Translated by: GM_Rusaku
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 173: Martial Arts Tournament (Qualifiers)

The next day.
Yuuto who was advised by Lassen to participate in the martial arts tournament was then visiting the adventure’s guild. The martial arts tournament this time will be held at the facility called 『arena』 that the adventurer’s guild is managing. The preliminary round will consist of 16 groups that will have 16 people in each fighting it all out, it was a system that the sole winner in the group will have the participating rights for the tournament.

(It’s a very rough process of elimination……)

Also skills and magic are allowed to be used. If you don’t have any weapons, you can also bring your own tools. When the martial arts tournament was declared, Yuuto who had confirmed all the tournament rules had shown a bitter smile.

「Ano…… Yuuto-san!」

Luna Honek


Cait Sith



Unique Ability:



Rarity ☆☆☆

(A skill that hides ones presence)

When I looked towards the voice direction, I saw a familiar face. It’s a cat-eared ninja girl―― Luna Honek was an adventurer that was based at the city of Expein same as Yuuto. Luna who was a petit girl was called 『BushinGod of Military Arts』, and she also has a silver rank title while being younger than Yuuto.

「Ohー. It’s Luna. It’s been a long time!」
「It’s been a long time-not desu yo mou! I was dead worried because you never came by to the guild!?」

Luna has been saved from being entangle into battle with the worst ever named monster 《Undead King Thanatos》 and she had a debt of gratitude toward Yuuto. At the beginning, Luna has a severe dislikes to Yuuto, but because of Ririna her childhood friend it turned toward to a deep affection.

「I heard it from Lassen-sempai. So you’re going to participate in the martial arts tournament?」
「Yeah. I just completed the procedures for participation moments ago」
「……Please do be careful. I seems like Jack Lee will also be participating in this tournament. Yuuto-san is certainly strong. But no matter how much strong Yuuto-san is, you shouldn’t be careless against Jack alone」
「That name again……」

Like Lassen, it seems like Luna is also wary of this martial artist called Jack Lee. Yuuto who had heard the same name in succession became increasingly interested in this Lee guy.

「I decided to do my very best and aim at Yuuto-san’s strength as my objective! Because I wouldn’t know my standing if I just give up!」
「An objective huh…… Didn’t Luna just got promoted to silver rank?」
「T-the rankings are meaningless for me now. Anyway, please do your best」
「Got it. Luna, if you have some time then do cheer for me」
「Please leave it to me!」

Then after having a mix of little chats, Yuuto left the adventurer’s guild then headed toward the stadium. While seeing Yuuto off, Luna was thinking.

(Just wait for a while. I’ll definitely catch up to you!)

Yuuto might short duration of stay on the silver rank. The reason why is―― There were rumors that Yuuto was already selected as a candidate for the gold rank promotion. If he becomes a gold rank adventurer, request from the royalty will become the up most priority to be received and the general quest will drastically decrease. If that happens then naturally her contact with Yuuto will also probably lessen.

(I don’t like that. I should not stop no matter what)

A new objective for Luna has been made. And that it to be also promoted to a gold rank at the same time as Yuuto and gain a role that can support Yuuto. Luna who gain a new determination decided to give all her best effort while tightly clenching her fist.

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