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Title: 究極のポーター 最弱の男は冒険に憧れる
Romanji : Kyūkyoku no Pōtā Saijaku no Otoko wa Bouken ni Akogareru
Translated Title: Ultimate Porter ~The Weakest Man Aspires to be an Adventurer~
Author: 長野文三郎 (Nagano Fumizaburo)
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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Miyata Ippei’s status when thrown into another world was just terrible. His HP is only at 8 points, And his Attack and Defense is 3 and 5 points respectively. Any attack magic isn’t usable at all, and if he engaged onto a fight then the instant death status is sure to be unavoidable. However his recovery magic and crafting skill were prominent. This is a man who aspires to be an adventurer more than anyone.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Final Chapter