful. Being her opponent she knows the difference between their physical ability and defensive strength, in this battle other than the attacks from the blind-spots, she didn’t place her body in the opponent’s sword range. Despite that, she drive her fist to the opponents vital spot the moment he lost concentration, certainly the damage accumulated.

This is the cool-headed beast’s hunt. The interval between the sound and the fist launched becomes shorter. The fourth placer is weakened. As he weakens, his openings increases and also the chances for Kuna to hit him also increases. Since a while ago, a sound similar to a meat being slapped against the chopping board can be intermittently heard. The venue was dead silent. Only the sound of a meat being beaten down on the ring plaited red by the flames can be heard.

Even when in the same Rank, he lost consciousness long ago and was taken easily.[TN#11] Five minutes later the boundary of flames have frayed. Kuna remotely controlled the flames to rose up in the heavens like a dragon.

(Kuna)「Now then, did you all enjoyed my flame dance?」

Kuna without even sweating at all, smiled with the same clothes when the match started. On the other hand, the fourth placer was in a terrible state. The lightweight leather armor was burned until it was burned to dregs and sticks to the body. Blue particles rises to his whole body to cure the burns, on the cheeks, temple, solar plexus, and the crotch, the blue particles has rose from the vital parts more intensely. ……Kuna was preponderant with her hits. As far as I can see, the remaining divine protection is already under 30%, the body ability and the defensive powers are catastrophic.

(Kuna)「Have you heard before the match started, what kind of intention I had when I took off my clothes?」

Kuna was smiling while stepping, she moved forward by one step.

(Kuna)「This is the only clothes that can endure my flames yone. It was weaved with Kaa-sama’s hair. I only have these clothes. The other gets burns and is wasted so I took them off desu」

(Lyle)「Hi…hiiiii, I won’t forgive you!」

(Kuna)「That’s disappointing. Forgive me… no that’s not it… If you had just surrendered then it would have ended」

Kuna disappointedly said so and her figure vanished. No, It’s a speed dash to the extent that it made illusions. And then, her foot was lightly swung……


With a cute voice, she hit the guy in his crotch.

(Lyle)「Ou, ohou… Oufu」

The fourth placer was down. In an instant blue particles appeared, the divine protection immediately became zero and the particles disappear, the pain wasn’t eased and the damages was also aren’t healed. He fainted in agony that’s resembles a twitching caterpillar. Perhaps she was going easy from the beginning. If Kuna was really serious then that guy’s balls will be completely crushed.

Kuna then looked at where me and Anne are, she expressed a smile on her face and made a V sign. When Anne waves her hand with me, she sticks her chest out and snorts roughly.


(Referee)「Wi-winner is Kuna!」

It was a totally unexpected result. This is today’s today’s second “Giant Killing”[TN#12] The venue breaks into excitement more than at my match, Kuna goes down the arena while being cheered.

……But, at that time we didn’t even noticed. The trance expression of the fourth placer while looking at Kuna, and having his propensity being twisted by this match.[TN#13]


There was no one who was there to care for the voice that was full of heat in mind.

Translator’s note:
1.) look!; look out!; hey!

2.) Raw text is (“anata ga” kega wo suru) meaning that Kuna repeated what the 4th placer said to her.

3.) Wasn’t really written, but the next lines are spoken by Souji and Anne so the POV might have switched here.

4.) RAW TEXT: 超一流ともなると、変換ロスをほとんどゼロに近づけることができるが、やはり労力に見合わない。

5.) Monster here means being absurdly strong.

6.) RAW TEXT: だが、Kunaの場合、Firefoxの中でも最高位の金のFirefoxであり、1のMagical energy対して12のManaが集まり、さらに、彼女の技術はすさまじく、魔術を発生する際の変換ロスがほぼ0となっている。

7.) RAW TEXT: 少なくとも、まだ少女のKunaがたどり着ける領域ではない。

8.) Of course it’s unusual, Cyril taught her that.

9.) Don’t worry, you’ll meet Cyril… and be surprised.

10.) RAW TEXT: ……もっとも、全身を焼かれながら、あんな急所打ちを喰らって痛いで済む時点で大きなアドバンテージだが。

11.) RAW TEXT: 同じRankだったらとっくに意識を失って楽になれたのに。

12.) It means the defeat of a team by a much weaker opponent. But in this case the supposedly weak team was just underestimated as they are the real monsters of the match.

13.) RAW TEXT: Kunaを見る四位の恍惚とした表情に、そしてこの勝負で彼の性癖をおおいに歪めてしまったことに。

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