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Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 177: Vs Jack・Lee

Tweet tweet tweet.
It was morning the next day, the qualifier tournament was over.

Yuuto woke up from the bird’s chirping that can be heard from outside the window.

「Goshujinsama…..! To be daring to that extent is no good as expected……!」

「So slimy…… It’s so slimy so please forgive me……!」

「Funyu~. Onii-chan…… panai no desu……」[TN#1]

「Yuuto…… Please…… Mess me up more……」

If you look toward the direction of the voices, wearing disorganized negligee were the figures of Spica, Sylphia, Sanya, and Ririna who’s on the bed.

As expected, does it seems like I overdid it last night?

Yuuto who recovered his vigor and participated on the martial arts tournament had done a much harder magic training than ever before.

「Ah. This is not good」

When he unintentionally looked at the clock, it was already pass 5 minutes for the reception on the main tournament.
If he lost here by default them it might put some shame on Lassen who prepared the participation ticket for him.

「Spica! Sylphia! Wake up now and get ready! If we dilly-dally here then we’ll totally be late!?」

In the main tournament matches, Spica and Sylphia had decided to watch it.
Incidentally both Ririna and Sanya wanted to cheer for me too but because the other two are leaving then they’ll house-sit for the remaining unfinished work.

Yuuto who realized the situation he was in headed toward the arena with haste.


At that time, at venue A of the arena.

the combination of the Lassen and Luna adventurer was the first to arrive on the spectator’s stand.

「Sempai……」 Yuuto-san sure is late desu ne…….」

「Yeah. Even though the reception time had already passes…… what the hell is he doing?」

The first match for venue A has already begun.
Even though Yuuto’s first match was still far ahead, it seems like there will be various problem if the person itself doesn’t arrive at the venue.

「Really now, was Yuuto-kun born under a really benevolent star?」

「Truly desu…… Can’t be, his opponent for the first match is Jack Lee!」

With such exchange of conversation time had passed.

「Rightー. Well then, we decided to conduct the fourth match for venue A as the first one. Coming from the east gate! From the Undefeated Fist dojo, contender Jack Lee!
On the opposite side appearing from the west gate, the big-shot rookie―― contender Konoe, Yuuto! May I ask both contender to come here」

When the male referee announced with his loud voice, the first to appear was Jack Lee.
At the age of 50, Lee’s body have steel-like honed muscle, one can fell the aura of a warrior with a long military service.

「Sorry! I’m late!」

He took 30 seconds after lee’s appearance.
What appeared at the west gate was Yuuto’s figure who was running while sweating from his forehead.

Black Treasure Ring

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(It will negate the effect of the 《Demon Eyes》 skill possessed by the others)

When Yuuto barely arrived at the arena, there was a figure of a middle-aged man with steel-like body.
Because he was equipped with a black treasure equipment I cannot confirm the identity of my opponent.

This is the third time Yuuto had encountered an Black treasure series equipment starting with a necklace, earrings then now this ring.

「You…… Who the hell are you……?」

Words of doubt quickly came out of my mouth.
Up until now with him as an exception only members of Legend Blood have worn here equipment.

For the fact that he is wearing a high rarity equipment, I was able to summarize that the one in front of me is not an ordinary person.

「Fufufufu. It’s impossible for any younglings who pursue the way of the martial art to no know my name……」[TN#2]

Lee who was questioned by Yuuto was playing with his white beard while showing an intrepid smile.

「Youngster. Remember this for future reference. My name is Jac……Bufuoooo」

Just before Lee tried to give out his name.
Yuuto’s fist strikes Lee’s face.

「I don’t even care who the hell you are…… For those girls who are cheering for me, I cannot lose」

Lee’s body flew about 5 meters upon receiving Yuuto’s fist――.
The body was twitching as it is and his consciousness has cease.

Match over.

If you only look at the match then you might have some misunderstanding――.
The old man named Jack Lee was strong.

If he feel like it , he can get pass to adult opponents all alone, he can even knockdown a dragon with his bare hands.

even if he is strong, it is an argument that is only at the level of a human.

It was a no brainer that he was not enough to be an opponent to Yuuto who can overwhelm the demon race with only his taijutsu.


The audience at the spectator’s stand just witness a totally unexpected result that was unheard off, they couldn’t understand what has just happened and just stood there with silence.

But a short while after that――.
Little by little, applause came in from random places, eventually the place was surrounded by crackling cheers.

(……At any rate there wasn’t even any resistance. I want to quickly fight someone like Jack Lee who is a crowd favorite)

Without considering anything including the surrounding’s reactions――
While declaring Yuuto’s victory, he thoughtlessly think about such a thing.

Translator’s Note
1.) Sanya line is this “お兄ちゃん……パナいのです” and I don’t have any clue what パナい is so if anyone can clear this up do tell me.

2.) He refer to himself with Washi.
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