Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Sixteenth Episode: Phantom from the Past

I drag my body that was wounded all over back to the waiting room. With a Rank 1’s body 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】’s and 【Divine Spear】’s excessiveness had passed. The backlash of 【Divine Spear】 was taken hold of my body. My remaining divine protection was under 30%.

When divine protection had reached under 30%, there is a drop on defensive power and physical abilities, also the amount of divine protection recovered decrease. If I’m physically in perfect condition, normally within three day’s limit the divine protection will recover with its maximum amount of reserve, but when it is fewer than 30% until it recovers its recovery speed is 1/3 of the original until it reaches 30%. If I completely lost my divine protection, it will take more than a week until my divine protection can be restored.

To think about it, there are also such circumstances where an adventurer returns to the surface when it’s fewer than 50%. It doesn’t particularly mean I over-strain easily.[TN#1]

(Souji)「I’m tired of this body」

The calculative ability decreases, and I can hardly use destructive power type magic. Spatial Disruption is an atomic decomposition. A mass breakdown by kinetic energy of the zero fixations. If I can use these magic, I can pierce through regardless of the defense by the divine protection.

Under the present conditions, firepower beyond its enchantment can’t take out a body that is reinforced by divine protection. Although, the story is different if I can secure enough runtime. I may not have that chance during battle. I have to increase my rank quickly…..

I sat down the chair while swaying as if falling down. Being cornered to here after a long time I mentally gave up.[TN#2] Same with my divine protection, my brain and body which was pushed to its limit was screaming. I can’t maintain conscious. Let’s rest for a while.

◇ ◇ ◇


While I was half asleep, I heard a nostalgic voice. Are, that’s strange, she should have died already. I wasn’t able to save her.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun! Please wake up!」

Her tone is different from the usual. The Kuna that I know has a colder tone. Without any emotions, and just says the minimum things.

(Kuna)「Mou, the next person is coming yo. If Ojii-chan want’s to sleep, go sleep in the house」

Don’t ever say such jokes.

(Kuna)「I’ll carry you yo. If you touch at any strange place then I’ll get angry! Aa, let’s quickly get out, Anne-chan’s match at the second ground will begin masu」

Kuna carries me piggyback style. I clung to her reflectively. With a sweet smell and soft body, the body temperature that was transmitted was slightly comfortable. I buried my face in her rich blond hair.


Kuna trembled with a twitch. It’s a nice smell. I want to do it more.

(Kuna)「What are suddenly doing!? Your breath is tickling my scruff…… You must absolutely get up masu yone, I’ll lower you down now」

(Souji)「It’s a nice smell」

(Kuna)「If you’re awake then stand on your own legs yo」

(Souji)「I’m tired. Let’s stay like this for a while」

(Kuna)「Are you really that tired masu?」

(Souji)「Presently, I also don’t want to take another step」

I can already walk but I want to verify Kuna’s existence. I was able to meet you again after a long time. Even if it’s a dream, I want to do it this way. I love her.

This reminds me, it was like this in the past, I was badly injured and was carried this way. At that time, I also said that it was a nice smell. What did she said at that time?…… must recall it. 『I don’t like my smell. The dirt can’t be removed and it doesn’t disappear』

(Souji)「Kuna, you smell nice」

(Kuna)「I heard that a while ago. Because it’s embarrassing so stop it」

Kuna’s voice was mixed with bashfulness. She seems to not hate it but wasn’t heard. I was glad. I wanted to see this girl, I wanted to try various things and make her laugh more.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun is such a spoiled child desune. I’ll let it slide for today as you did your best. Mou, I’ll be gentle just for today desu kara ne」

Kuna wirily smiled and has begun to walk. I’m certain; she was always saying 『I want to return』. It’s was just a monologue, but even while having a nightmare at night, 『I want to return』 was repeated.

(Souji)「Kuna, Kuna’s hometown, do you want to return to Elucie?」

(Kuna)「I don’t want to return ever!」

(Souji)「That so」

(Kuna)「What is it desu ka? That joyful tone」

(Souji)「It’s nothing. Really, it’s nothing at all」

My long regret was over. At last, I’m glad that she is finally facing ahead. If this is a dream, then I don’t ever want to wake up.

(Souji)「Kuna, If, if you like to smile, please show me a smiling face.」

(Kuna)「….Were you hit at a bad place? Souji-kun[TN#3], you’re acting really weird desu yo」

I’m looking at Kuna who became worried while gently putting me down.

(Souji)「It’s not weird. I wanted to see the smiling face of Kuna the whole time. I grew tired of seeing both the crying face and grimace of Kuna already. Surely the way where Kuna smiles is pretty cute, I always think of that」

(Kuna)「Wha-, really, what is is desu ka, mou」

Kuna’s face was red-hot and was confused.

(Souji)「It’s a request. Please smile」

(Kuna)「Why do you have such a face which seems to cry desu ka!? Understand. I understand it. I’ll smile masu yo, Souji-kun is acting really weird」

And Kuna was giggling with a tiny smile. ……I’m glad. Even if it’s a dream, this girl had smiled. I then fell as if my strings were cut off.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Souji)「Are, where am I?」

When I woke up, I seemed to be in the Colosseum’s audience seat. And next to me was Kuna.


(Souji)「What is it Kuna?」

(Kuna)「Fuu, It’s the usual Souji-kun sune. I’m glad」


(Kuna)「Don’t you remember? In the waiting room, Souji-kun was really weird desu yo」

(Souji)「I can’t remember anything after I collapsed on the chair」

*Jiiーto*[TN#4] Kuna was looking at my face. I was doubt frankly.

(Souji)「Even if you have such face, I can’t remember what I don’t remember」

「When I lend my back to you with good intention you suddenly embraced me, with an indecent movement using those filthy hands」

(Souji)「Don’t remember it」

「Fuun[TN#5], is that so desu ka. You suddenly buried your face in my nape then did some sniff-sniff, and you said that it’s a nice smell repeatedly don’t you remember desu ka?」

(Souji)「Aa, don’t remember it」

Kuna looks at me with a face of disbelieve.

(Kuna)「Telling me to smile, because you said that my smiling face was the cutest」

(Souji)「I already said, I don’t remember」

When I said so, I sighed deeply.

(Kuna)「Please return my pure maiden’s heart! ……maa, fine desu. Souji-kun」

Kuna expressed a well-defined expression.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun had been sleeping too long. I and Anne-chan have been alternating to watch over you. As for the tournament, next is the semifinal’s second match desu. In the first match, Anne-chan won and moved to the finals…… By the way, it’s my turn next desu」

That’s wonderful. I wanted to see Kuna’s fight by all means. I even think that her flames are like an art.

(Souji)「Best of luck. And your opponent is?」

(Kuna)「It’s the person who was at fourth place who nitpicking at us. From that person some time ago often said that he’ll avenge his Rank 2 brother who was defeated nanoka, I persistently said with sarcasm “I’m off” desu yone.[TN#6] Especially when he is speaking badly of Anne-chan desu」

(Souji)「That’s very irritating」

(Kuna)「Hai, I almost beat him up. Souji-kun has shown it to me; I will go all out on this」

Kuna smiled with a broad grin.

(Kuna)「And Souji-kun. What kinds of girlish expression do you like the most desu ka? 」

(Souji)「A smiling face naturally」

(Kuna)「I see. The, I’m off」

Kuna with a smiling expression turned her back on me. Her majestic figure, I’ll certainly carve it into my eyes.

◇ ◇ ◇

The assembly hall was filled with excitement. Everyone’s gaze was concentrated on Kuna.

(Souji)「Kuna’s amazing」

(Anne)「That’s right. Her existence is like a flower. Whenever the match piles up, it becomes popular」

Anne who just returned to her seat was saying it proudly as if it’s herself.[TN#7]

(Souji)「Until now, what kind of fight was shown?」

(Anne)「She enhanced her physical ability, and then afterwards her opponent resembled an octopus after the beating」

(Souji)「Neither weapon nor flame was used?」

(Anne)「I think that it’s inevitable. There are few weapons that can put up with a Firefox’s strength, and if she used her flame at that moment they will find out that she’s a Firefox」

With Kuna’s fox ears inside a hat and her tail within a skirt; she is hiding the fact that she’s a Firefox. In that situation, there will only be nothing but strategies.

(Anne)「But I think that the next match will be serious」

The colosseum became Kuna’s arena, and her clothes were thrown off. Enthusiastic cheers were shouted from the audience. Kuna had already exposed her fox ears and fox tail. With only a sleeveless body fit clothes and hot pants. The sleeveless clothes and hot pants clings onto her body, Kuna’s attractive limbs was produced glamorously. And her fox ears and tail that was a Firefox’s feature made her stand out with distinguished harmony.

Everyone in the venue was breathless with Kuna’s charm. I see now and understand it. This time, Kuna will be truly serious. The seriousness of a Firefox in the battlefield is impossible for humans to handle under any condition.

Translator’s Note:
1.) RAW TEXT: 無理をしてもろくなことにはならないのだ。

2.) RAW TEXT: ここまで追い詰められたのは久しぶりで精神的にもまいっている。

3.) Here instead of the usual “-kun”(くん), Kuna used “-kun”(君) instead.

4.) *stare*, *silence*, *frozen* The sound of staring, silence, or of remaining frozen/motionless.

5.) *humph*, *hmph* or *heehh*

6.) RAW TEXT: ネチネチ嫌味をいってくるんですよね

7.) RAW TEXT: 観客席に戻ってきたAnneが、まるで自分のことのように誇らしそうに言う。
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