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Episode 171: Vs Byakko 2

Yuuto’s prediction was right on the mark. Due to the fact that he was weakened, Byakko’s attacks was easy to read if Yuuto is careful enough. Originally Byakko’s processed skills 《Regeneration》+《Enlargement》 was expected to be a threat. For starters, Yuuto’s choice of skills was for quick decisive battles and those are not fit for prolonged fights. Just now by using 《Destruction Fist》 instead of 《Destruction Ogre》 was to try and single handedly break through the battle―― but in that case the risk was high if it fails to deliver. And the result is, Yuuto’s only means was to fight with using only the basic martial arts that leads the battle between them into a stalemate.

(Incredible! Is this really the same kind of human as us……!?)

Sophia was witnessing Yuuto’s stern battle, she couldn’t take her eyes off from both of them even for just a second. She can understand that because to some extent, she have some interest on martial arts. Yuuto’s battle style was a special one that incorporates the good points of various ancient martial arts from east to west regardless of whatever school it is. Sophia even felt like she has looking at the 『Perfected Form of Martial Arts』 that humans haven’t even reached yet until this single person appeared. For Sophia, Yuuto was the second person she met in her entire existence that can overpower the powerful demon race with his own body.

「Michael! Your mana hasn’t completely recovered yet nodesu ka!? Yuuto-san who is an outsider is doing his best! nodesu yo?」

「Ugu…… My bad. For me to be able to fire my most powerful explosion, it will at lease take about 5 minutes」

Of all things my magician partner is useless when in at a crucial time. Truthfully speaking I really want to kill this guy as usual, but currently even a single second is crucial. As for the only way to break this stalemate, Michael’s maximum magic is needed――.


From the third party’s point of view, Yuuto and Byakko’s battle looks like a draw―― but it was different for the related people themselves.

(Damn……! Why is it!?  Every last one of them all……!)

This is the 17th time his regeneration skill had activated. The Regeneration skill is unrivalled if one can protect his own heart, but there’s was only one fatal drawback. When triggering Regeneration skill, it will consume an enormous amount of mana. Compared from before, Byakko’s resilience was slowly getting dull. Yuuto had noticed that and switched to a battle style that was focused on dragging on a longer battle. While trying to minimize the risk, he changed his orientation toward the direction where he can steadily give an accumulate damage.

(Not yet……! Why aren’t you getting hit by my attacks!?)

Even if you foresee the opponent’s attacks, the range of tactics is too enormous to pass through it, with that it is impossible to make a countermeasure for it. Every time he exchanged fist with Yuuto, Byakko was being harassed with misapprehension to the extent that as if he was taking on an invisible man who has no real body.

(If i think about it carefully…… it ressembles…… that……?)

A that moment, that very day was relived on Byakko’s mind―― it was the nightmare that had happened in the tower of the four beast.

Their competitive rivalry.
Their pride that they had build up.
Their status that was protected by an absolutely influential person.

Then at that moment, a girl named 『Konoe, Aina』who was summoned from a different world took all of those away from Byakko. There was many thing common about the appearance of both of them.

「Perhaps……. You are someone related form that Konoe, Aina woman……?」

The next moment when Byakko casually asked that. Zukkin!Throbbing Yuuto’s heart beats so hard that it was so painful.

「You…… Just now those words……!?」

He cannot control the unrest in his chest. His head began to feel dizzy. The degree of influence given by a girl called Konoe, Aina was more to what Yuuto thought of himself.


Byakko didn’t missed this chance. His internal mana was already about to be drain out. This might be his only and last chance.
The next time he gets damage, his regeneration skill won’t be triggered. It was shortly when Byakko tried to muster his last ounce of strength and trust his fangs at Yuuto’s head.

「Wirldwind Chrysan~~~~~~themum!」


A cheerful voice of a girl echoes throughout the cave.


Byakko who was kicked at the back of his head was rolling down the ground.
In the end that was the decisive factor and Byakko had breath his last air.

Black Treasure Earrings

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(It will negate the effect of the 《Demon Eyes》 skill possessed by the others)

What on earth was all of that about?
Byakko was suddenly caught by a spending kick at the head that had downed him by a girl who was 150cm tall and processes a red hair.

「Sally! Damn you, where have you been up until now!?」

「Sorry my bad. Ya see there was a lovely butterfly in the flower garden. And I chased that guy until I noticed that I lost sight of yah’ all」

「…..I’m so amazed that I can’t say anything else. This is why you are regarded as Legend Blood’s #1 idiot」

「Really my bad~. Oh right, because of that I has so my free time that I had nothing to do」

The girl called Sally stick out her tongue teasingly.

「Let me introduce her masu. This girl is Sally. Sally Blossom. She’s a martial artist of Legend Blood and she was to serve as our vanguard. As you can see, she has the reliable ability but her head is somewhat a little faulty desu」

「Uu. Yah so mean~! Sophie-chan just called me as someone stupid!? I was called n idiot!?」

Sally who was just received a critical criticism from her comrades in a row was becoming teary eyed.

「They’re Legend Blood huh…… They’re people you cannot really make light of」

Yuuto who had met the third Legend Blood following the magician and the sage had muttered those silently.

「Certainly. Everyone is an expert on their classes! I can feel an amazing aura from them masu」

「Umu. As expected, they’re probably ranked as humanity’s strongest human beings」

「Umm. I say this girl’s level is high, what do you mean by that?」


Spica & Sylphia sent a scorned gaze toward Yuuto who was eyeing at the girls at that moment.

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