Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Tenth Episode: Demon Sword Tail


「Now then, Now that we’re friends, about the deal before? Not only Anne but this will also be of concern to Kuna」

I talked to Kuna and Anne while smiling.

(Kuna)「A deal desu ka?」

(Anne)「It depends of the deal’s contents. Though it is somewhat a little scary to be discussing about this the moment when I just made a friend」

Seems like Anne has a little wariness because of the case with the jewel being rip-off from her.

(Souji)「I’m going to say this clearly. I am a genius. If I do it normally, there is no doubt the first place of scholarship will be mine」

I make an expression that seems to be proud and had finish saying it with full confidence.[TN#1]

(Anne)「Such great confidence」

(Kuna)「Ignoring this Kuna-chan in the first place, gununununu[TN#2]
Both of them is in a state such as half doubt.

(Souji)「The I’ll show my first ability, 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I start with the usual magic. The mithril ring attached to my upper arm melts and I changed it into a spear and return to it’s solid state. With the spear, I showed some proud stances.

(Anne)「Indeed, I can say that it’s worthwhile. Although to the extent of the Magic Equation’s workload, with nothing wasted even though it’s this many to the point that it’s unbelievable. The wasted mana is almost zero. Frankly speaking, the processing speed too is abnormal. I can’t think of any other person who can manage magic like this」

When consuming a Magic Stone to raise ones abilities, the mana will also becomes stronger. When ones mana becomes stronger, ones potential also rises that magic with huge mana consumption becomes usable. Furthermore the processing speed after activating the Magic Equation rises. But the use of magic itself will not improve it you don’t improve ones own skill Similar to 【Magic Silver Refining】, the magic is complicated but the mana consumption is little, only an elite magician can use it.

(Kuna)「It’s an unbelievable magic skill desu. In addition, there are no wasted movement in the spear stances desu. Your magic and taijutsu is still inferior to Otou-sama by two steps, Still I can tell that you had some considerable training masu」

(Souji)「So what kind of person is Kuna’s father?」

With a straight face Kuna was scared, it’s been said with her honest feelings. I have trained in this world for 168 years.[TN#3] Yet I was inferior by two steps. Is it such an unimaginable monster.[TN#4] If there is such a guy, then it might be the only Rank 6 in this world. It can only be the legendary Grand Magnus Cyril who had made the underground labyrinth.

Grand Magnus Cyril was abnormal.[TN#5] He reached Rank 6 in his prime. Using all player made magic against him, we can only brought it to a draw that was outside the genuine standard.[TN#6]

……Ending in a draw might not the right word. As the war of attrition competition began, the appearance of a ominous huge silver dragon that wasn’t seen before suddenly release it’s breaths that the surrounding topography changed. I suffered some fatal wounds and before I notice it, Cyril disappeared. After that no one have ever reached Rank 6. That is what I think it is. If at that time it was only me and the Rank 6, even before that silver dragon appeared, will I be able to win? That’s why rather than only me being the strongest, I want to make the strongest party.

(Souji)「As you can be seen, nobody can defeat me if it’s a practical skill. And there is the past questionnaire that I handed to Kuna」

(Kuna)「Hai, arimasu ne」[TN#7]

(Souji)「In fact, this is this year’s questionnaire. Perhaps 95% of these just might appear. In my honest opinion memorizing this will give a leeway in the lecture part. How I came to get my hands on this is a secret」

(Kuna)「Ca-can’t be! Not only that I just learned my mistake from that day, then what did I study for with all my effort desu ka!」

(Souji)「Not all was in vain. It will be absolutely useful, somewhere」

There’s no doubt. It’ll be also a preparation when the Knight School starts.

(Anne)「…..In other words, we know the lecture questions beforehand and in the practical we are second no none. With certainty we’ll get the first place. Then what is the deal?」

Anne puts her hand on the chin and mutters. With such gestures she looks more like a good girl.

(Souji)「I’ll let Kuna and Anne take the remaining two slots. As I said while ago in the lecture, this is the current year’s questionnaire, and as for the practical skill, I know what to do so I can possibly instruct you. With both of your talent, then it’s an easy win」

Frankly speaking, this is a cunning trick. But I want this two to succeed. As a friend…. And for the sake of the future.

(Anne)「What compensation would you ask the for?」

(Kuna)「Absolutely it will be an ecchi thing desu yo」

(Anne)「Kuna please cease your jokes at a time like this. Maybe this person will not speak of such thing」

(Kuna)「Gomenasai. Souji-kun doesn’t have the courage to do so desu yo ne」

Kuna’s evaluation of me is that low. I’ll put a stop to that evaluation someday.

(Souji)「*Gohon* So this will be the content of the deal. When all of us enters the scholarship, I want us three to form a party and challenge the underground labyrinth. Only death awaits if I challenged it solo. When on the Knight School it’s better to party with fellow students. But I don’t like being treated lightly by our seniors. And it will be just plain suicide if I challenge it with a classmate without any talent. I want two people with talent, who wants to aim at the top with a three-man party」

Securing talented members, this is the first requirement to success.
After listening to my words, Kuna and Anne look at each other. Then they started laughing.

(Kuna)「Hearing such an obvious thing, what do you think desu ka?」

(Anne)「Well we all are friends. Isn’t it natural for friends to cooperate」

My chest somehow felt warm. I longed for such exchanges for a long time. Perhaps I remained playing in IRURANDE of the game era, in order to just experience this kind of feeling.

(Kuna)「Better yet, why don’t we form our party here right now. Souji-kun, Anne」

(Anne)「I think that’s a wonderful idea. Let us help each other for here on out」

(Kuna)「But isn’t it important to have a party name? What shall we do?」

(Souji)「I’m good with it. Sort of」

(Kuna)「That’s no good desu yo! Because it’s the first party that I’ve joined in my whole life desu kara」

(Anne)「That’s true, first is our own symbol….. This is the utmost important thing. How about putting up a something we respectively proud of? How about a name that derived from something?」

(Kuna)「Ah, Anne-chan it good a idea desu. It will become our name desu」

(Souji)「I second this. Well then, each of us will tell what they like」
I ask myself. What would be my symbol.

(Kuna)「Then, I’ll go ahead masu yo. How to say this, The first thing that I’m proud of is my tail desu. It’s fusafusa[TN#8] desu yo, and mofumofu[TN#9] desu yoー. My symbol is my tail that is similar to my Kaa-sama’s tail that was the most beautiful tail in all Elucie desu」

Bringing her tail before her body with a self-satisfied look on her face, like she was saying “how’s that!” while Kuna was emphasizing her tail.

(Anne)「Then for myself is this sword. This sword was entrusted to me by my father, it is a symbol inherited by the people from Auclaire house. And it is the soul of my prided swordsmanship that was carved into my body. Therefore, this very sword is my symbol」

Anne raises her sword toward the sky. In her eyes reflects hope.

(Souji)「Then mine is my magic skills. 【Magic Silver Refining: Improvised・Symbol of the Oath 】」

I activated my magic, I created an object that looks like a sword with a foxtail entwining around it. Because it was improvised, there where some place where it was distorted.

(Souji)「I will become the best magician in the world. Therefore magic itself is my symbol」

Not to be defeated by anyone. It was the part of my pride which furnished the original magic form my past. The pride which was chosen by this world. Therefore I’ve decide that my magic itself as my symbol.

(Souji)「Tail, Sword, and Magic. When simply put together, TailSwordMagic?」

(Kuna)「Lets paraphrase it a little to sound more cooler mashou yo」

(Anne)「That’s right. Then, how about saying it like this? Demon Sword Tail」

(Kuna)「Anne, wait, that’s so uncool….. but」

I began to talk while giving a bitter smile. However, Kuna cuts in before I can finish speaking,

(Kuna)「It’s cute desu ne. And it sounds good. I think that it’s good masu」

(Souji)「I plan to say the same thoughts」

(Anne)「Then this is the birth of the Demon Sword Tail party」

The three of us then laugh.

(Souji)「First of all, this party’s first mission is for all members to become scholarship students, let’s aim toward it」

(Kuna)「Desu ne, it’s no laughing matter if have we brake-up our party after the examination」

(Anne)「Only because we have the advantage, we’ll surpass it without fail」

(Souji)「Un, we can do this」

In practical skill, if Kuna and Anne overall succeed, it will be quite scary for me. We will be called the golden generation[TN#10]

(Kuna)「Ah, please wait a minute. I came up with something good mashita」

Kuna draws something lightly on the paper. What she drawn was the object while correcting the plain surface, it were improved with her sense. Honestly I thought it was cool. With similar dimension of the sword and tail motif but different from the thing I made.

(Kuna)「Let’s make it this, our emblem mashou That is, if possible desu, but….」

(Souji)「Un, We understand」

I activate 【Magic Silver Refining】 once again. A portion of Mithril is extracted from the ring, I reproduce the picture that Kuna designed from the paper. I made it into a necklace through Mithril that I molded into a chain.

(Souji)「This is the proof of our party」

The emblem was put on Kuna and Anne’s neck. Both of them stroked the emblem with love.

(Souji)「Well then, playing stops here. Do the lecture thoroughly by the end of the day, I’ll measure your practical skills tomorrow」

(Anne)「Yes, please take good care of me」

(Kuna)「Ah!, If I think of it calmly, I paid money of a private teacher charge, Anne that’s unfair desu」

(Souji)「Of course it’s a debt. I’ll also charge Anne. I have you return the payment properly little by little. The first will be at 10,000 Val」

(Anne)「Ano, Souji, What is this I wonder?」

(Souji)「I passed it over to Kuna but if there is no money then I’d be troubled. Until we passes in test, I’ll note Anne’s share of the inn accommodation and meals. That’s why carefully treasure that ring. Because that’s a keepsake from your mother, am I right?」


(Souji)「Anne said this a while ago. The one who is too obsess about a mother’s keepsake while being close to death is foolish. But, I think there is some things which can’t be replaced by a life either. Therefore, if you are in need of money then you should just borrow from me」

(Anne)「……I seem to have misunderstood you. You really are a good person」

(Souji)「Un, but you better not forget it. The medical expenses and the food expenses, with the inn charges is 50,000 Val. The examination questionnaire and my teaching expense is 150,000 Val. With current cash is 10,000 Val. Total that I’ve lent is 210,000 Val and will increase by 10% by every 10th day. With compound interest」

(Anne)「I will withdraw my words on calling you a good person. You are a cheapskate…… No, not really. If comparing with the things provided, it’s in a conscience price. This is my conclusion. Whichever things I say, you are still a good person」

Anne smiles wryly. And she shook hands with me in the same way as Kuna did.

(Kuna)「Anne, please be prepared for the evening. Because there is only this bed desu kara. Only this double room is the only thing available in this inn desu」

Because the inn is already fully booked, so they no choice but to sleep together here with three people. Because of that it was less expensive than getting a triple room and it’s easier for the wallet.

(Anne)「The same bed, with a man….. That’s shameful. But, there’s no money to get another accommodation, so there is no other choice」

(Kuna)「Anne, If he do something strange with the two of us, let’s beat him up shi mashou」

(Anne)「Yeah, shall I cut it off so that strange things could never happens?」

(Souji)「What will you cut off!?」

As expected, if there’s two women and a single man, then my standpoint will weaken.

(Anne)「More or less, is there a meaning for three people to sleep on a bed for two?」

Just in case, I’ll recover my evaluation.

(Souji)「Exploring the underground labyrinth basically doesn’t end by a day trip. A tent is brought in, in order to decrease the baggage it is normal to bring only one even when it’s for three people」
The tent is bulky and heavy. It is foolish for a guy to brings two separate tents for a man and woman.

(Souji)「Frankly speaking, it will be small. Therefore refusing to sleep together leads to death to the opposite sex without any sleep and had accumulated fatigue. So it’s necessary to be accustomed among ourselves now before it’s too late」

I watch both Kuna and Anne with bored eyes when I emphasized it.

(Kuna)「What seem to be reasonable at a glance, is rather disgusting masu ne. Anne」

(Anne)「It is so Kuna. If you lay your hands on us while sleeping in the underground labyrinth, I wonder if you can try to sleep outside?」

(Souji)「You’re so cruel!」

It’s hard to say, but the eye and the tone of the two of them ware laughing. Then while studying through out the evening, night time just kept advancing through. But I couldn’t help being happy when the three of us were studying.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Now he’s just boasting all over…


3). Just to remind you, Souji is referring to his play time

4). Not literally a monster, they are referring to it as a powerful being

5). Of course he is, can you say that Elf is normal if he can use all his past reincarnation’s power and abilities?

6). WTF?! Cyril fought all players who used all player made magic and it just ended in a draw!? Cyril is so OP!!!

7). Literally, 「Yes, it’s here」

8). Bushy

9). Fluffy

10). Golden generation = elite player with the same ages

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