Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Thirteenth Episode: Magic Stone

(Sempai)「Hey you」

The Rank 2 sempai suddenly talked to me when the break begin.

(Souji)「What is it sempai?」

While feeling doubtful, I replied with a smile.

(Sempai)「I doubt you badly a while ago. My apology」

(Souji)「Thanks for that」

(Sempai)「Therefor. If, you pass as a scholarship student, I can enter you into my party. Naturally, it’s absurd to accept a first year who is wet behind the ears, but if it’s you then it’s possible. If you follow me, we will surely be the winning party」

It will probably be like that. This sempai is the only Rank 2 in the second years. There is no further condition if I make a Party in this school.

(Souji)「I decline」

(Sempai)「What did you say!? This I[TN#1] is inviting you!?」

(Souji)「I’ll still decline even if it’s another person. Because I already have a Party」

(Sempai)「……Very well, You seems to be close to the women who got the second and third place」

(Souji)「Yeah, they are my Party Members, the best comrades I can trust」

From the beginning I aim at the top with us three people. I didn’t think of receiving any protection from someone.[TN#2]

(Sempai)「Is that so, don’t regret your choice…… OK then, I was being obstructive because my younger brother was also aiming to be a scholarship student」

The sempai left after looking towards Anne meanfully.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Proctor)「The King has arrived. Salute」

All the examinees were line up before the King came in. And, they all simultaneously salutes on signal. The female instructor who got restless until a while ago tightens her expression neatly. Looking at the saluting examinees, the King nods and raised his voice.

(King)「I’ve came at a good time. To the knights-to-be. I like to watch the state of the young people who have the aptitude exerting themselves. It’s expected today that you’ll be able to shine and have us show the glitter of your abilities. Convey your charm with all your effort」

The person seem to be good-natured, a voice with tolerance nevertheless mysterious.[TN#3] It was said that compared to the several generation before, the King was the most charismatic of all. The portion of that could be seen.

(King)「All hands, at ease」

We release our salutation.

(King)「Well then, everyone disperse. I will watch your entire match from a special seat」

The King left and went to a expensive looking seat reserve for the distinguished guests. The King saw Anne while passing then left. With eyes of guilty conscience that somewhat having a feeling of pity.[TN#4] It’s just natural…… The King know her father’s false accusations. He knew and kept his eyes closed for his country’s sake. The daughter of the retainer who he was personally on good terms with.

…..As for me and the King, both knows the truth behind the crime of Anne’s father. When IRURANDE was still a game there was an event which shook the country, when topping the status on a certain degree the shadow will flicker from the body.[TN#5] But that knowledge became Anne. Because when I played IRURANDE, I’ve never met her. But there was a time when I regarded her sword as the Sword of Affection[TN#6]. ……If I wasn’t able to meet her with good timing this time, there was a probably that she lived somewhere, had fallen, then died or was turned into a slave and would come to the point of her parting with the sword.

I won’t accept such thing! If that sword is by her side then that’s the time that sword shines the most.

◇ ◇ ◇

I look at the Tournament list. The name of the top 64 people is in the tournament. I don’t understand the appeal of fighting to eliminate candidates who have failed to score a certain number of points.[TN#7] It was said that the rank doesn’t matter because what was shown in the match will be evaluated. But that’s just a deception. The more you win, the more times you’ll be evaluated. That’s why, they generally use the results to decide who to seed, the high ranking students is planned to be evaluated till in last rounds. The spectator who came to watch gets excited.

Despite that….. On the tourney list, me and Anne was the first one to face each other.

Isn’t it an unwritten rule to seed the one with the good result? Well no one really did say that. But it’s unlikely. Surely this is a plan to lower the evaluation of Anne that was a criminal’s daughter. I recalled in my mind the words of the proctor who announced the lecture’s test result.

(Proctor)『Don’t think that everyone here won’t move due to their emotions』

Surely, it’s like that. My sight suddenly gazed the tall man, the Rank 2 sempai was pleasantly chatting with a proctor different from the young lady before, I smiled when he looked at me with a grin.[TN#8] Aah, so that’s it. Did that sempai made use of Anne’s crime as a pretext and incite that proctor?

(Anne)「I’ll do it」

There is also the method of throwing match on purpose. Unlike her, I can do anything to raise money easily. But, That girl want to face each other sincerely with her sword. And awkward negligence will be easily exposed. After all I’m in the situation where I’ve swore that us three will become the scholarship students. I can’t have the 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission a failure. In that case, no matter how difficult the way is, all three of us will be selected as the scholarship students.

(Souji)「Instructor, I have a suggestion!」

I raised my voice. So the King can hear it too..

(Proctor)「What is it? I’ll list so let me hear it」

The female instructor’s face slightly twitched. I’d have a bothersome hunch.[TN#9]

(Souji)「Frankly speaking, my abilities exceeds this place. It’s just like playing a game so it is a waste of my time. Such a pointless match, do I have to honestly do it six times until the tournament ends, what a drag」

(Proctor)「Y-you! What did you say!」

The instructor was enraged by the too haughty remark.
As for the other examinees wasn’t a match, I was looked with such killing intent.

(Proctor)「Are you saying you don’t intend to fight?」

(Souji)「It’s not that, I’m just saying that It’s not necessary for me to fight six times. I’ll demonstrate my abilities with just one match. By defeating the only Rank 2 of the second years!」

I pointed at the sempai who was the only Rank 2 in the second years that was expected to reach Rank 3 upon graduation, It’s been a long time since I fearlessly smiled.
For trying to crush us. It’s unforgivable. I’ll smash you and make you our steppingstone.

(King)「Interesting! Interesting isn’t it! Such a reckless youth, I like that」

The King in the special seat stood up while intensely clapping. Now that I think about it, this unreasonable suggestion might not have been accepted. But, I’ve know the King from the game era. I have absolute confidence that the festive loving king will ride on with it.

(King)「Yeah, I would like to watch that. Good then. Let’s do just that. Un, the genius of the active students, and the genius of the examinees battle it on. This is becoming exciting」

All the instructor was flustered. They like to turn it down but the king was enthusiastic about it. It’s impossible to just ignore it.

(Sempai)「I would like to request it as well! I will not be satisfied if I don’t break this impertinent boy’s nose! For someone with a Rank 1 【status】 who haven’t acquired any experience can’t be left as it is」

The Rank 2 sempai who was in rage trusted a challenge to me as it was natural.
As for the sounding examinees, they want to see me have a painful experience. Yare yare! I stand up with haste. Meanwhile, Kuna and Anne watched uneasily with teary eyes and was holding each other’s hand.

Specially for Anne who seems to have guess that my action is for her sake, why do you have such expression?

I signaled thumb up to the two while smiling somewhat saying to them that 『I’ll win』.

(Proctor)「Your Majesty, you can’t. That child is just a Rank 1 moreover he haven’t gain any 【status】 at all. Even if there is a divine protection, If the opponent is a Rank 2 then he’ll instantly die! I do not want to witness a talented youth be crushed」

(Souji)「Instructor it’s all right, I’m full prepared. Permit it by all means. Everyone also wishes for it」

The surroundings agreed with me.

(Proctor)「Bu-but I still can’t permit it. If you receives an attack from a Rank 2, The divine protection would catch up and you’ll die」

(Souji)「Is that so…… Well then, Sempai. The instructor is telling my 【status】 is not up to par, and saying that I shouldn’t fight you. Then in hat case, may I consume one magic stone?」

(Sempai)「I don’t care ze, because nothing will change even if you consume one. Until now, I consumed several hundred magic stone just to get to Rank 2」

(Souji)「Well then I accept the offer」

I took out the high tiered huge Rank 1 magic stone.
Originally I can only eat this huge magic stone after I reached the phase where my body can endure it.
Everyone in the surrounding suddenly turned pale.
However you look at it, this was just plain suicide.
At any rate, to consume this magic stone with such power, I have to consume magic stones for 15 times that is stronger than the last one consumed. Butt I’ve skipped all that.[TN#10]

(Proctor)「Stop that! You’ll die!」

The instructor who turned pale was running in order to stop me.
But I was a tad faster.
I put the magic stone on my forehead, I then silently prayed while consuming it.
Green light unwraps from the magic stone and was absorbed into my body.
The wind blew with us as it’s center.

(Souji)「Well then, sempai, my preparations are completed. Let’s do this」

A stir is heard from the surrounding
It’s strange.
What exactly is that guy.

(Souji)「With this I’m a mid tier Rank 1. Because of that I won’t instantly die」

Originally it’s the first territory that I’ve arrived and it took several months, from zero the rush of overlapping surprises the instant that I’ve arrived.[TN#11]

From the surrounding, voice starts leaking with topics about the miracle Rank up. The audience who was expecting my execution begun to look forward with a true significance.

(Sempai)「You! I don’t have any idea what method you just used, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re just a Rank 1. I’ll kill you with one swift attack!」

Sempai said while his hand slightly trembled.
While we were being watched, the king opens his mouth.

(King)「Ahahahaha, interesting, it’s getting more interesting. I have never seen such a reckless youth. Do it, no, Do it as the King’s direct order. I desire the match between the Rank 2 and Rank 1」

The surrounding eyes were focused on the instructor.
The instructor was conflicted ,in the dept of his heart has an unwilling state then opened his mouth.

(Proctor)「I permit it. I’ll change the first match to Second Year Reyle Vs. Examinee Souji. As for Anne who was supposed to be Souji’s opponent, will have a default win for two matches. The match will commence in ten minutes later」

A cry rose from from the audience seat and a match here was just established.

Translator’s Notes:
1.) Rank 2 sempai was using “Kono ore ga” to address himself

2.) RAW TEXT: 誰かの庇護を受けようだなんて思わない。

3.) RAW TEXT: 人の良さそうな、それでいて不思議な包容力のある声。

4.) RAW TEXT: そして、ひどく憐れむような、後ろめたさを感じるような視線だ。

5.) RAW TEXT: それは国を揺るがすような事件で、ゲームだったIRURANDEでは、ある程度の地位まで上り詰めれば、その影がちらつくからだ。

6.) Seriously it was written as “愛剣” which literally translate as Love Sword

7.) RAW TEXT: それ以外は足切りで実戦のアピ―ルの場をもらえない。

8.) RAW TEXT: ふと、視線を感じると大男とも、若い女性とも違う教官の一人と談笑していたRank2の先輩が、にやりとした笑みでこっちを見ていた。

9.) RAW TEXT: 面倒ごとの予感がしたのだろう。

10.) Like a Boss!

11.) RAW TEXT: 0から一瞬でたどり着いた驚愕があたりを駆け巡る

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