Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Fifteenth Episode: Divine Spear

Rank 1 and Rank 2. The obstacle was heavy. As the same time as the match starts Sempai started to run. Are you underestimating me that much, brandishing your huge sword like that while charging. The movement was simple but it was fast. I won’t even reach half of that speed even if I let go of my weapon and sprint at full power.

I relaxed my whole body. It’s still to early. Distance is 2m. I reduced the steps without any unnecessary movements, I placed the spear to Sempai’s expected route.
Sempai wasn’t able to react to a completely natural movement. Even if the 【status】 raises your ability, your reflex for kinetic vision does not change.

It’s a counter from outside the consciousness, Even with the difference on speed a quick reaction is impossible.


Sempai had a surprised expression but it was already too late. Without stopping his movement, it became a figure plunging into the spear. Adjusting the spear in my right hand, I aimed at the throat part. He completely sucked-up the spear as it hits the throat. While plunging into the soft throat with force, it lightly pierce a fatal wound. But, a hard scratching sound was heard. With only the tip of the spearhead, as if a needle was used, just a small wound was made.[TN#1] There was little damage to Sempai. Despite this, there’s a dull pain on my wrist, a blue particle flashes and recovery begins. My divine protection is decreasing.

(Reyle)「Wah, that was regretful Rank 1」

Sempai advances while the spear is being trusted in his throat. No good. If this continues my wrist will be broken, and my divine protection will be greatly consumed. I relaxed my wrist. At that instant the upper body has taken a tremendous force. Sempai swung down his sword to the me that has lost his balance.

Without trying to recover form my forceful lost balance, I utilized the thrown momentum. Using the left foot as a focal point for a high-speed rotation, he sneaked toward the rear. The spear acquires a centrifugal force that wasn’t used to pierced but to mow instead, he aimed the strike toward the medulla oblongata.[TN#2] To avoid a downward swing of something long with a centrifugal force was useless, I succeeded into hitting his medulla oblongata. This single blow can kill a person normally. But in my hands comes a blunt feeling, Sempai didn’t moved an inch. I backed away by two steps. To me who was on full guard, Sempai slowly looked back at me and expressed a smile.

(Reyle)「Quite regrettable. If you were just in the same rank as me, you could have killed me twice. Iya, that was surprising. To be able to do that here. Your spearmanship is frightening. The confidence was just a trap[TN#3]

(Souji)「My pleasure」

(Reyle)「But with this you should have understood. You can’t kill me. There’s no way to kill me」

(Souji)「I’ve done some damage on your skin. If repeated over ten thousand times, won’t Sempai’s divine protection run out?」

Countering the opponent using their own speed. In addition to aim at the throat part with the power concentrated on the spearhead damages a piece of the skin. It cause me to sob.
This is the difference between Rank 2 and Rank 1.

(Souji)「It can be done if I try. But, I already know. You don’t have any experience.[TN#4] I will corner you bit by bit」

Sempai took a sword stance which aims at the eye. Furthermore, his body was covered with magical light. Using magic, he reinforced his physical ability.

(Reyle)「Here I go, Rank 1 《smallfry》」

I thrust into him the same way just like a while ago. But, without breaking the stance he quickly slide without running in big steps.[TN#5] There’s no opening. It’s now impossible to put a counter like before. I made up my mind.

(Souji)「【Body Reinforcement・Extreme Limit】」

Just simply, my body reinforcement doesn’t drain any mana, in the game era this was called the most superior body reinforcement magic. The phosphorescence of the magic overflows, my whole is strengthened. Further, when injured a blue phosphorescence of divine protection will gush out. It’s because this is beyond the limit, it is a body reinforcement magic when the body receives damage. Divine protection is shaved off every second. But to that extent if is not done, I’ll be instantly killed.[TN#6]


I used the the spear’s long range to let out a trust. A single blow without any spare movements, It hit without letting the opponent react. Compared from earlier Sempai’s speed fell, this is thanks to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】[TN#7] However it only shaved a layer of skin. When repelled, an opening was made. Sempai was about to slash with the sword. Doing a small backswing, there was no openings. There’s a minimum movement similar to a Kendo’s Men[TN#8]. Our speed are too different. At any rate, if it’s a large swing I can’t evade it. I slant my spear and let it slide. My hand goes numb, I should have eluded it’s power. Even the physical strength is too different.

(Reyle)「Ora, what’s the matter?」

He swings continuously. His continues swings leaves little opening. With the difference of our skills, a counterattack is possible. But it’s useless even if it’s done here. I took a small step, I evaded as much as possible and accomplished the impossible. Let alone a direct hit, my defeat is settled if I didn’t evade and parried it instead.

(Reyle)「Ora! Are you even defending!」

I continued my defense silently. I have no room to reply. The slight impact cracked a bone when I evaded this way. The recoil of 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】affects my body. Each time recovery activates, my divine protection gets drained out. This is beginning to be a one-sided match. But Sempai’s expression has lost it’s composure and doubts starts to surface.

(Reyle)「You!! How can you receive such injuries? You’re just a Rank 1 and yet to use body reinforcement that much, why isn’t your mana getting depleted!?」

Sempai has an astonished expression. Even if just merely but impatience begun to surface. Even if I devote myself in defending, it’s not possible for a Rank 1 to continuously receive a Rank 2’s attack. It’s thanks to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 This isn’t called a reinforcement limit release for nothing. For high-speed calculations mana is concentrated, it’s essential for necessary occasions. Normal reinforcement strengthens the whole body, but this magic is on a whole different dimension. Problem is, doing it to that extent, it’s status quo still falls behind yet the physical ability is still overwhelming.[TN#9]

And why my mana is not running out, this is my most secret of my secret arts. Because mana is stored in the Mithril that wasn’t changed into a weapon beforehand, it acts as an extra mana furnace. If it was my own mana then I already be drained out long ago. 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 is not a fuel-efficient magic at all. Sempai was getting impatient and changed his aim, starting with destroying the spear he aims his attack toward the spear. Certainly if I received that attack with my spear it will break and there’s a chance that my hands will go numb. But Sempai forgot something. I’m not a warrior but a magician.

(Reyle)「What the!?」

The spear melted at impact and the sword passed without stopping.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Sixth Mode・Twin Sword Series】」

The spear was spitted into two, it separated into two short swords and fits into both my hands. The distance has been shorten and isn’t the suitable distance for a spear, but a distance for Sempai’s sword. That being the case, I’ll be checkmated in a step distance, and at this distance it’s more suitable for these short swords. At my right and left hand was a short sword, I slashed at the neck and wrist’s artery respectively. …..The audience was getting excited by the series of offence and defense. But just a scratch in the skin as expected. In order for Sempai to return the debt of disgrace, he increased his rotation. However it became a monotonous and was easy to read, moreover now is the appropriate time. For some time now it was easier to deal with it.

(Reyle)「Stop being so annoyiiiiiinnnngggggg!!」

Being disgusted toward me a large swing follows. It didn’t hit me. With that blow, I distance myself away. I gave up stepping an extra movement, I back away from the sword’s distance.[TN#10]

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

Once again I turned it into a spear, while following Sempai’s sword swing with my eyes it immediately passes, I scooped up the spear from below going upward in full power similar to swinging a golf club. The aim is Sempai’s balls.[TN#11]

The aimed spear strongly hit’s Sempai’s balls all according to KEIKAKU[TN#12]. I muster all the strength of my heart and soul and scooped it up. He wasn’t able to hold out the attack that came from below ground going upward. The physical strength of a Rank 1 isn’t just for show, Sempai’s body was blown in a flashy way. He flown 5m to the sky, Sempai was completely able to do it like a stone would[TN#13]. He was thrown against the colosseum.

(Souji)「Even the balls might be tough. Rank 2 Sempai’s that is」

I’ve thrown a joke while fixing my breath. By back was wet with cold sweat and my heart screams from the long movement when resting. I checkmated it when continued being attacked for another five seconds. Although I hit him with the power to send you flying 5m, his balls wasn’t crushed. Certainly he already stopped being human.

(Examinee A)「Way to go! Rank 1!」

(Examinee B)「He can do it, he really can do it. That was totally unexpected」

(Examinee C)「Damn, I thought it was profitable so I bet on An-chan. Although it was a long shot.」[TN#14]

Cheers splashed from the audience seat. They where charmed by my fighting. There was almost no damage at that one blow. Rather from the start until now all my hits are not effective as expected.

On the contrary, as for me, I fractured a bone each time I evade Sempai’s swings, so I kept getting a backlash from【Body Reinforcement・Limit】, at best only 45% of my divine protection remains. When 30% remains, the divine power becomes extremely weak, both the defensive power and physical ability drops. If that happens then it’s already hopeless.
The mana from my mana furnace is also running out, almost half of the mana remains. Surely this is a desperate situation.

(Reyle)「Ma-making a fool out of me. I’ll kill you. I’ll absolutely kill you!」

(Souji)「Sempai, that’s a sound treat, I’ll leave you all beaten up, I can say such lines well don’t you think so? At lease say that after landing a single hit on me. ……Iya, you don’t have to hit me. If I receive it with the spear, you can snap it in one stroke. Even that wasn’t possible although with this much exchanging blows, right」

I purposely tell that to let the audience hear it. The laughter suddenly resounds. It is I who was really cornered, but judging from the audience, it doesn’t look like so at all.
Sempai can attack one-sidedly and the attack is evaded, so it looks like he has been made a fool off. That is important.

(Reyle)「I’ll kill you!」

(Souji)「Is that the only thing you can say? You have a limited vocabulary it seems. Because it’s like this, Sempai’s sword trajectory is quite simple. It’s easily evadable, when you pursuing too mush without any talent in using a sword, and getting close the heart of my spear」[TN#15]

Audience’s laughter becomes terrible. I added fuel to Sempai’s anger one after another. I secretly shorten the distance. 2m 30cm. I ready my body at any moment. An opportunity for my certain kill.

(Reyle)「Be prepared, I’ll show you how serious I am」

The strength of Sempai’s body reinforcement increases. However, it was distorted when his strength was increased. It wasn’t able to handle the mana which made it stronger. Mou, I completely lost sight of it. ……This is plenty enough. I’ll finished this with my trump card.

(Souji)「Sempai, there!」

I pointed at a pebble rolling behind Sempai, at the same time a small explosion was made by a fire magic. There’s not much power, but it made some noise for distraction. Normally you won’t fall for it. But because Sempai had lost his composure he was startled by it, he was lured to look at the pebble that I pointed at and made it explode. In a fight, when your sight and consciousness has been taken away, it will prove to be fatal.

(Souji)「【Divine Spear】」

My trump card for this match. I executed the fastest and the strongest magic that this spear is used for. This magic is theoretically a fast trust using the whole power of the body. This single blow will surely decide the match. I have put this tactics together for that purpose only. This is the only effective attack I can do at this moment, I’ll gamble everything with this one strike.

I avoided any waste to it’s limit, this spear technique is the strongest magic I made with the only purpose of delivering the fastest spear trust within a short distance. This is the partner I’ve relied off the most. Advancing a step forward, I trust the spear. However, from my foot to my waist, waist to my arm, my arm to my hands, my hands to the spear, an interlocking movement of artistic power draws a spiral, furthermore 【Divine_Spear】 goes ahead in addition to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】.

【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 is an essential point, it only concentrates the mana but 【Divine Spear】 pours the whole mana in accordance to the weight movement.[TN#16] Being aware of the muscle fibers linked one by one by body movement, I concentrate all my mana only on the muscle operation by timing the movement. It ruins the body and change the magic reaction beyond that of reasonable degree. But before it breaks the body, 【Divine Spear】’s god-like speed will make the spear reach.

I was prepared losing 10% of my divine protection to fire this off. While I was emitting mana phosphorescence and divine protection phosphorescence from the body I wield the【Divine_Spear】, with god-like speed I returned Sempai’s gaze and it pierced his eyes.


Assuming that there were a difference between Rank 1 and Rank 2, using the 【Divine_Spear】 which concentrated all of my existence on one point, if aimed at the soft eyes the it will pierced through. That place is the weak point. A theory when a lower rank aims for victory. The spear that pierced the eyes was deeply stuck. From Sempai’s body tremendous blue phosphorescence flickers around the area. The spear can’t be pulled out. It was efficiently embedded. As long as the spear remains embedded, Sempai will continue to receive the fatal wound. Thus when enormous divine protection is lost all at once, you will be filled with the sense of lost and won’t be able to move.
Sempai can’t pull out the spear by himself anymore.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I made another spear from the Mithril on my thigh. Mou, I’m already exhausted the mana and it’s already useless as an extra mana battery.


I aim at his flank and thrust with my full strength. Sempai’s divine protection was cut down to under 30% thus making his toughness decrease sharply. I can pierce through him now even with my current power. The sensation of penetrating through the meat. The second spear had pierced through his body. His left eye and flank, from both parts phosphorescence leaks out like fireworks.

(Proctor)「That’s far enough!! The winner is Souji. Immediately pull out those spear!!! The divine protection is already under 20%! He’ll immediately die if his divine protection wears off!!」

The female instructor was shouting while running. I intended to pull the spear out within 3 seconds even if they didn’t said it. The place where the injury is exactly is will be healed in line of using up ones divine protection.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Ring】」

Executing the magic equation, I dissolved the spears and wound it around my upper arm and thigh as always. The blue phosphorescence from Sempai’s body came to a stop.

(Proctor)「Oi, boy are you ok!」[TN#17]

The instructor was desperately shaking Sempai’s body.

(Reyle)「I, my eye, have, my eye, have, I’m… alive?」

He call it repeatedly whether his eyes have been broken.

(Proctor)「Boy you’re alive, and your eye are ok」

(Reyle)「I-I’m g-glad」

(Souji)「Sempai, that was a good match」

I hold out my hand to help now awaken Sempai who is sitting down.

(Reyle)「Hiii, no, noooOOOOOO!, no speaaaarrrrrRRRR!」

However, my good will was fruitless.[TN#18] While rolling up and almost fell down, Sempai desperately runs away. As I expected, he will suffer a trauma from being pierced on the eyes with a spear while still alive. I’ll be worried whether I destroyed the promising Sempai’s future. When did I had such a worry?

(Examinee D)「Uoooooooooo, he really won!」

(Examinee E)「The Rank 1 vs Rank 2 match was amazinggggg!」

(Examinee F)「Oh crap! That last spear wasn’t visible to the audience」

(Examinee G)「Really, that parry was amazing!」

(Examinee E)「Iya iya, the first counter to the throat is the most wonderful!」

(Examinee G)「What are you saying! The first scoop send a Rank 2 flying off!」

The audience seat was greatly excited. Meanwhile, the instructor begins to talk.

(Proctor)「Boy, this are just my personal impressions. I am not fond of that sort of victory. You have no consideration for your opponent at all」

(Souji)「I was able to win only by using that method」

(Proctor)「……That I understand. But, someday that will trip someone out boy. This is an advice from your sempai in life」

With eyes that seemed to totally feel nostalgic for, the instructor watched me.

(Proctor)「As for that a while ago, the winner declaration was an emergency so therefore I’m here to do it once again.」

While saying so, the instructor takes my hand and raises it highly.

(Proctor)「Winner! Rank 1 examinee, Souji. In addition I’ll announce the scholarship student decision here as a special exception」

Cheers resounds all over. Especially the King was intensely making a racket the most. Kuna the Firefox was not worrying about her hat flying off and her fox ears being bare, while saying ‘amazing’ she shed tears while embracing Anne. But Anne was watching me with an absentminded face as like having been delirious with fever.[TN#19]

◇ ◇ ◇

~Anne’s Point of View~

I have confidence on using a sword. When I was a child I called for sword experts to gain experience. I feel certain awe for the skills of an expert.

However, as for me, my soul has not been shaken until today. The heart and soul of the spear that Souji fired. The single blow with a god-like speed that was over in a moment.

I won’t ever forget it throughout my life. The limit where all uselessness has been taken out. The mad passion that was only poured from the fast trust was being transmitted. With the precise coldness that was inhuman, contradicts with the single blow that burns the flame of life passionately.

How much training did he piled up to acquired such a state? To what extent of passion can create such god-like skills.

For the first time I noticed. Whatever it is, if it taken to the extreme then it will be beautiful. Whatever kind of artwork, flower, or jewel, it can’t rival that beauty. I even though that I wanted to be penetrated by that spear.[TN#20] Before I noticed it, the inside of my body became hot. To my intense excitement, I want to take my clothes of, throw them away and scream.

Aa, so that’s it, for the first time… I fell in love.

Translator’s Notes:
1.) RAW TEXT: 槍の先端はほんの先端だけ、まるで針でちょんとついたように、ほんの小さな傷をつけただけだ。

2.) These fighting scenes are a real killer to translate… RAW TEXT: 左足を軸に高速で回転しつつ、背後に回り込んで、遠心力をつけた槍を突きではなく薙ぎで、延髄を狙って叩きつける。

3.) RAW TEXT: 自信も出るわな

4.) In battle of course

5.) RAW TEXT: だが、大股で走るなんてことはせずに、すり足ですばやく構えを崩さないままだ。

6.) RAW TEXT: だが、そこまでしないと瞬殺される。

7.) Dunno if the Author forgot to include “きわめ” in 【身体能力強化・極】 or Souji cast a de-buff to sempai without us knowing….

8.) Men, written with the kanji (面) means “face” or “helmet”. Men is one of the five strikes in kendo. It is a long slashing stroke that falls on the centre-line of the head.

9.) RAW TEXT: 問題は、そこまでしておいて、それでも圧倒的に身体能力が劣っている現状だ。

10.) RAW TEXT: 予備動作の段階で見切り、剣の間合いから一歩外まで下がる


12.) Keikaku means Plan

13.) RAW TEXT:先輩は頭から石で出来た

14.) RAW TEXT:「くっそぅ、兄ちゃんに賭けときゃよかった。大穴だったのに」

15.) RAW TEXT: 槍の懐に入っておいて切れないなんて剣の才能ないですよ」

16.) RAW TEXT:【Body_Reinforcement・Limit】は必要なところに、Manaを集中するだけだが、【Divine_Spear】は体重移動に合わせて全Manaを注ぎ込む。

17.) His left eyes and flank was pierced with a spear and you ask him if he’s aright?! He might be completely healed but that will leave a trauma

18.) See, I told you that was traumatizing

19.) Fallen Human Noble Getto!

20.) If you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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