Title: 究極のポーター 最弱の男は冒険に憧れる
Romanji : Kyūkyoku no Pōtā Saijaku no Otoko wa Bouken ni Akogareru
Translated Title: Ultimate Porter ~The Weakest Man Aspires to be an Adventurer~
Author: 長野文三郎 (Nagano Fumizaburo)
Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5187dr/
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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Miyata Ippei’s status when thrown into another world was just terrible. His HP is only at 8 points, And his Attack and Defense is 3 and 5 points respectively. Any attack magic isn’t usable at all, and if he engaged onto a fight then the instant death status is sure to be unavoidable. However his recovery magic and crafting skill were prominent. This is a man who aspires to be an adventurer more than anyone.

Chapter 1
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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Being thrown into a Different World

I think that the 「life」 of human beings didn’t changed that much. Being born, eating, and then in some cases leaving some offspring then dying. This is the basic way of living. It is the same for humans, animal and even plants. But a human is an unusual creature who wants explanations to the basic ways. That’s why a story is born. I have already died once, and was reincarnated into a different world.

What do I mean about that? Oh yeah, I’ll be explaining about my life. From here on, I’ll be talking about my story.

Hello everyone![TN#1] I’m Miyata, Ippei 27 years old. I was working for a food company until a while ago. Today I was away from office for some outdoor work, then I was ran over by a truck and was sent to another world.[TN#2] Yes. It’s the famous template. Please treat me well!

It’s nice to greet everyone cheerily, but I’m in a pinch. It’s a meadow if you looked at the right side, and the meadow continues when looking on the left side. Where is this place? I can’t even see any silhouette of people or roads anywhere. Nevertheless, I didn’t panic. A person will surely die when one looses their composure. Let’s check my ability first.[TN#3] When arriving to a different world, one will receive a tutorial.

Status Open.

【Name】 Miyata, Ippei 【Age】 27yrs 【Occupation】 None
【Lv】 1 【HP】 8/8 【MP】 999999/999999
【Attack】 3 【Defense】 5 【Strength】 4
【Intelligence】 1480 【Agility】 5
【Magic】 【Skill】
Life Magic Max Lv.
Recovery Magic Max Lv.
Cooking Max Lv.
Raw MaterialMaterial
Refining Max Lv.
Medicinal Refining Max Lv.
Smithery Refining Max Lv.
Appraisal Max Lv.
Golem Creation Max Lv.
Tool Creation Max Lv.
【Exp. Required Until Next Level】 0/100000



What is this, this weakness. I’m aware that I lack physical strength because I was just a mere Salaryman. But isn’t this too much? My Hit Points is only 8! In a RPG, with that value I’ll instantly die even if the one I’m fighting was a goblin or the weakest slime. And my crafting skills is so marvelous opposite of my low fighting power. How to say this… So unbalanced. Isn’t this character specialized only at crafting system? That reminds me, when I came to this world I heard God’s voice. 「What kind of human do you want to be in the new world?」 he said. And I said 「I would like to be a human that is a useful!」as my answer. I should had obediently decided on 「I want to be TUEEEEEE」…[TN#4] This stupid me, when in public I put on an appearance.

For the time being, let’s go to some place where there are people in it. Because I’ll die when I’m lonely. By the way it seems like the saying ‘A rabbit dies when lonely’ was a lie. But I’ll die. A person alone can’t live by itself. This meadow just continues on and on. The current season is quite close to Japan’s autumn. It’s easy to pass as it’s not too hot nor too cold. That’s it! I have a skill that creates a golem. I should just create a horse-type golem and ride it. Without any delay I invoke the skill of creating golems.

―Please choose a magic stone as a core―

Magic stone? Apparently it seems to need a magic stone to create a golem. Of course I don’t have any magic stone. Let’s examine the skill Golem Creation using the skill Appraisal in detail.

Magic stone are magical shards obtained when defeating a monster. The golem is made with this as it’s core. The material seems to be anything like stones or earth or raw minerals. In addition a golem can inherit 80% of the strength and intelligence of the monster where the magic stone was taken from. For example, a golem made from the magic stone of a monster with a strength of 10 can obtain a strength of 8. Also, it seem like up to 10 cores can be used. In any case, for now I don’t posses any magic stone. Let’s just walk, nothing will happen if I stay here.

I try using Appraisal skill while walking. I look around my surrounding trying to find things that’s edible and also raw materials. There are small amounts of minerals and glass on the ground as well as mines. I can collect minerals such as iron that’s scattered on the ground and refine them using Raw Material Refining while walking. Speaking of iron, size as large as eggs was gathered while walking. I have already been walking for 3 hours. I wiped my swollen calf with a *panpan*[TN#5] The pain quickly went away when I used recovery magic as a test. This way it seems that I can still be able to walk.

Thanks to recovery magic, my body doesn’t get tired but I’ve been a little bored of walking. The scenery is the same grassy meadow where I go. There isn’t any changes at all. I want a bit more warmth on my mind. As I walked alone, my parents, friends, and colleagues at work repeatedly crossed my mind. When I became a working adult, I wasn’t able to get a lover. When getting some pleasant vibes work then became busy, then we’re unable to be together just like that.[TN#6] It seems like somebody plotted this. Even so, I could not even do my filial piety. I’m sorry! At lease remodel the house and go to an onsen trip with my savings. To my parents who was left on earth, good luck.

Nevertheless there is nothing on this place. I got fed up and then I discovered a road. Should I move to the right or advance to the left? If I observe the road well, there are traces of wheel tracks. There are also remains of a person’s foot prints. It seems like this road was always used. Then I’ll wait where without being impatient. I cleaned myself using life magic, it removed the dirt from my body and clothes. After all first impression is the most important. I better keep my clothes clean. An Ikemen[TN#7] will look good even when dirty.

Currently I’m only wearing slacks and cutter shirts from earth. The jacket I was holding to was dropped when I bounced off the truck, that’s why I didn’t have it when I came to this world. When I confirm the shirt which I’ve cleaned, The sweat stains from the collar and cuffs which won’t come off no matter what became snow-white. Life magic vs. Bleach, it was an overwhelming victory for magic. Truly a white fantasy[TN#8]. Now the flawless fresh young man was ready. Although I can’t become a good man any more because of the material, I made the utmost effort.

COME ON! FIRST! CONTACT![TN#9] I was fired up and waited for any passerby.

~Author’s Note~
Thank you very much for reading until the end. I plan to post another one today. Please read it.

Translator’s Note:

1.) It’s Nanaki! Oh wait…. wrong novel.

2.) Truck-sama strikes again!

3.) Wow, a level-headed MC. Now that’s rare.

4.) TUEEEEEE in japan equates in Stronk of OP to us.

5.) (1) *full*; (2) *smack*; (3) *pat* *smack*; (4) *snap snap*

6.) RAW TEXT: いい感じになると仕事が忙しくなって、一緒にいられなくなるんだよね。

7.) Pretty boy, handsome male.

8.) Fantasy here was said in English.

9.) All was said in Engrish

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Encounter at the Meadow

On my free time. The me who got on the road beyond the meadow prepared my outfit. But, Even after 30min had passed not even a single people shown up, no carriages either. Fumu, is this a remote location that people rarely pass? It can’t be helped. I’m getting bored, let’s do a simulation when we do meat some people. While I’m sitting here, let’s assume that a big breasted girl with superior beauty has a comes from the left. It would be better to go at it refreshingly as not to have any suspicious feeling. Greetings are the basics.


While paying attention not to become sultry, it’s going to be fine. Then the other party will make a slightly dubious face. Why is a person in such a place? I mustn’t make the other party feel fear. That’s why I shouldn’t be too close to the other party, asking questions while keeping a moderate distance.

「I’m lost. Where should I go to reach a town? To the right or the left?」

「Ah, if it’s like that…」

With my gentleman-like attitude, she will then teach the way. Because we will probably go the same way, we should go together. As time goes on, our talks begins to get lively and the two become friends….

Yup. It’s a surprisingly perfect simulation. …Just kidding.

I understand. That it’s impossible for a big breasted beauty to suddenly appear, right? Even to the 27yrs old me. I understand such a thing. But you know…, a small dream is necessary for the person to keep on living.

While I was thinking about it, I then heard footsteps from my left. When I’ll strain my eyes, no way, it’s the big breasted girl with superior beauty. Has red hair and tanned skin. Wearing a leather armor and a longsword was grasped in hand. She was running and her breastplate was shaking back and forth. The red-haired woman was facing here and yelling.

「RUN AWAYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy!」

If you look closely, there were child-like oni[TN#1] coming with weapons behind her. It’s a Goblin. And there’s more than 10 of them.


I started running at full speed towards the right. My Attack power is 3 and Defense power is 5. Even my Hit Points is only 8. I was apprising the red-haired beauty while running.

【Name】 Patty Cherrycork[TN#2] 【Age】 22 yrs old 【Occupation】 Warrior
【Lv】 13 【HP】 196/289 【MP】 17/42
【Attack】104 【Defense】187 【Strength】 176
【Intelligence】 97 【Agility】 86
【Magic】 【Skill】
None Physical Reinforcement Lv.3

Slash Lv.4Camping Lv.2


I don’t know the criteria in this world, so I don’t know how strong this female warrior is. But with an Attack and Defense that is 30 times above mine, she was running away. I was crying to the sad reality and just accepted it.


When the female warrior used the skill Physical Reinforcement, thanks to that we were able to separate from the crowd of goblins and we recovered from our fatigue for running till the end.

「Sorry for involving you, it’s my bad. I’m Patty」

Patty greeted me without being timid. It was a smile where the unpolished charm and mysteriousness coexist together. Damn… Isn’t this a strike!?

「I’m Ippei. I’m a traveler. Why was Patty being chased after?」

「We were thinning out the monsters by the Guild’s request. The truth is our party putted together a plan but, …and just before that plan was realized our party disbanded because of various things. It can’t be helped that’s why I did it solo」

「You’re crossing a very dangerous bridge there[TN#4]

「Well, it’s easy if it’s a group consisting of five but as expected having a group consisting of 10 including the Goblin Leader was dangerous. Ouch…」

Seems like while talking her wounds was still hurting. Patty’s neat face warp.

「You’re injured? Let me take a look」

I immediately cast recovery magic onto Patty.

「Wow! The wounds are instantly healing up. Ippei, are you a healer? You have some good ability there」

「Nn, is that so?」

I was praised, and it made me very happy.

「That’s right, it’s hard to have an amazing healer even in a high-ranking party」

As expected, the Recovery Magic Max Lv. isn’t just for show. Perhaps I can restore lost body parts, wonder if it’s possible for me to revive the dead if my companion was unlucky…?

「Hey Ippei…」

Patty looks up to me with upturned eyes in a coquettish way.

「Won’t you pair up with me and work as an adventurer?」

It came! Isn’t this the situation that I yearned for? To have an amazing adventure in a dungeon with a beautiful warrior leaving each other’s back to the other. But for such things the beginning is essential. If I keep some things a secret in the first place, then a serious thing will happen later on. Not to mention in organizing a party, the most important thing is trust. Therefore I intend to sincerely act honestly.

「Though my Level is 1, Attack is 3, Defense is only 5, and is jobless. Are you fine with that?」

Patty’s eyes were wide open in surprise. And then…

「That’s impossible!」

I have been quickly dumped.

「Rather, why is the value so low? Even a child is a little better when compared」

Apparently in this world, I seem to be quite delicate.

「That was such a shock. I thought I finally found a promising member」

「The one who is shocked is me…」

I even though of myself as weak, I clearly understood it when an active adventurer said it. It’s incredibly dangerous to dive into the dungeon as it seems. But you see… It’s a dungeon. I have been yearning for it. Though I came over to a fantasy world with much effort, It’s too outrageous that can’t have an adventure!

~Author’s Note~
I have to consider this somehow…. Next time, Ippei’s Smithery Refining blows the fire! A craftsman who came flying from a different world, will he work out with a Holy Sword or a Demonic Sword?

「Patty-sensei… I want to have an adventure…」

Translator’s Note:

1.) Oni/Ogre/Demon

2.) パティー・チェリコーク If anyone has a better idea for Patty’s name then do tell me

3.) This is what was really written: 「俺YOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!」

4.) Means doing something dangerous

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

I Want to be an Adventurer

~Summary from the previous chapter~ Ippei who left the meadow pass the road, then he meets Patty that was being chased by monsters.

Patty and I was setting up the camp. It seems that the closest city here called Nepia is still 20km away. There is a small village here but it doesn’t have any inn so we decided to camp near the river-side. Patty glared this way, then said.

「If you try to do anything strange, I’ll beat you up」

「Seriously, don’t do that. I’ll surely die」

I only have a Defense of only 5 while Patty have an Attack of 104.

Patty provided the ingredients for tonight as thanks for the recovery magic. I prepared a yellow flowered root herb called Yotaimo that I gathered along the way. The Yotaimo has a taste that falls between the taste of a potato and a sweet potato. The cooking was prepared by me who had the greatest skill. Beans and jerky, and Yotaimo soup. Even if I somehow manage with the cooking ingredients, I have no salt at hand. Good thing Patty have some salt, that really saved me.

「Ippei’s cooking, so delicious!」

「Isn’t it」

「I am again regretting it.[TN#1] I just wish that you at least had an average defense」

Definitely, my defense is surely low. However, that’s just the base of my current status was the fact.

「Wait a minute! Certainly my defense is only 5. But it’s the fact that I haven’t equipped anything」

Patty looks at me as if she lost interest.

「Do you really think that by equipping a good armor it will become somehow much better?」

「Doesn’t it?」

「Certainly, if you put on a good equipment then your defense will rise. But Ippei, can you move freely with your current strength? A fullplate is heavy you know」

「Th-that is, I’ll make a light and strong armor」

「That king of equipment is very expensive you know. Even the materials used are rare materials and magic stones that you can only loot from strong monsters. Does Ippei have that amount of money?」


If I can be honest, I’m totally broke.

「It’s the same for weapons, no matter how powerful the weapon you possess it is meaningless if you don’t have the strength and skill to match it」

While being told that, I wasn’t able to talk back. But from what Patty just said, it’s an argument in the bounds of Patty’s common sense[TN#2]. For example, there are weapons with enough power to kill that requires no proper training. And that kind of weapons are the crossbow and types of firearms.

There are some anxiety because crossbows doesn’t have a rapid fire characteristics, this problem is sure to be solved by making firearms. However, the problems about defense still remains. I’ll be surely be killed if I don’t take the the first move. Even so, I won’t survive if my opponent can’t be taken down with one bullet or if they can evade the bullet.
But I still have one more trick on my sleeve.

It’s doping. By using Medical Refining, I can create a potion to increase my abilities. When examining the possible things to do with the materials at hand, I can make Physical Reinforcement Potion (10x) Let’s list it as current goal in crafting for now. However, it’s still terrible even when multiplied by 10x. Even if I drink the potion, my Attack will be 30, Defense will be 50, plus the equipment. I don’t understand it well, but seem to be still weak.

I found a lot of iron by the riverside on the campsite, I refine them into steel ingot between my guard duty. Next is refining the sword with my smithery skill. Honestly, I wanted to create an armor with the Tool Creation skill, but the materials such as leather and string was insufficient. But if it’s a sword, you can basically make it when there’s metal. Attack seems to have increased equal to the amount of mana loaded, although the maximum amount of mana that can be loaded depends on the material. With using a simple steel, not much mana can be loaded. I load the mana carefully. The shape will distort if I carelessly load uneven amount of mana. If that happens then the sharpness and balance will worsen. The steel ingots where wrapped in light while floating in air, I gradually form the figure of a sword. At last, as it blazed up and silently descended on the ground as if a soul has dwelled inside it.

―Will you sign it?―

Should I put my sign or not. I was troubled for a while but I chose the 「No」 option. I don’t want to live as a blacksmith. I want to be an adventurer. Therefore I don’t need to sell my name other than being an adventurer. It would be a problem if a request for a unskillful sword production comes. I have a characteristic of not being able to refuse when asked, as I’m weak to being pressured.

Total length is 120 cm. Blade length is 95 cm. The ice-like blade shines in response to the moonlight. I may be praising my own self but it was such an excellent blade.


【Name/Title】 Short Sword 【Type】 One-Handed Sword 【Attack】127 【Attribute】 None

【Description】 An unsigned sword. The acquisition of the skill Slash Wave is now enabled.


Isn’t this such a good outcome? I equipped the newly made sword and checked my status.

【Name】 Miyata, Ippei 【Age】 27yrs 【Occupation】 None
【Lv】 1 【HP】 8/8 【MP】 998704/999999
【Attack】 3 (+12)
Parenthesis indicates
the weapon’s ability
【Defense】 5 【Strength】 4
【Intelligence】 1480 【Agility】 5
【Magic】 【Skill】
Life Magic Max Lv.
Recovery Magic Max Lv.
Cooking Max Lv.
Raw MaterialMaterial Refining Max Lv.
Medicinal Refining Max Lv.
Smithery Refining Max Lv.
Appraisal Max Lv.
Golem Creation Max Lv.
Tool Creation Max Lv.
【Exp. Required Until Next Level】 0/100000



Are~? The Attack that should be 127 is now 12. In other words, I can only draw 12 out of the 127 even if I equipped it. Well, Patty also said it, so I didn’t received that much mental damage. As planned, after a few days, I’ll create some firearms. My only advantage in a battle is my mana quantity. I’m unable to use any offensive magic, so when creating a gun with mana as it’s energy source, won’t it be quite effective? Therefore, a magic stone that converts mana into physical energy is needed. At any rate, money seems to be necessary. This is really hard. But I’m not that pessimistic. If I work as a healer I can expect some degree of income, there’s also the way by selling equipments and potions. When morning comes, let’s ask Patty the price of the sword by showing it to her.

「What’s with this sword!」

「I tried making it last night while on guard duty. So?」

Patty then grips the sword and swung it several times. The first was agile. It eventually hasten with power.

「It’s pretty well made… Unn, It’s very good! It’s so light and the balance is good. What’s this feeling like it adapts securely to my hands」

It doesn’t feel bad to be praised to this extent. However, that sword is light? It was really heavy for me…

「Will this be sellable?」

「Un, With this level it can be sold for a hefty price」


【Name】 Patty Cherrycork 【Age】 22 yrs old 【Occupation】 Warrior
【Lv】 13 【HP】 196/289 【MP】 17/42
【Attack】 104 (+127)
Parenthesis indicates
the weapon’s ability
【Defense】 187 (+39)
Parenthesis indicates
the armor’s ability
【Strength】 176
【Intelligence】 97 【Agility】 86
【Magic】 【Skill】
None Physical Reinforcement Lv.3
Slash Lv.4
Camping Lv.2
Slash Wave Lv.0



Yup. She can firmly draw out the weapon’s capabilities. The skill Slash Wave has been also learned.

「Does Patty know the skill Slash Wave?」

「Un, It’s a low tier finisher similar to Wind Cutter that can make any one fly away」

「Perhaps, if you practice with that sword you can use it」

「Hou~, so it’s a weapon with a skill. As if Ippei can create anything」


「But it’s really sad that you’re this weak~」

「Please don’t say it…」

I faced Patty and she listen seriously.

「Hey Patty, please teach me」

「Ok. Patty-sensei will teach you anything. Ah, but ecchi stuff is forbidden」

「Can you tell me the minimum requirement to become an adventurer?」

It came to that I was seriously asking questions, Patty also changed an expression and began to talk.

「For us adventurer, status value is nothing. But there is a minimum line」

Patty took out a card from her bosom.

「This is my guild card. I think that you already know, but on the backside are my Attack and Defense that are converted to numerical value and are written there. I cannot tell anything more of the details」

I didn’t know that. Oh so that’s it, adventurers checks their status with the use of a guild card instead of Appraisal or Status Open.

「Did you know that a status review is necessary in order to be register as an adventurer? And the minimum value required to be registered is to be 30 or higher on everything」

「In other words…」

「That’s right. With Ippei’s status, you cannot be registered as an adventurer」

Tears blurs my view.

「I’m telling this for your own good. You better just give up. Even if you become an adventurer, you’ll just die out there」

For my own sake, I’ll consider. Patty severs my dreams with those brief words. However.

「Patty…, I’ll give this sword to you」

「Eh? Really?!」

「However, I have a request. I require a silver cliff grass」

「What kind of thing is it? …mou, Wipe those tears, you’re already a grown-up man… Hora, I’ll listen so tell it to Patty-sensei」

「Patty-sensei!! I want to become an adventurer…」

「Un. I understand your feeling」

「That’s why, I’ll make a potion that will raise my status」

A star shoots out to the sky.

~Author’s Note~
Thank you for reading till the end.
I am going to contribute another episode today.

Translator’s Note:

1.) RAW TEXT: 「返す返すも残念だわ。

2.) Ah, Common Sense-chan, we meet again. Are you ready to be violated?

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

From Homemade Weapons to Wines

~Summary from the previous chapter~ Miyata Ippei who yearns to be an adventurer decides to use doping in order to secure the adventurer’s qualification.

The morning in the meadow was so clear that it was strange. I can see the mountain’s shadow clearly rising from the distance. Me and Patty aimed toward the Estela lake to collect some Silver Cliff Grass. The Silver Cliff Grass was a material for crafting the Physical Reinforcement (x10) Potion. The other materials can be collected while traveling, and this one only blooms at Estella lakeside. If I used the Physical Reinforcement Potion then my status will be like this.

【HP】 80/80
【MP】 999999/999999 (Since it already exceeds the reinforcement limit, thus nothing have changed)
【Attack】 30
【Defense】 50
【Strength】  40
【Intelligence】 1480 (Since it already exceeds the reinforcement limit, thus nothing have changed)
【Agility】 50

And with this, it’s possible to clear the cut line for the adventurer registration requirements. Attack 30 just narrowly made it. Although there’s a Physical Reinforcement (x20), I gave up as the necessary materials are found on the 7th floor of the underground dungeon. Patty was swinging the sword that I’ve made delightfully.

「Is Ippei really coming with me? After escorting you to Nepia, I can go pick it up」

Although it was a nice offer, Silver Cliff Grass will be a material I’ll frequently use in the future. I wanted to know the place and figure where they are growing.

「Although monsters aren’t often found on Estella lake’s vicinity, I don’t have any confidence that I can protect Ippei while in battle」

「I know. I have already prepared on my part」

I collected materials while walking and repeatly used refining. A while ago, I finished making the Small Shield (Defense +7 Agility -1) and had equipped it. My Defense rose a bit but my Agility dropped by 1. I even considerably planned to keep the weigh down when I made this. I may not be able to move if Agility becomes zero. If possible, next time I have to make equipments that are not heavy. A noon, we came across the herd of cows called Botruz Bison[TN#1]. Having a group of seven, they’re carelessly eating the grass.
Botruz[TN#2] was the name of this country, and it seems that cows are endemic species living in this area. Patty merrily took the bow from her back.

「Those calf is really delicious, but for our safety I’ll hunt them from here. Ippei will just get in the way so wait right here」

Expressing a ferocious smile, Patty went hunting. When she said「I’ll hunt the males」, My important part secretly froze up. … But that felling… I didn’t disliked it. Patty crouched down and left, while I sat down on the spot. I decided that a firearms will be my basic weapons, but I don’t have the materials to make them. Nevertheless, being weaponless give me some anxiety. Therefore I intend to make a crossbow. A small one with that was easy to manage would be nice. Along the way, I found a well-deep tree. I already dismantled and dried it with Raw Material Refining. I’ll make something called a consecutive crossbow. It can do some rapid firing, but the power is be weak. What I did for it’s structure was, it can be held by the left hand and the right hand can knocked the lever to shoot. But when raising it’s power, the lever becomes heavier and aiming becomes difficult. For the arrow, it can load up to 10 short iron bolts in the magazine of the main body. This cannot be aim for sniping. It’s a weapon designed for short distance use.



Consecutive Crossbow







【Description】 A rapid-fire type crossbow. Maximum effective range is 18 meters. It becomes possible to acquire the skill 「Shooting」.

Not bad at all. In fact, it’s much stronger than the longsword Patty is using. But there is no feeling for a one hit kill. This will be likely be blocked by shields, it might take several shots though. In that case, let’s turn them into poison arrows. I extracted the toxins from a Belladonaspoisonous grass I found a while ago and coated the arrows with it.



Consecutive Crossbow







【Description】 A rapid-fire type crossbow. Maximum effective range is 18 meters. It becomes possible to acquire the skill 「Shooting」.

Oh, isn’t this a good one. I equipped this guy and I said Status Open!

【Name】 Miyata, Ippei 【Age】 27yrs 【Occupation】 None
【Lv】 1 【HP】 8/8 【MP】 997712/999999
【Attack】 3(+128)

Parenthesis indicates

the weapon’s ability

【Defense】 5(+7) 【Strength】 4
【Intelligence】 1480 【Agility】 5(-1)
【Magic】 【Skill】
Life Magic Max Lv.
Recovery Magic Max Lv.
Cooking Max Lv.
Raw MaterialMaterial Refining Max Lv.
Medicinal Refining Max Lv.
Smithery Refining Max Lv.
Appraisal Max Lv.
Golem Creation Max Lv.
Tool Creation Max Lv.
Shooting Lv.0 (Hit Correction +0)
【Exp. Required Until Next Level】 0/100000




Oh! It properly influenced my Attack. I also gained a skill. Maybe practicing it will raise the skill level. This is great.

「What are you making just now?」

Patty who finished hunting just came back.

「I made a weapon, but there are some problem with it’s power. But the offensive power rises if poison arrows are used! Should I try hunting with these?」

「Idiot! You can’t eat the meat if you use a poison arrow!」

That’s true now that she mentions it.

「The quickly help me dismantlement this. Good grief, I don’t know whether your amazing or just plain stupid」

Such cruel words, but i can’t talk back either. It seems that I have to make some paralysis arrows for hunting.

I made lunch by grilling the Botruz Bison. I roasted it after making the meat ferment with the Raw Material Refining skill. I only seasoned it with some salt and some collected herbs but Patty was quite happy about it. But when Patty noticed that I used the crossbow bolts instead of a grill skewer, Patty made a reluctant expression. It’s fine. Because I haven’t coated it with any poison yet. I tanned the pelt by using Raw Material Refining and turned it into a rucksack. I was relieved that it can be used like a storage space. It’s a good thing, as my pocket was swelled out full of materials.

It was said that no monsters appears on Estella Lake, it became the really leisurely trip. I discovered some wild grapes. Using the bison pelt, I made some leather bags and made some fruit juice. And since I also discovered some grown wild green onions, thus I harvested them. We enjoyed the trip leisurely. We never got tired thanks to my recovery magic.

「You take the leather bag out from time to time, what are you doing?」

「Using my Refining skill, I’m making some wine. The fermentation progress changes by delicately loading it with mana」

「So that’s where it’s coming」[TN#3]

「Well I want to drink some good wine anyways」

「That said, I won’t let you drink while we’re traveling」

「What do you take adventurers for?」

「 Drinking is strict prohibited while camping」

「I understand. This will be used for cooking anyways」

「Un. I’m looking forward to it」

We we’re enjoying some casual conversations while heading toward Estella Lake.

~Author’s Note~
Next on Ultimate Porter At the autumns’ sunshine, Ippei had arrived at Estella Lake. Will there be any Silver Cliff Grass there?! There will. Don’t you miss it!

Translator’s Note:
1.) RAW TEXT: ボトルズバイソン

2.) RAW TEXT: ボトルズ Anyone have a better Idea for the name?

3.) RAW TEXT:「そういうとこマメよね」

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