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Episode 174: Start of the Qualifiers

Yuuto who just finish with the registration for the tournament at the adventurer’s guild then arrived on the stadium.

「Woahー So there’s such a place in this townー」

Its looks is somewhat similar to the colosseum from ancient Rome. There’s a venue A and venue B inside the stadium, all in all participants were more than 250 people.

「Konoe, Yuuto-san. The preliminaries for F-block will soon begin. Please come in and get ready」

The receptionist called his name. Yuuto then stands silently and heads toward the appointed venue A.

「Oi. Have you heard? He’s the you-know-who……」
「Yeah, I know. Then let’s go with this as our strategy」
「Hehehe. I’m looking forward to seeing his regretful face」

When Yuuto arrived at venue A, the rest of the 15 participants that already participated at the qualifiers had already started preparing. They then turned their eyes toward Yuuto which contains their bare hostility.

(I see. I’m being singled out. Then so what of it…… Did I incur their wrath or something?)

Yuuto has been acting with minding to not be conspicuous as much as possible until now―― The participants of the qualifiers seems to show that they were all completely conspiring with each other.

「That bastard…… Getting all intimate with Lassen-sama」
「Kuu~. My bloodlust keeps gushing out whenever I think of him monopolizing those erotic body of hers」
「Leaving that aside, it’s unforgivable to lay his hands on our archangel! Getting all chummy with our Luna-chan!」
「That’s right…… Luna-chan is our ray of hope for the adventurers of Expein…… Ahh. I want Luna-chan to be my daughter……」

Yuuto who was eaves dropping on those men’s talks understood on the circumstance he is currently on. There’s nothing scarier than humans who are united under a single purpose. The participant’s individual abilities are not that high but cautious is still needed.

「Waa? Luna? Why do you want that sort of shorty? All of you…… where are you going?」
「I could say the same to you…… what’s so good about those big monstrous ass!? Luna-chan’s is much more superior……!」
「What did yah say…… Take that back now!」
「Same to you! Take it back!」

I take my works back.It seems the Lassen’s and Luna’s adventurer groupies are just a bunch of dogs and monkeys. Although their relationships was favorable, their fan’s has a dangerous behavioral pattern.

「Well then, let’s start the qualifiers for the F-Block here. Match…… Start!」

With the sound of the bell, the flames of battle had started. The next moment. The people around Yuuto was overwhelmed by the unexpected action.


Whatever they think of Yuuto, it was because he was slowly walking all alone at the corner of the venue. There was two victory condition for this match. That is―― to either make your opponent drop to the ground or to throw them out of the ring.

「I don’t get it but…… This is a chance……」
「Ahh……! 」Let’s just push him out of the ring all at once」

The fifteen men who had cease-fire agreement in advance surrounded Yuuto as if to drive him into a corner.

「Hehee. Don’t think badly of us. I’ll bring down Konoe, Yuuto!」

One of them who was confident of his victory rushed out to push Yuuto outside the ring.


But, even though they were at an advantageous situation―― Somehow the one man who charged was the one out of the ring. The participating men wasn’t able to follow what just happened, they all fall dead quiet if as they were splashed by thin water.

「You guys…… don’t think of stupid actions such as getting a head start. Everyone unskillfully ganging up to one person」
「……It’s seems so」

The participants then realized the overwhelming difference form the opponent in front of them, they then fix their stance, and then surrounded Yuuto.

「Let’s all barge into him all at once timing it at the count of 3・2・1」

No matter what kind of expert is the opponent, he’ll be no match against the violence of several opponents. The reason why that other guy lost is because he just charged out all alone. At this instance, all the participants on the preliminary round think like that.

「Let’s Go! 3・2・1!」

With that cue, the men start their attack.


However. Even though all fourteen people simultaneously attack, only Yuuto was the only left standing on the ring. Without understanding what happened, the other men have their mouths half-opened absentmindedly.

UtchariA last-minute reversal.

That was the identity of the technique Yuuto have demonstrated. Yuuto who was trained on 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》that was based on the concept of synergizing the merits of all hand-to-hand martial arts, was also well versed with 《sumo》 techniques. Yuuto who was at a young age was most promising and was considered to enter the world of sumo.

This techniques throws the opponents body to either the left or the right by dropping your hips while twisting to throw was known as one of the reversal that could be used to opposed a sumo wrestler larger that yourself. Yuuto have risked standing at the edge of the field and succeeded in driving the other participants outside of the ring with the highest efficiency.

(Sumo is amazing…… If it didn’t have any closed contact to naked men then I would have continued with it a little more……)

Because the competition was profound, it really suited me, but―― I cannot bare the close contact with sweaty men by all means, only that. Perhaps it might have been good if I continued it a little bit more. With regards to sumo Yuuto had absorb some of its skills, he have left it with no regrets.

(That’s right! I got a good idea! If it’s a no go for a man then I should just sumo with a girl!)

But as expected I probably cannot prepare an authentic mawashi, it must be fun to have a sumo wrestling with Spica & Sylphia who is shy about wearing a fundoshi. Yuuto who just had flashed a good idea started to work out a detailed planning after returning home.

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