Translated by: GM_Rusaku(62%) and Ea Elish(38%)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 175: A Celebration

「I’m home〜」

Yuuto who had won and safely advanced to the next qualifier around decided to go back at the mansion after receiving the details for the tournament’s finals.

「Onii-san. Welcome back nanodesu」

「Yuuto! I heard the news! It seems that it was an easy victory!」

When Yuuto returned, it was the Foresty sister who welcomed him at the entrance. Somehow they’re wearing a maid uniform.

「Hm? It’s unusual for the two of you to wear a maid uniform」


When Yuuto said that, the Foresty sisters showed a bashfully yet embarrassed behavior.

「Master. It was such an amazing fight as ever」

「As expect from Goshujin-sama desu. looking at your mood it seem that you did well to advance to the tournament’s finals sou desu ne」

Spica & Sylphia who later came, was also wearing a maid uniform. Yuuto who saw the figures of those four can only tilt his head. What is this all about? Yuuto has prepared a made-to-order maid uniform for Spica, Sylphia, Ririna, and Sanya as a hobby. Up to now, unless Yuuto asks the four of them, they wouldn’t voluntarily wear a maid uniform.

「Everyone are dressed together as a maid nanoka? Did something happened noka?」

「Yes. I think of celebrating for Goshujin-sama’s passing on the qualifiers…….」


「Master seems to have a hardcore love on maid uniforms that’s why…… We were preparing to relieve of master’s fatigue even if just a little bit」

「I see. So it was something like that」

At that time, although Sylphia omitted the explanation―― It was leaked to the girls in the mansion that Yuuto did some indecent act using skeleton maids night after night. The reason why those four wore a maid uniform, was because they harbored a sense of rivalry toward the skeletons.

「Let’s begin the celebration! Are you ready for the feast noka?」

「Right. The feast master will be having today will be us imasu」

Yuuto in response to Spica’s words was standing stock-still alone unable to grasp the following.. However at the next moment. I understood the situation I was placed into as Spica raised the skirt oh her made uniform.

「Master. Let us put our hierarchy aside for tonight. In order for us to celebrate Master’s victory…… What ever command it is, we are prepared to grant any of it」

While Sylphia was telling me about that, she also raised her skirt with her own hands.

「Yuuto. Please eat us…… I can’t endure it anymore」

「To tell you the truth, Sanya wants to do ecchi things with Onii-chan no desu」

「Ririna……!? Sanya too!?」

I always known that Ririna’s libido was strong from way before, but this was unexpected coming from Sanya. Concerning Sanya, I thought that her mind and body was still immature, that’s why I didn’t lay my hands onto her.

(Kuu…… To make these cute girls keep enduring this much…… I’m a failure as a man……)

As Yuuto have guessed. He was focused with the matter regarding Aina, and he had neglected their magic training. The celebration was just an excused, these girls was spending their days frustrated by having their bodies burning anguishedly.

「――Yoshi. All of you get ready! I won’t let you get a wink of sleep tonight!」

Yuuto raised his tension while inviting the girls, his burning fighting spirit then flares up.

●Author’s Note

In this case, what did they exactly do in the celebration?
In order to avoid any policy being broken,
I’m decided to write it in full detail in the published book.
I think this will be the first ero-scene in this series’s history with added illustration.
I will be very pleased if you gather an interest into the published book version.

Thank you for your consideration~.

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