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Episode 172: Lassen’s Visit

Several days had passed after Yuuto with the members from Legend Blood fought against Byakko. Until that day, Yuuto was spending his everyday life calmly without anything changing at all. While he was laying on his bed, Yuuto was caught in a deep thought.

(Nevertheless…… Why does Byakko knew the existence of Aina)

He wasn’t able to inquire about it because Byakko as already disappeared from this world. Or rather, could he ask Sophia to revive him? Without any clear grasp on details, Yuuto’s chest remains to have a depressed feeling.

(Hmm……? What is it? This……?)

Having felt the presence of someone, two balls suddenly raised from his point view. He stretch his hands to try and grab those balls, ――However, he sensed a strong bloodlust that made him stop on his tracks. Looking at it carefully, those were the big breast of a woman.

Lassen Cigarette





Unique Ability:

Mind Reader

Mind Reader

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that makes it possible to view the target’s state of mind)


「Aren’t you letting your guard down a little too much just because you’re at home? That isn’t like you. If I were an assassin, I’ve then already send you to hell by now」

「What do you mean by seizing a good man like me? At lease say that you’re sending me to heaven」

「……In your case, because you seriously think so because of your nasty nature」


The woman who was wearing a western cowboy hat was Lassen. Yuuto has a sempai-kouhai relationship with her as being an adventurer of Expein. Aside from both being an adventurer, Yuuto had been helped in various ways by her as an information broker .

「Now you’re just being unusual. Did Lassen-san just came here to play?」

「Well. That is…… I was just going to drop by a shop near here. Then I just thought of seeing you and gave some effort to get here and I see you in that kind of state」

「For what reasons did you want to see me?」

「I just heard that you were not being lively lately. Spica-kun and Sylphia-kun was worried about you」


That hit him on a sore spot. Because Yuuto was preoccupied with things concerning Aina that everything continued with him being spiritless everyday. According from what I had heard, Sylphia and Spica had been going out with Lassen on their holidays to have a good time with just the three of them. It was the so called girls-only gathering. If they’re always cooped-up inside the mansion then their stress will gradually build up, so sometimes they need to unwind themselves when I’m not around. And if Yuuto went together with Lassen then those people with bad intentions wouldn’t get near her.

「Luna have told me. Lately, you haven’t shown your face in the adventure’s guild」

「I have no prestige, and it might bother some people there」

Well I took some off time and will resume my adventurer activities tomorrow.

「By the way, this is a souvenir from me. Accept it」

「Nn? What is this……?」

Lassen gave Yuuto a piece of paper.

【Hosted by Expein! Martial Arts Tournament Participation Ticket!】

Such a line was written in the ticket. The reward for the champion is an astonishing amount of 1 million Rea. Converting it into modern Japan will be approximately around 10 million Yen. There’s no doubt that with this amount of the price, this event will be a big one.

「This is your forte right. To recover your original state, I think that it will do you good to compete with your body don’t you think so? Originally I have an acquaintance who was going to participate in it but they didn’t show up so I got some extra ticket in hand. The preliminaries will be held tomorrow so if you have sometime why don’t you participate with me?」

「Oh……! This looks interesting!」

According to the details written on the ticket, this tournament will be gathering various schools, races, and warriors from the ancient to modern, and from east to west it seems. As the successor of the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu, the content written was really appealing.

「Kukuku. Well then, do you already have some interest in winning in that tournament?」

Lassen who was observing Yuuto’s expression gave a tsukkomi while having a reproachful eyes.

「That’s not it. I didn’t have such reasons……」

「Don’t simply think that you can easily win here. It seems like Jack Lee――《The Undefeated Kenpo User》 will participate in the tournament. No matter how strong you are, you can’t reach Lee’s strength」

「Who’s that? That guy you mentioned?」

「No way, you…… You don’t even know the name Lee even though you’re a martial artist?」

After hearing Yuuto’s question, Lassen have the expression of surprise and astonishment mixed together.

「The martial arts festival is held once every four years at Trywide―― Jack Lee is a martial artist who had won the World Coliseum, a world famous martial arts fighting tournament for three consecutive championships. Those who would see him would be fascinated by his absolute power, and many young-lings visit’s Lee’s public dojo every year」

「Eeh. So he’s that such of a person then」

For Yuuto, a『Powerful Warrior』 is a phrase that interests him that only seconds to 『Cute Girls』. For Lassen to go that far to say something to that extent to a person―― It makes Yuuto interested in that tournament more and more.

「But I won’t loose. And I’ll show Lassen-san that I’ll beat this lee person down」

「Hmm…… Finally, it seems like usual you have returned. After all, I think that that slightly haughty attitude of yours suit you best」


At that moment, Yuuto had understood after all of this that Lassen planned all of these just to cheer him up.

(Seriously, this girl….. Is a big help)

Yuuto who just received Lassen’s concern was feeling pleasantly warm from the inside.

「Thanks for helping me in various ways. Maybe Lassen-san really likes me……」


「My bad. I was getting ahead of myself」

Seeing that she has this unpleasant face, he then seriously apologized.

(As usual Lassen-san is still an anti-choroine)[TN#1]

There’s no doubt that she certainly lovely, but within Lassen’s vision the relationship between a man and a woman would never happen. Seems like the day when he raises her flag was still way far ahead.

Translator’s Note
1.) in the raw it was アンチ・チョロイン, if this is a slang then can any one tell me what it means. 『Choroine』appears to be a recent invention in slang,combining the Japanese word 「Choroi」(Easy, Simple) and the English word 「Heroine」. Applying the term will mean being simple and soft like a stereotype heroine, but in this case with the Anti it will be the opposite being complicated and strict.

Thanks to darkwolf907 for the clarification and to Rpapo for his scanlation of 『Oni ga Deru ka Ja ga Deru ka』on (Chapter 1 Page 21) for the excellent explanation on their T/N.

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