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Twelfth Episode: Practical Test

We arrived at the meeting place for the practical skill while being accompanied by the proctor. The facilities are enhanced, there’s a coliseum for exchanging sword strike with, and various things including a target mark for archery training is prepared.

(Proctor)「Alright, attention everyone. We will now measure you all for your 【status】. The school is seeking talented individuals. One’s strength is not required. Your 【status】 increase will be subtracted on your test result, good luck」

The new proctor was a pretty person who totally looked like a girl unlike the tall man of a while ago. Anyone will completely believe it if I told them that person was a student. As she was saying, to reserve the balance nature they will deduct the consumed magic stone from the test result. When the rank differs, the difference between the being will be completely varied , even if they are of the same rank the strength changes depending on their 【status】 .

(Proctor)「Well then go line up, line up」

The examinees line up according to the instructions. All in all, a total of ninety-eight people. There are fewer applicants who passed. 80% of the total examinee was disqualified within the lecture test. When I lined up, my turn suddenly came.

(Proctor)「Now then, say your name」

(Souji)「Souji. I don’t have a family name」

(Proctor)「Souji. Then we’ll go with the 【Status Measurement】」

The proctor closes her eyes and then concentrates. A magic equation then floats on my head A magician can execute a magic without mistaking any words by having the magic language in their heads.

By the way, others can see the appearing equation of the the skill and information to some extent. There’s about fifty process in a intermediate magic. In my case, with the same magic I can shorten it into twenty process. The proctor completed her magic after thirty seconds of me standing.

(Proctor)「Souji is, in the same condition when you were born, isn’t it. You also haven’t eaten any magic stones」

(Souji)「Yeah, tat sort of practice I haven’t experienced doing it」

(Proctor)「On the contrary it’s quite unusual. In your present case, you can acquire a low rank magic stone」

(Souji)「Maa, I want to be self sufficient. I don’t have any intention to eat a magic stone that was collected by others」

Magic stones is this City’s major exports. A particular effect is clearly shown if anyone consumes a low rank magic stone. As for stronger magic stone, when consumed while the 【status】 is low there is a risk of death, but if it’s a low rank one then it’s safe to consume.

Some parents often buys low ranking magic stones to make their child slightly stronger. Furthermore when it comes to nobles, they hire an exclusive appraiser then buys all kinds of magic stones and gradually strengthens their child while the appraiser apprised the child’s capacity.

As a result they can attain the superior power of a Rank 1 without fighting against any demons. Although reaching Rank 2 is impossible. No one can exceed Rank 1 with just using magic stones.

(Proctor)「What an unusual child. Well, whatever. Without any correction to be deducted….oh, please wait a moment. In your pouch, there is a magic stone, isn’t there? I’ll keep it until examinations are over. Sometimes there are children who cheats with a magic stone after their appraisal was over」

I handed over the magic stone I got from the deer-like monster.

(Proctor)「Wow, such an amazing magic stone, isn’t this a high grade Rank 1 magic stone? Where did you obtain such a thing?」

(Souji)「When I encountered a demon by chance, I defeated it and obtained it」

(Proctor)「Ahaha, you’re such a joker.[TN#1]This one is practically from a rank 2, it will be impossible for you to beat it. Then it may not be necessary to keep this. You might die if you used it」

(Souji)「Then can you return it to me?」

(Proctor)「Un, sure. There are no child nor examinee who can use this here anyway. But what a strange magic stone, it doesn’t have an impurities, and it’s so clear, it’s the first time that I have seen one. It looks very delicious」

Of course it is. Because it’s a special magic stone that I’ve cooked. If you ask me, to eat the magic stone just as it is, is like virtually eating poison.

(Souji)「The next one behind me is getting impatient」

(Proctor)「Ah crap, well then you can go now, proceed」
And then I went away from the line.

◇ ◇ ◇

The various measurement was over. Running, jumping strength, flexibility, stamina, reflexes. Every one was measured with various means. The examination had 12 items, and all the examinees accomplished it.

On a bulletin board are the measurements of all the examinees, moreover the number of the negative revision for it, together with it was the result of the lecture part earlier morning.

And I generally perceived them. Even the total points was posted. The result, I’m in first place. Kuna is in the second place. And with her appearance Anne is in the third place.

They were surprised with us three who had no upgrade to increase in status and with zero revision. And most of all, one of those three people was first.

The three people embraced each other with joy.

(Souji)「Both of you didn’t upgrade your status」[TN#2]

(Kuna)「Tou-sama said that I’ll become weak if I us a magic stone without hunting a demon with my own power desu」

(Anne)「At Kuna’s place too? It’s also the same as mine」

(Souji)「Anyhow, from here on congratulations at reaching the top」

When using a magic stone without hunting the demon yourself, half of it is the correct decision but also half of it is a mistake. Between it was buying a magic stone to raise one’s 【status】, or by raising one’s 【status】 by accumulating experience by fighting, the latter will make you much stronger.

The surrounding gazes were painful. Envy was directed at us who attained the top scores, and more envy reached me as I’m embracing two beautiful girl.

(Lyle)「Hey instructor! Without any addition on their 【status】 at all, their numerical value is suspicious. They might have been cheating」

A student who was on fourth place uttered a cry of a protest. Among who was here, this boy has the most raised 【status】.[TN#3] While being measured, we were under surveillance, no bribe was used, it was just stacking experience and pure training. The one who complained was tall with his long hair tied together and had a well-organized features.

(Senpai)「I myself, agrees on Lyle’s opinion. I would like to re-measure their 【status】 immediately」


One of the senior students that assisted in the examination raised a voice. If I am not mistaken, we receive an introduction from them before the examination begun. He’s one of the two second-year student here that is at Rank 2. He’s a student who was currently expected to reach Rank 3, It’s a boy who was regarded as a model student. His height was taller than that Lyle who was in the forth place, I can perceive the self-confidence as a strong Rank 2 fighter.

(Proctor)「I disagreee. These children is good at using their mana. Their physical ability has been strengthened steadily with mana. The difference of their precision is vividly reflected on this result. Souji-kun in particular. His technique is like an art. I’m looking forward to the future. Considering Kuna-chan, there are some tendencies, but she have a good sense. Anne-chan had such a genuine effort.[TN#4] The figures of the study quantity are different. Being an instructor you should have understand it」


(Proctor)「So persistent. Then you should see it for yourself. We can use it right. Hey you」

(Senpai)「I understand. Then without hesitation」

Expressing a broad grin as he smile, the Rank 2 senior was walking toward us.

(Souji)「Senpai, doing it is just a waste of time」

(Senpai)「Shut up!, I’ll be the one to decide if it’s wasteful. 【Status Measurement】」

Twice longer than with the instructor….. The measurement magic was use for a minute. It was the same as what the instructor used but the execution was slower, I got an impression that the construction of magic equation in mind was clumsy.

(Senpai)「Upgrade is zero, it’s really true, nothing was strengthened」

(Souji)「Senpai, didn’t I already told you」

(Senpai)「Kuh, next!」

And then comes Kuna and Anne but it resulted with zero upgrade in status.

(Senpai)「No way, impossible!」


The fourth place examinee run up.

(Proctor)「Hora, didn’t I already told you. In this industry a genius will come out like a rain. You should just accept it obediently. ……It is surprising that three appeared at the same time though. Well if you ask me, you too are a genius」

Yare yare *breaths a sigh*

(Proctor)「You in the fourth place!」


The boy in the fourth place had a guilty conscience from his exaggerated response to his false accusation.

(Proctor)「There’s no problem because I too understand how you feel. But, I want you to stop because like this it will be a waste of time」


(Proctor)「Also, the last examination is an actual practical skill by the true meaning. As for this, those who had superior 【status】 have an advantage. Therefore you should appeal with all you got」

(Lyle)「With all our effort!」

(Proctor)「Then, everyone, is been 30min already so we’ll take a 15min break. It will be a test of performance from here on. An actual battle will be preformed in a tournament style. Do prepare your minds. And also, with the intention that this country’s king will be watching the fight」

Everyone who was here gasp. It was famous that the king comes here to watch the test yearly. But, hearing that just makes you to actually prepare. I clenched my fist while hiding my own incompetence. And then, If I handle every match safely in this battle tournament, then the three of us will be the scholarship student.
(Anne)「That’s not the reason」

I called out to her because Anne was making stiff expression next to me. So that’s it, she is not uneasy for the actual battle. But was tensed at the king’s arrival. Because the King has a big relation to the fall of the Auclaire house.

Translator’s Notes:

1). But he is telling the truth…..

2). Means none of the two used a magic stone

3). Raised via magic stone

4). Author made a typo here, instead of “Anne” he wrote “Aine”

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