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Ninth Episode: Friend

(Kuna)「Uuーn. I think this is a good place to stop. Time for a break desu」

Kuna walked toward me and Anne. She was studying the reference book that I made until now, in order to solve the questions she made mistakes from yesterday. It’s easy to understand when looking at her face. Annelotte has finished just eating the second serving.

(Anne)「It was truly delicious. For nursing me to health, for giving me accommodations in this inn, and for every single thing you have done for me, I thank you with all my heart」

Annelotte lowered her head. I though she would be difficult to handle because she was a former noble, but it seems that she has an extremely gentle nature.

(Souji)「There’s no need to thank me. I’m getting paid by Kuna to examine you as a doctor. Also the money used for your loggings, for the porridge you ate, and for the clothes that you changed are all charged to Kuna. Your gratitude should be toward Kuna instead」

(Anne)「Is that true Kuna?」

(Kuna)「It’s true desu yo. This much generosity is nothing because it’s for the sake of a friend desu」

(Souji)「I’m paying for everything in advance by her debt. If she can’t return the money to me, she promised to wag her tail for me」

When I jokingly said that, Kuna’s cheek puffed out and Anne’s jaw dropped.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, I’ll absolutely return it as soon as possible! Because I won’t let you do as you like with my tail! ……But, for helping Anne you have my gratitude masu. Thank you」

For some reason, Annelotte face was colored deep blue and was at loss for words.
Anne who was pale and trembling slowly began to talk.

(Anne)「A Firefox’s tail…. The fact that your condition is to shake it for you…. What a brute」[TN#1]

(Souji)「Eh? It’s just a tail」

I was surprised toward the Annelotte’s exaggerated reaction.

(Anne)「Souji. May you perhaps have no knowledge of it? To the significance of a Firefox’s tail to them?」
I shake my head sideways.[TN#2]

(Anne)「To a Firefox, their tail is the most important thing being just second to their life. The only one that can touch their tails are their family and their spouse. To shake their tail to its partner means that they are vowing absolute obedience to them」

(Kuna)「That’s right desu yoー. Our tail is life itself desu.[TN#3] At some point, Until my destined partner can touch my fluffy tail, I won’t let anyone lay their hands on it」[TN#4]

Kuna turns her ass toward my direction showing it off while waving her tail buzzingly.[TN#5] I was kind of annoyed a little bit, so I slowly stretched my hand, giving a shriek Kuna quickly jumps back while hugging her tail and she glared at me with teary eyes. I see, so the fact about their tail is life itself is not a lie.

(Anne)「Kuna, what you currently did was not a good idea. If you show it like that in front of any man’s eyes, anyone will grab it without hesitation」

(Kuna)「Is that so desu ne. I was careless there」

(Souji)「As if!」

I unintentionally tsukkomi’ed[TN#6] I just want to touch that tail like when touching a cute pet animal, don’t let it be mistaken as my lustful desire.

(Souji)「My bad, Kuna. Toward my action up until now, I didn’t mean it like that. What I really want to do was like a pat in the head, I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t say so」

I became fearful of my past actions. Certainly, if Kuna cannot return the debt I told her to shake her tail for me, it literally meant to make her my sex slave if she can’ return the debt. I guess it sounded like its true meaning.

(Kuna)「Eh, is that so desu ka. I was sure that if I wasn’t able to return the debt then you’ll turn me into your bride. I thought that it was a marriage proposal. In order to obtain the cute Kuna-chan, this person was saying such mean things」

(Souji)「That again!」

Certainly, it’s their rule that only their family or spouse can touch their tail.

However, it’s more dangerous to be referred to as sex slaves. This reminds me the time when I met Kuna in the game. That Kuna wag her tail to me. She often said….

(IRURANDE’s Kuna)『To I who am dirtied is enough, then you should do as you like. There is nothing anymore to protect. Because there is nothing left, nothing else, everything is gone[TN#7]
When I think of it now, it has a tremendous meaning. I want to perform a dogeza[TN#8] in front of Kuna.

(Anne)「Is that so, so it was a misunderstanding. I was already set on taking his life for Kuna’s sake in order to rescue you from the devil’s temptation」

(Kuna)「He is pretty much my benefactor desu shi, Anne please stop thinking of killing Souji-kun as he is also your benefactor for the time being」

This pair’s train of thought is so bizarre that it’s scary.

(Anne)「You are called Souji am I correct. Kuna’s debt, I wonder if this is enough to cover it? I think this values to a 100,000 Val, judging from my past experience when I took it out from the mansion」

Anne took a ring out from her washed clothes beside her bed and handed it to me.

(Souji)「Past experience?」

(Anne)「Yes, up until the present, I have sold the jewels which I have taken from the mansion to be allotted for my travel expenses This is the only one that remains. Because this was a keepsake from my mother, I didn’t sell at any cost. Then I didn’t had anything to eat, and eventually collapsed. If I have not collapsed in your presence, then at that time I….. I’m such a huge fool that I’m getting tired of my own self. That’s why, I’ve decided to use it here. As my own punishment」

I took a look at the ring that was given to me. The ring was made of platinum and a blue sapphire was embedded into it. Also the craftsmanship is superb.[TN#9] It has a feel of being impressive while it never emphasize on a sapphire’s charm.

(Souji)「From Annelotte’s experience until now, you’re saying this values up to 100,000 Val correct. Was the other jewels you took elsewhere inferior to this?」

(Anne)「No, it has the same quality as this one」

I almost unintentionally uttered an ‘Uwa[TN#10]‘. This girl…. There a limit on being ignorant.

(Kuna)[I cannot accept this. It does not reflect worth of its real value」

(Anne)「Is that so, the appraisers said that these things values up to 100,000 Val」

Anne breathes with a deep sigh. This ring has her mother’s memories on it, I know it’s real worth that’s why I turned it down.

(Souji)「On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite」


(Souji)「For a reasonable price, its real value ranges from 8,000,000 Val. And for the inn and medical expenses, it just cost only 50,000 Val. So I can’t prepare the remaining 7,950,000 Val even if I take out the charges」

(Anne)「Eh? Can’t be? Then the person whom bought these until now?」

(Souji)「Un, you’ve been ripped-off pretty bad. If an ignorant ojou-sama that’s in a desperate situation come to me trying to sell this I’ll also take full advantage of that weakness」

(Anne)「…..Ahaha, How foolish did I become. The remaining property my father which he left for me, to waste it just like that…. I want to kill myself…」

She doesn’t blame the merchant that deceived her but she herself is the one she blames.

(Anne)「But you are such a nice person. A good-natured person I wonder? If you have kept quiet then you might have gain yourself 8,000,000 Val」

(Souji)「Because you’re a friend of a friend」

Kuna was pointing at herself with a puzzled look.

(Souji)「Kuna…… Your reaction in its own way, really hurts my feeling. It was enjoyable being together with you」

We were only together for about two days, nevertheless those two days are meaningful.

(Kuna)「Please wait a minute. I’m thinking. The debt for when you saved me, the grudge from obstructing me when I was entering the city, the debt for teaching me in my studies, the grudge from the rip-off properties, the grudge from when I can’t pay my debt I have to marry you, the debt for helping Anne……. The enjoyment when we’re together. And also the delicious dishes」

To grumble all your complaint until now.

(Kuna)「A friend desu ne. Souji-kun is my friend desu. See it as you like for now on」

Kuna presented her hand demanding a hand shake, I held her hands in return.[TN#11]

(Anne)「How envious. If I say so」

(Souji)「……Then shall we also become friends? I kind of fancy Annelotte’s personality. In addition you’re also Kuna’s friend. I also want to be friends with you」

(Anne)「Thank you. You are the first friend I’ve made since the time I lost the Auclaire name. From now on please call me Anne, just like what the people closest to me calls me」
Anne said so with a smile similar to of a child.

Translator’s Notes:

1). If you have forgotten, Firefox treat their tails as equally erotic as the breast and the ass, only family memb….. Oh wait…. Only those who read Elf Tensei, this novel’s prequel will know of it…. moving on!

2). Souji-kun, ignorance is a bliss.

3). So, Touch fluffy tail! oh wait… No Tail No Life!!!.

4). Err… Kuna-chan, he’s already in front of you….

5). Kuna…. Just stop raising more flags!

6). In Japanese comedy, the tsukkomi is the straight man who responds to the antics of the boke the funny man.

7). The Kuna of that game looks really miserable… Now I somewhat know how Souji feels when he remises of her

8). 土下座 “sitting right on the ground” is an element of Japanese manners by kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself as touching one’s head to the floor.

9). It must have been made by Yuncchi, NU’s resident trap craftsman


11). Kuna route Getto!

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