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Episode 170: Vs Byakko 1

And after that, Yuuto and the party’s advance their search in the cave where Byakko was hiding. On the was were a large numbers of Byakko’s Imp familiar.

「Fuhahaha! You’re 10 billion years too early to challenge this great one’s magic!」


Those were the Imps who boldly attacked us to protect Byakko. Michael doesn’t give any leeway for them to recover.

(Damn. This Michael…… Doing such unnecessary thing……)

As Yuuto wanted to take initiative on killing the Imps to activate his 《Skill Taker》 but―― if I try to claim all the battles unnaturally, then they may inquire of my reasons. Yuuto, who missed his opportunity to enrich their night activity, spout some curses in his mind.


After going further, the Imps no longer appeared, only a large wide space was visible. In it’s center was the demon race they were looking for.

「You bastards. You insolent humans are braking into my nesting place……!」



Demonic Beast



Unique Ability:

Demon Eyes, Awakening, Regeneration, Immunity, Enlargement

Demon Eyes

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(Power to see the nature of all creation. However, the degree of rarity is not shown for another person’s abilities if the details are unknown)


Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(As long as the heart remains undamaged, one can force immediate regeneration of the injured body)


Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

(The ability to maintain working without a wink of sleep.)


Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆

(The ability to nullify any poison)


Rarity ☆☆☆☆

(A skill to make oneself larger)

The demon race called Byakko, it had a different appearance from what Yuuto had imagined him based on the name. This was because his entire hair was completely cleaned out. There’s no intimidating feel from a wild animal. Byakko was in a miserable state that he was exposing his pale pinkish skin.

「Just as we saw using the Prophetic Dream Skill! Byakko seems to be weakened as expected」

Did he experienced something stressful? Sophia had though of it. They don’t have the full detail of what happened here but there no questioning that this is their biggest opportunity to strike.

「Well then. Michael. Please use your utmost maximum explosion power toward Byakko as we originally planned」




「What’s the problem desu!?」

「My bad. Seems like I’ve maintained Aegis for too ling and I’ve run out of mana」

「~~~~ha! This…… JUNK RAMEN!」

「Hahaha. If you know there are cute girls watching then it can’t be helped to be on high spirit」

It looks like it’s not only the enemy side that has their fighting strength toned down. Learning that their trump card was gone, Sophia’s complexion turned pale as she gazed at Byakko.

「You’re exposing yourselves to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

Meanwhile Byakko started his attack. Byakko used the skill 《Enlargement》, he increased his size nearly five times from normal, then he vigorously kicked the ground. He aimed at Sophia who was the the most agitated of all the members.


Sophia was already waiting for death to knock in. And for that is because―― During a battle Sophia’s role was to be focused on support using holy attribute magic and skills. Since she has only few means of attacking, she got some training on taijutsu if she were to be targeted, so she learned some first-class techniques on martial arts but―― She was still leagues away in this fight, having her opponent’s power were toned down was the her only degree of temperament.

「Let’s do this then」

However, while Byakko’s huge fist was on the verge of hitting Sophia. Yuuto’s attack strikes Byakko’s flank.

Destruction Fist.

Yuuto has called this technique that because it has the concept of destroying a human body simultaneously on the 《Inside》 and the 《Outside》. While striking the fist at high speed, the attack will at a rotation using the entire arm similar to a screw at the moment of impact, this was the main technique among the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu that Yuuto have been using. This was a technique that releases the impact inside the target’s body.


After receiving the full strength of Yutto’s 《Destruction Fist》, Byakko crushed his body towards the rocky wall while hoisting a mass dust. Chug chugchug chugchug! Bam. The whole cave vibrates as if an earthquake had occurred.

「Y-you bas-tard……」

However, even though he received damage that can normally cause instant death―― Byakko was standing up with a *pin pin**suddenly happy* look. According to information Yuuto got using the Demon Eyes Skill, He understood that the reason why Byakko wasn’t finished off was because of the 《Regeneration》 skill possessed by the enemy. He have to strike through the heart to defeat an enemy that possessed this kind of skill. But Byakko’s enlargement skill made him exceed 5 meters that make it quite troublesome. And it will going to be very difficult to going through that thick chest of his to deliver direct damage toward his heart.

(U〜n. It seems like this will be a battle of endurance with this guy)

Showing the effect of this unexpected synergy― 《Enlargement》+《Regeneration》 in front of Yuuto unintentionally bothered him.

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