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Episode 178: Legendary Martial Artist

After that. The undefeated kenpo user―― Jack Lee was defeated by Yuuto, with great momentum he advances to the next round of the fighting tournament.

(U~.n I’ve been fighting lots of strong demon race as of late…… Am I expecting too much here?)

If I think about it, this is a sweet job to the fact that I can receive some price money but still―― For Yuuto who was expecting to encounter some strong opponent, the aspect of various letdowns was also strong.

「Everyone in the venue! Something great had happened! It turns out that in the final match of the tournament, both players will be first-time participants! Coming from the east gate! is the big-shot rookie of expectations who insta-kills all his opponents―― Contender Konoe Yuuto! On the opposite side appearing from the west gate, the only female participant! Contender Sally Blossom! May I ask both contenders to enter the ring」

When Yuuto stepped on the arena after being called by the referee, the one who stood there was a familiar red shortcut-haired girl from somewhere.


Sally and Yuuto raised their voices almost at the same time. I was just for a short while but the two of them saw each other’s face at the Byakko subjugation.

「I’m certainly that it’s you…. I may have forgotten your name but you’re the guy who Arch got his eyes on! Hahaha! I’m glad~ At last I can fight an interesting opponent!」

It seems like Sally was also the same as me who was disappointed at this tournament. Unlike the other matches at the arena, these two had KO’ed all their wins on their previous matches.

(This is strange. I expected that my opponent in the final match is with that guy named Jack Lee……)

Sally was expressing an excited grin contrasted to Yuuto. Yuuto wasn’t able to fight against a rival who he wanted to fight till the end, have a puzzled expression.
Pikoーn. [TN#1] The an idea popped onto Yuuto’s mind.

「So that’s it! I get it now! You’re the undefeated kenpo user―― Jack Lee right!」


Sally who was mysteriously suspected by Yuuto was naturally puzzled.

「Fufufu. You don’t need to hide it. I never expected that Jack Lee was really a girl!」

「I don’t know what you are talking about. You already defeated Lee right?」



Even of these two are good at moving their bodies, it’s the opposite for their thinking for details, so both have question marks floating up their heads.

「I guess so. I joined this tournament with so much effort. So do let me enjoy for a little bit at the end~!」

When Sally said that, she took a jump to boost her flying kick toward Yuuto.

「Uh, opps」

She was dimensions apart from his previous opponents. A voice of admiration leaked from Yuuto’s mouth who caught a glimpse of the unexpected sharp kick.

「Fu~n. To avoid that with ease…… As one would expect」

The combination attacks of Sally. The red-headed girl begins her stork like kicks that was so unique Yuuto have never seen any of it before.

(What’s with this girl……! Her movements, as if it’s an octopus……!)

Her attacks using her hand and feet curve like a mollusk, it was a refreshing sight for Yuuto.

「Wahahahaha! Just dodging won’t let you attain victory, you also need to strike back!」

Yuuto didn’t try to counterattack, it wasn’t because he was having difficulty in doing so. He wanted to have an unrestricted observation of the unknown martial arts movements of Sally who uses it at will.

(……It can’t be helped. Perhaps it might be seen as if I’m making fun of you if we don’t finish this…… So shall we end his now?)

Even though this is a serious match, I don’t want to injure a girl’s body as much as possible. As Yuuto thought of it, he decided to just sweep Sally’s feet off as much as possible.


However, immediately after that. An intense pain run though Yuuto’s shank. Even with effort, it still exceeds the level which is normal. Sally’s physical strength is way beyond the norm.

「Hhーm. My 《Phantom Steel StyleMaboroshi Hagane Ryuu》 is flexible! It can withstand a hit from a demon race!」

Her aggressive style a while ago switch into being 『soft』 that she can utilized. Sally can switch from power to speed oriented by utilizing the 『hardness』.


In the presence of an unfamiliar martial arts he had never seen before, Yuuto was pushed into a defensive battle. Sally’s movement that intermingle softness and hardness doesn’t let Yuuto aim properly.

(This is strange? Is my entire attack hitting at all……?)

On the other hand, Sally who was on the offensive noticed some incongruity that she cannot put out of her mind. Even though she was setting sharply timed attacks―― She couldn’t perceived the opponent’s physique. Yuuto avoided her combination attacks by a small margin that could hit even an elite demon race.

(……Isn’t this the circumstance that he have to choose the means)

Sally doesn’t know what king of means her opponent will use by giving up on attacking. However, she was able to understood with her instinct that it’s impossible to win if he holds back.

「I can’t be helped then. From here on, I’ll show you the ougi of my style」

Since when had she made an effort against a human opponent? After that, Sally had shown him her ultimate ougi that she developed to combat the demon race.

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