Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Prologue: IRURANDE

Gasping out for breath, I was running towards a deserted farming village. Choosing a narrow path, I gave my pursuers the slip and hid inside a hut while holding my breath. My remaining mana is less than 10%, and my divine protection is reaching its limits. I’m really on a pinch here.

(???)「Dammit, that monster」

My mind and body was all worn-out from fighting that powerful enemy. Even though I have gathered many people, had an advantageous topography, and ridden it with traps, but it still resulted into a draw. I feel like crying. Even though I manage to inflict a mortal wound on him… It cost me my most important companion. My view was blurred with my tears.

No, there is no way that I’ll accept an ending such as this. There is no meaning to victory if Kuna isn’t with me. For the very first time in a long time I was laughing in such a place! So much for the so called strongest mage!

(???)「I’ll start over. Even if it takes me tens of years to come back here」

This world is just a game. Saving isn’t possible, but you can start a new game.
It’s been 28 days since I first entered this game. I have to return to reality once every several hours. Returning to reality also resets you back to the beginning so you can have the best ending next time.

What I’m playing right now is a single player VR-RPG, IRURANDE.
An action RPG with monsters appearing on a popular medieval fantasy setting.
But it has an overwhelming difference in comparison with several other games.

(???)「Magic Creation」

As I muttered while leaning on a wall, an overhead window pops into my mind. Countless character string was running through the window.

It’s the biggest feature of this game. Programming magic with the use of an original language. In order to break down this state of scare mana, what is needed is a powerful magic with a low mana consumption. I’ll just have to improvise as there’s no suitable magic at hand.

(???)「A good method is at hand. Well, it’s an improved version of the method I made three months ago」

The magic development was carried out by the cooperation of tens of thousands of people. It’s a single player game, but they’re actively sharing the information and development of magic. It is possible to chat, and anyone can share their magic if they upload the magic that they had developed in the database.

(???)「Yes, it’s much easier to use. I have a good sense at tampering things. A developers…… harl[TN#1]. I didn’t notice that there was such an approach」

I mutter while reading a magic equation of the method.I declared that the method is a component. For example there are magic that produces Magic Fire Arrows and Magic Fire Blade.When the respective processes are analyzed, this would be to break down each process.

Fire Arrow,
1). A flame is produced.
2). The shape of an arrow is formed.
3). I release it from my hand.

Fire Blade,
1). A flame is produced.
2). The shape of a sword is formed.
3). Lock the shape of the sword into a fixed form.

Fire Arrow and Fire Blade. Both has the same process in the first part, then components for the second part splits into different process. Having a common process makes it easier to make new magic in the future.

Most of the commonly used Methods are developed by players is registered in the database. According to the data, approximately 90% of the auto-aim magic uses the aiming system method.

(???)「Yes, this can be use as it is. This combination is right up my alley」

As the magic I registered in the database was shown in an open source (I published the magic process that I created) state, it’s a good thing that many different player improved it. The magic keeps being refined with the repetition of usage.

Even if it’s saying that this is going too far, I don’t write my own magic method from the start. I can make my original magic methods without limitations by combining different existing magic methods. But then in which case lacks real creativity.

(???)「It’s coding afterwards」

I played with the improvised original magic made of the combination of other method. The method that I want is the one with versatility. And by scraping all possible waste, I can trim it down to a new specialized magic. The dimension of the performance increases with this.

The magic produce with overwhelming destruction with a low mana consumption as planned has been completed.

(Random Knight)「So this is where you’ve been running to!! You traitor! Look at what you did to this world. Just for the sake of one woman… You bastard!!」

A crowd of enemies equiped with silver mail breaks into the hut. Their numbers count to twenty people. It is the Order of the Knights which came here to hunt the me who was weakened. Although there isn’t a top-tier in their numbers, all of them is at most all Rank 3. A smile floats out my face while I hold my hands out.

(???)「Kuna is all the world to me. 【Spatial Disruption】」

I carelessly used the just recently completed magic. The magic equation executes inside my head and starts the operation, to access the laws of this world.

The rule that dominated the physical phenomenon was temporarily approved by the world, and the magic was execute. I release a forced distortion in space itself. The outbreak of energy generated by the mending of the space-time occurs, everything was blown away on the aftermath. My view was immediately dyed snow-white.

(???)「Un, this can be used. The problem is that it can’t be controlled to the right moderation. Still the destructive power while consuming low mana is noteworthy. Without a doubt this will be a hit」

The enemies disappear without a trace, and it even left a deep crater on the ground. Far from it, what disappeared was worth two building size land. Then in my mind, an audible sound of an alarm could be heard. My time here is at its limit…. This is a warning of a forced log-out.

I silently closed my eyes and the menu screen popped out. There are only three selectable options here.

A). Log-out
B). Access Database
C). Communications

There was neither status, equip, nor a party option on the window screen. There are no traces of being game-like for this action RPG genre. Something like Level exists. However, it’s impossible to save. You bleed when injured and you can feel pain. The old age affects the body. And it’s the end if you die once. You can eat meals like in reality, and sexual intercourse is possible. The reality that magic is usable, if I have to say. Such a world it was. I pushed the log-out option and exit this world.

◇ ◇ ◇

I woke up. I got up from the VR-Machine that looks similar to a coffin. A VR-Machine is the machine which connects the five senses to the PC directly and enter into PC’s virtual reality. At present, one unit is installed in each and every home. I looked up to check the time.

(???)「11:59pm. Last-minute as usual? Though without the time regulation, I’ll be diving in much longer」

The VR-RPG, IRURANDE is a game that have accelerated time that differs with the real world’s time. One hour in the real world equals to spending a week in-game. However, a protection was installed onto the game itself, we can only play for four hours from 20:00~24:00.

(???)「I’ll go back earlier from the beginning next time, this time I’ll bring Kuna happiness, I’ll make her smile.」

Well I have already played IRURANDE every day for six years nonstop, spending a gameplay time of 168yrs on the other side. I already experienced death several times along the way, and starting again from square one.

(???)「I wish I have the same body in this world like on the other side」

Life in IRURANDE is easier to succeed unlike in reality. reality. Unlike when I was in the real world, I was born as a talented genius homunculus. In IRURANDE world standard, with only two of the player-made magic that have advanced for a couple of hundred years, people are already set for a successful life.

Thanks to that, players thinking that I seriously want to play throughout life in the world of IRURANDE does not decrease. When I was thinking of such things, a system sound came from the VR machine. A window screen popped in the air. As to what was displayed there……

(???)「IRURANDE, Notice of termination of service?」

My face grew pale while clenching my fist.
I want IRURANDE to continue. I…, I want to start again and help Kuna!

(???)「No way in hell, I can’t return to IRURANDE! I won’t accept such ending!!」

Don’t take my world and Kuna away from me. I cried desperately.
A system sound from the VR machines, and a window screen popped once more.

If you accept these two conditions, you’ll be invited in a new game state in IRURANDE. The conditions are……

I read it out loud word by word slowly.

1). The time restriction disappear, once you enter there is no going back home
2). Once you die you’ll be forcibly logged out……

My smile turned into a huge grin. Bring it on let’s do this. I turn toward it to seize my good fortune. Together with Kuna.

Select a choice.
1). Go to IRURANDE.
2). Stay in this world.

But I must warn you. From this point onward will be reality, It won’t be a game anymore.

Without any hesitation “1). Go to IRURANDE.” was chosen.

I see. This will not be a game anymore. I’m looking forward to the “real” IRURANDE, My Hero-kun. And my consciousness became distant.

Translator’s Notes:

1). I translated this as Hall back then, Harl is to plaster (a surface) with roughcast.

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