Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Eleventh Episode: Lecture Test

(Souji)「Finally, the examination day has arrived」

All of us arrived at the knight school. Since then, they where able to solve a 100% of the lecture problems. And just in case, I gave them a piling mountain of similar problems. From a short time, Anne and Kuna got used to the thing called studying. Because they have a good memory, they immediately learned the lessons. As for the practical, It will be all right as they also practiced. With it’s nutrition restores, Anne’s hair has regained it’s beautiful luster and her previous haggard state was nowhere to be seen. It was worth cooking dishes with considers it’s nutritional value. She can now face the practical exam perfectly.

(Kuna)「I’m nervous desu. If I fail here then and became a general passer, I have to borrow money for my school expenses. And I’ll make myself as the collateral if I can’t return the crazy rate to Souji-kun」

(Anne)「Yeah, I have to pawn my demon sword just so I could return the money to Souji-kin’yuu-san[TN#1]. I won’t be able to pay it on the first month of the year if left unattended」

(Souji)「Those are such a cruel comments」

(Kuna & Anne)「「It’s because of Souji(-kun)’s crazy interest rates (desu)!」」[TN#2]

As expected of those two friends, their breath are totally in sync.

(Souji)「I’m not an Oni! Your debt doesn’t increase like a snowball. I only receive the interest to make sure not to jump up the capital’s decrease. So instead of the interest, you can substitute it for some shameful things. Hey, by just doing some shameful things once every ten days, the debt will not increase right? There is no money lender as kind as this elsewhere.」

(Kuna)「That’s being an Oni enough desu!」

(Anne)「You, I wonder what were you doing before arriving to this city」

Though I was only joking about it, it’s troubling that they taken it seriously.
Even with the crazy interest rates that came from me, I know they can surely return it.

Even if the worst thing happens, aside for the scholarship student, going to the general entrance to the school is also possible. In that case, if I make a lump sum and enroll with it and and be able to dive into the underground labyrinth, with that thinking the three of us can get the money back.

But The 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission is for all of us to have the scholarship student entrance. I want to accomplish it somehow or other.

(Examinee A)「Hey, look at that. A Great Noble-sama came for the general examination」

(Examinee B)「You mean a former right. But if that was me, I’m be ashamed to even come here」

(Examinee C)「Because she’s the daughter of a criminal, that’s why she has a very thick face[TN#3]

The examinees who passed by us was talking at our back loud enough to be heard. Anne’s shoulder was trembling.

(Souji)「It will be alright」
While saying so, I grasped her hands.[TN#4] It was surprisingly cold.

(Souji)「It will be alright」

I repeat the same words and put some strength to it. Then Anne had a surprised expression and looked up to my face.

(Souji)「Anne should pop out her chest with pride. Don’t mind the small fries. Go and aim to the top with us」

Anne’s cold hands was filled with warmth.

(Souji)「Those past remarks, whichever was the truth I know you are a kind-hearted person. After all you really are a kind-hearted person」

She gave me a smile. With this we now have a peace of mind. We then headed out steps toward the meeting place.

◇ ◇ ◇

The examination began. First was the lecture exam.

(Kuna)「Ah! I’ve already done this problems in the past desu!」

Kuna raised a surprised voice, because the problems I made appeared in the exam. The proctor rushed toward Kuna and dropped a fist onto her head, was scolded and was warned that the next time she speak she will be sent out off the room. What is this fellow seriously doing. It’s to ridiculous to be disqualified like this.

I scan the problems from the beginning to the end. Only the last part of the exam was a little different but it was within the range of error. The three of us will certainly get a perfect score. We have the advantage in the lecture part. I took a glance at Kuna and Anne, both their hands moves without any hesitation. Well then, I’ll also do my best.

◇ ◇ ◇

The lecture exam ended in the morning, We all moved to the prepared waiting room. Because there are many examinees, we were split into eight rooms.

There’s a one hour break, we took our lunch and prepare for the afternoon. They will announce the lecture result first thing in the afternoon, those who got a result of less than 60% was made to leave on the spot. Those who remained will do the practical exam. After combining the results of the lecture and practical exam, the scholarship student will be picked from those who successfully passed.

As usual, Anne attracts hateful attention, She behaved and didn’t mind it at all as she was getting used to it. There was no time to go out so each of us brought our lunchbox. I took responsibility of making lunch so I made a Katsusando[TN#5]. Because Anne’s physical condition was restored, eating heavy things will be fine.

(Kuna)「This, what is it desu ka? It’s very crunchy and juicy, and the sweet and sour sauce may become a habit masu」

(Souji)「I had a hard time making those. I drained the oil thoroughly and made them crispy so even when they cooled down they’ll still be delicious」

Iron was produced in this world, but iron-made products was expensive. They don’t have the culture of selling cooking utensils made of iron and frying oil. Therefore deep-fried food should be an unknown taste for these two. In order for it not to become a bad memory for them, I created a katsu[TN#6] with extreme caution. ….Using a Mithril pot.[TN#7]

I did something with the varied breads so it wouldn’t absorb any moisture, so I’m not ashamed to take it out anywhere. I made a delicious Katsusando even if it cools down.

(Kuna)「It is really delicious. But warm food is much more tasty desu yo ne」

Kuna summons a small flame, charred the bread and warms the meat.

(Kuna)「Un, this does make it more delicious. *hauhau*[TN#8] H-hot!」

*hauhau*, Kuna stuffs her mouth with a Katsusando with great relish while talking.

(Anne)「Kuna’s so sly. Warm up mine too」

(Kuna)「OK desu yo. Anne-chan」

Without any mercy, Anne’s Katsusando became a Yakikatsusando[TN#9] too.

(Anne)「It’s true. This one is much more delicious. For the remaining ones, won’t you warm them too?」

(Kuna)「Roger desu. I’ll steadily warm them masu yo!」

It’s certainly is good, however this is more delicious.[TN#10]

(Kuna)「How is it Souji-kun? Ah, perhaps Souji-kun is sulking because only yours wasn’t warmed masu? Don’t worry. I’ll warm it properly masu yo. There’s no way we’ll exclude you desu ka, we’re a party desu」

Kuna said it with a very big smile.

I can’t tell them. As the coldness made its deliciousness become waste therefore I yielded.

◇ ◇ ◇

We finished our lunch a few minutes ago. And because of Kuna’s influence, the two of them seems enjoyed their first experience for deep-fried food.

(Souji)「Kuna. Just don’t 『Ah! I’ve already done this problems in the past desu!』me! I was really nervous! Depending on the proctor you may have been sent out in one shot」

(Kuna)「Because I was so surprised desu yo! Isn’t all problems the same except for the last desu ka?」

(Anne)「Souji. Did you got us into an illegal route?」

(Souji)「It’s a legal route. I have an acquaintance who is a fortuneteller to prepare it」
I’m not telling any lies here. This is Kami-sama’s calculation result after all.

(Anne)「This fortuneteller, it’s worthy to be called a monster 」

(Kuna)「Eeh, Tou-sama is much more talented desu」

(Anne)「Well with that person it’s possible」

(Souji)「Therefore, what the hell is Kuna’s Otou-san[TN#11]?」

(Kuna)「He’s an obstinate, adultery prone, and useless Oyaji[TN#12] desu」
Because Kuna as well as Anne says so, he must be a genuine monster.[TN#13] Next time, I’ll ask Kuna to introduce him to me. How should I greet him?[TN#14] Should I say that I’m always taken care off by his daughter? ….For some reason an unpleasant feeling crossed my mind.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Proctor)「We’ll announce the test result. When your name is called then step forward, Rinna Folkbach[TN#15], John Shupring[TN#16], ……] The proctor appeared and the scoring was over, and one by one the examinees name was called. The proctor is a huge and tall man with a height of 190cm lengthwise aside, It was a trained through body. He gave a overpowering impression, combined with a stern look.

There are only around 60 people in this room because the examinee is divided into eight rooms. Everyone was impatiently waiting for their names to be called. Each time a name was called they hold up their fists in triumph, the examinees step forward while running.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun. I want to be called already desu ne」

(Anne)「Even though we did out best, I’m still nervous. I cannot feel at rest until our name is called」

(Souji)「It’ll be useless, our names won’t be called」

(Kuna & Anne)「「Eh?」」
Kuna and Anne absent-mindedly opens their mouth. Well, it’s very easy to be misunderstood…….

(Proctor)「The above forty-five people!」

It came to an end without our names being called. The examinees who was called stepped forward with a delightful expression. While the examinees who remained sitting down with me has a sad expression…… Well, because I know the trick that’s why I have a calm expression. Kuna and Anne has a look that is impossible to describe. I should have told them from the start[TN#17].

(Proctor)「You may all return! You’re all disqualified」

Those who were called are the ones that didn’t get the passing mark. Angry rants were screamed. It was the total opposite a while ago, those who thought they passed broke down and the ones who where sitting before were raising a cheer. Sometimes I think. That this was done on purpose….

(Staff)「Now then, those who successfully passed come and follow me. We will now conduct the practical exam」

Then the proctor began to walk. In the room with 60 people, 45 did not made the cut and was disqualified, only 15 person passed. Probably around 100~150 people advanced toward the practical exam.

(Arrogant Examinee)「Wait, wait a moment!」

An examinee who didn’t made the cut clings on the legs of the proctor.

(Arrogant Examinee)「My failure is a mistake. Please. I can pay you at any amount without limit, just let me on the practical exam, that’s why if its in there I can show you my true capabilities」

Look’s like a bocchan[TN#18] from a wealthy family. When seeing those luxurious clothes and ornament, it’s easy to understand. Desperation can be seen. This school will receives those who is younger than 16 years, but if you failed, a retake isn’t possible.

(Proctor)「Kisama[TN#19]! Are you bribing me? A knight has the authority to judge lawbreakers like you. I’ll arrest you for bribery if you continue any further」

The proctor told it with a cold voice. All teachers in this school without any exception have the qualification of a knight. Basically in this city there is no one who suppresses the crimes actively. Only a knight has the authority to suppress the criminal in this mysterious city. Naturally, if they were bribed openly like the boy presently, they can arrest you.

(Arrogant Examinee)「Hi-hiiii」

The examinee backs away from the proctor’s legs.

(Arrogant Examinee)「But, isn’t it strange, a criminal’s child passes, why did I failed?!」

(Proctor)「I don’t see anything wrong」

(Arrogant Examinee)「After all, that’s the child of a criminal. I’m superior to it!」

If viewed from the outside. They have a higher social standing, that scion of the large merchant Recklerate[TN#20].

(Arrogant Examinee)「Then!!」

(Proctor)「We only evaluate the ability here! Any more than this will be an insult to our school, I’ll personally behead you boy!」

The examinee was running away to escape for his life.

(Proctor)「Daughter of Auclaire. I’m sorry for making you feel unpleasant」

The proctor apologized. When a tall man takes such an attitude, there is sense of incongruity.

(Anne)「I-it’s ok」

Anne seems to become timid, too.

(Proctor)「And as an apology, I’ll give you one advice. You are excellent. Until last year there wasn’t any one who got a perfect score on the test here」

The surrounding was buzzing with words. The problem of here is very difficult. Getting a perfect scores are like a dreams within a dream.

(Proctor)「I welcome talented persons. I don’t have any intention to bring any of my personal feeling into this exam and education…. But」

He stops in between his words.

(Proctor)「I personally don’t have a good feeling toward you. The fact that what your father did was totally inexcusable. That I cannot forgive. Do expect that majority of the instructor here also thinks the same. Instructors are just humans. Not all of them can be rational as to ignore their feelings, remember this. Not to mention that you’ll be spending time with immature student, so you can’t request for discretion」

(Anne)「I understand. I came here with that in mind. And…. There are people who I can call my friends. That alone is enough」

(Proctor)「If you have such resolution then it’s fine. I want you to tell me just one thing. Is your mother, Lyneklan[TN#21] Auclaire in good health?」

The moment Anne received the question, she kept silence for a moment and answered with a squeezing voice.

(Anne)「She’s dead. She committed suicide the day after father was executed」

(Proctor)「Is that so. I appreciate you telling me. …..So Lyne is dead」

For an instant, the instructor covered his eyes with his hands. If what we’re seeing is not a mistake, some tears where shone.

(Staff)「Ladies and gentlemen of the candidates, To trouble you at this time I apologize. We will be heading soon to the practical exam venue」

The proctor doesn’t show any traces of tears, having the same stern face when he came, we began to walk. Somehow from my on eyes, his back appearance moved mournfully.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Literally mean Souji Finance-san

2). Both were spoken by Kuna and Anne at the same time, Kuna’s version just adds the word’s in the parenthesis

3). Meaning that she was shameless

4). Souji showing the moves how to woo a girl lol

5). Pork-cutlet sandwich

6). Cutlet

7). LOL Mithril was used to make a cooking pot, It reminds me of a certain OP Mithril knife weld by a certain perfect bride-like girl from a certain cooking… err.. I mean tourist novel

8). SFX of gobbling a food

9). Fried cutlet sandwich

10). The former being the warmed katsusando and the latter being the cold katsusando

11). Father

12). Lit. old man, but sometimes used by children to refer to their fathers

13). Of course Cyril is, he practically fought almost all players on IRURANDE alone and only ended it to a draw

14). Tell Cyril this, 「Hello I’m Souji, and I want to mofumofu your daughter’s’s tail」 lol

15). リンア・フォークルバッハ

16). ヨハン・シュープリング

17). Souji being an S again

18). Young Master

19). KISAMA!!! means You!!! in a very rude way

20). レックルラーテ

21). リーネクラン

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