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Episode 176: Creeping Shadow

Meanwhile. Half a day had passed since Yuuto broke through the tournament qualifiers. This here is a road that is 10km away west of Expein City. On this road, low leveled monsters like slimes and goblins appears so it’s a popular hunting ground for adventurers. But currently, there are two demon lords in this area that doesn’t deserved to be in this peaceful road.

「Oi. Levia. If we wait here, will that 『monster』 who killed Mammon will really come?」

That man’s name is Belphegor. He’s one of the central figures of the Seven Deadly Sins that has the position of being the Demon Lord of Sloth. Even though he is lethargic for anything even as scratch on a bead—. He never fail any request that he was dispatched on ever. Lucifer has tremendous trust regarding his ability.

「That’s a matter of course. Are you doubting my ability? The one who killed Mammon is headed toward the city of Expein with such tremendous speed. Similar to a beast who had found its 『favorite prey』」

That woman’s name is Leviathan. She’s not the battle type within the Seven Deadly Sins, from the characteristics of her ability, she was often given the task of gathering information.

「With my unique ability 《Destined Encounter ArbitrarilySnipe・Stalking》there won’t be any mistakes. That annoying red thread[TN#1] should be arriving here soon」

「BUHAHAHA. That’s a really disgusting ability as ever. Well, that ability of yours really helped me this time」

Destined Encounter ArbitrarilySnipe・Stalking

Rarity: Details Unknown

(An ability that spins the red thread of destiny by incorporating a copy of the target’s body into the user’s body)

Mammon’s body that was discovered at the tower of the four beast was turned into just bleached bones as if it was a trace of something had devoured it. Leviathan succeeded at connecting with the culprit that killed Mammon’s red thread by using the saliva remains from the bones into her body.

「Hmm. What? It begun rain suddenly……」

The rain which began to fall off suddenly increases momentum like it was a lie. Gorogoro.[TN#1] Biribiri Biribiri.[TN#1] An intense thunderbolt then strikes down near the two.

It was like―― it represents a possible ill-omen that can happen. Before long the other end of the red thread that was connected to the invisible 『something』 will appear in front of the two.

「Be careful!? There…… is something at the ground!?」

It was Leviathan who was first to noticed the unusual phenomenon.

「What is it? What happened!?」

「I don’t know. The red thread suddenly snapped. This is the first time……! What, my unique ability can’t be invoke any longer!」

「What did you say……?」

Belphegor too tries to use his unique ability.

――But, there was no sigh of it being invoked as well.

It seems as if someone has absorbed their abilities.

Perfect Invincible Spirit DrainPerfect・Drain

Rarity: Details Unknown

(An ability to nullify unique abilities of living creatures on sight)

This was an incomprehensible event, there was no way this two would know that it was 《Perfect Invincible Spirit Drain》 an ability of a girl named Konoe Aina.

「I am the spear…… a sharpened spear」

When they thought that they heard someone’s voice, a scathing pain ran on to Belphegor’s side.

「……GU WA!」


Portion of the internal organs was probably damaged.
From Belphegor’s mouth, blood wells up.

(This cannot be……! This……this lass…… Did you devour Mammon’s carcass…….!?)

There were nothing so say rather than calling it unexpected.

In this situation, they could only conclude that the culprit who killed Mammon was a 『monster』.
What was there was a raven-black hair and eyes―― that was because it was a very beautiful bishoujo if we judge the book by it’s cover.

After Aina who stopped eating from the sorrow of losing Yuuto got summoned to a different world, the impression you’ll have on her was a shabby figure that consist of skin and bones.

Aina who greedily devoured the meat from the corps of the demon race that she killed at the tower of the four beast totally restored her to her former nourished state.

「You surprised me. That attack should have the intent to kill you nano desu……」

Aina who had half of her body hidden onto the shadow spoke of such words.
The martial art 《ShinMindSoIntermentRyuuStyle》was acquired by Aina in modern Japan. It had a rare characteristics as if it was created to match the 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》 .

If we express the nature of ShinMindSoIntermentRyuuStyle in a single word, it is a martial arts of 『belief』.

By imagining that she was a shadow, Aina made it possible to hide herself from the surroundings.

「Hmm. Too bad but my beer belly is not that soft that it can be penetrated by a young lass like you jou-chan」

Those word by Belphegor was just a bluff to the earnest.

It was agreeable that the four beast doesn’t have any chances.
The four beast can only fight depending thon their unique abilities, and it doesn’t match well having this girl as their opponent.

「Levia. Leave this to me and run away. Convey to Lucifer no Danna what happened here」


「This girl…… this monster is bad news……! In order to match her as an opponent we need the full force of the Seven Deadly Sins」

「U-understood! I’ll absolutely make sure to convey it! So you as well…… You must absolutely survive and return!」

Following Belphegor’s advice, Leviathan turned her back away from Aina at full speed.

「I see. You’re sacrificing yourself to let that woman escape…… I admire that personality desu ne. You surprised me yet again」

This is obviously different form the small fry what she have encountered so far.
Aina who saw Belphegor’s capability has a honestly admiration.

「Fine deshou. In honor of you…… I’ll show you my greatest Ougi masu」

There was not the choice to 『overlook』 the opponent who pointed a murderous intent towards Aina even once.
Unlike Yuuto who thinks while in battle that 『I do not want to kill if possible』, Aina will gladly take that cruel choice any day.

「I am Onii-sama…… My beloved Onii-sama……」

「Th-this is……!?」

The scene that the surprised Belphegor saw knocked him down into further despair.

Translator’s Note
1.) this refers to the red string of fate

2.) this is an onomatopoeia for something rolling

3.) this is an onomatopoeia for something crackling like for electricity
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